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Posted in: British woman sues Japanese university over power harassment See in context

If she's half as bad as most gender studies "scientists" around, 

Everyone believes you "know" about how "bad" they are

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Posted in: Coincheck heist sheds light on Japan's rush to create cryptocurrency rules See in context

"Crypto" is Amway for people who don't want to push bad soap and stale snacks on their friends and relatives

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Posted in: Coincheck heist sheds light on Japan's rush to create cryptocurrency rules See in context

anyone here buy any goods or services with cryptocurrency? Anybody here sell any goods or services for it?

What goods or services, and why would you?

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Posted in: Actress Takahata apologizes over son’s arrest on rape charge See in context

"Why? Why should she apologize? She didn't do anything wrong? Her son is 22, an adult, he is responsible for his own actions, I feel sorry for her that she is getting dragged down for his behavior. The Japanese press knows no mercy."

So, if it were your son, you'd feel no compulsion to express some form of apology? Apology is also an expression of empathy and sympathy, it is not solely meant as taking full responsibility, but, being that this was her son, it would be hard for her not to feel some responsibility, a feeling that maybe you didn't do enough to instill decency in your child, even if in fact you were a fine parent who did the best you could. I know that's what I would feel...

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Posted in: Trump strains to fix split GOP, blasting common foe Clinton See in context

I know liberals just can't stand to be wrong about anything.

I've noticed that most right-wingo dullards take for factual any claim that they find emotionally comforting or exciting.

Fact is, the economy tanked under GWB, the fact is, the Democrats were in charge of the Housing Financial Service Committee, ...

If that's a fact it's not an important one. You clearly don't know much about the financial collapse in 2007/2008, clearly have no interest in learning about it either. You've collected some irrelevant or false info -bites and re-tell them whenever called upon

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Posted in: Trump strains to fix split GOP, blasting common foe Clinton See in context

Dodd and Frank were told numerous times to begin them in because many economists saw the writing on the wall and saw what was happening both didn't listen.

More gibberish I'm afraid, could you put some actual, specific details? What are "them" "" what exactly?

Subprime loans of various flavors were being given out not because of liberal do gooding, but rather because the originators were making huge money off of doing so. Any involvement by Fannie Mae followed other entities' purchase of the securities created from those crap loans, and was done for profit, not some liberal plot to help poor people buy homes. Nobody forced originators to make those loans, nobody forced investors to buy them. What government did, and this was not some liberal plot, was grease the skids by deregulating banking.

Up until the moment the bubble burst the right-wingo economic geniuses who taught you every thing you think you know were telling America that housing was strong as a bull.

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Posted in: Trump strains to fix split GOP, blasting common foe Clinton See in context

They had a big part in now reigning in Fannie Mae. wanting to give people more access to homes thinking it was everyone's right to own a home and NOT pushing the banks to stop writing them, sure, it was idiotic for people to sign a contract and to buy a house thinking they can afford one, but they couldn't.

This is gibberish, sorry. Fannie Mae bought loans to provide liquidity to banks, not to "give people more access to homes," and at first they did not buy the subprime loans that were at the heart of the crisis, but did so well after the collapse was already well under way.

Also: It's "reining in," not "reigning in," and you are using it incorrectly in any case. You are actually accusing them of not reining in Fannie Mae.

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Posted in: Trump strains to fix split GOP, blasting common foe Clinton See in context

But, the main and MOST important thing is, he will be finally gone, finally! Even with those high poll numbers, he can take them and enjoy him, but at least, he's not here to bother the rest of us anymore.

He will be missed by most, at least most who have a clue about the state of American governance.

Many of those people that hate Obama voted for him. It was his policies that people hated, not his skin color.

Nope. Again, he will leave office with the highest approval ratings of any president in our lifetimes. The vast majority of the hate for president Obama comes from white people who never voted for him. Certainly Trump supporters are for the most part very unlikely to have voted for president Obama.

You can thank "Chris Dodd" and "Barney Frank" for that as well.

Do tell, what did Chris Dodd and Barney Frank have to do with the state of the economy in January of 2009. Be sure to be very specific about that. WHen you're done, explain why their names need quotation marks.

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Posted in: Trump strains to fix split GOP, blasting common foe Clinton See in context

Because they were promised by a president that swore he would be for the people and that hasn't been the case.

No, they just blame the president for his policies, has nothing to do with color another fabrication that the left wants to mislead. Since we have 46 million people on food stamps a low sluggish GDP, a shrinking middle class, it's no wonder people are miserable.

The president will leave office with approval numbers that blow his predecessor away, and for good reason. "They," that is the sizable minority of voters who support Trump, are indeed motivated by the president's skin tone. Trump became a candidate in no small part to the attention he generated with his ridiculous, failed attempt to show that the president was not born in the US. Birtherism was born out of racial antipathy, it's just silly to deny it. Tell me: How was the middle class doing on January 19, 2009? Do you remember? Leading up to election day 2008, the economy was shedding hundreds of thousands of jobs a month. This weeks employment report shows a significant growth in jobs, some 255, 000, and Obama's two terms have seen us climbing out of the hole.

