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Posted in: Nick Baker sent back to Britain to finish jail sentence See in context

It seems that some of the posters here are not aware of the controversy regarding Baker's case, which was a major topic of discussion on Japan Today's forum and was highlighted in several articles and commentaries in Metropolis magazine.

While it is better that Baker is now closer to his family, sympathy for his situation, much of which was manufactured by Baker's supporters, should not cloud the actual facts of the case.

The major problem with Baker's story was that his claim to have come to Japan on the "trip of a lifetime" was invalidated by new information that showed that he had already been to Japan, just two months before his arrest. This led to further revalations, including documents released by Baker's own defense which showed, amongst other things, that he was threatened by members of the Israeli Mafia before he got on the plane.

Baker's own MP also disavowed him stating that the facts of the case did not match the impression given by the support group.

You can read more about the actual details of the case at http://www.markdevlin.com/NickBaker/thenickbakerdeception.htm

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