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everyone is in shock and here is the reaction of the free world - remove the links from Facebook.

Great reaction - keep on with that and you'll see what happens.

Israel is probably the only place in the world that really understand what is going on.

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yes - they hide in the south since from Egyptian tunnels they get the European's support money straight to their pockets instead of building Gaza.

if they use the money to build Gaza, they no longer have justification for their existence.

i hope the world will help free Gaza from Hamas occupation. Israel is out of there long time ago.

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Hamas=ISIS both radical islamist organizations funded by slaves dictatorship -Qatar (who is funding lots or media, sports, arts and politics in the free world as well).

Israel is the only one in the so called "free world" who confronts radical Islam.

free world must understand that before its too late.

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Posted in: Iraqi Kurds assault IS positions as Obama vows support See in context

Vows Support - WOW - now everyone is relieved - they know they have someone to trust. Someone strong who never failed his allies

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bass4funk - I think its too non politically correct for most western to watch so its not allowed even talk about the real threat.

just type 'shoebat' in google and you'll see reality right in front of you

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Kobuta chan - Don't worry - Japan gov. already understood this problem long time ago. Japan is now the 2nd most non-Islam-friendly country in the world.

They understood what Israel realized as well while the western world is failing to understand.

Rest of the western world is busy getting money and contracts from slaves dictatorship - Qatar that not only funds ISIS and Hamas but also most of the west's top Universities, research inst., Arts, media and culture.

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By the time the free world will understand what Israel already understood, it will be too late

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lucabrasi You are right, they are not moral at all - yet, they finally understood something. The moral guys are busy getting money from Qatar and shut their eyes.

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Israel is the only free wold power in the world facing the radical Islam today.

All the rest of whats left from the free world are people who like to bury their head in the sand and blame Israel.

Its much more comfortable to blame some Jewish state in all the evil of the world than face a reality that will come to you eventually but not now. Accusing Jews in Nazism might clear the conscience of what the Nazi's did while continuing hating Jews with clear conscience. Great solution

Egypt and Saudi Arabia, Israel's neighbors already understand what they are facing and joined Israel to stop this medieval dark forces but Europe and rest of free world find it easier to blame Israel just like Egypt and Saudi did it the past.

When it will hit you, it will be tool late

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Swiss banks are eagerly waiting for Gaza reconstruction

Hamas leaders are going to make billions out of the dead and now the Palestinian authority guys are doing their best to get some share. the fastest way to make money - better than anything

Poor Palestinians - everyone is using them (except Egyptian leader Al Sisi who is the first Arab leader that is not using Palestinians for his political reasons. He is the first to understand what the middle east and the world is facing)

Israel is the frontier for Radical Islam VS Free World - all of the world must understand that before its too late

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guys: 1800 killed this week in Syria by Isis Gaza poor people died because some crazy Islamic organization decided to get more money from countries that reduced their payments lately by publishing as many horrible pictures as possible to gain more support.

its all about money - more destruction=more support and we are talking about billions of dollars they have found the way to make easy fast money based on their eternal refugee status. The support money will help maintaining this status forever. its as simple as that.

"Hey the world is not paying enough - we must show him how poor we are - lets fire some rockets on Israel and publish the outcome pictures - this will get us what we need"

The 1800 Syrians killed over different crazy Islamic organization who wants to convert the world and you too eventually including Muslim guys who might comment here as well (by the way, no comments on these dead Muslim from anyone - maybe its because they weren't killed by Jews ? )

Israel is currently in the frontier of radical Islam vs free world civilization. All must realize that before its too late

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"Palestine" was never occupied although those Arabs call themselves "Palestinians" now are suffering the consequences of their stupid decisions - Never agree to Israel state, Always say NO to peace, Invest your money in terror and not in development and education and then cry that you had a Nakba, Naksa or whatever this will give you "Free World" support by people who really wants to help the poor but actually funding this process that goes forever. keep them poor ignorant Islamic and angry - thats the way to peace.

the surrounding Arab countries always used these Arabs to move their internal problems outside Egypt is the first one who does not do it these days and thats extraordinary.

if you still think there was such state, please answer the following questions:

When was Palestine established and by whom ? What were its borders ? What were its capital and main cities? What was its main Economy established on ? What form of political government used to be in that state can you name any leader of Palestine before Arafat ? what was the language, coin, religion of that state ? in any time, what was the exchange rate of the Palestinian coin against US dollar/Yen/Pound ? Now - since there was never a country with this name - why is it occupied and from whom ?

(Hint: the west bank was occupied at 67 by Israel from Jordan who occupied it illegally from the British who occupied it from the Turks for some reason (what were they doing there in the first place ? ). Gaza was occupied from Egypt - which never wanted it back even when Israel handed over the Sinai desert to Egypt during the peace agreement).

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This week, 1600 Muslims were butchered in Syria Those who look at Gaza only and avoid this ongoing situation in Syria (already 3 years and ~200,000 dead) must ask themselves why they feel so bad when democratic country defends itself (Hint: Jewish country) from horrible fanatic Islamic organization

One must ask himself if he might have been brain-washed by media or maybe he is just Anti Semitic

Fanatic Qatar is buying everything in the last 10 years: media, Universities, Research institutions anywhere in the world if you consider yourself realistic person, ask yourself why are the crazy stuff going on in the Mid-East are on mute while Israeli conflict is so loud why do i feel so bad about "Palestinian" dead while other Muslim dead is not that bad why is the world media put anything in Israel in such focus while ignoring surrounding countries

what is the real reason for that

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Posted in: Violence soars in Gaza as world pleads for truce See in context

Islam takes over Europe - Bottom Up and takes over USA - Top Down.

