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Posted in: Researcher sees lesson for today in tragedy of immigrants in Manchuria See in context

3 things-

1) Great article. Goes against the grain and points out that Chinese people raised Japanese orphans.

2) Confirmation of conspiracy-

[ On Sept. 18, 1931, part of the South Manchuria Railway on the outskirts of Mukden, now Shenyang, was bombed, a conspiracy planned by the Kwantung Army of Japan, which was in charge of the defense of the railway.

Calling the bombing the work of Chinese forces, the Kwantung Army quickly seized control of Mukden in the name of self-defense, and in 1932, Manchukuo was created by the Japanese army with Pu Yi, the last Qing emperor, as its nominal ruler. ]

3) The Japanese government did a similar thing when it send scores to Hawaii in the late 19th c. -

[ Plantation owners first brought workers to Hawai‘i from China, but the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 inspired planters to seek out new sources of labor. They turned to Japan, where they recruited thousands with the promise of lucrative, short-term contracts. Between 1885 and 1894, an estimated twenty-nine thousand Japanese immigrants arrived to serve as contract workers on Hawaiian sugar plantations. By the turn of the century, they had become the largest ethnic group on the islands.

Upon arrival, any dreams of prosperity were immediately dispelled. Workers encountered unforeseen hardships, inhumane conditions, and deplorable wages. [3] They worked twelve-hour days for less than six cents an hour. Overcrowded barracks and poor diets led to surges in illness. Those who attempted to run away would be beaten and jailed for breaking their contracts. ]

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Posted in: Angels' Ohtani has sore arm, may not pitch again this season See in context

He's done great but Guerrero has surpassed him in the batting department.

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Posted in: Former women's empowerment minister Noda to run for LDP leadership See in context

So there you have it, government literally in bed with a gangster

Sums up the LDP perfectly, who are a bunch of crooks even without their fellowship with yakuza.

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Posted in: Smartphones make porn addiction a growing problem See in context


Well it appears someone is not familiar with how multi-billion dollar enterprises protect their interests.

If you were to look into how the tobacco industry managed to thrive for so long despite there being clear evidence for quite a long time you would learn something.

[ Cigarettes were recognised as the cause of the epidemic in the 1940s and 1950s, with the confluence of studies from epidemiology, animal experiments, cellular pathology and chemical analytics. Cigarette manufacturers disputed this evidence, as part of an orchestrated conspiracy to salvage cigarette sales. ]

That's alright, most people don't know, either.

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Posted in: Smartphones make porn addiction a growing problem See in context

It seems to me that the term "porn addiction" is unscientific, and using that term makes a serious discussion about watching porn more difficult.

With the huge amount of money that is made from porn, you're never going to get a clear 'scientific' answer, as academics/researchers are always on the look-out for patronage and funding...Would you be able to answer any of the questions regarding if you think porn makes us better people, how you'd feel if your daughter said she's getting into the porn industry, etc.?'d be braver than most, who seem content to avoid and deflect.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 1,052 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 6,806 See in context

We've all noticed the dramatic and sudden rise/fall in the official 'numbers,' both prior to, during, and now after the Olympics.

If it was consistently noted how many people were tested, it would at least provide some baseline from which to make some decent evaluation.

If it's just how many people came to the hospital complaining of symptoms and were found to be infected, these numbers are not worth much in terms of giving us a sense of how widespread the infections are.

How actively is testing being carried out? Is it consistent with how it was handled before and after the Olympics (knowing the Japanese government, probably not)?

How they come up with these numbers is not made clear, and could simply be yet another case of using such information to prepare for the next project, which in the near term would be buttering up the public for the acceptance of the next LDP prime minister.

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Posted in: Kishida singles out China threat See in context

Everyone knows war is the biggest racket in town, and the surest way for politicians to gain access to public funds.

If you ask any Japanese person under 50, chances are they will know the name "Lockheed Scandal" and might be able to recite the date and people involved, but won't actually be able to tell you much about the content or significance of that incident-that is because there has been a concerted effort to omit disclosure/discussion of that in textbooks and classrooms, in order that the government can carry on profiteering through the procurement of arms.

So go ahead and increase the military budget (again, for the third consecutive year), no one is going to stop you, they're too busy being overworked and dealing with the Covid-19 debacle you've led them into.

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Posted in: Man arrested for molesting elementary school girl in bookstore See in context

Because rapes, especially vs. minors are rarely ever punished with imprisonment or any criminal punishment in Japan, and perpetrators rarely face any societal consequences, these type of cases will simply rise more and more in the future.

You can bet that this guy will be out on the streets again in a few weeks and will repeat his crime within a year. And 90% of the crimes he commit will never be reported, and of those that do get reported, 90% will be ignored by police.


My daughter was molested here but the Police seemed tired and unable/unwilling to get further involved. When I mentioned a distinctive mole on the guy's face, the officer in charge looked blankly at me and made no attempt to record the fact. One officer shuffled over in his plastic slippers to ask why were there, and the one who was taking down (some of) our details turned around and quietly commented, "Oh, just another stupid guy".

