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Posted in: Activists fight Tokyo gov't over historic Jingu Stadium demolition See in context

Wait a minute! Wasn't one of the reasons for not building the Zaha Hadid stadium for the Tokyo Olympics that it was out of keeping with the surroundings buildings? But they had a plan since 2013 to knock down the surroundings anyway?

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Posted in: National treasure-class mirror, sword found in 4th-century tomb in Japan See in context

What is a meandering blade?

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Posted in: Japan remains global laggard in fight against live animal testing See in context

Milan Kundera, in ‘The Unbearable Lightness of Being,’ said, “True human goodness, in all its purity and freedom, can come to the fore only when its recipient has no power. Mankind’s true moral test (which lies deeply buried from view) consists of its attitude toward those who are at its mercy: the animals. And in this respect, mankind has suffered a fundamental debacle, a debacle so fundamental that all others stem from it.”

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Posted in: Japan to decide on abortion pill after panel's agreement See in context

Surgical abortions are not covered by Japanese public health insurance and can cost around 100,000 to 200,000 yen.

It's unlikely that doctors will approve of the abortion pill without some kind of compensation for this loss of income. In fact, this lucrative little business was the main reason certain forms of contraceptive were highly restricted for so long. Of course, the stated excuse was safety of women and that will be the reason here that doctors will be able to cut in.

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Posted in: EU official says Russia shifting war focus to NATO and the West See in context

Without any expectation of reciprocity, it makes no sense for Russia, or any country, to bind itself by rules that other players refuse to follow.

Still don't make barbaric targetting of civilians right. Maybe my standards are higher than international law. And I believe we all should have such standards. And if not, we may as well state that anarchy and nihilism are the way forward.

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Posted in: Why do people spend so long in jail without going to trial in Japan? See in context

A good example of how this works...


It is unclear why these four have been re-arrested three times so far since they already confessed three times,

Maybe a little, clearer example was in order. But maybe not; maybe the murkiness of it all is actually central to the system.

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Posted in: Fighting heats up in Ukraine's east and north after tank pledges See in context

Quite apart from the harm to Ukraine, Russia has committed the biggest case of self-harm maybe in history. It doesn't even win any propaganda battles because it has zero credibility, except with a few Putin fanboys. Putin is the problem. The sooner the Russians rid the world of him the better.

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Posted in: EU official says Russia shifting war focus to NATO and the West See in context

Yes, that NATO bombing would have been wrong the way you characterise it, Reg, but it still doesn't make this barbaric, Russian terror campaign right, right?

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Posted in: Kishida cautious about same-sex marriage See in context

Something conservatives don't understand: love.

Exactly, borscht. They are motivated by fear. Fear that they will crumble along with their "culture" if people are allowed to love who they like, or love at all. In fact, the "culture" is not built on love.

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Posted in: Japanese power firms seek price hikes, adding to household burden See in context

Don't the people own these companies now through all the subsidies and clean-ups they have paid for on their behalf?

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Posted in: Kishida cautious about same-sex marriage See in context

It's fear versus love. As always.

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Posted in: Trial of Abe shooter to face issue of sympathy for church 'victim' See in context

The outcome will be the one that preserves the rotten status quo as much as possible. There are too many people in positions of power benefitting from it and very sparse opposition. Who will cause a fuss even if there is a serious miscarriage of justice?

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Posted in: Donald Trump reinstated to Facebook after 2-year ban See in context

Stupid man can say more stupid things.

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Posted in: Kishida warns Japan on brink of social dysfunction amid falling birthrate See in context

There's always immigration ...

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Posted in: Court orders Japanese gov't to pay damages over forced sterilization See in context

It's staggering really, not even so much that it was implemented in 1948 but that it went on until 1996 and that now the government is so penny-pinching about compensation, while billions are spent on corporate welfare.

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Posted in: Only 16% of 17 to 19-year-olds believe they will definitely marry: survey See in context

Regarding the decline of births in Japan, 74.1 percent of the respondents said they feel a sense of crisis.

But for the politicians, elderly LDP voters, business leaders and the bureaucrats, it seems to be "Crisis? What crisis?"

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Posted in: Arsenal beats United 3-2; Haaland hat trick propels City See in context

It will need Arsenal to slow down and Haaland to keep on scoring. Currently, there's no sign of either of those things happening.


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Posted in: California shooter kills 10 at dance club; motive unclear See in context

Wherefore art thou, America?

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Posted in: Ryugu asteroid helping unravel mysteries of life's origins on Earth See in context

Some researchers believe that celestial bodies such as asteroids and their fragments fell to Earth, bringing water and life.

It might be a nice idea but a few amino acids and water are not life. If what we more commonly believe to be life could exist in interplanetary or interstellar space, it would be almost everywhere since most planets and satellites would be less hostile.

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Posted in: Protests in Stockholm, including Koran-burning, draw strong condemnation from Turkey See in context

Some seem to be incapable of understanding the liberal separation of powers and the right to free speech. To them everything is about political partisanship. On the whole, like Erdogan, they tend to be conservatives who want everyone to think the same - like them - but ideologists of any flavour are all the same, left or right.

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Posted in: A tale of two temples: The historical competition between Enryaku-ji and Mii-dera See in context

it is hard to believe that anyone who worked, studied and prayed in a place like this would ever have thought of jealous warfare against mountaintop rivals.

To say nothing of purporting to follow a religion of peace and compassion.

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Posted in: Britain has made the exporting of education a national strategy. It’s a strategy that has met the needs of Japanese parents, especially those with high incomes, who want their children to receive a high-level education in English. See in context

Of course not. Such inroads will be seen as an invasion threatening the whole "culture" by the people and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology whose role it is to protect it.

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Posted in: Neil Young drops rift to praise Crosby as 'soul' of CSNY See in context

In a world where so many musicians and groups were underrated, I feel like Crosby was one of those who was overrated. I am prepared to be shown to be wrong though.

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Posted in: Fans wait for hours at Tokyo zoo to see panda being sent to China in February See in context

I wish the people had as much concern for the whole web of life on Earth as they are spellbound by cute animals.

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Posted in: Japan refiles request to list divisive gold mine on UNESCO See in context

I feel like Japan, in its zeal to get every ho-hum place listed, is actually undermining the whole meaning of world heritage site. It seems to be gaming the system by playing on some kind of twisted uniqueness. I mean to say, a few holes in the ground compared to hundreds of magnificent architectural sites in Europe that can't get listed because a similar place has been listed before?

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Posted in: Some fear COVID downgrade may cause more infections See in context

Some will always fear. It's part of who they were brought up to be.

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Posted in: Japan Inc finally giving raises, just not to everyone See in context

That's interesting, Septim. I have noticed that any criticism of the system as a whole will end up with a burst of downvotes but with no arguments in favour. It's very strange and suspicious. It's like a generally positive image must be promoted with a bit of teeth-sucking on the margins.

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Posted in: Japan Inc finally giving raises, just not to everyone See in context

Many won't remember it but after all the self-congratulatory hubris of the bubble economy this all seems rather sobering.

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Posted in: Jacinda Ardern to step down as New Zealand prime minister See in context

Is there some kind of rightist hymn sheet? You'd think she was the devil incarnate mounting a campaign from the back end of the world to implement global communism. So much vitriol for such an innocuous leader in a rather small and uninfluential country. I just don't get it.

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