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Posted in: 13 children taken to hospital after strong acid spills during science experiment See in context

So, the teachers see the kids eating lunch in their classrooms every day and spilling their drinks and getting food on their desks and the first thought is let's give them acid.

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Posted in: Actor Akira Shimizu apologizes for son’s arrest for using stimulant drugs See in context

How about that prostitute, huh? I mean, kudos for calling the cops on the man who made her deliver drugs, but I wouldn't be surprised if she and that man who sold the drugs both have the same employer.

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Posted in: Tokyo ranked in third place, behind London and New York, in Global Power City Index 2017 report See in context

For me, Paris and New York are my tops. London is up there, as well as Amsterdam and definitely Prague.

I guess my issue with Tokyo is... I don't know, I just find it ugly. I know it's safer than other cities and cleaner with almost equally good restaurants, but I don't see the charm, the world class museums and theater, the personalities. It's so... grey or... neutered.

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Posted in: Japanese media surveys show Abe heading for big win in Oct 22 election See in context

But what have the other parties said to convince the people to vote for them? They've offered no new real ideas, agree on many issues and more importantly they're just the same politicians as before but with new party pins on their jackets. In Japan, no politician tries to win, just not to lose.

Honestly, the only difference between the other parties and Abe's party is one dislikes Abe a little more.

Anyway, don't feel bad, Japan. We're in one of the greatest ages of incompetent or dictatorial leaders: Macron, May, Trump, Turnbull, Putin, Xi, Merkel, Assad, Netanyahu, Maduro, Kim Jong-un, Duterte and so on and so on.

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Posted in: Poodle runs loose at Haneda airport, disrupting 14 flights See in context

I don't know how this happened. I've flown with my dog out of Haneda and Narita and each time the different airlines told me to use zip ties for the door as well it's normal locking mechanism. Same for the US and Europe.

For the life of me I don't know how a door on the kennel would just open.

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Posted in: Suga, Onodera inspect PAC-3 missile units See in context

Now you have them, whose finger is going to be on the button to use them? Japan or the US? That's what I want to know.

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Posted in: Student arrested for allegedly smuggling cannabis in hotdog buns See in context

She brought marijuana into Japan and could face more jail time than the criminals at TEPCO will serve combined for contaminating an entire ecosystem and poisoning its own people.

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Posted in: NRA endorses curbs on rapid-fire gun devices See in context

Oh my god, why are people jumping all over this story and saying NRA is shocking the world by supporting "curbs" on these devices?

NRA said nothing of the kind. They talk about "regulations" which is both ambiguous and meaningless. These "regulations" could mean nothing more than you can only buy 5 a year or they must be painted burgundy. Who knows?

There is no way the NRA would ban anything gun related, heck, they don't support banning people on the no-fly list from buying guns.

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Posted in: Are Trump, Tillerson 'good cop,' 'bad cop' to N Korea? See in context

God that's frightening to call Tillerson the good cop.

If Trump and Tillerson are cops, they'd be the racist police detectives in Alabama in the 1950s. Trump would tell a rookie to beat a minority senseless for a confession and Tillerson would be against the beating, but still let it happen.

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Posted in: Koike says she will '100%' not run in Oct 22 election See in context

She's a megalomaniac who become Tokyo Governor not because she wants to help Tokyo but because it was the stone in the river she needed to hop on to reach the other side - the prime minister job.

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Posted in: At least 50 people killed, 200 wounded at Las Vegas concert attack See in context

Those same politicians in charge who support gun rights and say this is a mental health issue are the first politicians to cut funding to mental health facilities.

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Posted in: At least 50 people killed, 200 wounded at Las Vegas concert attack See in context

Every time US citizens are afraid gun laws will become more restrictive, not guns banned just more restrictive, gun sales go up dramatically.

I firmly believe many Americans will let 50 innocent people die in a mass shooting than have stricter gun laws.

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Posted in: At least 50 people killed, 200 wounded at Las Vegas concert attack See in context

If the US didn't change laws when a gunman killed kids at an elementary school, they won't change now.

And with movies like John Wick and new TV shows like The Punisher making guns "look cool" , nothing will ever change. President after President, no one has done anything. It's disgusting actually, the NRA is bigger than them all.

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Posted in: Roller coaster malfunction leaves 30 people stranded at Osaka's USJ See in context

Anyone who has been to both know that USJ is like a land lost in time, it's exactly what Universal looked like in the US 30 years ago.

USJ needs serious renovations and updates, not just quickly built tie-in "attractions" to Japanese idols or manga properties.

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Posted in: Poll shows Koike's party threat to Abe See in context

The fool in me always hopes at election time that maybe, just maybe the candidate that wins will make a difference for the better and be the one the country needs.