My guess is they are overwhelmed, limited in the variety of laws that they can invoke, and they really do not know where to start...

Yes it is a systemic problem, meaning those in charge of the system do not have the desire or will to seriously address these issues, so repeated calls to "string him up!" "create a sex offenders registry" are just wishful thinking.

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Posted in: Japan to raise prices of imported wheat by 19% See in context

Japanese govt should order a ramp up of all grain production at all farms over the next 5 years. Japan should aim to be at least 50% food production sufficient, with China consuming more and more resources by the year.

People supporting this view should look into why Japan's food self-sufficiency took a dive from the post-war era and the Japanese government's role in that process.

After all that the Japanese government has done to discourage productive farming, it's a little unrealistic to expect the Japanese people themselves to get enthusiastic about farming on a scale that would make 50% self-sufficiency a realistic goal.

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Posted in: 'Kuchikomi' ratings put the squeeze on the medical profession See in context

Similar thinking was used by the K-pop industry to make it successful on a global scale (i.e. setting up bots to pump up the likes on YouTube to record numbers; yes, everyone fell for it).

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Posted in: Int'l body calls on Japan for stronger anti-money laundering actions See in context

Sort of hard to stamp out when one of the core founders of your party (and grandfather to BOTH Abe Shinzo and current Defense Ministry head Kishi Nobuo) Kishi Nobusuke had money manipulation as one of the core tenets of his way to accept bribes-

[ Before returning to Japan in October 1939, Kishi is reported to have advised his colleagues in the Manchukuo government about corruption: "Political funds should be accepted only after they have passed through a 'filter' and been 'cleansed'. If a problem arises, the 'filter' itself will then become the center of the affair, while the politician, who has consumed the 'clean water', will not be implicated. Political funds become the basis of corruption scandals only when they have not been sufficiently 'filtered'."[4]

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Posted in: Ministers Kishi, Nishimura visit Yasukuni Shrine See in context

Oh how wonderful, Kishi Nobuo keeping the flame of his class A war criminal grandfather US-supported Kishi Nobusuke alive and well.

From his post as Minister of Defense Nobu can continue to antagonize other countries in the region and thereby stimulate the 'need' to purchase more arms, draining even more money from the public coffers into his pockets and his cronies.

Normal citizens in need (i.e. afflicted with corona) can self-isolate at home and hope for the best, minimal resources will be used for them.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 5,773 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 20,293 See in context

Great job managing the situation, LDP.

As usual, your self-interests have led to the suffering of the general population.

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Posted in: Detained Sri Lankan 'treated like a dog,' says family after seeing video See in context

One look at the comments on yahoo Japan will give you some good insight into how some Japanese feel about this issue. Hardly anything that resembles anything like Olympic spirit.

Mostly about how kokumin money was wasted on such a person who shouldn’t have been in Japan in the first place.

The current climate which views foreigners (particularly non-white) in a negative light is highly influenced by the xenophobic views promulgated by the Abe administration from 2012-2020. It is unfortunate that the Japanese people themselves are not able to realize how much they have been manipulated.

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Posted in: The blood-soaked meaning behind the mysterious marks on the floor at Tokyo Station See in context

And now we know why the government here is dominated by hawkish conservatives (they were also re-instated to power by Occupation authorities).

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Posted in: The blood-soaked meaning behind the mysterious marks on the floor at Tokyo Station See in context

And now we know why the government here is dominated by hawkish conservatives (they were also re-instated to power by Occupation authorities).

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Posted in: Ex-farm minister Yoshikawa pleads not guilty to receiving bribes See in context

Pretty cheap to buy political influence here.

Damn right! Buying a Minister-level politician in China or Vietnam requires at least more than 1 million USD at minimum, and you have to make a contractual arrangement to give a high percentage in royalties/profits or shares to him or her.

Buying a minister in Japan here is equivalent to buy a mid-tier bureaucrat in a province of China or Vietnam. Pretty damn low, I think!

They're very cagey about it here, i.e. breaking things up into small installments, etc., so that things look far more innocuous.

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Posted in: From gray to green: World cities uprooting the urban jungle See in context

Encouraging but really just a drop in the bucket.

When you address the massive factories powering industrialization and how to make them significantly greener we'll be getting somewhere.

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Posted in: 'Every kid plays' - how Japan fell in love with baseball See in context

By the 1930s, a professional league had developed, and half-a-million people lined Tokyo's streets in 1934 to welcome Babe Ruth and 14 other American baseball players on an all-star tour.

Yes and the US did not waste the opportunity-

[ The tour included Earl Averill, Lou Gehrig, Charlie Gehringer, Lefty Gomez, Connie Mack, Jimmie Foxx, Babe Ruth, Moe Berg and other American League players, as the National League would not allow their players to participate...The Japanese portion of the tour was filmed by Jimmie Foxx and his wife using eight millimeter black-and-white film. A copy of the film has been digitized by the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum.[1] Moe Berg also brought a 16-mm Bell and Howell movie camera and made short films of important Japanese installations; this was thought to be one of Berg’s first missions as a spy. 

