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Posted in: Paris mayor, in Tokyo, slams 'unfriendly' Trump over safety row See in context

“No one points out that a lot of crime in big US cities linked to the open sale of guns is a plague that takes many lives,” she said.


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Posted in: Koike to launch comfortable commute movement this summer See in context

“It’s better to work out ways to comfortably get to work rather than everyone getting on trains at the same time and feeling packed in, especially on hot summer days.”

That's just too much common sense for one day. I gotta sit down.

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Posted in: Bashful pandas at Ueno Zoo mate after four-year hiatus See in context

Seems somehow fitting that they are reflecting the widely-reported mating habits of their hosts.

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Posted in: Malaysia says nerve agent killed Kim within 20 minutes See in context

Well, as Crazy Joe has already researched for us, it looks like each woman was in possession of one of the binary components of VX. The first one wiped his face with one component but it was not until the second one used her component that it became lethal. The first woman escaped but the second one reacted physiologically - she threw up, it seems - because she came in contact with residue from the mixture. She was probably lucky to escape with her life. And this seems to me to be congruent with a prank, the consequence of which was unknown to at least one and maybe both of them.

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Posted in: App that calculates taxi fares in advance to be tested in Tokyo See in context

although Asian tourists seem more likely to have internet with them

So, why is this then? Don't they mind the high roaming fees? Or is it somehow cheaper for them than Europeans and North Americans.

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Posted in: Would you support a complete ban on smoking in public places in Japan? See in context

That's surely the only correct liberal position, theFu. Good. Otherwise it ends with puritan authoritarianism. And few would want that.

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Posted in: Rugby stars Ali Williams, James O'Connor charged after cocaine bust See in context


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Posted in: Malaysia says nerve agent killed Kim within 20 minutes See in context

Nasty stuff. How stable is it? I wonder how long it takes to break down in an uncontrolled environment.

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Posted in: 'King Kazu' turns 50 with J.League start See in context

Go for it. Congratulations, Kazu.

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Posted in: Japan's first Premium Friday shows mixed results See in context

I think "mixed" is probably a charitable assessment of the outcome. It seems a desperate measure to resist the overwhelmingly obvious conclusion that it is companies that are parasitically hollowing out Japan.

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Posted in: Cool Japan Ambassador Paul Christie talks about plans to highlight a different side of the country See in context

it’s a very elegant country

It would not be the first adjective that came to my mind to describe Japan. In fact, it's hard to reconcile almost anything I see every day with elegant. Still, I guess that is why I am not a Cool Japan Ambassador.

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Posted in: Baseball should get serious about speeding up games See in context

Yes, I have tried my best to like the game. I have been to many games in Japan. But I have to say, it is the slowest, most boring game I have watched. The whole thing could be condensed into about 15 minutes, not just the highlights, yet takes hours and hours. By the end I am just aching for it to be over.

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Posted in: Do Japanese take use-by dates too seriously? See in context

Most part of labelling in Japan is mostly unbelievable, as far as I can see, and expiry dates are ridiculously short. Japanese milk, for instance, never seems to go off. Though I read labels to try to avoid all the "shortening" and pork and chicken extract and gelatin that is insinuated into the most unlikely food. Still, short use-by dates means some cheap bargains at the bargain corner of the supermarket.

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Posted in: Trump vows military build-up, hammers nationalist themes See in context

Why can't Republican presidents speak/think better than an 8th grader?

Probably the same reason as many Republican voters can't. When thought processes are incoherent it is hard to elucidate them.

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Posted in: Trump vows military build-up, hammers nationalist themes See in context

Americans had better hope building up the military is not directed at them; to keep them in line once the grand plans of the rightist authoritarians start to unravel and become clear for what they are. All tinpot dictators like an army to keep their own people down. And Trump has "tinpot" written all over him.

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Posted in: Japan Expo in France See in context

I dunno. I kinda feel sorry for the French. They used to be fashion leaders but now seem like pitiful followers.

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Posted in: Japan protests Russian military buildup plan in decades-old islands dispute See in context

So, what is your position, A Realist? That Japan is good and China, Russia and "liberals" can all be lumped together as unrealistic or haters or plain evil in opposition to poor, put-upon Japan? As a liberal, who really knows what it means, I can tell you I have no time for China or Russia, and to the extent that Japan is illiberal I have no time for it either. Why do you naturally side with Japan? Is there a rational reason? Is it the model of exclusion, nationalism and ultimately hatred that you wish your own country would be? There are a lot like that. But surely Russia and its nonsensical anti-intellectual bile would be a natural ally too.

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Posted in: Japan protests Russian military buildup plan in decades-old islands dispute See in context

Wait! Weren't we supposed to believe Abe had schmoozed Putin into compliance? Didn't he vigorously soap his back in the onsen in Yamaguchi?

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Posted in: Japan's silver-tongued Lotharios sell dreams to lonely women See in context

I'd probably do it for free.

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Posted in: Admit women or lose Olympic golf, IOC tells club See in context

At last someone connected the dots for the golf club.

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Posted in: Why are mascots so popular in Japan? See in context

Because, rather than larger, everything is smaller than life in Japan.

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Posted in: J-pop idol group gives lesson in iconic Japanese high school girl poses See in context

Cutting edge stuff.

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Posted in: China goes Hollywood in 'The Great Wall' See in context

Oh the paradox! Chinese propaganda will use the infrastructure created by America.

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Posted in: Now you can spread coffee on your toast See in context

It sounds awful. What will be the hydrogenated oil and transfats loads? It doesn't seem to have made it to Japan as a health concern yet all these spreads seem to contain it.

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Posted in: Trump blasts media in rambling press conference See in context

his approval ratings just went UP this week according to the latest Rasmussen Poll

Perhaps from 3 to 4 people. And one of those was drunk at the time. I can't seriously believe anyone supports Trump now except as some kind of ironic gesture. I don't believe anyone is so blind as to be unable to see straight through him now. He's a conman. Always was.

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Posted in: Trump blasts media in rambling press conference See in context

Just for the sake of our edification and enlightenment, can those who identify fake news so perspicaciously tell us the truth about the Trump press conference? We may have missed some wires or smoke that give away the reality.

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Posted in: Trump blasts media in rambling press conference See in context

there has never been a presidency that has done so much in such a short period of time.

Hard to argue with that, if providing a decade's worth of satire material is doing so much. I don't think there is anyone left out there who can take him seriously now.

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Posted in: Abe hopeful 'Premium Friday' will boost consumption See in context

how to avoid retailers from getting involved in price wars by offering excessive discounts

Nooooo!! No, we wouldn't want that kind of price competition, would we?

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