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Posted in: Japan executes two death-row inmates See in context

If they really have to do it then at least don't use hanging. Its medieval and cruel. Makes me feel sick actually. Switzerland does not have any death penalty and it also has very low crime.

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Posted in: New justice minister vague on whether he'll issue orders to resume executions See in context

The Japanese system is extremely cruel since the prisoners are never told exactly when it will happen. I was shocked when I first heard that. Also they should use a more humaine method than hanging. Kiling people by forcing them to break their own necks is disgusting.

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Posted in: New justice minister won't OK executions in near future See in context

If they have to keep it then I wish they would not use hanging. It only looks like an instant death because the person being hanged can't send any nerve impulses through their severed spinal cord. They actaully die from asphyxiation which takes a few minutes. Even if they are instantly unconsciouss when their neck breaks, the last thing they will feel is their head being pulled right over which is really horrible.

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