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Posted in: Japan to boost child allowances to tackle falling birthrate See in context

Such a minimal increase, I’d rather pay less tax and keep the money the Gov take..

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Posted in: Japan to give ¥2.4 bil grant aid to Samoa See in context

$2,4 billion that could have been used on making education free for all kids, and more nursery places. Not to worry Japanese tax payers can pay more in stealth taxes to cover these payments to Samoa, while major pay increases only go to a small portion of the working public..

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Posted in: Messi plays but Vissel Kobe beats Inter Miami 4-3 on penalties See in context

Why is one of the best players in history wasting his final years in a dead league?

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Posted in: Foreign English teacher in Japan calls student’s ability garbage; says it was an 'American joke' See in context

This is the result of the race to the bottom, dispatch companies are paying less and less and are lowering the bar for teachers year by year to replace experienced alts who have had enough of poor pay.

Make all alt positions direct hire and kill off dispatch companies and the parasite yes men managers they breed..

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Posted in: China urges regional alert as U.S. military steps up forward deployment See in context

Trust the country bullying every other nation in the region or the us? Not really a question and the world should have forced them to pay compensation after causing covid, we didn’t and here we are on the brink of them invading Taiwan..

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Posted in: 'Between The Lines': The emergence of Japanese soccer onto the world stage See in context

Japan definitely has some world class players, the World Cup is not the be all and end all, but Japan have a habit of slipping up against the sides they are supposed to beat-the seem to play better as underdogs.

international teams are always missing one piece, with Japan it’s a striker who can be the main man, a world class no 9, if Japan had that, we’re talking a team that could get to wc semi finals, until then it’s best 8 imo. I’m confident mitoma will be the most expensive Japanese transfer in history within the next two years though..

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Posted in: Putin to seek another presidential term in Russia, extending his rule of over two decades See in context

Wonder who’s going to win that one!?

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Posted in: Tokyo makes high school free for all families, even the rich ones See in context

Free means I don’t have to pay anything, still having to pay ¥30lk a month in expenses at school/nursery is not free. Rich people don’t require government help btw..

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Posted in: Italy faces showdown with Ukraine in Euro 2024 qualifying See in context

The premier league teams are generally playing sat wed sat, someone at fifa has to realise having such long international breaks is turning people off international football.

My country are playing Malta and north Macedonia, those games could easily have been played today and on Saturday, instead it’s two games over two weeks.

Anyone who watched Chelsea v spurs or man city didn’t want this international yawn break..

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Posted in: Olympic sports bodies want talks with IOC after cricket and others added to 2028 LA program See in context

Instead of trying to tell us breakdancers are athletes, the ioc should lose restrictions on the football tournament and allow players of all ages to take part-the Olympic tournament has a serious history and legacy..

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Posted in: SoftBank hit with ¥931 bil quarterly loss as WeWork, other tech investments go sour See in context

For a seriously smooth company they were fleeced in buying we work, who in their right mind would pay billions for an office sharing company? Better to write off the debt than keep flogging a dead horse..

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Posted in: Japan needs to make stance on Israel-Hamas war clearer, observers say See in context

This is a messy conflict with accusations of both sides killing children. Japan to me as a foreigner living here need to act as a voice of reason for peace as the only country to have suffered the tragedy of a nuclear bomb. The world is on the precipice of madness and needs leaders for peace, not more countries picking sides for world war 3. The world is being lead by mad men intent on mass destruction-sanity must prevail. Rant over.

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Posted in: Nia DaCosta makes her mark on Marvel history with 'The Marvels' See in context

Reeks of Cathleen Kennedy, all female leads, bad guy is a girl-all very woke. Watched iron man 1 the other day, much easier to watch than the overcomplicated avengers, a good guy/bad guy female lead all played by great actors-and a good story. Who wants to watch movies with a heavy woke agenda for fun?

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Posted in: Having top 4 teams face each other in quarterfinals highlights absurdity of early draw for pool stage See in context

As very much a casual rugby fan(generally only watch international rugby), it should be quality over quantity, the first round is far too long and the big nations against the new emerging teams are far too easy to predict and verging on Andorra/San Marino levels compared to the established rugby countries.

Expansion for the sake of extra content and inclusion just diluted the quality of play, I’m all for colourfull fans joining the party etc, but next weekends games will be where the real competition kicks off..

