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Posted in: Australian think tank says there are 380 detention camps in Xinjiang See in context

This topic, Hongkong, Taiwan, Tibet, Tiananmen massacre, Culture Revolution, South China Sea Disputes, all the Viruses they gave to the world...etc. etc...

How much more the world needs to see before it wakes up and stand against this nonstop talking lies and biggest bully country?

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Posted in: Japan may see resurgence of coronavirus cases, experts warn See in context


reminded myself this pandemic isn't over, but felt zero 'fear'.

I agree!

Live your life by doing your best personal prevention and you are fine!

For me personally, I have more fear to get cancer, heart attack or again Influenza C, than get infected with the Corona Virus.

Because against the Corona Virus I can do simple and easy personal prevention.

Influenza, I take my vaccine every year!

But cancer or heart attack...ok...I don't smoke...maybe that is a prevention.

@Aly Rustom

*My BIGGEST fear is that after an effective Virus is found*

I guess you mean an effective Vaccine!

In this point I agree with you.

After an effective vaccine is found, everything will go back like before the pandemic.

But if the vaccine is really effective...why not?

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Posted in: China to let in more foreigners as virus recedes See in context


I dont understand what you mean???

What kind of hysterical post???

We are talking here about China.

I don't trust China in any single word what they are saying and I would never ever set my foot back to China, because of their lies and bullying!

It is absolutely NOT related to the Corona Situation in Japan. (In case you mean that by your comment, I should made up my mind).

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Posted in: Trump won't commit to peaceful transfer of power if he loses See in context

I would not be surprised if he win again

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Posted in: China to let in more foreigners as virus recedes See in context

China announced seven new cases of coronavirus on Thursday, all of them imported

Nobody trust China!

Foreigners holding certain types of visas and residence permits will be permitted to return to China

Who the hell will ever put a foot again into China.

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Posted in: Nearly 36,000 Japanese firms shut down business due to COVID-19 See in context

This is the same like I said already in another article here:

This happened because of the great Ultraparanoia, according the Corona Virus, heated up every day by fear mongering people and the media.

Many people will loose jobs, existence and will struggle a lot to put food on the table as long as this Ultraparanoia crazy Corona fear will go on.

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Posted in: Aichi man gets 10 months in prison for saying 'I got corona' in electronics store; loses appeal See in context

This punishment is the result of the big Ultraparanoia that is going around the world according the Corona Virus, heated up every day by fear mongering people and the media.

This punishment is absolutely crazy!

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 88 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 331 See in context


I 100% agree!

Many posters here are predicting, wishing and waiting since 9 months for the big apocalypse in Japan.

Can you believe that? Since 9 months!

And I dont understand why they are wishing that the numbers increase?

Are they some kind of End of the World Junkies?

I agree that the number of tests are really low, but I can not see any overrun at hospitals or millions of sick people or thousands of deaths.

The situation in Japan is very good, I can live my daily life without any restrictions but of course doing my personal best prevention.

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Posted in: China must back off, says Taiwan See in context

The best and most hurting way to punish China is to damage its economy.

The world have to let China pay for all its bullying and giving the Corona Virus to the world, by giving a hard damage to their economy!

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Posted in: Tourist spots in Tokyo busy during Silver Week holidays See in context

I have the same experience like @vanityofvanities...

Even the trains are packed, everyone wears a mask and nobody talks. Very very well behavior of the japanese people.

And in many trains and buses, the windows are open.

I was in Shibuya too on monday, and the crowds were unbelievable. Millions of people. But everyone was wearing mask, except some girls who were drinking ice coffee during walking. LOL.

But that is a big different from Japan to foreign countries: Even outside, japanese people are wearing masks.

Yes, @goodlucktoyou, I agree...the paranoia folks will never change their minds. I dont understand what they are expecting? That the cases go to zero? That is impossible in a city like Tokyo.

Of course cases will rise again and cases will fall again...that is normal.

But even if the cases are down to zero, the paranoia folks will find something new to sheer their paranoia.

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Posted in: Number of suicides among Japanese jumps in August See in context

@Berti, Burning Bush

I absolutely agree!

The media has to be blamed. The biggest fear mongering institutions, which are just looking for more clicks and viewers.

Yes, there was no forced lockdown in Japan, but because of the media ultraparanoia and fear mongering news, people locked themselves up volunteer, because they got scared from the news.

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Posted in: Japan eases virus restrictions to allow more people at sports, movie venues See in context

I want to watch that movie.

Penninsula, the sequal if Train to Busan. South Korean Zombie movie!

By the way, even cases of Corona are on the rise in Germany, the Bundedliga will start in 2 weeks with spectators.

Around 10.000 are allowed to watch the game. And german people hate to wear masks.

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Posted in: Japanese lawmakers call for military drills with U.S. around disputed isles See in context

Open a Yoshinoya on the Senkakus!

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Posted in: Suga gets word out: He supports Tokyo Olympics See in context

No vaccine, no Olympics.

But this weekend Germany starts to allow "the Bundesliga" in front of spectators, even the COVID 19 cases in Germany are on a rise.

I think up to 10.000 spectators are allowed.

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Posted in: Suga says he is committed to advancing Abe's policies See in context

to use digital technology more efficiently

As long as you have these old, brain-locked managers in top positions at japanese companies, who believe in "Stamp-system" and "as more papers you have on your as more a hard worker you are"... nothing will change.

And I agree with "gaicuckojin"

As long he takes a strong against Chinese aggression

I hope Suga will keep a strong stance against China's aggression and bullying.