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Posted in: Violence soars in Gaza as world pleads for truce See in context

Islam takes over Europe - Bottom Up and takes over USA - Top Down.

Mid east conflict is mainly between 2 groups : Muslim brothers -Turkey, Qatar and Hamas with support of Iran VS stable Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Jordan. USA clearly chose the first group for "some" reason. this is why it won't let its dear baby - Hamas gang, to fall down.

Israel (former friend of USA) will pay the price for this policy.

Japan - as USA "friend", must understand the change USA is going through and must be more independent otherwise it will find itself alone in a problematic area - just like Israel did.

Israel is a microcosm of the free world in years to come

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Jimizo calling you "brain washed" will just block your mind more than it is - i don't want to argue please think for a moment about the hundred thousands dead Arab in Syria & Iraq only in recent times - did you feel the same anger for these dead as you feel for "Palestinians" dead ? - i think you did although you may not admit it just ask yourself why is that.

Regarding the Europeans - from the 70's (the invention of the "Palestinians" by Israel itself) until now, those who didn't like to see Jews that can defend themselves but had bad "christian conscience" about it, understood that supporting "Palestinians" will answer both of their needs - they can continue hating jews under the cover of "human rights activism" the proof for that is their silence towards the atrocities performed in middle east now and their strange focus on democratic - non religious Israel state

what is collapsing now in this concept is that ISIS is butchering everyone who is faithfull to the "countries" drown by British French in the middle east 100 years ago ISIS call all Suni Arabs to gather under one Muslim Emitate and any Suni that stick to his fake "Country" should dye ISIS does not recognize palestine nor iraq nor syria nor jordan - All are plain Suni muslims and Europe should become muslim as well. Iraq and Syria don't exist anymore in fact and world starts to face tribal wars period in middle east in 7th century style

The automatic mumble of the "Palestine" mantra is not acceptable anymore. the worst human rights issues are happening not in israel anymore and the european "human rights" activists starting to realize that this anger will be pointed to them while "palestinian" idea has nothing to do with that anymore this process will take few years, the brainwash and automatic mantras are still rooted deep but the change has started and this is what i meant

about religion - you are right, they are source of problems but there is one "peacfull" religion that is gaining more attention recently - guess which

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Slowly Europeans start to understand that what they see in Israel is actually their own future Slowly they begin to realize that real problem is Islam instead of "blame all on Israel" concept

the concept they adopted from middle east vicious dictators and radical Islam movement in order to justify anything is now collapsing

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Israel defends its citizens with missiles, Hamas defends its missiles with citizens

poor Gaza citizens, occupied by Hamas - North Korean like organization that sentence them to death over crazy Islamic medieval theory like most of middles east Arabs these days

Hamas is pulling Gaza down 300 years backwards in history put all the money they got from "Peace Organizations" into concrete tunnels, missiles and islamic children brain wash instead of development

it is interesting to see that all middles east with its "Arab Spring" is actually moving backwards rapidly in history to the dark ages. this is actually what they know best - fight and destroy. anyone can recall any development or contribution to society done by Arab in recent 200 years ? western world slowly starts to understand the real threat from these guys

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2 million Christians butchered by Muslim in Sudan and Kongo 32,000 Muslims citizens butchered by Syrian gov. against their own people in Syria every body is silence specially the Arabs. not a word from anyone Israel attacking back very carefully military targets and missile storage locations after months of non stop missile attacks from Gaza fired at their south cities without any reason - Israel pulled completely from Gaza and left the territory to the Islamic Hamas "democracy" there

Now we need to think why are we blaming Israel automatically always ? looks like we are all victims of Muslim media brain wash and "human rights" organizations propaganda which are actually the new way for Muslim to gain power over the free world and use the current weak west democracies and politically correctness in order to destroy them from the inside using its own "human rights" "democracies" mechanisms looks like our human feelings and values are being used by murderers without any respect to woman rights/ human right or any rights

look at the blood thirsty Arab regimes look at their actions, their horrible atrocities and look at the contribution of the Islam to the world - only killing blood revenges jihads and so on are their characteristics Jews throughout the history always contributes to science community and they actually initiated and created the human rights change of the free west world. however, since they are different, always have been blamed and persecuted but never actually did any harm - only contribution to the world (look at the Nobel price winner statistics in this link - compare to Muslim Nobel price winners is really tells it all) this is not brainwash its statistics you can verify in any source you want

Whatever arabs do - they always get away with it because this is their culture, but most cases are not reported because the media is very focused on Israel - lots of money is invested in this media war

the Arab spring we see now in the middle east and n. Africa is the process of becoming one big dark Islamic power that is already starting to scare European countries that are trapped in their politically correctness the only way to keep your head buried in the sand and to avoid the real issue is to blame Israel - how easy that is what Arab leaders used to do in order to continue their miserable domain in their countries and now Europe are doing that because they assume this will satisfy the Islamic powers inside them which they cannot really defend anymore the outcome is media war in which innocent Japanese (who just want peace probably due to lack of Arab neighbors) are blaming Israel as well How pathetic

Its hard to admit to yourself are brainwashed hypocrite it takes a lot of virtue that most people don't have Try to think about the anger you feel toward dead Palestinian child and compare it to the anger you feel towards dead Syrian child or dead Israeli child if it not the same anger - think hard why it is like that you may come to conclusion that you are brain wash victim but most chances you won't admit it

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face it guys, israel is the only one who faces islamic terror by saying no more to the rocket attacks on its cities now hamas regime is hiding under the civilians and blames idf for the results i guess any other country would have done the same if attacked

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