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moomoochoo comments

Posted in: Your Party leader Watanabe under fire over Y800 mil loan See in context

We only found out about it because some one greedier wants him outta the way. Japan is a blind sport.

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Posted in: TEPCO paid way over going rate to contractors See in context

This article goes into detail about where the money is going. http://america.aljazeera.com/watch/shows/america-tonight/america-tonight-blog/2014/1/7/fukushima-cleanupworkerssubcontractors.html We've heard it all before, but it's nice to know that the rest of the world know what is going on.

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Posted in: Gov't panel calls for stronger military to deal with China See in context

Nothing good will come of this.

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Posted in: Do you think Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has done a good job since his election a year ago? See in context

Reasons against Abe in no particular order.

He keeps claiming that Fukushima food is safe. He instigated the State Secrecy Law. His Abenomics is and always was a bad idea. He keeps apologizing for things but without real remorse(Olympics, Fukushima). His nationalistic agenda is leading the country towards war.

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Posted in: People power See in context

Too little, too late.

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Posted in: Diet passes controversial secrets law despite protests See in context

I feel so much better now.

Sarcasm people. S.A.R.C.A.S.M.

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Posted in: Diet passes controversial secrets law despite protests See in context

Abe has said the government intends to set up panels to provide checks and balances in the process of defining a secret.

I feel so much better now.

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Posted in: TEPCO starts removing fuel rods from Fukushima No. 4 reactor See in context

Good question. I don't have contingency plans, because I already left :)

To be honest, I really don't know what you would do. It would depend a lot on your location and the severity of the incident. Regardless, it's a good idea to think of what you should do should an emergency arise. It doesn't matter whether that emergency be an earthquake, tsunami or another TEPCO FU.

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Posted in: TEPCO starts removing fuel rods from Fukushima No. 4 reactor See in context

@Thunderbird2 In the event the poo did hit the fan, the only way you would be helping your Japanese friends (by staying in Japan) is if they used your body to shield themselves from the radiation.

Don't be afraid or ashamed of preparing a contingency plan EVER. If that means you have to help your friends from abroad then so be it. Better than being dead.

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Posted in: Tax on digital content bought online from abroad likely to be delayed See in context

This tax will just encourage online piracy.

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Posted in: Amazon enters original TV fray with 'Alpha House' See in context

Yeah, kind of defeats the whole point of being online.

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Posted in: No clemency for Snowden, top U.S. lawmakers say See in context

I love how the excuse for Prism is that it is ok because "we aren't snooping on Americans." Everyone deserves privacy and most people are not American. It's kind of a pointless excuse anyway, because apparently they've been spying on Americans too.

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Posted in: Nuclear watchdog urges TEPCO to take drastic action on Fukushima See in context

The rod removal process is going to take their SNAFUs to a whole new level.

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Posted in: Investment giant Blackstone gives thumbs up to 'Abenomics' See in context

This is good information..... I know not to take any investment advice from Blackstone now! Thanks!

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Posted in: How religious are Japanese people? See in context

I'm interested in knowing what people think the difference between spirituality and religion is....

A different point entirely, when discussing religion/spirituality in Japan you should probably cover the cults. There are a lot of them.

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Posted in: Hanks a lot See in context

I wouldn't vote for Abe either.

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Posted in: Warm Biz campaign gets under way in Japan See in context

The sad thing is, they really do need to be told.

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Posted in: What would it take to convince you that seafood, rice and other food products from Fukushima Prefecture are safe to consume? See in context

It would take ALL alternative food sources in the world to dry up for me to consider eating Fukushima food.

Despite that, if they really wanted to convince me that their food was safe, they would need to allow several independent entities external to Japan (with no conflicting interests) to regularly assess food. These assessors would have to be allowed to indiscriminately choose which foods were tested, from where ever they liked (samples wouldn't be chosen by producers or others with vested interests). All results, whether they be good or bad would have to be made readily accessible online. The results should include what food was sampled and from where. These results would be published alongside comparisons of radiation levels found in foods from other places in the world.

After all that I still wouldn't eat the food. Why risk it when we have plentiful sources of safe food elsewhere? I would, however, lend a more sympathetic ear to arguments about whether the food was safe or not.

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Posted in: Iwaki fishermen resume operations off Fukushima for first time since disaster See in context

The best way for them to build my trust is to not fish in Fukushima at all. Case closed.

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Posted in: Best friends See in context

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

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Posted in: 40% of Japanese nuclear export parts have not had safety checks See in context


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Posted in: Japan asks WTO to intervene on S Korea fish ban See in context

Japan just keeps breathing life into this black comedy.

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Posted in: Japan has emerged from 'crossroads' of economic stagnation: Abe See in context

Japan has emerged from the “crossroads” of economic stagnation

Just like


Nice one Abe. I'll believe it when I see it.

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Posted in: Yoshinoya to grow rice and vegetables in Fukushima See in context

All those talking about using Geiger counters to test food- the amount of radiation required to be harmful when ingested is much lower than that in our external environment. Unfortunately, only tiny amounts of radiation are needed to do damage when ingested. This is because the radiation is in close contact with your body and if absorbed into tissue has a greater time to do damage (imagine a long, slow cook instead of a fast burn).

If you can detect radiation in your food with a Geiger counter, the dose is definitely going to FYU.

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Posted in: Fishing operations resume off coast of Fukushima See in context

Seriously Japan, WTF are you doing????????

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Posted in: Fukushima town protests Abe's global promise on crippled plant See in context

Could Fukushima be the 5th denied industrial illness of Japan?

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Posted in: High costs keep gov't focus on nuclear power See in context

They should harness the power of politicians' lies.

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Posted in: 'Black companies' exploiting foreign trainees See in context

I wouldn't wish Japanese work culture onto anyone.

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Posted in: English students get to try movie read-throughs See in context

This is an awful way to learn English. It's like a lazy teacher's lesson plan.

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Posted in: Japan to conduct radiation surveys at 600,000 points on seabed off Fukushima See in context

I would like to see this survey done by an independent body, not by the PMs lapdogs.

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