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on the fukushima front, surprisingly no news about edano twisting his words. he was trained as a lawyer and is obviously good at lying. another interesting nugget, did you know that edano evacuated his family to the philipines whilst famously reasurring the nation that there was no immediate danger to their health? make your own conclusions.

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i've just discovered that i've been eating yogurt from iwate prefecture every day for the last few months. nice. unfortunately i've just realised that it is nearly impossible to avoid radiation. if you're not getting it from the air you're ingesting it from the food you're eating. common sense and intuition tell me that things are going to get a whole lot worse before getting better. don't believe radiation is dangerous? google polygon and kazakhstan. or felugia in iraq. terrifying. being a woman of child bearing age i'm now wondering about the risks of having a baby in these times. please see* please educate yourselves. this is a serious problem. it's time to take our heads out of the sand!

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oh man, this is not going to end well :(

good article:

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You can deny reality,…but you CAN NOT escape the consequences of a denied reality

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