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Posted in: Chiba woman stabbed to death at home See in context

the Husband of the victim(77)

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Posted in: Chiba woman stabbed to death at home See in context

i watched this news yesterday and checked JT to put my thoughts to this, but JT posted this quite late... anyway, according to what i watched, these are some other details

the Husband of the victim(72), Daughter(40+) and 2 children are sleeping on the 2nd floor and the victim is sleeping on the 1st floor.

they have a dog outside which barks when a stranger comes in... and they usually gets awaken by the barking of the dog... but when the time this incident happened, no barking


Money gone

I dont know but, i find it weird that the old lady is left alone sleeping by herslf on the first floor (i think theres a family problem or somesort)... and there is no evidence that a robber barged in because the dog didnt noticed and the doors locked. Money gone is just to rule out that its just robbery... but multiple stab means that the suspect has a grudge on the victim...

hmmm..... fishy fishy....

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Posted in: Chiba woman stabbed to death at home See in context

another day, another murder, man what is this country coming to?

uhmm... japan?

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Posted in: China, Japan hold maritime talks on islands dispute See in context

mygawd... china wants every piece of land it wants.. cummon china is huge already stop being so greedy

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Posted in: Morale boost See in context

yeah.. whenever I am a visitor of someones home Id sit in seiza for respect and they politely ask me to sit comfortably after... shame on these kids

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Posted in: Traffic accidents on the rise due to rolling blackouts See in context

no traffic lights + no traffic police = accidents. this is common sense

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Posted in: Nintendo's 3DS gaming console goes on sale See in context

what a sad sad man...

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Posted in: NTT developing wristwatch-like device to monitor seniors See in context

i think it will pose a privacy concern... what if the elderly is sexually active? will they determine if granpy is doin "IT" with granny? lol

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Posted in: Advantage Uniqlo See in context

Uniqlo is the No. 1 brand in the world -> lol

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Posted in: 52-year-old man tricks high school girl into sending naked photos of herself See in context

yeah... its also the girls fault... either way... sending nude photos is not appropriate either

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Posted in: Torrential rain, mudslides in Brazil kill 257 See in context

what a disaster... i felt sad about the victims

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Posted in: Man held for stabbing 15-year-old boy in Ibaraki hardware store car park See in context

what the... killing someone without motive is creepy and scary...

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Posted in: China's Zhang says Bale to star in Nanjing project See in context

oww... i dont think i can watch this movie... i read the story about this massacre and it literally made me sick for a week on how cruel the incident was... when i saw the news it made me remember what i read and it makes me sick

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Posted in: Yon-sama greeted by 4,000 fans at Haneda See in context

WHAT???? they waited from early saturday morning just to greet him the next day??? oh no... atama daijoubu?

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Posted in: Thieves steal electronic goods worth Y10 million in Ibaraki warehouse robbery See in context

ow... i pity that last employee

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Posted in: 18-year-old female university student dies of alcohol poisoning See in context

this is the first time i heard such... in other country, like mine, the legal drinking age is 18...

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Posted in: Tokyo Sky Tree mascot Sorakara-chan introduced See in context

oh noh not again... they created another scary thing. I work near a tv station and theres a mascot of a chick and children go crazy about that... when i saw it... its like... what is that thing? looks like a drugged chick that was ran over by a bullet train. so many weird things here. its making me crazy... like them

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Posted in: A Walkman obit: Remembering the portable player See in context

aww... i agree with tkoind2... though what tkoind2 mentioned was not my generation... It seems fun and I want to experience it... yeah really... nowadays music became a personal stuff... you and ur iPod... such a lonely combination

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Posted in: Students told to write ransom notes as part of moral education See in context

so many weirdo teacher... about last week there was also a sick teacher that gives math problems to 3rd grader(?) about how many hour it will take to kill 20 children if the killer kills 3 children per hour... (or something like that) this teacher maybe his friend

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Posted in: 8 police stung by hornets in park See in context

i researched at wikipedia that japanese hornets can be eaten deep fried or raw (sashimi) and good source of protein.... euck!

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Posted in: Philippine dad convicted of rape gets 14,400 years See in context

my goodness, I almost puke. this is the most horrible thing a father can do to his own daughter. extend it to a million years!

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Posted in: Woman executed in Virginia amid outcry See in context


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Posted in: Ken Watanabe to appear in Docomo ad with Darth Vader See in context

“Lock activated. Please enter password to proceed.” - Ken Watanabe

i always think there are cyborgs among us

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Posted in: New iPhone arrives See in context

he definitely needs a life... GIVE HIM HIS IPHONE!!!

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Posted in: 15-year-old girl killed by train while running across tracks in Osaka See in context

really really not so good to do. I remember one incident where 3 children doesnt want to cross the overpass, the 2 went and cross the road and they failed to convince the other kid to take the shortcut because his mother will get mad at him... they made fun of him and cross. the result? 2 kids ran over by a truck and the kid on the overpass was safe of course

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Posted in: Mother of falsely accused groper who killed himself seeks justice See in context

sad story...

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Posted in: Grow-Your-Own-Rice bra See in context

japanese people never fails to amaze me... how about grow your own beef, tuna, chicken bra?

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Posted in: Two policemen knifed in Sasebo See in context

wow... knifed.. i leaned something new today

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Posted in: 4-year-old girl dies after fall from 9th-floor balcony in Osaka town See in context

they treat children lower than dogs

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Posted in: Women's sock thief busted in Nara See in context

oh no... they are really weird

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