COVID-19 INFORMATION What you need to know about the coronavirus if you are living in Japan or planning a visit.

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Posted in: As the world struggles to cope with the coronavirus, do you feel safer in Japan (if you live here), or would you prefer to be in your home country right now? See in context

in the Uk this is out of control, I feel safer here, but I want abe to formulate a plan other than crossing his fingers to stop japan and especially Tokyo going the same way as other great cities of the world..

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Posted in: Japan not planning to declare state of emergency but will expand entry bans See in context

Is planning to? Wtf?! We need to close the borders to the world now. Complete no brainer..

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic organizers eye July 2021 for start of Games: reports See in context

Seriously this is not the issue the government need to focus on, we need a coherent testing system to find people with covid 19, not worry about hosting beach volleyball and equestrian. Priorities abe!!??

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Posted in: Man arrested for attempting to kill neighbor over noise dispute See in context

There should be a noise complaints line at the city offices to act as a third party, some people are just inconsiderate or don’t care what other people think by nature. A third party would mean no violence and amicable settlements of noise disputes..

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Posted in: Tokyo confirms 63 new coronavirus cases, a record daily increase See in context

Abe seriously dropped the ball when he had a chance to stop the rate of infection and stop all travel to japan when he closed the schools. He’s done nothing to prevent this disaster other than ruin the graduation of a whole generation of students-for nothing.

Close the borders, test anyone with a temperature over 36.9 and keep those infected away from other people until they get through it. Japan needs to come together behind a coherent plan instead of hoping for the best. If abe had ever travelled on the Yamanote line at rush hour he would know there was no way it wasn’t going to spread..

resign abe.

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Posted in: Japan plans huge stimulus package to cushion blow from coronavirus See in context

A mortgage holiday and a cash payment of 250k(cash not in food vouchers) per adult would be a good way to start things off. If it’s per household you’re penalising married people instead of helping them more than single people..

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Posted in: Japan, spared mass outbreak so far, now sees national crisis after Tokyo surge See in context

Complete mishandling of this whole emergency by abe. I hope the Japanese electorate remember his lack of leadership at the next election..

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Posted in: 'Humor is healing': Laughter soothes nerves during COVID-19 trauma See in context

You won’t find any help on Japanese Tv then..

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Posted in: Koike urges Tokyo residents to stay at home at weekend See in context

Great work koike, all you’ve done is start a panic in Tokyo, supermarkets are full of people panic buying with queues 1 hour long. Instead of sound bites and stupid ideas like giving everyone a 12k rebate, close the borders, test for the virus and contain it. This is not a joke or a minor problem, this is the biggest global issue since 9/11..

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Posted in: Experts warn Japanese growing complacent of coronavirus risk See in context

stop all flights in and out of japan until this horrible virus is contained. We’re in danger of needing to go to lockdown if the government keeps hoping for the best instead of taking action..

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics in 2021 will be beacon of hope, says IOC See in context

Just call it 2021, we’re all going to want to forget this year as soon as possible, why associate with it?

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Posted in: Koike urges cooperation to avoid Tokyo lockdown See in context

Close the borders now or sleepwalk into a country wide lock down. This is all getting out of hand, take preemptive action rather than wait until it’s too late and none of us can leave our homes. Where is the leadership?

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Posted in: Japan to ask travelers from U.S. to self-quarantine for 14 days See in context

Just lock down the country until this virus is under control, why risk becoming like Europe or China? All flights in and out should be stopped. Stop thinking about tourist revenue and focus on preventing a catastrophe abe..

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Posted in: On or off? Who's saying what about Tokyo Olympics See in context

Do what’s right for the country mr Abe, not what’s right for the ioc. Every other major sporting event has been postponed, grow a pair and put it back to 2021. Do you really think countries in lockdown have the appetite for sailing or equestrian?

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Posted in: Out and about See in context

just because the sun has come out doesn’t mean it’s time for us all to lower our guards. Until there is a vaccine or the virus is in an x files type lab this is far from over.

this posting from a healthy Uk woman infected by covid is a reminder it’s not time to get out the cigars and start going to roppingi again:

lets just hope and pray this Chinese virus(I said it) is stopped and we can all go back to leading our lives in peace and free from fear of something we can’t see or fight..

