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Posted in: Japan likely to tolerate smoking at restaurants after LDP's resistance See in context

Of course, everybody knows that the only reason that the LDP would vote

this is because the tobacco companies are lining their pockets.  They don't care

about the people, they only care about their own pockets.

Why aren't the names of those that voted it down announced.  Let's vote them out

and investigate their bank accounts and savings.

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Posted in: Japan fails to toughen passive smoking ban due to resistance See in context

Vote those LDP Members out now!!!

Everybody needs to post this on their Facebook and make it

go viral against them.

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Posted in: Japan catches 177 whales in northwest Pacific for 'research whaling' See in context

177 is a bit excessive for research, don't you think?

Not just a bit, it is extremely excessive.

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Posted in: Police report over 30,000 children abused in 1st half of 2017 See in context

Absolutely SICKENING!!!

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Posted in: Halloween season gets underway in Japan See in context

Sorry but there is no Halloween Season.  Halloween is one day.

We take in stride amusement parks extending their own Halloween Season

if you would.

However, that would mean October.

In addition, what in the world is it with people dressing up as everything that

has nothing to do with Halloween?  It is absolutely ridiculous.

Christmas is in December.  Not the second Halloween ends.  Yet over the

last few years, Department stores take down their Halloween items and put

up Christmas immediately. 

I think that they are all taking advantage and making it to much into a business.

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Posted in: McDonald's plans to nearly double restaurants in China See in context

Oh great, ruin China and start obesity there as well.

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Posted in: Transgender convict seeks to be treated as female inmate in prison See in context

Why in the world does the writer refer to this guy as a 38 year old "woman"? Then go on to keep referring as him as "she".

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Posted in: Doctors: Radiation not biggest impact on Fukushima residents' health See in context

Doctors are in on it with TEPCO and the government to try to cover up. I don't care what these doctors, TEPCO or the government say, these children have this cancer one way or another because of that plant and it's high time to take responsibility for it. These doctors are forced to say such things or risk their own careers.

Koichi Tanigawa and Akira Ohtsuru are real jerks for going along with this mislead.

With all said and done, how about this challenge, Koichi Tanigawa and Akira Ohtsuru, TEPCO top management and the government officials that are at the top and responsible, move yourselves and your family members back to ground zero or just around the facility. What will your excuse be not to take this challenge?

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Posted in: Getting stopped by police in Japan – how often does it happen (and why?) See in context

"If a police officer asks for your ID, you are legally obligated to show it." WRONG. You are not obligated to show it unless they have probable cause. An officer has the right to ask you but you also have the right to refuse. Penal Code Article 194.

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Posted in: Japan should accept more refugees, fix asylum system: UNHCR See in context

You know it tears my heart about when I see what is happening over there. However, I don't like the idea of Japan opening their doors to them. If Japan wants to give money and housing elsewhere than so be it. As bad as I feel for them, I see opening the doors to them creating major problems in years to come for Japan. American and Europe have seen these problems. They don't deal with these problems well but continue to accept them. Please let these countries take them in and God knows, I hope that they do to help them.

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Posted in: Body of 10-year-old boy, naked with hands and feet bound, found hanging from tree See in context

This is absolutely disgusting.

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Posted in: 'My Number' system: A worrying glimpse of the future See in context

Just another ploy from the government to control our lives more.

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Posted in: Police raid offices of new yakuza group See in context

Oh geez, we all know that the police did not raid anything. They told them that they were coming first and would have press in toe to document it for the public. The police are in bed with them and everybody knows it.

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Posted in: Married Sunday, fired Monday: next U.S. gay rights fight See in context

As a boss, I will fire who I want and/or hire who I want based upon any reason that I want.

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Posted in: Vagina kayak artist denies obscenity charges See in context

Yeah right. But yet they can have a huge penis (fertility) festival and that is fine? The Police, Courts and Government here are just so hypocritical.

