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Posted in: 'Star Trek' return 'irresistible,' says Patrick Stewart See in context

There is a god after all! Very much looking forward to watching the series.

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Posted in: Japanese bemused by Trump bowling ball car test claim See in context

The next time you fly on JAL or ANA, it will most likely a Boeing aircraft......a U.S. product. Or didn't you know that?

Well...actually many parts that go into Boeing aircraft are sourced from outside the States. In the Dreamliner for example - and in terms of Japanese input - Jamco makes parts for the lavatories, flight deck interiors and galleys; while GS Yuasa manufactures the lithium-ion batteries used in the aircraft's electrical power conversion system.

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Posted in: Britain's May tells Abe: Japanese companies welcome after Brexit See in context

What else does Britain have to trade, except perhaps Branston Pickle, jam and Ed Sheeran?

Not even Branston Pickle I'm afraid. It's Japanese owned already (a Mizkan brand) - along with Sarson's vinegar and Hayward's pickled onions! :-)

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Posted in: Ivanka Trump to attend Winter Olympics finale in S Korea See in context

She went to the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

Her Dad went there too. That speaks volumes....

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Posted in: U.S. Vice President Pence to visit Japan next week See in context

How many family trips will they take on the taxpayers' dime??? China, Australia, Central and South America: Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Panama;, Eastern Europe....now Japan, Korea (I left out Christmas in Aspen).

....and still some :-(. You left out his visits (with "Mother" - not sure about the girls) to Germany and Belgium!

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Posted in: 85-year-old motorist hits teenage girls after ignoring family call not to drive See in context

The sooner self-driving vehicles are successfully developed the better!

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Posted in: May, Abe agree on closer security ties See in context

This is a PM of a small country, who (like Gordon Brown) nobody voted for 

She in fact contested a General Election in June but lost so many seats that in effect she governs only thanks to a pact with Northern Ireland's Democratic Union Party.

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Posted in: James Cameron says 'Terminator 2' as 'timely as it ever was' See in context

The only decent follow up was the short-lived but acclaimed The Sarah Connor Chronicles


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Posted in: Air rage incidents reported by airlines on the rise See in context

Expecting someone to not use that when it's there is entirely unreasonable.

Well, I feel that It's also unreasonable in such a situation for you not to show some understanding and some common politeness towards your fellow passenger in the row behind regardless of your ability to suddenly push back at will. I certainly do that if I feel the need to recline.

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Posted in: Air rage incidents reported by airlines on the rise See in context

In my experience a lot of rage is caused by the morons who put back their seat without checking behind them first.

Hear, hear! Just a simple standard loudspeaker announcement at the start of each flight reminding people of this basic courtesy would help.

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Posted in: Bangkok edges out London as world's top travel destination: Mastercard See in context

In answer to Moonraker, my guess is that the calculations made are very basic. it's merely the total individual uses made of a MasterCard regardless of how many times that person returns during the year. So, this sum would also include individual times Mastercards were used in transit through the airport hub rather than setting foot in the country beyond.

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Posted in: Djokovic beats Federer in straight sets to win ATP finals title See in context

Now they can all take a well deserved rest

.....Not yet though for Andy Murray! The Davis Cup Final between UK and Belgium is taking place in the second half of this week

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Posted in: Migrants keep entering Hungary as work on fence speeds up See in context

Europe's migrant malaise is all of German Chancellor Angela Merkel own doing, aided and abetted amongst others, by EU president Jean-Claude Juncker, both must take personal responsibility.

Without care or forethought and a propensity for the shrewdest form of gesture politics, Merkel flung open Germanys and subsequently EU member states doors to a tidal wave of refugees, knowing full well this massive movement of human misery will fall prey to a ruthless brand of people smuggler.

Hear, hear! And to the posturing of politicians I would also add irresponsible pressure and emotive manipulation from the media.

Now highlighted by German and Austrian politicians ludicrous threats to the British government's insistence that all potential asylum seekers be processed within existing Middle Eastern refugee centres coming some way to dealing with the people smuggling.

I must admit David Cameron on this issue has kept a relatively cool head, strongly sent out the right message and gone up in my own estimation. Thank goodness we in the UK never signed up to Schengen.

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Posted in: Cameron pledges to govern one nation, one United Kingdom See in context

Many laughed at or ridiculed that famous Thatcher line but her vision will be the future of England and Wales. It's horrific.

That's what is so good about Scotland - there is quite definitely society here - and has been demonstrated with the resurgence of the SNP's fortunes along with the left-of-centre socially responsible values it holds dear.

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Posted in: Oita mayor says no name change for Charlotte the monkey See in context

No offence caused. We Brits "don't give a monkey's" about it! :-)

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Posted in: Mika Mifune, rocker husband Joji Takahashi to divorce See in context


Nonsense. Her mother is still very much alive at the age of 66 and living with her daughter and granddaughter in Osaka, as the last paragraph says.

To clarify for others, that's because Mika's mother is Mika Kitagawa, who was Toshiro's mistress.

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Posted in: Man runs out of gas; steals highway support vehicle that came to his aid See in context

Police quoted Sato as saying he stole the support vehicle because he had been in a hurry to meet someone.

Why did he then head off down the highway in the opposite direction? :-)

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Posted in: 5 uninhabited Japanese islands you can buy right now See in context

Excellent! So if I were Russian and would buy it, would the island become Russian territory then?

No, first of all, you'd have to form a hold a referendum amongst family members expressing the "wills of the people"!

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Posted in: Interesting things will happen for consumers at midnight March 31 See in context

Here in the UK, consumption (or in our case VAT) tax - with certain exemptions unlike Japan on books, food and kids' clothing - is 20% so 8% is still on average is pretty low. Maybe however there should have been an introduction of such a varied system instead of this blanket increase? Indeed, I certainly agree with the idea of having a much heavier tax on cigarettes!

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Posted in: 2 men die after falling off temple roof while clearing snow See in context

No doubt there is a logical reason why Japan has never employed this tactic. Probably that traditional roof tiles would be too heavy for this style.

There has been use of such a design shape in Japan. Gassho-zukuri houses with steeply pitched 'prayer hands' roofs to be found in the Shokawa Valley. They embody thatch though rather than roof tiles, thus overcoming the weight problem. An example is also to be seen in Hida Folklore Village, just outside Takayama.

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