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Posted in: British carrier strike group to make port calls in Japan in September See in context

Finally, some moves to counter china’s aggressive posturing in the region. They are only for China and China only, covid has shown us the world can burn as long as they are secure they don’t care..

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Posted in: Most major cities in Japan revise vaccine plans amid supply crunch See in context

If you’re worried about supply, why has Mr suga been handing out vaccines to all his Asian neighbours?

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Posted in: Bach urges Japanese to support Olympics See in context

With lots of online rumours of quarantine not being enforced around the village and for media how can you expect anyone to get behind an unwanted event. Since the build up to the olympics covid cases have reached former all time highs-is it a coincidence?

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Posted in: Foreign luxury cars see brisk sales in Japan See in context

No brainer, increase the tax on bigger foreign cars by 5-10%, while you’re at it Suga you can increase cigarette taxes by 30%. Better those increases than another consumption tax increase..

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 1,149 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 3,194 See in context

Both my train and bus trips were busier than pre the emergency status. When is suga going to be called out for his complete incompetence. Is he really the best Japan has to offer? The best of the best politicians? Can the man even tie his shoelaces without screwing up?

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Posted in: Japan to ship 1 million COVID-19 vaccines to Vietnam See in context

That’s very nice of you Japan. Any idea when I can have one of the millions of vaccines your giving to everyone else?

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Posted in: Japan eyes regional revitalization with transfer of 10,000 workers See in context

It’s clear from his four key areas that he expects tax payers to foot the bill for his changes, expect another consumption tax increase and possibly other increases to income tax. Such increases will only continue to drive down the birth rate..

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Posted in: Chinese exports up 28%; imports hit decade-high See in context

So, there’s a mysterious global epidemic from China, and somehow they are benefiting. What a surprise, nothing dodgy going on of course..

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Posted in: Japan considers sending coronavirus vaccines to Vietnam: report See in context

Hello? You’re giving away vaccines and yet about 95% of the country haven’t had one yet? Priorities?

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Posted in: World's rich floor it in post-pandemic luxury car rush See in context

If you can afford to buy these types of cars that take up more space, make more noise(disturbing neighbours) and create more pollution you should be paying more tax for the privilege, Suga should tax these people rather than blindly increasing consumption tax again..

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Posted in: Record low number of pregnancies reported in Japan in 2020 See in context

Having a baby is a truly wonderful experience and I recommend all prospective father’s to be there when it happens. But the cost of having children in Tokyo is so high, that without more government support financially the number of babies being born will continue to decrease. I’d happily have one more, but my wife and eye would not be able to afford it. In third world countries, with a much lower cost of living its much easier to have big families, only rich people can have 3 or more..

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Posted in: Japan plans to extend COVID-19 state of emergency beyond May 31 See in context

Do politicians actually live in Tokyo? Take the morning train, it’s business as usual, emergency status is making no difference. Cancel the games, start carrying out one million vaccines per day-as promised. Where is the urgency to get everyone vaccinated?

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Posted in: Pelosi calls for U.S., world leaders to boycott China's 2022 Olympics See in context

About time someone stood up to China. Human rights abuses, bullying other nations over territory, creating a global pandemic and the reaction of the world has been ‘let’s give you more business.’

We should all be boycotting Chinese companies and products until this evil government is overthrown by its people. Sitting on our hands and hoping China suddenly sees the error of her ways is never going to happen..

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Posted in: 60% feel it is hard to raise children in Japan: gov't survey See in context

Allowing both parents to qualify as having ‘dependents’ would go a long way to improving the situation for families, as would tax breaks in reductions in health care or pension payments.

As a parent of two, my view of the Japanese support for parents is a policy of ‘no mercy’, then you wonder why the birthdate continues to decline..

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Posted in: Suga says Japan aiming for 1 mil COVID-19 vaccine shots daily See in context

The worrying thing about Japanese politics is that no matter how badly this guy does(and he really doesn’t have a clue), he’s still going to win the next election, there is no opposition in the country, hence he can campaign for policies like tax increases and still be in no danger..

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Posted in: Britain, Japan agree to strengthen trade and security partnership See in context

U.K run by an imbecile.

Japan also run by an imbecile.

The big difference between the two is that Boris is a lucky imbecile, he always finds a way to end up smelling of roses..

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Posted in: Gov't advisers warn Japan's birth rate falling at more rapid pace this year See in context

We already have two, I’d love to have more, but living in Tokyo with meager support from the government for parents hardly encourages us to have more.

Our monthly expenses for the kids alone are well over ¥100k per month, plus our own health care, pensions, living tax that we have to pay and can’t opt out of. Where do the government expect middle or low income families to find the extra cash to have children? Answer is they won’t have more kids without much bigger incentives to do so..

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Posted in: Golden Week travel begins despite pleas from governors to stay home See in context

The message from the government is we are in a state of emergency, but the action of not cancelling the olympics tells us everything is ok. Classic case of don’t do as I do, but do as I say. If you want people to take the emergency status seriously the olympics must be cancelled..

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Posted in: Even among Japanese convenience stores, the Daily Hot makes this chain especially awesome See in context

Slightly off topic, but as a Brit residing in Tokyo for many years, I was happy to discover that 7/11 sell frozen steak pies. Aeon were selling something similar, but discontinued them. It seems though that it’s only on 7/11s winter menu, the more of us pie lovers buying them, the more places will stock them!

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Posted in: Olympic host towns pull out over pandemic See in context

Setagaya-Ku are scheduled to host the US team, can we have a similar cancellation of host duties please?

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic organizers defend request for 500 nurses as virus spikes See in context

The crux of the matter is people don’t seem to want the olympics, cases are going up, we’re in a state of emergency again, but it’s still ok to host the Olympics!? Really getting the feeling Suga and company have no idea what they are doing.

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Posted in: Suga asks Pfizer for additional COVID-19 vaccine supplies See in context

What for? Doesn’t seem like your actually giving anyone the vaccine anyway..

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Posted in: China says U.S.-Japan actions are stoking division See in context

And creating a global pandemic that has killed millions and commuting genocide against Muslims in your own country is the work of angels?

why is the world not boycotting anything and everything Chinese?

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