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Posted in: Gov't to extend Tokyo area state of emergency to March 21 See in context

stay below 140 on a weekly average basis

Hmmm...the situation in Tokyo is getting better day by day, but stay below 140 cases weekly average seems difficult for me.

Probably after the whole population has received the vaccine, we can focus on 140 cases weekly average.

But currently the situation is that cases will fall, cases will rise, fall again, rise again...until the vaccine is roll out to the whole population, this situation will go on and on.

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system can control acceleration, braking and steering under certain conditions.

I am worried about self driving cars.

Can we really trust that the computers manage the driving in a safe way?

My car is also a Honda, and I think Honda is a very high technical level car maker....but self driving cars...I am not sure.

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Posted in: Man arrested after living with corpse of mother for 4 months See in context

This kind of news comes up often.

Why are people living together with a corpse for weeks or months???

I really don't get that.

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Posted in: Domestic violence consultations in Japan a record 82,643 in 2020 See in context

as people spent more time at home amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Lift the stupid SOE, and speed up the vaccine roll out so that people can go back to their normal lives.

Then you will see the DV cases will drastically drop.

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Posted in: New Zealanders return to homes after 3 quakes trigger small tsunami waves See in context

Damned earthquakes...always scare me.

It is nice to hear that nobody is hurt.

After so many years in Japan, and experienced the craziest earthquakes, I will never get use to them.

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Posted in: Fans from abroad unlikely for postponed Tokyo Olympics See in context

I am big fan of sports and I really love the Olympic games.

Before Corona, I was so excited to see the Olympics in Tokyo.

Especially the weeks and months before a big sports event, (Olympics, soccer world cups...), that is an amazing time. All the preparations, the people are getting more and more excited, shops and restaurants start to prepare for international visitors...

But now, the atmosphere is so different...the atmosphere is very sad.

Olympic Games without spectators and all the nice "Hype" around the Olympics is very sad.

And I am surprised about myself to say that, but...better cancel the Olympics.

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Posted in: Yakuza air complaints about COVID-19’s effect on money gains and operations See in context

An interview with a local yakuza leader

It is always funny for me to read something like that.

Everyone knows he is a Yakuza leader and he is organizing crimes.

But instead of arresting him, they interviewed him.

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Posted in: Suga to decide state of emergency extension for Tokyo region on Friday See in context

This morning, two of my japanese commuter friends told me inside the train, that it is already decided to extend for another 2 weeks.

I didn't watch the news in TV this morning so I don't know if it is correct.

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Posted in: Fly me to the moon: Billionaire Maezawa seeks 8 passengers for lunar trip See in context

It seems that he doesn't know what to do with his money.

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Posted in: Noose tightens on Hong Kong as China Congress set to open See in context

to make sure that only those loyal to Beijing govern Hong Kong

...and the world should make sure that all who are loyal to Hong Kong should boycott Beijing!

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Posted in: Japan embarks on random and targeted COVID-19 testing, but some experts call for more See in context


I would refuse to be tested if not showing common symptoms

Same here!

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Posted in: Woman dies from brain hemorrhage days after receiving coronavirus vaccine, but link uncertain See in context

I am a pro vaxer and I will take this vaccine as soon as it is available.

Of course I know the risk of a new vaccine and I dont trust what the vaccine company or the self nominated experts are telling.

But, whenever I take a medicine or go to a medical investigation, I take a risk.

I had a big health check 3 years ago at a hospital and when I remember all the possible side effects that can happen...oh man...but I did that examination. I took the risk.

If I read the side effect explanation for some medicine I took or take...oh man...but I took that medicine. I took or take the risk.

Everyone knows, that a new vaccine has a high risk, even vaccine companies are playing down that.

But, if the vaccine is available, I will take it.

After I took it, I will wait and see for upcoming side effects.

In other words, I will take all the risks this new vaccine will bring.

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Posted in: Tokyo area governors eye extension of state of emergency by 2 weeks See in context

Extended or not, nobody really cares.

And it has zero impact on my personal daily life.

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Posted in: Do you think hanami (cherry blossom viewing) gatherings in parks should be discouraged in order to lessen the spread of the coronavirus infections? See in context


...but keep social distance or look for nice Sakura places which are not so crowded like Ueno Park or so.

I did that last year!

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Posted in: Chinese vaccines sweep much of the world, despite concerns See in context

Chinese experts reject any connection between the export of its vaccines and the revamping of its image.