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Posted in: Japan quiet on possible yen-buying market intervention See in context

So the abenomics chickens have come home to roost. It was unbelievable how the Japanese electorate enabled the borrowing for so long, now they can’t borrow anymore we’re all screwed. They should have been making cuts and saving where possible and kept the cost of living as it was, pre abenomics the yen was strong and the cost of living was much lower(circa 2012).

now the birth rate is decreasing and everyone is looking at costs continuing to go up, while wages don’t for the majority of the working public-good job Japanese politicians..

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Posted in: New wave of price hikes, tax-related rule changes await Japan in October See in context

These hikes are really going to help struggling families and encourage more people to have children-good job mr Kishida..

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Posted in: Japan to delay bill blocking sex offenders from working with children See in context

By delaying, the government could be responsible for more sex offenders abusing kids within the education system. Pass this bill now and worry about other industries later..

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Posted in: Japan humiliate Euro 2024 hosts Germany 4-1 See in context

The timing, it’s shaping up to be japan’s golden generation, but with no World Cup for three years they may peak before getting to prove it. The Asia cup ranks lower than the gold cup and is merely a Korea v Japan contest.

Mitoma will become the most expensive Japanese player in history next summer imo, he’ll go for £70/80 million..

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Posted in: One giant step: Moon race hots up See in context

May as well just shoot a billion dollars in the sky and blow it up. Getting to mars is the one mankind should be working to, not a dead rock..

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Posted in: Japan eyes new system to fine cyclists for traffic violations See in context

Surely it’s just a way to keep bored police in their koban offices busy? Why not focus on noisy neighbours and increasing pressure on anti social noisy cars?

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Posted in: Critics of Tokyo redevelopment plan accuse city government of ignoring residents' wishes See in context

worrying trend atm. No one I’m Setagaya was asked if we wanted the us Olympic team to take over Kinuta park and to build an eye sore track with stadium in the park, but they did it anyway. Surely as tax payers we deserve to be consulted on big changes within our own communities.

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Posted in: Incident with knives causes commotion on Tokyo Yamanote line train See in context

Seems a lot of support for the chef here, but what kind of idiot openly carries knives on public transport and thinks people will be ok with it? The guy who notified the train staff was right to flag it.

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Posted in: JBC says cannabis found in boxer Ioka's December doping test sample See in context

It’s not really going to help the guy in the ring though, probably the reverse..

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Posted in: Japan to refocus foreign aid on maritime, economic security and national interests See in context

But in the meantime health insurance, city tax and pensions payments go up with the cost of living. Stop playing statesman and focus on the lives of people living in the country you are supposed to be helping..

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Posted in: Kishida orders ¥3.5 trillion to be set aside for child care See in context

If you increase health insurance premiums it will increase the cost of living meaning less people can afford to have the babies to increase the figures. You need to support families, not make living costs higher..

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Posted in: Riding on G7 success, Kishida eyes early election See in context

Excuse me for not being high on the fumes of the market high making bubble economy levels, but this does not feel like we are living the luxury of that era, if anything it feels like the cost of living is going up, but wages are staying at a 2012 level..

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Posted in: Japan auteur Kitano's latest samurai film headed to Cannes See in context

If you watch the two zatoichi movies released in 2004 and 2010 the difference is like night and day, takeshi’s movie is a masterpiece-dark v light, the other movie staring the guy from smap is a complete snooze fest. Really looking forward to seeing this one, his samurai films always hit the spot, shame he doesn’t make so many movies these days..

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Posted in: Japan's birthrate policy could be funded by gov't bonds, says LDP official See in context

What policy? The birth rate is continuing to go down. Until they realise you have to help parents throughout the growing up process not just in giving birth it won’t do anything to up the rates. Increasing the cost of living and taxes to pay for it will have an adverse effect making life tougher for families-hello?!

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Posted in: J.League propels Japan from soccer backwater to World Cup regulars See in context

It’s great that Japanese football is thriving, mitoma is a game changer in terms of how Japanese players are perceived overseas, if he can move to a big club and continue as he has he could be a world class player.

At grassroots level, the JFA need to stop kids using the overly heavy medicine balls they currently use to play, there is a link between those types of ball and the dementia suffered by players from the 1950s and 1960s. The modern game uses lighter balls, not sure why Japanese soccer insists on these over pumped versions..

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Posted in: Kishida pledges to boost child-rearing budget to 4% of GDP See in context

Increasing the cost of living is not helping families. He needs to make life easier for families not more difficult. Both parents should be able to receive deductions in tax for having dependents, not only one. Don’t just help at the birth stage, education should be free with subsidies for the expensive uniforms they need to wear.

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