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Posted in: Japan still faces diplomatic challenge in Fukushima water release See in context

Since when politicians ever listen to scientists?

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Posted in: Among Japan's neighbors, fear and frustration over radioactive water release See in context

Japan Today should stop giving these fearmongers and anti-science people a platform to spread misinformation. There should be more articles about how it's perfectly safe to release the water to the ocean. The substance in the water is tritium, which is the radioactive variant of hydrogen. It does not exhibit a tendency to accumulate in living organisms; its behavior is akin to that of regular water. With a half-life of 12.33 years, it will largely decay within this century. Moreover, its impact is minimal when contrasted with the innate radioactivity present in the ocean. Its contribution is a mere fraction of what was introduced through nuclear weapons testing, itself being less than a ten thousandth of the natural radioactive elements in the ocean.

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Posted in: Man offers to pay back mistakenly sent ¥46.3 mil COVID funds 'little by little' See in context

He will live abroad, were the Japanese law cannot persecute him.

If they found him guilty, he'd have criminal record and it'd be difficult to get visa from most countries.

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Posted in: Azalea aura See in context

Guessing Nezu shrine

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Posted in: Will Smith gets 10-year Oscars ban over Chris Rock slap See in context

It’s funny how majority of Japanese netizens on Yahoo are on Will Smith side, saying that the man was just simply protecting his wife and verbal abuse is violence too. How hypocritical of them because Hana Kimura committed suicide because of online bullying, and princess Mako struggled with verbal criticism as well. Seems like they don’t understand how celebs get roasted all the time especially at the Oscar, and Will and Jada has a very toxic marriage.

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