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Posted in: Hillary Clinton launches presidential campaign See in context

Where are all these people that would vote for this she-devil?

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Posted in: German vandals ordered jailed, caned in Singapore See in context

This was not a stupid mistake. They broke in. If more countries had laws like Singapore, maybe there would be fewer crimes in those countries as well. I will bet that these two don't go around breaking in and spray painting again. They deserve what they are getting.

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Posted in: Small step by Tokyo's Shibuya Ward could be giant leap for LGBT equality See in context

Just because America is allowing this doesn't mean that Shibuya should. In fact, they should close the door before what happened in parts of the states disrupt the beauty of Japan.

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Posted in: Man arrested for abusing 4-year-old son See in context

Sure, let the boy go back home. Next time we will read that the Father killed him. Stupid government.

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Posted in: Indonesian, Filipino nurses to be allowed to stay extra year to pass exam See in context

The tests should not be made easier for them. Would you want a foreign nurse misunderstanding the instructions that were given to her in kanji or the medicine that was written to your loved ones? Either pass the test or don't pass it.

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Posted in: Elementary school teacher shows pupils pictures of executed hostages See in context

I see, it's alright to let these kids watch violence on TV but not to be shown this. Support the teacher.

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Posted in: Cross-dressing Matsuko Deluxe: AKB opening Tokyo Olympics 'would embarrass Japan' See in context

Why does the writer refer Matsuko Deluxe as "she". I don't care what he wears, he is still a "he". I am not at all a fan of AKB48. But I don't really think that it would be an embarrassment for them to open the Olympics. What would be embarrassing is if Matsuko Deluxe had anything to do with the Olympics. That being said, I do think that there are better options than AKB48. And it does not have to be the number 1 talent or singers that we see on a daily basis.

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Posted in: Hostage crisis reminds Japan it is a target: analysts See in context

Abe san had better stick to his guns and don't give into ISIS. These two idiots should not have been over there anyways. If Abe san gives in even behind the scenes and secretly, he puts all Japanese in danger. Not only when they travel but here in Japan as well. It also makes me wonder if it puts foreigners that live here in Japan in danger as well. That is another subject.

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Posted in: Uniqlo under fire for dealing with Chinese factories accused of putting workers at risk See in context

Too many times I see articles to the world about low wages. But what they don't tell the world is that that particular wage in that particular country is a lot of money. If somebody is going to write such an article, don't make a company look bad because you "think" that salary is low when you compare it to your own. Check your facts.

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Posted in: Man arrested for abusing 4-month-old daughter See in context

Stress??? This is getting to be too much with stories like this. Take these people to the public square, do the same to them and televise it. Make sure that other crappy parents see this and think twice before doing such a thing.

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Posted in: Hanky-panky in kobans leave police blushing See in context

Is this really newsworthy?

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Posted in: How do you feel when you speak fluent or reasonably good Japanese to a Japanese person and they insist on answering you in English? See in context

Another one that I hate is when you will be conversing for about 5 minutes in only Japanese and at that point, the Japanese will ask you "Do you speak Japanese?" I will always ask them, "what language have we been speaking in up until now?"

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Posted in: Man arrested for abusing girlfriend's 1-year-old son See in context

Japan Today removed my last comment because I said something about Capital Punishment.

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Posted in: 47-year-old man arrested after body parts of missing 6-year-old Kobe girl found See in context

They need to bring back capital punishment in a very serious way and do it in public and show it on TV so that other potential criminals think twice. This is absolutely disgusting.

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Posted in: Japanese train seats for the elderly: To sit or not to sit? See in context

When I first moved to Tokyo 27 years ago, there was also one space in the middle of the long seats where everybody else sat that was reserved for the elderly, pregnant, etc. This is now gone. Still the seats that are allocated for them, nobody sat there unless they fell into that category, even during rush hour. Now people sit there and simply ignore the elderly, pregnant and others that need the seat. People simply should not sit there at all unless they fall into that category and JR and other lines should enforce this.

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