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Posted in: 'Hafu' tells story of Japan’s mixed-race minority and changing attitudes in society See in context

I don't really see why people are saying that ha-fu being used is a bad thing. I am a ha-fu, and when I was in school in Japan, it was easier to make friends (although this one girl did not like me :( ). I'm not too sure about how it is for them, but I was never discriminated (I get along with everyone). Younger people seem to admire you more because its different, interesting, and unique. I think its fun when people say ha-fu, but maybe that's because I like attention... For example Lola is a Japanese star that is just a quarter Japanese, but she is really loved by mostly everyone. Older people are a bit more strict with you, and usually think that you do not know anything of Japanese tradition, history, or even the language even though most of us have taken more than 10 years of Japanese school. You may be treated differently at first but soon people will grow an interest to you and want to know more. Don't take it too personally, sometimes it is hard to adjust to changes and accept things. In Canada, I would always bring a bento box during elementary. It gained me more friends because of the neat way the okazu was placed and the good taste of the food. They just loved the onigiri, umeboshi, and the wakame salad. :)

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