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Posted in: Emperor, empress to make state visit to UK See in context

Just make sure Boris doesn't get anywhere near them...

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Posted in: Ghosn's escape leaves Japan red-faced See in context

I'm just waiting for Ghosn to realise he left his toothbrush, and he'll have to do the trip in reverse. The good part is he can stay in the apartment, as it's the last place the cops will look.

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Posted in: 16 injured by spray at shopping mall in Saitama Pref; suspect arrested See in context

Which "he" sprayed the gas? The guy or his friend?

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Posted in: Passengers stuck in packed bullet trains due to power outage See in context

I thought shinkansen was seats only ticketing, so how come the trains were packed?

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Posted in: NZ flight turns back mid-air after discovering it lacks permission to land in China See in context


Maybe it's an inauspicious numbers like 4?

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Posted in: Japanese police to use new holsters to prevent disarming of officers See in context

Looking at the photo, looks suspiciously like a World Order routine, they should get onto their IP lawyer...

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Posted in: Missing university student asked for directions to man’s home on day of disappearance See in context

How about checking the apartment for her DNA?

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Posted in: Winter world See in context

That's what my flat looks like on the inside...

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Posted in: Gov't cuts subsidies to Tokyo Medical University over unfair entrance exams See in context

Bad idea.

The colleges will accept wealthy (but slipshod) students, so give the subsidy money to the talented (but poor) students.

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Posted in: Smart motorbike helmet provides 360-degree view See in context

Erm, I'm working on something like that (for a different reason) but for £16 (2,258 Yen) you get a small wide-angle video camera + a very long video cable + 11 cm screen. Keeping it all water-proof is not beyond the ken of man.

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Posted in: Despite Brexit, I’m proud to be a Brit See in context

I've always thought of my Britishness as being like having a dodgy ankle.

Sometimes it's fine, then we get Dominic Raab who “hadn't quite understood” the importance of cross-Channel trade to the UK economy", i.e we import yuuge amounts of food from the EU.

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Posted in: 12 fun things to do in Tokyo that will cost you absolutely nothing See in context

Getting the Big 3, which is finding a building in Tokyo that is

1) old

2) dirty

3) has graffiti (in Japanese) on it.

Can be done, took me a couple of years though.

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Posted in: Wage data errors seriously undermine trust in gov't indicators: poll See in context

..scribbles on the back of an envelope ...1,041 people in the survey div 126.8 million people is...0.00001%. I'm guessing that's the same percentage of the population who wear tinfoil hats to jam the alien mind control rays.

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Posted in: Free flow of racy content a headache for parents See in context

Thicke by name, Thicke by nature.

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Posted in: Japanese men reveal costumes they want their girlfriends to wear See in context

At a wild guess, it's because the guy's hormones started to kick in when they were at JHS, and that's when they first got interested in girls. I know in my own country, the UK, newspapers and magazines used to run "glamour" shots of models in school uniform. But, the rise of the paedophile scare made that a no-no.

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Posted in: Tokyo gov't tries cloud seeding to cope with water shortage See in context

//why isn't it deployed to Africa, the desert... etc?

The problem is, it needs some clouds to start with. If there's no moisture in the air, then seeding won't achieve anything. I suggest a very long pipe from the UK, god knows we have enough rain for at least two countries...

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Posted in: WikiLeaks source Manning sentenced to 35 years See in context

Good thing he wasn't spreading false information, he might have gotten the death penalty.

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Posted in: Asiana Airlines to cancel Fukushima flights due to radiation fears See in context

//at the end of September.

The reason it's cancelling in October is the contract ends at the end of September. Unless they know something we don't. Having quickly checked, they don't have any 787's, which rules out the 787/stricken reactor scenario.

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Posted in: Man on death row dies of illness See in context

//Cry me a river.

What does the river Chorna have to do with this?

I'm guessing that the induced stress of being under a penalty of death is not likely to improve anyone's health, and I still think capital punishment is not a great solution. If it worked there wouldn't be a murders, now would there?

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Posted in: Aso's gaffe exposes Japanese ignorance of Jews See in context

It's one of the more obscure bits of WWII, but the Japanese ended up with a load of European Jewish refugees when they were running Shanghai, they were treated much the same as everyone else (ie not that well) and the Japanese commander declined to hand them over to the Nazis. The reason behind that refusal is open to a couple of different interpretations,

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Posted in: U.S. conducting late-night Osprey drills despite agreement not to do so See in context

There is bit of quid pro quo here as the Japanese self-defence force have been doing "re-taking" islands exercises on American territory, would be presumably not be very quiet. Oddly enough, it was on continental USA, when Hawaii is much closer and has a wonderfully large harbour to practice in.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. begin joint island-retaking drill See in context

//drill based on the U.S. mainland. Why not Hawaii?

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Posted in: U.S. whistleblower drops out of sight in Hong Kong as legal battles loom See in context

I was going to say Snowden is looking at a long prism sentence, but then decided not to.

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Posted in: Japan Restoration Party breaks ranks to submit casino bill on its own See in context

I bet you $10 that this legislation doesn't go...wait a minute..

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Posted in: U.S. F-15 fighter crashes 115 kms east of Okinawa See in context

//Without America, you would speak German/ Russian/ Chinese/ Martian etc language"

But, but, but ....English is a Germanic language. But, I digress. Surely the answer is to stop rotating the US personnel from base to base, they can reside for five years,then apply for Japanese citizenship, foreign military problem solved.

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Posted in: Places in Japan that made an impact on foreign visitors See in context

Weird, not a single mention of Sanrio Purolando.

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Posted in: Bear shot dead after entering school in Ishikawa See in context

That is a really harsh first day at school.

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Posted in: Teacher arrested for taking video up skirt of 15-year-old girl in Chiba See in context

I have this nasty feeling that this kind of thing also influences how all teachers are seen, including gaijin. I had one female student who was angry she got swapped out to another teacher, and I ended up with a JHS girl student, as if this was something I deliberately arranged. I was too polite to point out that teachers don't get to pick the students.

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Posted in: Police ignore complaint from man who stabs neighbor See in context

She called him on her keitai? Saitama definitely is an unusual place, I was always surprised when the local trains on the Tobu line just turn up at more or less random times after 9pm...very un-Japan.

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Posted in: With no cash for Windows upgrades, local gov't to disconnect some PCs from Net and tape up ethernet ports See in context

One more vote for Linux, never pay a licence fee again.

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