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Just watch the official statement of the Russian deffence minestry ---

And there will be more proofs.

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@FightingViking I guess nobody cares wether Abe is very upset or not. It concerns future PMs of Japan as well. Nothing will change this issue,except war. Want to see reaction of community, watch this on Youtube - Confusing Question of the Day - Crimea, Multiverse, Lululemon. They don't care until americans start losing their troops there. Eastern Ukrainians in Donetsk and Kharkiv regions want Yanukovitch back because they want little problems than big ones. I think everyone have forgotten that the new power in Kiev came to power with Molotoffs cocktails not elections. What will happen if that happens in Japan or USA or Germany?

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There is one little difference between Crimea and Kouriles - there is no Japanese population in those islands. Actually there are only military bases. And let's don't forget that Japan lost the war which Japan started itself. So how it was mentioned in ABBA's song: "the winner takes it all, the looser standing small...". And don't forget what happened to Germany or to Korea. They were divided by coalition forces on two pieces as we all know. So Japan was lucky not to pursue their faith. There is a funny anecdote in Russia on situation in Crimea. Everybody knows Alina Kabayeva i guess? So she's now Putin's girlfriend. It's a secret actually, but everyone in Russia knows it. So, here is the anecdote: "Kabayeva told her friend that she wanted Cream for present. And now she doesn't know how to say that she needs Kalaska (Коляска means pram or stroller in Russian)":) Actually Alaska was part of Russian Empire and was sold to USA in 18 century. Crimea was also part of Russian Empire by the way.

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People, I live in Russia and I can assure you that no one in Crimea was forced to vote in referendum. It's a pity how western society was brainwashed by it's media. Let's remember the reason USA invaded Iraq. First it was chemical weapons (as we all know there wasn't any), so they changed it to democracy (what is democracy in a country where three main ethnicities Shiahs, Sunnies and Kurds live) results we all see - every week there are terracts, thousands of innocent people die. But they all free now. What a democracy! Same issue in Libiya and Syria. In all these issues only Russia insisted on diplomatic solution. But nobody listened. The only truth was that USA said. The same story today. It is USA which spent 3 billion $ for preparation of this coup d'état. Not Russia started it. And those who came to power in Ukraine now aren't democrats at all. They use same slogans as German fascists used. They closed any independent media sources. Not only Russians but Jewish as well are persecuted by fascists. And you call it democracy? And let's imagine what happens if Texas wants to have a referendum on sovereignty? Or maybe Corsicans, or Basques? Will it be in democratic way? For all who don't know - those who fight for independence there are called .... Terrorists:) So, that's how it is. Thanks for attention.

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