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Posted in: Shibuya mayor urges Halloween revelers to stay away See in context

I don't think many people willl go.

First, it is a sunday and next day people have to work.

Second, japanese people are still cautious about the virus.

I don't see so far a big overrun to the Izakayas.

Most of the japanese people are still cautious.

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Wearing mask outside even nobody is around you...

Wearing mask in the car even you are alone in the car...

That is the key to success!

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Posted in: How late will restaurants be allowed to stay open? Everything depends on that - hiring people, ordering supplies. See in context

Let the restaurants open as long as they want.

If they have customers until next morning, so let them be open until next morning.

Let business be running well and successful.

Re-hire the laid off staff.

Give the people a chance to earn money and bring food on the table.

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Posted in: Japan to begin trials of COVID-19 vaccination proof at eateries See in context


The others are risking his life every day by being in contact with him, 

Not only the others!

Me too!!!

That is exactly the point here.

I am fully vaccinated, and even so I can catch the virus and spread it to others!


So even me, as a full vaccinated person puts him under risk. That is exactly what I am trying to say here.

As a fully vaccinated person, who also can spread the virus, how should I treat and behave towards an unvaccinated person who can not take the vaccine because of health issues?

Should I avoid any contact with him?

Should I isolate him during work?

Should I refuse to go to lunch or dinner with him?

Should I stop being his friend?


Maybe some people will do that, but me. Never!

Sometimes people here are talking about selfish.

What is more selfish?

To accept a person like he is, and give him the feeling that he is still welcome in each situation of life, or to put rules on him and ignore completely his own will, just that I am satisfied.

And in case of a person, who can not take the vaccine because of health issues, that is not his own will.

That is because of his body condition, which makes the situation, in case of isolating him from the society by putting rules on him, or by the ignorance of the vaccinated people, much more discriminating.

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Posted in: Japan to begin trials of COVID-19 vaccination proof at eateries See in context


is that you feel is completely fine if two other of your friends say they like to have a few drinks before driving.

You didn’t answer my questions.

Of course I will tell my friends do not drink before you drive, because I know it is possible not to drink.

Or do you mean I should tell to this guy who can not take the vaccine, if you want to stay in your job, if you want to continue to be a member of the society and if you want to be my friend, go and take the vaccine?

Even I know it is impossible for him to take the vaccine?

Come on Man...

Your comment makes zero sense and don’t answer any of my questions to you.

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Posted in: Japan to begin trials of COVID-19 vaccination proof at eateries See in context


This speaks very poorly abut your relationship with the person that could not be vaccinated,

One more thing:

Please tell me how I should behave towards this person?

Tell me how should we treat him, because you said me and the other 2 unvaccinated persons are a kind of “danger” to him. (in case my understanding of your post is correct)

To be not a “danger” to him, means, we (incl. me as a full vaccinated person) should completely avoid this guy.

If we really would do that, this would be a very big discrimination of this guy.

And guess what...he doesn‘t want that we avoid him, because he don’t want to lose his job and he want to continue to be a member of the society, and he wants to continue our very nice relationship with him.

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Posted in: Japan to begin trials of COVID-19 vaccination proof at eateries See in context


the other two people are actually increasing the risk for the third to be seriously sick and even die (because medical exceptions do have also a role in making the infection wrong)

Let me please confirm that my understanding of what you are saying (or the meaning of your post) is correct.

I guess you know that me, even as a full vaccinated person, can catch the virus and can spread it to the unvaccinated person with health issues.

Is that correct?

Once more, please confirm that my understanding of the meaning what you are saying is correct.

You want us, including me (as a full vaccinated person, who also can catch and spread the virus), to avoid any contact with the unvaccinated person with the health issue, we should not work with him anymore (what means he will lose his job), we should not go to dinner or lunch with him, we also should not talk with him, we should completely isolate him from the society.

Is that what you mean?

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Posted in: Japan to begin trials of COVID-19 vaccination proof at eateries See in context

Our right not to have unvaccinated people sitting next to us n the beer hall.

I know 3 persons who are not vaccinated. 1 person can not take the vaccine because of health issues, the 2 other persons refused the vaccine.

I am working together with them from morning to evening, go to meetings with them and sometimes have lunch or dinner with them.

And you know what? I don't care anything that they are not vaccinated.

They are very nice, helpful and awesome friendly persons.

To not take the vaccine doesn't make a good person to a bad person.

So if a not vaccinated person is sitting next to me, what happens every day in my daily life, doesn't bother me at all.

If a real criminal would sit beside me, then that would give me an uncomfortable feeling.

But if an unvaccinated person is sitting beside me, I am totaly fine with that.


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Posted in: What’s the latest advice on the type of mask I should wear? See in context

Hang on, sport, weren’t you telling maskless foreigners to put masks on in Tokyo or Sydney or wherever?

I hope you were telling them the dangers at the same time.

Even it is in Antarctica.

That is not the point here!

The point here is, that Masks making breathing more difficult! (that is what Raw Bear said)

And that is correct!

And if someone, a person or a scientific report, said the opposite, that means that the scientific report is nonsense or that that person never wear a mask and didn't have personal experience.

End of the story!

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Posted in: What’s the latest advice on the type of mask I should wear? See in context


Raw bear said:

Masks making breathing more difficult.

You answered:

This of course can be proved scientifically as a mistaken

Where is my understanding wrong?

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Posted in: What’s the latest advice on the type of mask I should wear? See in context


Raw bear said:

Masks making breathing more difficult.

You answered:

This of course can be proved scientifically as a mistaken

Where is my understanding wrong?

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Posted in: What’s the latest advice on the type of mask I should wear? See in context


making breathing more difficult.

