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"There are two genders - male and female. Anything else is just perversion." Basically, yes there are two genders. But perversion? One may be attracted to members of the opposite gender or maybe not. The majority orientation of one group does not make the orientation of the minority a perversion (P.S. the world is not flat nor does the sun revolve around the earth). Scientific American published an article on July 10, 2008 regarding this so-called "perversion" that is found among 1,500 species of animals. Sex is not solely a procreative act--even among heterosexuals. "Biologically speaking, homosexuality is a dead-end because beings attracted to their same sex would not mate" was posted earlier. Obviously, this would be true if everyone were gay. But the same thing could be said for people who are asexual, or people who are born with traits that would lessen their abilities to procreate. Really though, if you're straight, get off the gays and trannies and try focusing more and being loving hetero moms and dads. May come in handy when your own child comes out of the closet some day. Regarding the gays/gals/trans etc. on TV, they add some comic relief to the mindless "entertainment" of other gender stereotypes (i.e. mindless bimbos in bikinis, greasy-hair old farts chasing after the mindless bimbos, etc.)

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