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Posted in: 9 random reasons to love Japan See in context

i agree to all mentioned.... but "Excellent personal hygiene"? uhmmmm..... no?

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Posted in: 8 tips for getting a seat on Japan’s crowded trains See in context

for me, i dont seat even there are plenty of free seats.... since i seat like 10 hrs in the office

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Posted in: Woman stabbed 5 times on street in Shibuya See in context

reading the news while praying shes alive...and thank God she is.

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Posted in: Bond girls See in context

at least her hair is well done.... just saying...

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Posted in: Woman killed in elevator accident in Kanazawa; police raid Schindler office See in context

oh man... poor worker... heartbreaking

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Posted in: Taiwan hospital fire kills 12, injures 60 See in context

heartbreaking T_T

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Posted in: China says tensions with Japan likely to hurt trade See in context

chinese people are..... hmmm..... interesting?

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Posted in: Marvel comics kills off beloved Professor X, founder of X-Men See in context

not again? and then what? will be revived again? and cyclops also died right?

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Posted in: 41-year-old woman arrested for attempted murder of 5-year-old son See in context


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Posted in: Man arrested over death of 73-year-old mother See in context

Killing, of course, is bad enough, but killing your own mother? So sad

in japan, you are most likely being killed by any of your own family member than any random stranger

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Posted in: Anime director arrested over online massacre threat See in context


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Posted in: M7.7 quake hits eastern Russia, jolts Hokkaido, northern Honshu See in context

what a relief. i really hope that there is no casualties. last sunday it was on Iran and now Russia...

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Posted in: Parents of bullied high school boy file criminal charges in Miyagi See in context

go! there is no space for bullies on this planet. i hope they get "equal" punishment

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Posted in: 16 killed in northern Mexico highway crash See in context

oh noh... i thought this was another drug gang clash but it ends up it was a real crash. RIP

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Posted in: Hot dog See in context


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Posted in: American man attempts to smuggle meth disguised as Snickers candy bars to Japan See in context

looks yummy! yum yumm

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Posted in: 4-year-old boy crushed to death by parking garage car elevator See in context

oh my.. i can hardly finish reading the article... so gruesome. RIP little boy

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Posted in: Woman found strangled to death in home; boyfriend commits suicide See in context

Ted: I have no sympathy for suicides.. Unless for the purpose of saving someone else, it is a completely selfish act, no matter the motives.

you may never know unless you are in their shoes. nobody wants to die. the people who is thinking of taking their own lives are the people who needs a lot of care and understanding. but in the case of this news, i guess he was being eaten by his concience

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Posted in: Mother suspected in murder of 1-month-old baby boy See in context

depressing news

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Posted in: Schoolgirl speared in head by javelin at Hiroshima university See in context

oh my holy G.... im relieved that it was not life threatening. and yelling is NOT ENOUGH. the campus should have a safe place to do this dangerous sport. throwing something in a people congested place results to accidents obviously

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Posted in: Zoo that lost 30 squirrels in typhoon 'recaptures' 38 See in context

Zoo that lost 30 squirrels in typhoon recaptures 38

my braincells just died processing the headline

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Posted in: Police arrest 19-yr-old American musician over Irish student's murder See in context

The suspect has admitted having pressed her neck with his hands but insisted that he did not intend to kill the victim

apparently, he is giving her a massage on the neck

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Posted in: Japan's No. 2 mobster to be freed on Y1.5 bil bail See in context

Takayama is in hospital due to poor health, local media reports said.

looking at the tabacco

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Posted in: Man, woman stabbed to death in random attack on Osaka street See in context

i watched this news this morning and apparently, he wanted to die thru death penalty and he thinks that the only way to get it is by to kill someone... really sick in the head

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Posted in: Best breasts and wings in town See in context

i can feel the summer heat! hot hot hot!

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Posted in: TripAdvisor Japan to give away T-shirts full of overseas obscenities See in context

When I do that, it symbolizes the popcorn stuck in my teeth and my intentions to remove it.

is the spaces between your teeth that far? lolz

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Posted in: How to stop kids from walking into door handles See in context

i think they need to invest more on brain vitamins? or how about lesser cheaper one like "learn from mistake".. just like Probie-san said, doing it once or twice they can learn the dangers of those things... because not all the place the child will visit has this "waffle handle"

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Posted in: Man attempts suicide after apparently hanging disabled daughter in public restroom See in context

heartbreaking... so sad also for the mother

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Posted in: 2-year-old boy falls from 3rd-floor apartment during eclipse See in context

watching eclipse??? i dont know if a child that young would comprehend the hype that an eclipse would bring... and parents, i would definitely not allow my child to be in a room where he can climb a window without bars or whatever is that. come on, this news is like everyday... japan needs children

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Posted in: Special glasses sell out as Japan readies for annular solar eclipse See in context

i gave up buying the glasses since the weather news says there's a steep chance on seeing the eclipse... but i when i woke up this morning i was like HOLY MOTHER OF ### ITS FRIGGIN SUNNY!!! so i rushed near edogawa river and many people are like clapping and in awe... there was a sudden change in temperature and the place is kinda darker. i managed to take good photos and video using my digicam and its kinda good (i think partly thanks to the dimming effect of the clouds). weird thing is many people around just dont care at all like somebody is doing laundry, taking out the trash etc... like what is happening on these people??? hahah!

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