And keep travelers from mainland China out of Japan until a safe vaccine against COVID 19 is found!

But Japan needs the money from the chinese travelers, so the borders will be open soon to them.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 163 new coronavirus cases See in context


You know what is the big problem, and that is not only in Japan that is all over the world...

If you have Corona similar symptoms like fever or cough or are at once judged by the people that you caught Corona. Even if you have really a flu or probably an allergy cough...people at once said, that is Corona!

Nobody is thinking about any other possible sickness anymore. People only think about Corona.

Even you Reckless, you think by yourself that you probably caught Corona.

This Ultra Paranoia according COVID 19, that is going around the world is absolutely crazy!

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Posted in: Do you think employers should be required to tell workers when someone in the workplace has tested positive for the coronavirus? See in context

Everybody here, who works in a japanese company knows that a japanese Guy will never stay away home from work for 2 weeks because he or she is sick.

So if they are infected with COVID 19, they will never tell it.

2 of my japanese coworkers just came in 2 days ago with fever and cough. But they didn't go to a doctor and they judged themselves as just catching a cold.

Maybe they are correct and it is just a cold, but nobody knows.

It is the job of the company management to send this peoples home to recover, but also the japanese management will never do that.

Business before health!

Another problem is that everyone has a great paranoia now according the COVID 19, and as soon as somebody coughs, everybody judge this person caught Corona.

Nobody guess that it can be another thickness.

First judgement for every kind of symptom is Covid 19.

That is crazy!

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Posted in: Lunch lineup See in context

Close to my working place, there is a Ramen shop which has every lunch time an incredible waiting line!


No, no...stuff tastes completely different in different stores.

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Posted in: N Korea's plight may give Japan's next PM chance to meet leader Kim See in context

North Korea apparently hopes Japan will alter its hardline attitude toward Pyongyang

After denuclearization, after stopping regular shooting missiles into the Sea of Japan and after stopping being a threat for the whole world...probably yes.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 226 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 551 See in context

People completely lost their interest in that topic.

That is very nice and I am happy to see that.

I remember a few weeks ago, this topic has within 1 hour more than 100 posts, but now 0.

Please everyone, do your best personal prevention, stay safe, and we all will overcome this pandemic.

And let us be happy to live in Japan.

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Posted in: Man arrested for sexually assaulting 10-year-old girl he met on TikTok See in context


What is going on with such people!

And too many perverts on the social media.

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Posted in: Japan, Singapore to resume short-term business travel from Sept 18 See in context

Japan is also in talks with Australia, Brunei, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Mongolia, New Zealand and South Korea

Please...NOT China!

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 187 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 638 See in context


My Home Country

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 187 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 638 See in context


Reckless, you know that Japan tests only people with symptoms.

So I guess that 5591 people showed symptoms and went to hospital.

And from this 5591 people, 187 are positive.

Probably some other, who knows 5000 people, were refused. Maybe...

But why exactly 5591 were tested, I think nobody can answer that.

But you know what?

My friend in my home country is very sick. He has all the typical Corona Symptoms. He went to see a doctor yesterday. And guess what the doctor said?

It is just a cold! No Corona Test necessary.

So, other countries also refused patients, even they show symptoms.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 187 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 638 See in context

Numbers rise, numbers fall...tests are more, tests are is a never ending story.

We are now 9 months in this pandemic, and if after 9 months, people do not understand how Japan is handling the Virus, how Japan is conducting tests, how to do your best personal prevention for yourself and the people around you...then...

....I am sorry to say that...but then you walked around with closed eyes and closed years.

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Posted in: Koike lowers virus alert; Tokyo to be included in Go To travel campaign from Oct 1 See in context

@Dr. Lucifer

that it doesn't accept packages for shipping

depend on oversea e-commerce

I agree!

I was waiting for a package from my home country which was first refused by DHL.

Then I changed to FedEx and everything was fine.

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Posted in: Koike lowers virus alert; Tokyo to be included in Go To travel campaign from Oct 1 See in context


There’s a vaccine for influenza...... and yet 500,000 people die a year from influenza.

Because millions of people refuse to take the Influenza vaccine.


You are the one that should be staying away from others if you feel this way..

I 100% agree with you.

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Posted in: Koike lowers virus alert; Tokyo to be included in Go To travel campaign from Oct 1 See in context

Even if Japan would have the same amount of cases like Brasil or the US, my personal life has to go on. And that includes traveling.

My company already resumed business travels inside Japan and from next month also overseas. (But not for me, because I can not re-entry Japan easily). To be honest, I am against that oversea business travel plan from my company.

I guess, but I really hope I am wrong, a vaccine will not be found within the next 2-3 years.

But until a vaccine is found, we should support the people who are depend on tourism and guests for Restaurants and much as we can.

People who works in the tourism and hospitality industry also have families they need to feed and give a roof over the head. We should not ignore them, especially because many hotels, restaurants and other tourism spots are doing their best prevention against the virus.

But I am talking about Japan internal tourism only. Not from abroad!

I am still against opening the borders for tourists from abroad until a vaccine is found.

And for my personal life, it makes no difference if the cases are 100 or 1000 or 100000.

My life has to go on and that includes going to work by packed trains, stuck in a packed office, going to crowded supermarkets and so on...

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 276 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 692 See in context


In Japan you are allowed to go everywhere!

You can go to each prefecture you want.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 276 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 692 See in context


it was NOT ok to visit her own biological father's funeral this week, because this was in another prefecture.

This is completely wrong!

Inside Japan you can go wherever you want.

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