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Posted in: Japan imports 2,000 tons of whale meat from Iceland, Greenpeace says See in context

Iceland & Norway have no problems with Greenpeace, because they wont hesitate to use force to clear away Greenpeace boats. Japanese fisherman need to learn that lesson and they won't be bothered by Greenpeace Ships. The Chinese make some pretty effective water cannons.

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Posted in: U.S. concerned over anti-Japan protests in China See in context

The US is concerned about the anti Japanese protest? Are they concerned with the anti-Afro American movement by America right wing, anti-Chinese movement around the world, anti-Korea sentiment in LA, anti-Iran movement which denies basic medication for childern in Iran? Anotherwords the US has lots to be concerned about!

Moonbat, has spoken again

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Posted in: Where are all the babies? See in context

Cost of living and attitude are the key, there is no lack of Japanese expats living here in the US, with families with more than 1 child. Schools, daycare and a reasonable working life. The only time I hear my Japanese friends start to fret and worry is when they are facing a transfer back to Japan.

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