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Posted in: Japanese father, son face trafficking, child abuse charges in Manila See in context

nice they are caught . would have been better if they were caught earlier . hope this father and son get a long time in prison and all their money given to victims(since they were doing this for money ) . props to the people who reported it and the authorities . wish the gulf countries had some humanity and did the same. .

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Posted in: Man on platform hit by train after argument with commuter See in context

usually chinese people are loud and impolite. this is a cultural thing . people from rural area are usually like this unless they are tought and practiced nice manners and behaviours . these type of things are like a bad habit . and people should let go of the bad habits . as for the japanese guy i don't know how he confronted . sometimes there are bad japanese old men in rune who are quite rude . but most of the japanese people try to be nice or are nice . once a old man told me to switch off my iphone but i was listening to my ipod . i just took of my headphones and kept them in my pocket . by the look of his face he was quite irritated . so i thought i should not say anything to me . but there were others near him who were playing in their smartphones .

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Posted in: 2 men allegedly grope woman on train; one arrested, one gets away See in context

what a nice guy . i would not have the courage to grab the gropers until the girl asked for help as a gaijin . as my friends have warned me don't ever get in something that has to do with police .

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Posted in: High court finds cell phone TV owners obliged to pay NHK fees See in context

i had been paying to NHK for 2 years even though i didn't watch tv . they came to my door and asked if i had tv . i said yes but we never watch . and he asked if i had internet . i replied yes , then he said you must pay it even if i had internet cause i could watch nhk from internet .and gave me a big pamphlet where so many rules were written so i didn't read it . that guy was so pushy so i had to give my cash card to swipe. and later found out there were so many people who had tv but never paid it and people who didn't have tv and still paid it . my friend went abroad for 6 months but still had to pay even though he called nhk and said he will be out for a long time and nobody will be watching tv before going.

looks like time i stop paying to nhk .

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Posted in: Part-time worker arrested for arson at bedding warehouse See in context

wtf . he better made to pay the loss with interest .

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Posted in: 2 dead as powerful typhoon makes landfall in central Japan See in context

@goodluck to you . i live in ota-ku area .i also hope that the homeless were removed . but i wonder if they could take their things with them . they had built small houses and they also had cooking utensils.

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Posted in: 2 dead as powerful typhoon makes landfall in central Japan See in context

i live near tamagawa river . when i came back after doing a night shift . i was suprised by the rise in water levels . there are big playgrounds on the side where i live they were covered in water . i wonder what happened to those homeless living near the bank

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Posted in: Company offers fake friends photo service to help customers look popular on social media See in context

i would prefer to be alone whole life than to be be with a fake friend

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Posted in: Banned from working, asylum seekers are building Japan's roads See in context

japan has a rule of allowing people with dependent visa and student visa only 28 hours a week . but many people work in 2 or 3 places but do not work more than 28 hours a week in the same country . does the japanese government doesnot see it or act like it didn't see anything . they should improve the laws. people were saying that after my number people can't work in 2 places . but when my company asked for my number everybody said they would leave the job and then it said it doesnot need my number.

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Posted in: 17-year-old girl hit by train while using smartphone on platform See in context

Once i was traveling in japan there was a girl she was literally leaning on me and using her phone the whole time . After i moved little away frm her she started leaning on other people . Most of these people don't hold on the train by their train and use their phone

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Posted in: Japanese tourist says guide in India raped her See in context

not again . i don't know why japanese girls travel alone . just after a month of japanese woman being gangraped repeatedly in india, another girl travels to india alone and trusts a complete stranger . do these japanese girl not read news . i have seen indian guys molesting girls and even underage girls in japan during new year in crowded places.

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