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Posted in: Couple suspected of over 150 cases of pickpocketing in game arcades See in context

Because you haven't heard about it in the news, doesn't make it rare.

Conversely, just because you have heard about it in the news, doesn't make it frequent.

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Posted in: A minicar named Hustler? Japan's brand names raise eyebrows See in context

It might be good to realize that the vehicles are being marketed to people who neither know nor care about Mr Flynt's skebe magazine.

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Posted in: Japan executes three death-row inmates See in context

Capital punishment should apply only to corporations.

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Posted in: Body found in food warehouse freezer in Niigata See in context

"Skeletal remains" points very to an non-operative or at least non-operating freezer.

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Posted in: U.S. Marine arrested for trespassing in Okinawa See in context

Our "best and brightest"...

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Posted in: Anti-Oi protest See in context

How could a sane being look at the exclusion zone, just over a year still going with no end in sight, and say "yeah, we need more of that....

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Posted in: Why do Japanese change their attitude when they communicate with foreigners? See in context

I would rather sit through the tedium of being asked if I can use chopsticks than sit through the tedium of listen to yet another gaijin whinge about being asked if he or she can use chopsticks.

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Posted in: Best izakaya in Tokyo See in context

Whoops. I guess I got that wrong; There's Uokin and there's Uoshin as well. Never been to Uoshin, Uokin, bistros scattered around Shimbashi and with a couple of outlets in Gotanda, is excellent...

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Posted in: Best izakaya in Tokyo See in context

It's "Uokin," not "Uoshin"...

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Posted in: 8 men arrested over murder of coworker See in context

Actually, I'm wondering if those confessions were coerced or not.

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Posted in: Son arrested over murder of mother in Sendai See in context

Why did he have to stab his own mother? What a low blow! Anyone who thinks you can just go and stab your mother is nuts!

I can't believe he did such a thing! How could he? My god, what is this nation coming to, what with this mother stabbing going on! It just burns me that he thinks it's ok to stab your mother! It's not!

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Posted in: Handling the big exodus out of Japan See in context

Weird. I know a lot of folks in Tokyo from England, Australia, Canada, the US and elsewhere. Yet I don't know even a single person who left due to the events over the last month.

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Posted in: Arizona shooting once again ignites gun control debate See in context

"Worst for all involved is that Palin is even MORE popular after her speech."

Care to point to any poll that shows this?

Last one I saw, a McLatchey/Marist poll on the 2012 race, had her trailing Obama by a greater margin than any of the other currently apparent Republican candidates, all of whom Obama at this point beats handily.

So please, Solidaritea, show us where or how you figure Palin is "more" popular after her horribly written speech.

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Posted in: A Walkman obit: Remembering the portable player See in context

Um, Tkoind2: If the song is a "rare treasure," how likely is it that the artist is gonna "make a living" off of it?

I love the music of quite a few millionaire rock-stars, but if file sharing ever really makes the species extinct, I'll lose no sleep. Digital technology has in fact enhanced the "social element" of music, making it easier for artists to produce and distribute their original work.

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Posted in: A Walkman obit: Remembering the portable player See in context

I will never forget the huge grin on my face, walking back to the dorm listening to Led Zepplin on my newly purchased Walkman, way back in 1980, though it had just cost me every penny of my meager spending money.

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Posted in: One man’s culinary paradise is another’s cultural wasteland See in context

So Mr Jarvis figures that "authentic" Thai food should be really, really spicy. Is there any evidence that he actually knows something about Thai food, or any other kind of cuisine, worth knowing?

There is great non-Japanese food to be found in Japan. Maybe some of it, or a lot of it, has been adapted to native tastes, but damn, if the only standard you can come up with for Thai food is that it needs to be massively piquant, then really, nobody needs to hear it.

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Posted in: What are some of your candidates for the worst movie of all time? See in context

Armageddon is absolutely the wort film of all time.

At least Ed Wood had a soul...

