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Momi Yama comments

Posted in: Lawyer who led defense of ongoing 1966 murder case dies at 82 See in context

Rest in peace. I have a lot of admiration for defense lawyers here that take on the 冤罪 cases. He must have seen a fair few miscarriages of justice in his years battling the corruption within the police/prosecution.

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Posted in: Refugee applicants to Japan surge in 2023; may reach record high See in context

Close your border. Only bring in highly skilled immigrant

a" highly skilled immigrant" is still an immigrant. Something tells me you'd find something they were doing wrong too, probably gomi separation or chopstick misdemeanors, something important like that.

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Posted in: Voyeurism case involving former cram school instructor sent to prosecutors See in context

Disgusting, but glad he was caught at 21 as that sort of behavior will only escalate. Just got to hope he gets blacklisted from working around children in the future.

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Posted in: Gov't floats ¥40,000 income tax cut a year to ease inflation pain See in context

40,000円 over 12 months is a moldy carrot dangled to appeal to the most gullible of voters. A token 70,000円 to low-income households is all well and good, but how about a bit more help for those slightly above that, but still struggling to get by aka the majority.

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Posted in: Kishida plans income tax cut for households and corporate tax breaks See in context

As someone on pretty unspectacular pay, income tax is the least of my worries. I waste more on the 3 mandatory charges (health, pension, residential tax) than I do on rent. So to get by, I take on more work....and what happens when you do that? The following year you get screwed even further on health/residential tax, not to mention the fact that pension fees are going up next April too. It's all very well saying "put money aside for the upcoming taxes", but that's pretty hard to do with the extortionate costs of even basic food and household goods.

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