First trip to Japan[edit]

Retired ballplayer Herb Hunter arranged for three players, Berg, Lefty O'Doul, and Ted Lyons, to go to Japan to teach baseball seminars at Japanese universities during the winter of 1932. On October 22, 1932, the group of three players began their circuit of Meiji, Waseda, Rikkyo, Todai (Tokyo Imperial), Hosei, and Keio universities, the members of the Tokyo Big6 Baseball League.

Second trip to Japan[edit]

Herb Hunter arranged for a group of All-Stars, including Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Earl Averill, Charlie Gehringer, Jimmie Foxx, and Lefty Gomez, to tour Japan playing exhibitions against a Japanese all-star team. Although Berg was a mediocre, third-string catcher, he was invited at the last minute to make the trip. Berg had contracted with MovietoneNews, a New York City newsreel production company, to film sights from his trip; he took a 16-mm Bell & Howell movie camera and a letter from the company attesting to this. When the team arrived in Japan, Berg gave a welcome speech in Japanese; he also was invited to address the legislature.[31]

On November 29, 1934, while the rest of the team was playing in Omiya, Berg went to Saint Luke's Hospital in Tsukiji, ostensibly to visit the daughter of American Ambassador Joseph Grew. Instead, Berg went up to the roof of the hospital, one of the tallest buildings in Tokyo, and filmed the city and harbor with his movie camera. This provided American intelligence with rare photos of the city. He never did see the ambassador's daughter. ]

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Posted in: Japan's explanation of Korean wartime forced labor insufficient: UNESCO See in context

And SCAP did its part in not insisting that Japan come clean once the US lost China to Mao and had to have Japan do its bidding in East Asia.

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Posted in: Japan considers dropping plan to procure U.S.-made anti-ship missiles See in context

YuriOtaniToday  09:06 am JST

To avoid buying weapons, Japan needs to make friends not foes in Asia. You do not need to defend yourself from a friend.

Yes of course, but then there would be a drastic reduction in defense spending, which would not sit well with the military-industrial complex and furthermore would weaken the justification for US military bases...obviously not an option for vested interests.

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Posted in: Former justice minister Kawai gets 3 years for vote-buying See in context

Close friend of Abe = We all know he won't spend much time (if at all) in jail.

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Posted in: Drink up, drink fast, drink alone? Tokyo to ease alcohol curbs See in context

"Ordinary citizens suffer restrictions, while those in power can do exactly what they want. Can we call this democracy?"

Yeah well until you and other Japanese people do something all you can do is ask rhetorical questions.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 501 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,703 See in context

Of course no word on how many tests...

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Posted in: Historic Asakusa shopping street in danger as Taito Ward calls for shop evictions See in context

So long as you support the current economic system in place you have no grounds to complain, because the bottom line (in this system) is money people.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics: It's really about well-connected people burning up mountains of money See in context

Just another day at work for the US-installed LDP and their cronies.

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Posted in: Scholar learns remains of Tojo, other war criminals scattered in Pacific See in context

The US freed and reinstated to power Kishi Nobusuke who was responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands who were worked to death in Manchurian factories-

[ American historian Mark Driscoll described Kishi's system as a "necropolitical" system where the Chinese workers were literally treated as dehumanized cogs within a vast industrial machine.[27]

The Japanese conscripted hundreds of thousands of Chinese as slave labor to work in Manchukuo's heavy industrial plants. In 1937, Kishi signed a decree calling for the use of slave labour to be conscripted both in Manchukuo and in northern China, stating that in these "times of emergency" (i.e. war with China), industry needed to grow at all costs, and slavery would have to be used as the money to pay the workers was not there.[32] The American historian Mark Driscoll wrote that just as African slaves were taken to the New World on the "Middle Passage", it would be right to speak of the "Manchurian Passage" as vast numbers of Chinese peasants were rounded up to be taken as slaves to Manchukuo.[33] Starting in 1938 and continuing to 1945, about one million Chinese were taken every year to work as slaves in Manchukuo.[34] The harsh conditions of Manchukuo were well illustrated by the Fushun coal mine, which at any given moment had about 40,000 men working as miners, of whom about 25,000 had to be replaced every year as their predecessors had died due to poor working conditions and low living standards.[31]

Alongside the exploitation of men as slave workers went the exploitation of women as sex slaves, as women were forced into becoming "comfort women" as sexual slavery in the Imperial Army and Navy was called.[36] Kishi's racist and sexist views of Chinese and Korean women as simply "disposable bodies" to be used by Japanese men meant he had no qualms about rounding up women and girls to serve in the "comfort women corps".[37]

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Posted in: Makoto Nishimoto, aka 'Super Crazy-kun,' determined to carve out a career in politics See in context

Other less flashy yakuza-affiliated already in the J-gov't from day one.

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Posted in: Japan's coronavirus death toll tops 10,000 See in context

You believe the numbers?

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Posted in: World military spending grows despite pandemic See in context

Arms sales = $ (via tax payers' monies, kickbacks into politicians' pockets)

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