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Posted in: Popular Japanese pub chain shuts 20% of its locations due to virus See in context

Mr Suga.... make sure the money goes to those who need it!

If only he were actually able to make decisions on his own (assuming he wanted to make a difference).

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Posted in: Ex-farm minister Yoshikawa indicted without arrest on bribery charge See in context

Let's not forget at times like this who funded and released from prison the central figures who organized and formed the LDP to begin with in the post-war era (and who continue to collude with them to this day in order to access public funds through the sales of arms, etc.).

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Posted in: Japan's current account surplus rises 29% in Nov; up for 3rd straight month See in context

These economic numbers are manipulated and fudged with all the time by the gov't to give the most favorable impression.

Not worth the paper they're printed on.

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Posted in: FBI warns of plans for nationwide armed protests next week See in context

We were taught while growing up to sing songs such as "This land is my land, this land is your land..." and to say the Pledge of Allegiance with our hands over our hearts with respect for the great harmonious 'melting pot' of America, where "All men were created equal" under the kindly patriarchal gaze of a Christian god...

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Posted in: Man arrested for sexually assaulting high school girl hints at committing 30 similar crimes See in context

@JJ Jetplane

That's weak trying to link the video game debate to this issue.

Several articles have appeared here where perps had porn on their phones/pc, etc.

Some of them film their crimes and upload to porn sites.

Keep supporting them and you are contributing to "the failings of a societal system."

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Posted in: Japan's middle class slowly sinking into poverty See in context

Inevitable consequence during economic downturns (happen periodically for a variety of reasons) in a system where labor is manipulated like cogs in a machine by those who own the majority of the capital.

Never going to change unless the system is.

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Posted in: Group protests over comments by Japan cosmetics firm on Koreans See in context

This article omits the racial slur Yoshida used-

[ DHC’s boss Yoshiaki Yoshida made the comments in a message on the company’s website.

In it, he disparaged rival firm, the beverage-making giant Suntory, as ‘Chontory’ for its use of Japanese-Korean models.

"Chon" is a derogatory term for Koreans in Japan. ]

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Posted in: Tokyo Disney parks to increase ticket prices for peak periods from March See in context

Great. Another reason to never go there.

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Posted in: Prosecutors decide not to indict Abe over dinner party spending See in context

Don't forget this (Abe's tenure along with all the things he got up to) was only possible because the US released from Sugamo prison and re-instated to power Abe's grandfather Kishi Nobusuke, who then used CIA funds along with his yakuza pal Kodama Yoshio to help put together the LDP in the first place.

[ The American occupation forces freed accused war criminals like Nobusuke Kishi, later Japan's Prime Minister. Some of the rehabilitated politicians had close contacts with organized crime groups, known as yakuza. So did Yoshio Kodama, a political fixer and later a major C.I.A. contact in Japan who worked behind the scenes to finance the conservatives. ]

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Posted in: Trump awards Legion of Merit to Abe, PMs of India, Australia See in context

= "Thank you for increasing the military budget in order to buy more of our arms."

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Posted in: Final Tokyo Olympic budget soars 22% to ¥1.64 trillion See in context

Keep taking it Japan, it won't change until you do.

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Posted in: Gov't to pull out of ¥60 bil wind power project off Fukushima See in context

Classic LDP 'generate goodwill through empty words, then pocket kickback and run' scheme.

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Posted in: TV Asahi takes back report that prosecutors questioned ex-PM Abe See in context

happyhereToday  08:54 am JST


Obviously you haven't heard of former prime minister Kakuei Tanaka. He was arrested, indicted, found guilty and sentenced to 4 years in prison. Do your homework, sensei.

That only occurred because an American senator opened an investigation into corruption in US politics, whose trail led back to Japan via the kickbacks Lockheed Martin was providing Tanaka, Abe's grandfather Kishi, and yakuza godfather/political fixer Kodama Yoshio.

Further, neither Tanaka nor any his cronies spent even one day in jail.

If the US doesn't get involved, rest assured Abe will get away scot free so long as the LDP remains in power.

[ The late Sen. Frank Church, D-Idaho, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee on Multinational Corporations, disclosed on Feb. 4, l976, that Lockheed paid $12.3 million in agent fees in Japan, including ″bribes and questionable political contributions.″

That news brought deliberations in the Japanese Diet, or parliament, to a halt, caused massive street demonstrations and resulted in indictments for 16 politicians and businessmen, including Tanaka and powerful right-wing fixer Yoshio Kodama.

Lockheed, a Burbank, Calif.-based defense contractor, pleaded guilty in 1979 to U.S. federal charges of concealing payments to Japanese officials. ]

Oh and by the way 'business' is back to usual, as Lockheed has been selling trillions of dollars of weapons/jets, etc. since the trial concluded, and is even in the news today for helping build stealth fighters for Japan.