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Posted in: Koike says she will be selective on which Democratic Party candidates she'll accept See in context

Um, Party Leader Koike, did you forget you're also the Governor of Tokyo, the world's LARGEST city? Are you sure everything's going alright over there and you have enough time to play Political Puppet Master?

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Posted in: More Japanese wives in workforce despite husbands' high income See in context

This article seems straight out of the 1950s in most countries just with updated figures.

With a more accurate headline being: Women Working Despite Husbands' Requests

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Posted in: Tainted water leak suspected at Fukushima nuclear plant See in context

Dude, it's not a leak if it's been going on since 2011. It's a steady stream and it's a part of your ecosystem at this point.

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Posted in: Abe faces new challenge as he calls snap election See in context

I look at this picture of Abe and his cabinet and I reach for the sake.

Then I look at the picture of Koike and her "new" party members and I realize I'm gonna need more alcohol.

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Posted in: Democratic Party effectively disbands; members to join Koike's party See in context

Soooo basically all of those career politicians with a losing record have changed jerseys and were recruited by Koike so they can prolong their political lives? Cuz why would they be able to accomplish something in this new party when they couldn't before?

It's the same broken down car just with a new paint job.

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Posted in: Koike's new party gains traction ahead of general election: polls See in context

Koike's 2017 party is Abe's 2014 party.

Mineyuki Fukuda, Masaru Wakasa, and Koike herself was a member of the LDP.

And we all know how successful Abe's cabinet and all of these retreads have been...

But please people, tell me why she's so great! She's criticized Abenomics but laid out no plan. Criticized nuclear power but gave no alternative, she's as hawkish as Abe, and she danced with locals on the contaminated new fish market site.

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Posted in: Koike vows to 'reset Japan' with new party, won't run for election herself See in context

This is so awesome! Look at her awesome new party with... the... same old career politician failures....

BUT! Koike is gonna kick butt cuz... she said she would... like she said she would with Olympic costs and...Tsukiji... And her great... sound bites...

Oohhhh yeah, that's right, I forgot. This is Japan, where politicians don't die, they just get recycled from party to party and new conference to news conference.

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Posted in: Spent fuel removal delayed for 2 Fukushima reactors by 2 years See in context

The government is more than willing to slowly poison it's own people and the citizens seem more than willing to take it because they'd rather die than think Japan isn't as good as they thought.

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Posted in: Koike to challenge Abe with new party See in context

What is Koike's feelings on North Korea? We have no idea.

What is her plan for an encroaching China? No idea.

How does she feel about the Okinawa situation? Again, no clue.

And for Fukushima and Nuclear Power? She has said little on that also.

And the economy? No idea what she'll do there either.

What do we know?

She treats Yasukuni the same as Abe.

She treats the US the same as Abe.

And she invited a bunch of locals to dance around the contaminated site of your future fish market to prove its safety.

So what, please tell me, is this holier than thou infatuation with Koike?

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Posted in: Japan urges world to unite on N Korea after latest missile See in context

North Korea loves to talk and they love to negotiate and they welcome ex-wrestlers and ex-NBA players and are more than willing to talk things out...

...Because it gives them time to continue building their arsenal while you think sanctions and discussions actually matters.

Negotiations and Compromises haven't done anything, don't be daft. While your diplomat and theirs agree on a peace settlement, their entire labor force is underground still slaving away on building an arsenal. They're not stopping and people are naive to think so.

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Posted in: Japan protests after N Korea fires missile over Hokkaido See in context

I don't know why people make light of this or him, just calling him names or mocking his appearance.


His whole goal is to create a nuke that can destroy his enemies and in the past year he's showing himself to be quite capable of achieving this.

Either you sit back and allow a maniac build a nuclear arsenal or the US, S Korea, and Japan will have to make the sacrifice to stop him and tell China and Russia to screw off.

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Posted in: Koike inspects Toyosu market with local residents See in context

This is disgusting.

It's like when right after the Fukushima Nuke Plant popped, they held an Ocean Day celebration with families swimming in the waters right off the coast to try and prove everything was okay.

Nothing but an evangelist doing TV voodoo to make you think the site is safe now cuz she flapped her arms over it and led the sheeple with her.

Koike the Pied Piper.

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Posted in: Kiryu becomes 1st Japanese to break 10-second barrier in 100 meters See in context

I know, Debbie Downer, but a new record at a hometown track with a strong tailwind doesn't mean much, and shouldn't mean that much to real competitor.

What you do on the biggest stage against the biggest competition is what all athletes think about, not a cakewalk race in Fukui.

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Posted in: Prince William, Kate expecting third child See in context

Congrats to them! As far as Royals go, they seem to be the most active and caring around and have done a lot of good for a lot of people. I wish them the best.

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Posted in: Mattis: N Korean threat would bring massive military response See in context

@ OssanAmerica: Maybe yes. Maybe not.


I want better than a "maybe" if we're starting a nuclear war with unproven tech.

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