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Posted in: 60% of para athletes worry public interest may wane after Tokyo Games See in context

What puts me off the whole event is that for the duration of both para and main Olympics the American team are taking over the area I live in. Meaning at the height of the summer local people cannot use local facilities for swimming or the gyms. I feel that I’m being robbed of a summer going to the pool with my young daughter. Why build an Olympic village if you’re still going to put the teams outside of it? I’m sure Japanese Tokyo residents didn’t sign up for these type of disruptions to daily life..

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Posted in: Players hope World Cup successes turn into greater support See in context

Fair play to the competitors at the World Cup-it was clearly successful. But to say the players deserve equal prize money, the female game needs to be generating the same finances as the men’s game.

in tennis, the women’s game is at an equal footing, sometimes better than mundane going with big serve men’s games.

As a footy fan, I only watch top level games, I already watch enough of it and don’t want to watch an inferior product-some people love the difference, the women’s game at best is league 1 in England. Players in league one don’t get 300k per week as they don’t generate the interest and capital of the guys at the top.

once again, well done on the wc, but parity wouldn’t be deserved due to basic economics, not sexism..

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Posted in: No end in sight for Wimbledon queue See in context

It’s a great day out and if you get there in the first week there are great matches and big players on all the courts.

Ariake could well do with taking some tips in how to host a tennis tournament. Why not even make it a grass tournament to make it stand out more?

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Posted in: Doubts grow over Abe's foreign policy skills ahead of election See in context

Just always found abe Shinzo try a little to hard to be taken seriously on the international stage. If he focused on doing a good job domestically he would get more respect globally rather than running around like trump’s errand boy..

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Posted in: Organizers vow to keep beer flowing at Rugby World Cup See in context

So many good beers in japan, the world comes to watch a World Cup and you give them heiniken? Surely sapporo, kirin or Asahi?

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Posted in: 71-year-old arrested over threat to attack 'noisy' kindergarteners See in context

This guy is totally in the wrong, but there is another side to the story(possibly).

I live across the street from an unruly 9 year old boy who is generally left alone by his parents, he’s bouncing a basketball at 7am in the morning, he’s shooting air gun pellets everywhere and this week I caught him swinging a baseball bat and golf club around dangerously. I warned the boy to back off and complained to his parents (a blow to the head from a golf club could kill someone).

The boy is clearly spoiled and recently attempted to strangle another student at his school sports day. It’s not my job to bring up this child, but his parents are doing very little to bring him up the right way.

This chap clearly went to far, but my point is the kids are not always little cute angels with perfect parents..

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Posted in: No. of newborns in Japan hits record low in 2018 See in context

An observation on the birth rate going down. A contributing factor is that in Tokyo the majority of priority seats for elderly and pregnant ladies are in the main not given to those that need the seats.

A favourite ploy is to pretend to fall asleep. For a country where manner and consideration for others is very important, why can’t it be applied on trains? It really is one of the worst parts of Japanese society, gentleman these people are not. I would not be able to look myself in the mirror if I was the type of person who wouldn’t give his seat for a pregnant lady. Shame on you.

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Posted in: 16 schoolgirls, 2 adults stabbed in rampage in Kawasaki; 1 child, 1 man dead See in context

The people in charge of this country need to tighten up the mental health laws to stop people like this madman wandering the streets, there are too many crazy people all over Tokyo..RIP to the victims and I pray god gives those parents strength at this devastating time..

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Posted in: Japan names young Copa squad with eye on Tokyo Olympics See in context

Hello? This is a major international tournament, why even go if you’re going to disrespect the trophy by taking kids? Conmebol should think twice before wasting the wild card on japan again and give the spot to a country willing to fight for the trophy, This would be big news if England took part in this tournament, and a national shame if we did what japan are doing..

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Posted in: Father held over fatal abuse of daughter rearrested for earlier assault See in context

If he has done these things to his daughter, I hope this he goes away for a long time and meets some people in prison who don’t like child abusers. What is wrong with people like this? How could any sane person do that to their own daughter? Rip mia chan.

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Posted in: U.S. radio stations pull 'Baby, It's Cold Outside' in wake of #MeToo See in context

So, a great moment from elf is using an offensive song. There are obviously some complete pricks who abuse their position and it’s right that there has been a backlash against these people(who mostly seem to be working in the media btw). But this type of witch hunt is not good for your movement and is completely crossing a line. Focus on the idiots and truly offensive things, not trivialities-this song is staying on my iPod however offensive you find it..

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Posted in: Gov't considering Y10 trillion stimulus to offset sales tax hike: sources See in context

I have to admit shinzo is good to families, but as far as his increase is concerned, if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. The economy is ticking over, unemployment is going down, brexit is on the horizon, just steady the ship and keep moving forward, don’t change anything needlessly..

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Posted in: Disney plans new 'Star Wars' prequel series for streaming service See in context

Not sure who is directing things for Disney Star Wars these days, but they seem to have focused on spies(rogue one) and pilots(Poe dameron/solo) being the best thing about these films-hello, the force? Jedi? Yoda?