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Posted in: Gov't calls for utility payment deferment due to coronavirus See in context

Instead of delaying why don’t you just pay those utility bills for two months Shinzo? Delaying is not putting money in our pockets..

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Posted in: Gov't considers cash handouts to households to ease virus impact See in context

¥12k?! Government nursery alone is ¥40k. What do they expect people to get from being given money for a low paid days work? Try 200-250k per household with children then it may offer some relief..

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Posted in: Sales tax cut emerging as option as gov't battles coronavirus fallout See in context

the World has gone to the dogs, but it’s ok you can pay 3% less in consumption tax on goods?! Give every household with kids a tax rebate of ¥200k. Now is not the time to spend on luxury goods, this reduction won’t make any difference..

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Posted in: Plane leaves Japan for Greece to collect Olympic flame See in context

The world and his dog know that it’s time to delay or cancel the olympics. We are not even sure schools can restart in April, Mr Abe needs to get his own house in order before hosting a world party. Time to swallow your pride and stop the olympics bringing japan back to the levels of infection in Europe.

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Posted in: Japan to ask travelers from Europe to self-quarantine for 14 days See in context

Just close the borders now, does he really want Japan to catch up with Europe? Who is running Japan’s response an unfunny Japanese comedian?

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Posted in: Doubts growing in Japan over Tokyo Olympics See in context

The only way I see the olympics proceeding is for japan to close its borders to all air travel, allowing only the competitors to come into the country and open the tickets up to the people of japan. There was enough demand for tickets so stadiums would be full and hopefully by that time japan would have the virus under some control.

Allowing more infected visitors into watch the Olympics would put japan back to square one and waste all the effort and sacrifice since abe closed the schools.

These are unprecedented times that call for unconventional thinking, it’s time japan stopped all air travel until the pandemic subsides globally..

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Posted in: Abe, Johnson to work closely over coronavirus response See in context

Abe has to face facts it’s time to cancel or delay the olympics, euro 2020 is being delayed why take the chance of bringing more infections to Tokyo, especially if it is becoming more under control. Or is it all about tourist income mr abe?

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Posted in: China turns to propaganda to right image in virus 'war' See in context

How very Chinese. Instead of offering the world some kind of financial compensation for the deaths and impact on companies around the world or even an apology for causing this epidemic, the message is we’re ok. In the Uk, we have a phrase for this-I’m alright jack. It means I’m ok I don’t care about anyone else..

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Posted in: Ignore the coronavirus hysteria – now's the perfect time to visit Japan because airfares are cheap, there are less crowds and the chance of being infected with the virus is low. Do you agree? See in context

If you’re under 25, with no kids or financial obligations then what the hell. The reality is for those of us with kids and elderly parents this whole situation is a nightmare, and the looming financial crisis because of it is hovering in the background. Does anyone really think some kind of miracle will happen before next Monday?

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Posted in: Coronavirus crisis taking its toll on Japan's tourist industry See in context

Think most people won’t be missing groups of loud inconsiderate Chinese tourists shouting at each other around Tokyo. If it’s any consolation, when this is all over they’ll all be back, and we’ll all go back to avoiding those areas they congregate in. Abe will be desperate to bring them all back too..

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Posted in: S Korea protests over Japan's virus travel restrictions See in context

Should have done this as soon as the outbreak occurred in China. Abe was too interested in playing world statesman and tourism, too little too late..

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Posted in: Coronavirus response an unexpected, crucial test for Abe See in context

Seriously no matter how bad he screws up he still comes through ‘teflon’ abe could get through anything.

Raise taxes twice-no problem. Increase cost of living-no problem. Devalue the yen by increasing national debt in a failed flagship policy-no problem. The guy can do no wrong in the eyes of the Japanese, not even disappearing when leadership is really needed will stop him..

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Posted in: Hokkaido declares state of emergency over virus See in context

What a horrible, horrible situation the world is in. Nice work China, thank you for your contribution to the modern world..

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Posted in: Russia to ban entry of Chinese nationals to halt virus See in context

Japan should be doing the same. It would only be temporary, but I fear abe is more interested in tourism from China than stopping this horribly divisive virus..

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Posted in: Estranged Australian husband freed after trespassing to find his children See in context

the guy just wants to do right by his children and he’s arrested for it? Thankfully, I’m happily married, but this chap is taking one for the team and should have the support of all non Japanese parents living in japan..

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