Here's who is "miserable": Fragile, fossilizing, racially aggrieved, historically illiterate white men, aka, the GOP base. Trump's strategy has been to capture all of their votes, and to that end he was wildly successful. Thing is, that is pretty close every vote he's going to get, and it's not nearly enough.

In November, he's going to get squashed like a bug.

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Posted in: Trump strains to fix split GOP, blasting common foe Clinton See in context

Were the democratic primaries rigged?

No, they weren't

Then the general can be rigged.

No, it can't

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Posted in: Inmates on hunger strike at Osaka immigration detention center See in context

Not "inmates," do some simple editing, JT

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Posted in: 820 treated with heatstroke symptoms, one dead See in context


You think my comment was a joke?

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Posted in: 820 treated with heatstroke symptoms, one dead See in context

Gosh, if only Japanese folks susceptible to heat exhaustion and heat stroke could access this treasure trove of cutting-edge advice available here at Japan Today! Innumerable lives could be saved for sure!

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Posted in: 820 treated with heatstroke symptoms, one dead See in context

When hot, take shade during the day and drink lots of water. Don't be afraid to use your aircon. It isn't the anti-christ. Every summer we see this kind of thing. Preventable with common sense.

Thanks for those timely tips, whooda thunk. Also: Don't work out in the rice fields when you're eighty some-odd years old...

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Posted in: Final Benghazi report: No 'smoking gun' pointing to Clinton See in context

"Mrs. Bill Clinton lied to both all Americans and the survivors of the four Americans for whom she played a key part in their deaths that it was a YouTube video that cause the attack."

No, she didn't.

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Posted in: Final Benghazi report: No 'smoking gun' pointing to Clinton See in context

So basically, we should let Hillary off the hook just because justice means nothing to liberals? I keep forgetting, the truth for Democrats is irrelevant as long as they keep power and look good and escape justice for the family and scrutiny is nothing. Got it.

What exactly do you think she should be "on the hook" for? Be real specific, ok?

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Posted in: 'The Voice' singer Christina Grimmie dies after shooting See in context

"Well Regulated Militia" again...

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Posted in: Japan's first 'naked restaurant' to ban overweight diners See in context

This is really the stupidest restaurant ever devised.

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Posted in: One secret to Trump's political success: He is a 'doer' See in context

Was this column written for 11-year-olds? It comes off like something from the Weekly Reader, which some Americans might recognize as a newspaper distributed in elementary schools to .... 11-year-olds.

Note that the article, touting Trump as a "doer," only mentions on actual thing that Trump has done, and that is "write" a horrible book (with some assistance no doubt).

Here is what Trump actually did: He inherited a boatload of money from his old man, and continued in his old man's business. Eventually he diversified, and became an entertainer.

Some other things the man did: Ran a number of businesses into the ground, left a number of other business people holding the bag.

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Posted in: Bank employee, Tokyo district court clerk held for groping same woman in train See in context

I'm worried at the increasing number of sexual deviants in Japan.

Do you know that there really is an increasing number?

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Posted in: California gunman who killed six was director's son See in context

"Well Regulated Militia" again...

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Posted in: Court rules against Oi nuclear plant restart See in context

"so lets go ahead and open up some more coal power stations and burn more oil burning power plants."

That's a false dichotomy, promoted worldwide by nuclear shills. If generating capacity in Japan is to be built, then it will come from oil, gas, solar and wind before coal plants are built.

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd to refocus attention on Norway, other nations, if Japan abides by court ruling See in context

Sea Shepherd is a TeeVee show.

I chuckled when their fancy Bat Boat sank. One Japanese fisherman missing a smoke break would be a bigger tragedy.

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Posted in: High school girl arrested over Arashi concert ticket fraud See in context

It could have been worse: She could have been selling real tickets to see Arashi..

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Posted in: Quarter of 'Wolf of Wall Street' cut in Dubai See in context

I imagine some will be grateful that the movie is now a bit shorter than 3 hours.

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Posted in: Couple suspected of over 150 cases of pickpocketing in game arcades See in context

Because you haven't heard about it in the news, doesn't make it rare.

Conversely, just because you have heard about it in the news, doesn't make it frequent.

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Posted in: A minicar named Hustler? Japan's brand names raise eyebrows See in context

It might be good to realize that the vehicles are being marketed to people who neither know nor care about Mr Flynt's skebe magazine.

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Posted in: Japan executes three death-row inmates See in context

Capital punishment should apply only to corporations.

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Posted in: Body found in food warehouse freezer in Niigata See in context

"Skeletal remains" points very to an non-operative or at least non-operating freezer.

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Posted in: U.S. Marine arrested for trespassing in Okinawa See in context

Our "best and brightest"...

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