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Posted in: Japan says it is seeking closer ties with U.S. after Biden's win affirmed See in context

"We hope to make Japan-U.S. relations even stronger"

When does the LDP not say this?- Everyone already forget the Abe-Trump bromance?

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Posted in: U.N. chief urges leaders of every country to declare 'climate emergency' See in context

You should have listened more seriously when this was brought up in the sixties and seventies.

Too late now.

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Posted in: Wakayama woman arrested for switching price tags at supermarket See in context

Generally people are driven by poverty to consider doing such things.

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Posted in: Japan considers setting up panel on imperial succession See in context

Wonderful another "panel" to access yet more public funds.

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Posted in: South Korea reports 950 cases; biggest daily jump See in context

[ From Monday, rapid antigen tests at emergency rooms, intensive care units and remote hospitals will be covered by the national health insurance, which would cost recipients about 8,000 won ($7) each. ]

Yes, not taking advantage to profit from the pandemic is the more proper approach.

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Posted in: Mos Burger teams up with Dassai sake brand for a very unusual milkshake See in context

I just wish MOS would first make a decent burger.

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Posted in: New 'Star Wars' film 'Rogue Squadron' due in 2023 See in context

Yes this is becoming repetitive and reflects Disney's priority to milk this franchise for shareholders' interests more than developing new projects for the viewing usual money more important than people in a certain type of economic system.

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Posted in: Cabinet adviser Nishikawa resigns following shady boating trip See in context

[ Nishikawa served as farm minister from September 2014 to February 2015, a brief stint that ended after he resigned to take responsibility for a political funds scandal involving the local branch of the LDP that he headed.

He lost his seat in the House of Representatives in October 2017 and was named special adviser to the cabinet by Suga's predecessor, Shinzo Abe, the following month. Suga retained him upon taking office in September this year. ]

Anyone see a recurring pattern in the LDP?

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Posted in: Casino winnings by nonresident foreigners to be untaxed in Japan See in context

"Just know when to walk away."

Famous last words for the countless who become addicts...Japan is already awash with those entombed all day in pachinko parlors. Unlike pachinko, the losses in casinos are far greater.

As pointed out above, this is all designed for the benefit of the fat cats to drain more capital from the people.

In other words, yet another LDP-endorsed money project goes ahead, at the expense of citizens.

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Posted in: Abe asked by Tokyo prosecutors to appear for voluntary questioning over dinner parties See in context

Just a tiny indication of what he and his LDP cronies get up to with public funds.

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Posted in: Nike ad addresses bullying and racism in Japan; riles up debate online See in context

Questioning the basis of racism in Japan in a meaningful way is not allowed even in universities courses related to examining Japan and its place in global relations administered by western expat administrators (eager to bow to their Japanese employers), so institutionalized are the biases. Hopefully people like Osaka can continue to blaze a trail which will illuminate the shortcomings of this type of mentality.

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Posted in: Man arrested for sexually molesting woman walking home See in context

lolozo79Today  11:58 am JST

Poor woman will be emotionally scarred for life. Although I'm no fan of the evergrowing ubiquity of CCTV, I'm glad he was identified and caught. I have a couple of female friends who, back in the day, were assaulted in a similar manner only for the scumbags to get away with it. These cowards seriously need to sort out their lives.

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Rather odd that this type of post gets downvoted.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic organizers estimate delay will cost extra ¥200 bil See in context

lol Hopefully now more people will understand the true face of the LDP and the Olympics, and go on to learn about the World Bank, IMF, etc.

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Posted in: Top gun See in context

Suga san you inspire so much confidence, please do more of these for the good of the nation.

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Posted in: Cabinet to approve Aegis ships as alternative to ashore system See in context

A recent estimate showed two advanced Aegis destroyers would cost over 500 billion yen ($4.8 billion), 100 billion yen more than the previous plan, according to people familiar with the matter.

The wonderful world of the military-industrial-complex, where your taxed hard earned cash disappears into deep pockets for a system which will never be used and will simply provide the impetus for further missile development and testing, which will in turn lead to greater tax hikes as more complex systems will be required.

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Posted in: Call for shorter hours at Tokyo restaurants, bars takes effect See in context

A pub near Ueno Station, a busy transport hub, said Saturday it will comply with the request. "The number of customers has begun to decline again due to the resurgence of infections," one of its employees said, adding, "The 400,000 yen support is not sufficient at all. We hope that infections will settle down soon."

Pretty much sums it up for everyone.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports record high 570 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 2,524 See in context

Always important to note how we got here, by who's decisions and guidance.

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