Really sick of the disney Star Wars universe, personally I won’t watch any films/tv shows set after episode 6. This series sounds like the resistance series, just nothing compared to the great tv shows out there now like better call Saul..

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Posted in: Sapporo expected to drop out of 2026 Winter Olympic bid race See in context

Good news, a completely overrated financial black hole to watch curling. Great shout and hopefully some similar good financial management policy can continue in japan(but I doubt it)..

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Posted in: 1980s classic 'Karate Kid' reborn as YouTube joins content wars See in context

these guys clearly get what Hollywood and Disney don't, generally remakes are unpopular, it's the connection to the original that should be focused on like these guys are doing. Star Wars episodes 8/9 should have gradually grown their new characters alongside the originals as minor characters instead of saying accept these characters or watch something else..

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Posted in: Japan names Nishino as new soccer coach two months before World Cup See in context

Good move japan. He doesn't have much time, but enough to make japan more steely and bring together a collective heart. From memory matsuda and endo cried after losing to Paraguay in 2010, that's the kind of commitment only a native coach can bring. He also fits the profile of age wise, good World Cup coaches are usually 60 plus..

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Posted in: Japan soccer coach Halilhodzic fired two months before World Cup See in context

whether they do well at the World Cup or not doesn't really bother me, but as a football fan it's very easy to see that their team needs a Japanese coach. How can a non Japanese speaker offer the any given Sunday style speech through an interpreter? I'd hire okada again, or just go for the best Japanese j league coach, the likelihood is they'll go out in the first round anyway, so nothing to lose..

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Posted in: Do Oscars and Grammys indicate awards shows losing appeal? See in context

I haven't watched these type of back slapping events for sometime. Celebrity wealth is rubbed in our faces for three hours and we're supposed to suck it up.

the winners have been pretty poor lately, 3 billboards was hard work, yet the lead got an oscar for looking miserable for the whole film.

I just use use it for film recommendations these days, but generally those are not great..

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Posted in: Native speakers in demand as Japanese schools step up English lessons See in context

It's great that these guys want to improve, some 'english' classes I've been a part of the majority of the class has been taught in Japanese.

the textbooks also need to step up, one introduced 'can I have a French fries?' I argued the point, but because it was in the text book the teacher took it as correct. The older generation tend to be inflexible in their approach imo..

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Posted in: Japan's economy steams ahead in fourth quarter See in context

The economy is going well so don't do anything to upset the progress. If abe pushes ahead with his consumption tax hike, japan will be back in recession within 6 months, Japanese people are notoriously frugal and will stop spending..

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Posted in: Japan's antismoking plan with gaping loophole sparks outcry See in context

What about the right to breathe smoke free air? We've all been there, you're at a counter bar, only one person is smoking, but everyone else leaves stinking of cigarette smoke.

If they introduce a smoking ban overnight people will give up as it's too much hassle to go outside to smoke..

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Posted in: Spotlight on son of former Prime Minister Koizumi, ahead of cabinet reshuffle See in context

this guy will walk to the top job one day purely on the strength of his last name. It should be more difficult for him because of his background. nepotism is not good for politics, Japan should have moved on from such a developing country problem, I'd expect this type of thing in the philippines..

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Posted in: Abe asks May for 'smooth Brexit' for business See in context

abe is obsessed with being seen as a world statesman, is abenomics still a current policy? He's only in the job due to the Japanese dislike of change..

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Posted in: Abe, Putin end summit with little to show on isles row See in context

Abe is obsessed with being the big man on the international stage. But, clearly he's out of his depth when it comes to the serious players. He should focus on domestic policy instead of chasing a legacy..

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Posted in: Abe says way to peace treaty with Russia coming into sight See in context

Just abe playing world statesman again. Does anyone seriously think Putin would give anything to Japan? No chance, he holds all the cards and is just using abe to boost his ego..

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Posted in: Folding fan emblem proposed for 2020 Olympics soars in popularity See in context

Isn't it a bit wet? A folding fan is hardly a power statement..

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Posted in: Abe's ratings slip amid doubts over his security policy See in context

When it comes down to it there is no opposition in this country, most of the people questioned voted for Abe anyway..

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Posted in: Abe's approval ratings rise in Japan after hostage crisis See in context

So both hostages are executed, Japan is brought closer to terrorism and his popularity has gone up? Am I missing something about Abe?

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Posted in: Do you think Japan will pay the $200 million ransom to Islamic State for the release of the two hostages? See in context

I have a sneaky feeling abe is trying to get Japan involved in the whole business as a long term strategy to change clause 9. He is stupid, but not stupid enough to pay 200 mil-no

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Posted in: Japan reorients space effort to bolster security, drive exports See in context

So is this what he's doing with the consumption tax money? Shinzo 'spend, spend, spend' Abe..

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