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morikun comments

Posted in: Learn how to sleep in a toilet stall like a pro See in context

I'm thinking this would only work in Japan, where the stall doors go all the way to the ground. Stretch your motionless legs out where a passerby can see them and they are likely to break the door down to rescue you.

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Posted in: Things that foreigners miss about Japan when they return home See in context

We had an outlet installed next to the toilet in our American house expressly to power a washlet. The bewildered builder thought we might have wanted to put a reading lamp in there.

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Posted in: Study raises hopes of cure for baldness See in context

No cure will be available any time soon. Capt. Picard will be bald in the 24th century.

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Posted in: Google tweaks search to punish 'low-quality' sites See in context

"How To Tie Shoelaces" ought to be quite handy for parents who allow the internet to raise their children.

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Posted in: 49-year-old man dresses as woman, enters female public bath area See in context

Why isn't this the Photo Of The Day?

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Posted in: Asia Girls Explosion See in context

Gene Simmons called. He wants his boots back.

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Posted in: Mystery over runaway Prius in Calif deepens See in context

He was too scared to remove his hands from the wheel to shift it into neutral, yet he claims to have reached down to pull on the accelerator pedal. Something doesn't add up.

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Posted in: Banking with the dinosaurs See in context

I had a large bag of coins that I wanted to deposit, so I took them to the teller window. She asked me how much was there, and was mildly shocked that I didn't know. I didn't count it because they are the ones with the coin counting machine. The next time I had a bag of coins to deposit and the teller asked me how much was there, with a straight face I told her a ridiculously large amount. She stared at me for several seconds, probably wondering how she was going to reconcile my claim versus the actual value of the coins. She can't come out and call me a liar, can she? Eventually I let her off the hook and told her that I was just joking. She was visibly relieved.

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Posted in: Obama, receiving Nobel Peace Prize, says war sometimes justified See in context

What do you folks think Obama will do if Iran tosses a nuke at Israel? He has always indicated that talking with Mahmoud would be enough to prevent that from happening. What if it isn't?

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Posted in: Climate rally See in context

Hundreds of people in a city of millions. Quite a rally indeed.

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Posted in: Woman attacked with box cutter in parking lot See in context

I think we're all skirting the true issue here ... why is it still legal to own a box cutter in Japan?

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Posted in: Supersize me See in context

What are the square speed bumps on the floor?

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Posted in: Burger King adds 'angry' burger to Japan menu See in context

Yes, the U.S. version wasn't all that angry. More like a "Mildly Annoyed Whopper".

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Posted in: Swimming goggles See in context

Hmmm... they say that touching your eyes is a very common way to get the flu. Wearing these goggles in public could be as effective as wearing a mask. The tightness of ordinary goggles prevents me from doing it, but this pair just might do the trick.

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Posted in: Microsoft releases near-final version of Windows 7 See in context

I have a rock-solid way to run Windows XP apps ... I use Windows XP.

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Posted in: Cherry blossoms See in context

My favorite part of sakura season is the surrealism of 'pink trees'. So beautiful yet so fleeting; all too soon the green leaves take over and you're left with just a tree. This image is so beautiful I just gotta bust out singing .... "Sakura, sakura, kiiro no sora wa...."

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Posted in: Aerial scuba diving See in context

Where's the bubble machine?

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Posted in: Ai Iijima's last days shrouded in mystery See in context

Mr. X couldn't be Hide Matsumoto

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Posted in: Earth calling Keanu Reeves See in context

This movie will be fodder for MST4K someday.

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Posted in: Aso has dinner with Beat Takeshi See in context

"At a Japanese restaurant". Wow. That's like in Three Amigos when Chevy Chase asked the Mexican lady of the house if they had anything besides Mexican food.

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Posted in: Men's bras getting a lot of support See in context

I wouldn't think a man's bone structure would allow him to reach back to fasten it.

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Posted in: Skating rink See in context

How long until the Olympics starts giving out medals for Resin Skating?

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Posted in: Robot cook See in context

Is it programmed to know the different varieties of okonomiyaki, or is it Hiroshima-centric?

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Posted in: Manner poster See in context

Looks like his fly might be open as well.

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Posted in: Shoe repair man See in context

Let's be honest. Taking more time would have resulted in better composition, but by that time the girl would have been gone, resulting in a much less interesting photo. Am I right?

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Posted in: Fencing See in context

The letters on the blue awning would suggest that the photo isn't flipped. Maybe they are training to fight left-handed as well, in the tradition of Inigo Montoya and Dread Pirate Wesley.

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Posted in: Stuntman See in context

And to think that this senseless tragedy could have been avoided simply by putting someone in the back seat with a seatbelt on.

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Posted in: Do you consider the word "gaijin" racist? See in context

I'm not offended by it, but for some reason I don't like being lumped into the same group with "unscrupulous" foreigners, such as the type that sell phony phone cards.

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