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Posted in: 'Nippon Civilian Police' skirts a fine line between vigilance and vigilantism See in context

Wow. Talk about being as vague as absolutely possible about what this guy, er, this organization actually does...

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Posted in: Fixing American 'dumbocracy' See in context

For example, during a debate with Hillary Clinton, Obama said he would favor raising the capital gains tax “for the purposes of fairness,” despite the fact that doing so would decrease tax revenues.

This is a "fact" that Mr Constello rather conveniently fails to support with any reasoning or data whatsoever. In fact, it is a cherished bit of right-wingo fairy tale, nothing more. We've had eight years running of lower taxes for the rich, and we are now living with the result.

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Posted in: JR Tohoku train departs without passengers, conductor See in context

"Any wonder things like this happen?"

In Japan, a nation about the size of California with more rail than any other on earth, "things like this happen" almost never*...

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Posted in: Armed man robs Shinagawa post office of Y1 mil See in context

So, really, some finds is strange that a bicycle would be used in Tokyo as a getaway vehicle?

Seems to me a bike would be the i ideal vehicle.

Did you expect the guy to hop into a vintage Ford or Dodge, with driver, waiting just outside?

Do you guys realize that movies don't actually resemble real life all that much?

And a million yen couldn't be any bulkier than your average paperback novel.

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Posted in: Dolphin hunt film canceled in Tokyo after protests See in context

I'm all for showing the film, and find it a shame that rightwads have threatened the operators of the theatre.

But most of the non-Japanese folks so upset about the dolphin hunt are just self-regarding boobs. Dolphins are wildlife. Wildlife gets hunted, end of story. Are the dolphins being hunted endangered? That at least would be a legitimate objection. As it is, we have mostly comfortable, mostly white, mostly urban boobs getting upset while all around them are far bigger concerns, real atrocities in their own communities that they don't or won't look once, much less twice at.

In Hong Kong there is a population of Chinese white dolphins: they are truly threatened, endangered species due to pollution, loss of habitat, loss of food supply. But you know what? That wouldn't make for good cinema. Better to have some easily identifiable bad guys, like some Japanese fisherman, and a nice horrific set piece, like a bloody slaughter of (non-endangered) dolphins, to get the western audiences all worked up.

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Posted in: Murdoch: Media must get readers to pay for online news See in context

Murdoch must make note of the mistletoe hanging from my coat tails...

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Posted in: Moore urges Japan to recover caring social security system See in context

"Limbaugh is clever and I think its good that his radio show gets people talking about important issues. But if you do even a little research on his radio show, they are riddled with half-truths. Limbaugh has an agenda his shows are propaganda. They are not fair or balanced at all."

Haw. But calling Limbaugh's blather "half-truths" is far too kind. He tells great big ol' lies, day in and day out.

Btw -- you can always tell when you're dealing with a FOX"news" fan when they use the term "fair and balanced" without irony, as medievaltimes did. Did you know that watching FOX"news" kills brain cells? It's true. You can look it up.

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Posted in: Man sentenced to prison for groping insists on his innocence See in context

So -- I know it's a translated piece, but that is one poorly written news story. The writer just assumes that a text message being sent exonerates the guy. That's stupid. People can ride a bike sending text messages -- they can certainly grope doing it. The writer assumes that it is somehow impossible for the guy to be at a station different than the ones he normally uses. Ever get off of a train just for the heck of it?

I'm not saying the guy isn't being railroaded, but the reporter should just play it straight instead of trying to be the Hardy Boys.

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Posted in: Tokyo by Tokyo See in context

Not Osaka, not Hong Kong, the inspiration for the movie's scenery was indeed Kubukicho...

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Posted in: NPA left red-faced after official blows his top at Narita See in context

"Proud." So that's what they are calling A-holes these days...

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Posted in: Kabukicho street child subject of new photo book See in context

But it seems the "tie in" is at Japan Today's end, not the photographer's. Good to know that mom got into a place and the child is in school.

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