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Posted in: Jury awards $6.3 mil to Shannen Doherty in State Farm fire suit See in context

Like a good neighbor, state farm is there.

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Posted in: COVID-19 state of emergency lifted but challenges abound See in context

Oh I thought Japan was gonna fall into the ocean because of this thing. At least that's what the comment section told me everyday.

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Posted in: Shopping at Japanese convenience store Lawson? Don’t forget to take a cooking pot with you See in context

Look, a pack of Kools is only sanbakkyu en!

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Posted in: 'Slam Dunk' movie will be released in autumn 2022 See in context

wow, with that promotional video i'm sold, not.

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Posted in: New adidas Hachiko sneakers pay homage to Shibuya’s famous loyal dog See in context

Cool. You can pet my feet.

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Posted in: Japan’s oldest McDonald’s worker defies age barriers, inspires everyone at the age of 93 See in context

I've known many people who keep working well after retirement. It's not about the money, but socializing amongst many other things.

Many basic concepts of life and living are lost on many people here.

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Posted in: Amazon moves filming of 'Lord of the Rings' series from New Zealand to Britain See in context

Good, preserve the natural ecology and get the hell out. It's not like some other LOTR films were made there already.

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Posted in: Immigration agency admits to mistreatment of Sri Lankan before her death See in context

When idiots are in charge, people die.

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Posted in: U.S. 'failing' on COVID: top health official See in context

When the anti-vaxxers get sick from corona they can seek treatment from good doctors like Ron and Rand Paul. Rest well now.

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Posted in: Cycling official injured after pileup See in context

I mean, who ever hasn't crashed their bike.

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Posted in: As pandemic Olympics come to a close, Japan asks: What did Games mean? See in context

It means I don't have to worry about the Olympics coming back to Tokyo anytime soon thank god. Now Get out.

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Posted in: Sapporo hopes Tokyo Games success will boost 2030 Winter Olympic bid See in context

God no. It's one of the greatest places I love in all of Japan.

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Posted in: Amanda Knox accuses Matt Damon's new movie of cashing in on her case See in context

Ya well Amanda, you know what I and much of the world accuse you of?

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Posted in: Video of Israeli athletes breaking cardboard village bed goes viral See in context

oh the beds are just cardboard. oh my hundred dollar bill is just paper.

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Posted in: Japan to issue vaccine passports free of charge See in context

As always, the usual belly-aching. You can absolve yourself from all of this and abstain from the vaccine, passports, travel, living in Japan and not bother yourselves anymore with any of it. Hopefully by then, you won't be a bother to the rest of the world either.

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Posted in: Richardson will miss Olympic 100 after marijuana test See in context

Cool. Stay home and get stoned all you want.

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Posted in: Serena Williams says she will not play at Tokyo Olympics See in context


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Posted in: Man arrested for ruining fruit at supermarket See in context

After he poked the pilot holes with his finger I suppose its fortunate he didnt poke the holes again with something else...

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Posted in: Man arrested after pushing over woman and her 2 children on bicycle See in context

The crime supercedes the violation, but go ahead and blame the victim, i know it makes you and others feel better.

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Posted in: Japan's coronavirus vaccine booking system crashes after Salesforce outage See in context

Their cloud server literally put their heads in the cloud.

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Posted in: Man arrested for punching passerby who asked him to wear mask See in context

Interesting how so many here condone physical violence. If you would like to practice this just because somebody shot their mouth off to you, be prepared for anything that could happen next. It could be your head on a stick.

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Posted in: COVID-19 vaccination for those under 65 may start in July: minister See in context

Regardless, Japan is taking forever to approve Novavax

Rolf, Novavax hasn't been approved in its home country or anywhere.

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Posted in: 'Mad Max' prequel to be filmed in Australian outback for 2023 release See in context

Why not do the backstory on the Feral Kid? Whats wrong with these people?

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Posted in: 'Mad Max' prequel to be filmed in Australian outback for 2023 release See in context

No Tom Hardy? Lame.

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Posted in: Pfizer CEO: Vaccine third dose 'likely' needed within 12 months See in context

Rolf, many peeps here would seem to rather go back to the dark ages and take the chances of staying alive at fifty percent to any type of infection. Ya they would rather listen to Gym Jordan instead of Fauci. As if new diseases were never going to plague mankind. Consider yourself fortunate for whats being provided you ungrateful worms.

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Posted in: Japan getting more Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines to immunize elderly faster See in context

If the general population can't be fully vaccinated by the start of the Olympics, then it's just another massive fail. Is the world to suspect that Japans cutting edge is incapable of producing a national vaccine? No? Then where the hell is it?

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Posted in: Netflix lands 'Knives Out' sequels in high-priced deal See in context

Wow. What a rip off. Netflix will soon again raise their subscription and produce a few more crap original movies and series.

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Posted in: Amber Heard vindicated as UK court rejects Johnny Depp's appeal See in context

This woman took a dump in their bed. Ya, now forever try to get that out of your mind.

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Posted in: Fujifilm to restart clinical trial of Avigan to treat COVID-19: report See in context

Japan can not deal with its own failures so they don’t ever recognize them as failures.

-Japan's "failures" are absolutely no comparison to the half million dead in the USA. You are hilarious. Keep the laughs coming.

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Posted in: Man to be extradited to Japan for aiding Ghosn's escape accuses U.S. of 'betrayal' See in context

Some ask I thought America was better than this. Really? Look who America put in charge four years ago. The aftermath speaks for itself.

As far as this case goes the crimes are obvious. You really want the mercs to take over the system?

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