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Posted in: Top U.S. commander fears Chinese invasion of Taiwan by 2027 See in context

Moron, China will own the defence contractors soon enough without having fired a shot.

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Posted in: Japan to stage Tokyo Olympics without overseas spectators See in context

That was an easy and obvious decision, tougher ones are ahead. So easy to be a naysayer but if somehow Japan can pull this off, where we are now, with only 4 months to go I'll be very impressed.

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Posted in: McDonald’s Japan expands rice burger menu with first-ever rice fish burger See in context

I say take out the garlic and add a splash of Bulldog

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Posted in: Hina Matsuri See in context

Lovely picture! Did they really jam "hundreds" in there though? If so, kawaisou O-hime-sama at the bottom...

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Posted in: 'Nomadland,' Borat film, 'The Crown,' 'Schitt's Creek' win Golden Globes See in context

Schitt's Creek is labeled as a comedy, but it's not funny. Tried to watch it and be entertained, but no

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Posted in: Sprinter Blake says he would rather miss Olympics than get COVID-19 vaccine See in context

Sounds like a thoughtful and reasonable man.

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Posted in: How much money do you need for a studio apartment in downtown Tokyo? See in context

Surprised Mejiro is at #1, it's a great station to call home.

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Posted in: HondaJet becomes top-selling small business aircraft for 4th year See in context

Good for them! Less money on F1 and more on HondaJet seems like a good choice, would love to fly in one.

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Posted in: Toyota begins building smart city near Mt Fuji See in context

I applaud them for taking this on. Of course It won't be just traditional post & beam construction ( 在来工法) as used in individual houses, but will hopefully incorporate the essence of it with innovation while still using wood. As a powerful Japanese company, Toyota's approach to the future seems to me much better than the haphazard approach of Masayoshi Son.

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Posted in: Suga meets with ministers over early exit from state of emergency for 6 prefectures See in context

Find that wooden (Sugi I believe) panelling design uncomfortable combined with everything else in the photo.

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Posted in: Convenience store releases 'Gyoza Pizza Sandwiches' for double feast See in context

No and no and no.

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Posted in: Osaka to face Serena Williams in Australian Open semifinals See in context

Hey bass4funk, hehehehehe

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Posted in: Genesis golf See in context

Pretty meh photo for picture of the day.

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Posted in: Osaka to face Serena Williams in Australian Open semifinals See in context

Looking forward to this match. Usually would never say Serena got over-powered, but I think Osaka will do it.

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Posted in: Matsumoto Castle: An irresistible air of composure and grace See in context

I remember reading a sign that said that the castle was painted black to absorb the sunlight and keep the castle warmer during the cold winters in Nagano.

I don't disagree with this theoretically, but was that really the case?

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Posted in: Matsumoto Castle: An irresistible air of composure and grace See in context

Matsumoto Castle is worth a visit, but certainly make it more than a day trip from Tokyo. Spend a night and enjoy the many local places. Also wainscoting cannot be the correct term or inference for the black exterior portion, it must have been for some defensive reason I imagine.

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Posted in: Ramen chain releases gyoza taco and okonomiyaki hot dogs See in context

I remember first cringing at the yakisoba "dog", so you never know, it might catch on.

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Posted in: Windsurfing off Enoshima See in context

One of them is leaving the rest in their wake. 2020 games that never took place in 2020...

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Posted in: JAL offers service to cover COVID-19 expenses by travelers infected overseas See in context

Trust the insurance companies to make a buck off of anything

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Posted in: Mos Burger to bring out Mac and Cheese burger See in context

Nothing ventured nothing gained, but I'd like it with a beef patty or chicken better I think

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Posted in: Uncertainty for Tokyo Olympic volunteers, torch bearers See in context

Normally the Olympics are very tightly scheduled to control costs & revenues. Currently way too many potential variables to make this a go - sorry Tokyo.

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Posted in: Meat seller in rural Japan encourages bulk-buying amid pandemic See in context

Transformational inspiration comes in many forms - but a 2 kilo chunk of meat delivery?

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Posted in: Good view See in context

Wow, such a different view from way up high.

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Posted in: Haneda Airport’s new train line to make getting into, out of Tokyo easier for JR pass holders See in context

Great news! Just in time for the 2032 Tokyo Olympics.

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Posted in: Sapporo to release limited-edition Adult Choc Mint beer See in context

Some creative freedom, big budget & beer - I'll be searching the want ads.

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Posted in: Hank Aaron, baseball's one-time home run king, dies at 86 See in context

So unbelievably under-appreciated.

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Posted in: Tom Brokaw says he's retiring from NBC News after 55 years See in context

Ok. boomer.

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Posted in: Man arrested for buying cup meant for ¥100 coffee but pouring ¥200 latte into it See in context

went to the well a little too often

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Posted in: 26th anniversary of Great Hanshin Earthquake observed See in context

It looks as though these children are offering flowers to the eight children of the same school that died in the tragedy. Pretty cold to say "move on" from such a ceremony or even criticize how they do it. I say good teaching all around just by judging from the photo.

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Posted in: Japanese snack brand Calbee sells veggie cube snack invented by elementary school student See in context

Looks like a nice treat but a little on the pricey side, and packaging looks like they'll be ころころ all over the floor if I try to open that.

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