This of course can be proved scientifically as a mistaken

What a nonsense!

Breathing properly is a human being thing, not a scientific thing.

Breathing is human nature.

If you have a mask in front of your mouth, your breathing is much more worse than without a mask. Because you are a human being and to put something in front of your mouth is against human being nature.

And all scientific reports which are telling the opposite are completely nonsense!

Probably you don't wear a mask and therefore you don't have that experience.

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Posted in: Do you believe China will try to retake Taiwan by force one day? See in context

The CCP is really dark minded, but I think they will not go so far and start a war with the rest of the world.

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Posted in: What’s the latest advice on the type of mask I should wear? See in context

I am using the basic masks which you can buy in each drug store.

50 pcs, about 500 yen.

And sometimes I wash them, and use it again.

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Posted in: Japanese ramen shop bans YouTubers See in context

I remember one time, a chinese guy was sitting beside me in a restaurant, and was talking via webcam with his wife or girlfriend with full sound volume and always moved the camera everywhere.

For 30 minutes!

That was damned annoying!

He didn't even used a headphone.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 66 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 484 See in context


Just out of curiosity...what does it mean, according your records?

In your past posts you explained here each single case and also percentage numbers...and whatever...

Do you write down in a small notebook everyday how many cases are in Japan? For each prefecture?

Don't you think that is a little bit paranoid?

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Posted in: Australian state of NSW to end quarantine for vaccinated int'l travelers See in context

but also lets the world know they are welcome back in Australia

I guess many travelers are worried to go there.

Just a few new Corona cases appear, everything will be shut down again and your vaccation is ruined.

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Posted in: U.S. Navy says personnel who refuse vaccine will be expelled See in context

How about before going to war with your enemy, showing your vaccine passport to each other.

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Posted in: Taiwan tensions raise fears of U.S.-China conflict in Asia See in context

A war between China and the US would be the worst scenario.

And especially because North Korea will jump in, and what that means everyone knows.

The world has to stand together against the aggressor China.

A peaceful sign, that the world don't ignore China's behaviour would be, that each country boycott the Olympic winter games.

No country should send any athlete to China.

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Posted in: COVID vaccines for kids? Strategies around the world See in context

Also not for my son

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Posted in: COVID-19 cases plummeting in Japan; doctors puzzled why See in context

Which proves that experts don't know everything.

We should respect them, but not necessarily blindly follow.

There is a poster here who doesn't want to hear that.

A poster who completely blindly follow everything what the so called experts are saying.

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Posted in: LDP seeks defense spending boost beyond 2% of GDP See in context

Didn't Kishida say one of his top priorities is fighting the Corona Virus?

How about to start with wearing a mask?

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Posted in: There has been no change even after the law to promote efforts to prevent school bullying was established in 2013 after my son's suicide. See in context

One thing people could do, is teaching kids and adults on how to deal with bullies and peer pressure.

And additional, teachers should finally stop to deny that bullying exists at schools.

Many many teachers are looking in another direction as soon as they see bullying is happening.

Those kind of teachers have to be also taken into reponsibility.

Turning away if you see bullying is the same as you do the bullying by yourself!

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Posted in: Case involving teenage cyclist accused of reckless riding sent to prosecutors See in context

Was anybody hurt?

It seems that just a 70 years old Obachan, who anyway is probably not the best driver anymore at that age, was annoyed.

So why making a big deal out of that?

Just give the boy a warning or a small money punishment and that's it.

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Posted in: Report touts benefits of second jobs for workers, firms See in context

Some years ago, I had a second job on weekends. I needed the allowance of my main company, but that was no problem.

But I did that second job because of interest and fun, not for the money.

The payment was per hour and very cheap.

to have at least 10 hours of rest before their next workday.

Same rule in my company, and they are really monitoring with that and are strict that workers follow that rule.

They also set the overtime work to a limit to 45 hours a month.

Even 45 hours a month is already crazy, most of my coworkers are doing 60 hours or more per month overtime.

Many of my Coworkers work until midnight, and want to be back in the office next morning at 8am.

But because of the 10 hours rest rule, it is not allowed. But my coworkers are upset about that rule.


And how can you have an additional work besides that?

But as a foreigner in a japanese company, you have a benefit, you can deny doing overtime.

If you deny doing overtime, everybody's ok, he is a foreigner.

During all my years in a japanese company, I played out the foreigner card multiple times. And with that card, it was no problem for me to work in an additional job, a few years ago.

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Posted in: Even though the way people work is diversifying, Japan's social welfare system still ties people to being company employees, and has not caught up with present-day realities. I think we need a safety net that can catch everyone in Japan, by doing things like making small business owners eligible for workers' accident and employment insurance. See in context

has not caught up with present-day realities.

I am working in a japanese company here since many years.

On my first day, there wasn't a PC or even a Copy machine in the office.

Within the last years, progresses were done, incl. company pension payment, business trip extra pays, overtime pays, weekend work pays...such things...

Japan's social welfare system still ties people to being company employees

I am counting already my days till my pension, but just a few days ago, my boss and the HR division asked me if I can extend my employment for another 3 years.

But the conditions they offered were ridicioulous!

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Go to a capsule hotel for 2000 yen. There are dozens around there. Hell even a net cafe would be more comfortable than on that station floor.

I had some experience one time.

But at that time, millions of other people had the same idea to go to a capsule or other kind of hotel.

Therefore all full.

And many of them refused guests, because no electricity.

I walked 2 hours till my friends place and could sleep at his place.

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Posted in: M5.9 quake halts trains in Tokyo area; 32 injured See in context

I haven't feel it, because I slept already.

But damned earthquakes, never get used to them.

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