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Posted in: U.S. nurse quarantined over Ebola criticizes her treatment See in context

//Ebola tourists should be forced to take a boat back home

I can see James Cameron working on the script already, Kate Winslett, a plucky nurse returning from Liberia... a dark night, an iceburg..

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Posted in: China criticizes U.S. missile defense radar in Japan See in context

//China neither distorts its history,..

Would that happen to be the same Chinese government that managed to exterminate, via the 打麻雀运动 (Four Pests campaign) more Chinese people than IJA? Some estimates go up to 45,000,000 Chinese dead, one way or another..

Very interesting article on wikipedia. Doesn't seem to mention any apology.

Presumably this is why people would prefer a radar system, China not having a great record.

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Posted in: Man arrested for stabbing passerby in front of Ueno Station in Tokyo See in context

Well, mission accomplished.

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Posted in: Man arrested for pouring urine from PET bottle on girl See in context


Nor exactly mizu...then again in the West he probably would have killed her.

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Posted in: China criticizes U.S. missile defense radar in Japan See in context

//China shamelessly criticizes the radar till they would be able to copy them from illegal means.

Ahem, gunpowder, spaghetti, paper, the seismograph etc....they must be living it up on in Beijing with all those royalties payments...

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Posted in: Man arrested for attempting to strangle 77-year-old mother to death See in context

//"they were just waiting for me to die to get their life back"

It happens, my dad died early, and my mom remarried later in life, her husband was older than her. He was a nice guy but then started to get weird and selfish from dementia, then my mom got terminal bowel cancer and came home to die, with a stoma bag. All the way through her husband was obstructive, like we needed a proper rising hospital bed for her in the house, he got to the phone first and cancelled it, because it might be inconvenient, so I had to rearrange it all over again. The doctor told me "no stress, she'll live longer" and the first day home the guy talked at her for 5 hours straight, even though I stressed she needed an easy time.

It was the opposite of having kids, I was on-call 24/7 for the stoma bag, and it's just awful when it's a life ending. It was hell, but I think myself lucky as I got to repay some of the time my mom spent caring for me. Taken me a long, long time to forgive her husband....I would never say to anyone "hurry up and die" but sometimes you will think it...humans are flawed

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