There belongs much more for China to revamp its image than just to deliver a vaccine, for a Virus which they set free to the world.

Stop bullying your neighbors, stay away from the Senkaku Islands, go out of Tibet, keep Hongkong free, set free all the prisoners who are locked away without any reason, stop to suppress the Uiguren, acknowledge human rights....and so on..

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Posted in: Ardern urges New Zealanders to rebuke coronavirus rule-breakers See in context

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern on Monday urged New Zealanders to "call out" COVID-19 rule-breakers

My God, what is she doing?


Yes, what is the endgame?

Maybe she is aiming at a total control of the citizens!

Bye, Bye freedom!


Adern is making a huge mistake!

There is no possibility of currently eliminating viruses.

Learning to prevent infection is much better than anything else

I 100% agree!

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Posted in: Japan asks China to stop anal COVID-19 tests on Japanese citizens See in context

Who is going to China these days?

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Posted in: Japan receives 3rd batch of Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine See in context

the Japanese government has said it will receive up to 2.66 million doses, with six shots taken from a single vaccine bottle, in March alone.

Sounds good!

Around 36 million people aged 65 and older are expected to get jabs from April 12

Things are going on...little by little, step by step...but it is not stopping.

and then finally the general population.

Probably August or September...I guess

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Posted in: Mizuho restores ATMs, online services after glitch See in context


¥100,000 in cash in your wallet all the time?

¥100,000 on Pasmo all the time?

Is that possible to charge the Pasmo with ¥100,000?

You are kidding, right?

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Posted in: Lockdown costing Auckland businesses NZ$30 mil per day, says mayor See in context

Imposing a lockdown to 2 millions for just a few cases is insane. Taking basic prevention measures should be the norm, not forcing lockdowns.

I 100% agree!

That is what I always said, everyone should do their best personal preventions.

The governments should sensibilize their populations to do their best personal preventions instead of forcing them in a lockdown and destroying more lives than the virus is doing.

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Posted in: Mizuho restores ATMs, online services after glitch See in context


I may be paranoid

It is not paranoid, it is safe!

I should do It the same way like you do.

I am too careless with such things.

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Posted in: Mizuho restores ATMs, online services after glitch See in context

What I wanted to point out with my post is that the Bank felt very guilty and they apologized a lot because my card was eaten by the machine.

They felt very sorry for all the inconvenience I had over that topic.

But it was not the Mizuho Bank.

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Posted in: Mizuho restores ATMs, online services after glitch See in context


It was a credit card, not a cash card.

Like you said, cash card don't have an expiring date.

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Posted in: Mizuho restores ATMs, online services after glitch See in context

My card was also eaten once in the past by a ATM machine.

But that was because the card I used was already expired and I did not received my new one.

But the banc apologized a lot to me, because it was their fault to forgot to send me the new card, before the old one was expired.

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Posted in: New Zealand's largest city Auckland starts 7-day lockdown See in context

I 100% agree with Carpslidy!

The New Zealand model is simply not realistic.

Everyone in the world understands now after 1 year, that Lockdowns will not make the Virus dissapear.

To go for a zero corona cases policy by all means makes no sense and is completely out of reality.

I feel sorry for all the New Zealand people who are locked in their homes again.

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Posted in: Governors urge central gov't to deliver vaccine rollout plan See in context

Tip: get vaccinated when visiting your home country like I will do when I have the chance.

I guess that is not easy.

If you dont have a registered adress in your home country, I guess it will be difficult to get vaccined there.

I remember, when I was in my home country for business, and I got sick, it was difficult to find a doctor who treats me easily and to get medicine prescription.

So I guess to get a vaccine without a registered adress can be difficult.

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Posted in: Vaccination passport for traveling: What's your stance? See in context


I would feel much safer if I know that everyone on my flight is vaccined!

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Posted in: Tokyo high schools ask students to certify hair color not altered: NHK See in context

@Ricky Sanchez

I can't wait until my kids are required to do this! 

Same here.

I am in the same situation.

If the school requires this from my son, I will start the biggest mess this school has ever seen.

But I guess the school will not require that from my son, because it is clear that his father is a foreigner and his hair color is natural.


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Posted in: 2 high school girls, 50-year-old man found dead in car in apparent joint suicide See in context

For the man I am not sure what was the reason, but for the 2 Girls I guess Bully cases.

But whatever the reason was, it is very very sad!

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