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Posted in: More flee as Ukraine warns of stepped-up Russian attacks See in context

The rumors about Russia invading Hokkaido are far fetched, but something we should all be keeping an eye on. Roll on regime change in Russia..

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Posted in: Japanese students seek to act as bridge with Russia See in context

It will take a generation to forgive the Russian people for burying their heads in the sand while their soldiers rape and pillage their way through the Ukraine..

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Posted in: High raw material costs plus weak yen threaten Japan's recovery from COVID See in context

With these costs going up, it was hardly time to devalue the yen and play the abe/kishida-Nomics card, printing money only makes costs higher and we all know companies do not increase wages for low paid workers-he’s making life more difficult for those who need the most help..

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Posted in: Japan to allow up to 10,000 arrivals daily from April 10 See in context

Completely agree that families of Permanent residents should be given special dispensation to come into the country. My mum has been waiting to see her grandchild for two years, surely family is more important than getting students over?

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Posted in: Japan to see higher prices for food, daily goods from Friday See in context

If the cost of living is going up, why is Kishida going to make them go up further with his stimulus package? Abenomics only benefits rich people…

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Posted in: Bruce Willis, diagnosed with aphasia, retires from acting See in context

Absolute legend, gutted to hear he’s calling it a day, twelve monkeys, pulp fiction, die hard, 5th element what a canon and legacy he leaves behind..

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Posted in: Kishida tells ministers to compile new economic package as prices skyrocket See in context

¥5000 to pensioners? Is it 1970? A six pack of asahi costs ¥1200! Kishida really lives in a dreamworld..

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Posted in: Russia starts military drill on disputed islands off Japan See in context

Just 3000 troops drilling on the Northern territories. The JSDF could easily overwhelm the Russians and retake the islands. It’s now or never. What are they waiting for?

its called an act of war mate, not advisable considering putin is like an angry guy in the bar looking to fight anyone.,

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Posted in: Diet enacts record ¥107.60 tril budget for FY2022 See in context

More money printing, cost of living goes up, wages still won’t go up. Great work mr Kishida, I’m sure all low paid workers are really happy you’re making our lives even more difficult..

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Posted in: Japan to invest $42 bil in India to strengthen economic ties See in context

Why not spend the £42 billion on helping low paid workers and families instead of non tax payers in another country who in the main couldn’t care less what happens in Japan?

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Posted in: China may cozy up to Japan to tackle economic slump, but faces hurdles See in context

This is where the world gets china wrong, they’re only nice when they need something, as soon as they don’t need Japan it will be after territory and complaining about the war again..

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Posted in: Japan logs record low childbirths in 2021; deaths at postwar high See in context

Until you support families more and make it financially affordable to have children the date will continue to go down. Only wealthy people can afford to have more than two kids in Tokyo.

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Posted in: Japan's oil subsidy may be upped fivefold due to Ukraine crisis See in context

If you drive a Maserati or a gas guzzler you don’t need government support.

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Posted in: Australia slams China 'lifeline' to Russia See in context

I love the fact Australia don’t accept china’s behaviour, the world would benefit by following suit, rather than bending over to appease china at every opportunity..

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Posted in: China temporarily detains Japanese embassy staffer See in context

It’s clear the nicer you are to them, the more difficult they are..

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Posted in: Emperor calls on people to keep 'fire of hope' amid pandemic See in context

It’s quite easy to say that from a comfy palace and having servants. How about encouraging tax rebates and wage increases for those on low incomes?

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Posted in: Calling the coronavirus the 'Chinese virus' connects label with bias See in context

It originated in china=china virus. It’s killed millions, an apology and financial compensation to those that suffered and lost income would be nice, but China don’t work like that. Instead we all have to try our best not to offend a nation sterilising its own people, and threatening all the nations in this region. The world is sleepwalking to a Ukraine type situation in Taiwan..

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Posted in: Japan aims to block sex offenders from jobs in schools, child care See in context

some experts are concerned that such a system may hinder the rehabilitation of those who have served their sentences.

the most important thing is to protect the children, not convicted sex offenders. This law can’t come in soon enough..

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Posted in: Public schools in Japan short of over 2,500 teachers last year See in context

More direct hire and pay rises for ALTs and NTs at schools would be much appreciated too Mr Kishida-the more you pay us the more tax you’ll get, the more we’ll spend. It’s better to do that than aimlessly printing money and buying bonds..

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Posted in: What's at stake as World Cup qualifying resumes See in context

There wouldn’t need to be a winter break if the needless competitions like the uefa conference league and the League of Nations were cut and teams like San Marino and Andorra had to play pre qualifying tournaments to limit the one sided games. The Premier League is overly interrupted by these worthless games. I’d be more interested in watching San Marino play the us ladies team than England, least it would be close..

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Posted in: Symbol of Japan #MeToo movement again awarded damages in rape case See in context

I defy anyone to watch her bbc documentary and not support her claims. She’s fighting for a better, safer world for all girls/women in japan and she should be commended and supported by all. Gambate Ito san..

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Posted in: China sends 39 warplanes toward Taiwan See in context

It’s ok, the ioc chose them to hold the Winter Olympics so they must be a friendly country not forcibly sterilising their own people or creating global pandemics killing millions. When will China be held accountable for covid 19(the China virus)?

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Posted in: Kishida cabinet's approval rating at 55.9%: poll See in context

The current rising covid rates are under kishida’s watch and a response is required, just burying his head in the ground and hoping it goes away isn’t doing much..

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Posted in: Olympic athletes urged by activists not to criticize China See in context

Once again the world tolerates and dances around China, instead of addressing the fact they caused a global pandemic which has killed millions and they have not yet been held accountable for.

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Posted in: British PM Johnson denies lying about lockdown party See in context

He has the largest mandate from the British electorate in history, he is the British Prime Minister, he has the right to stay in the job until voted out by the Conservative party or by the British public. He should not resign over drinking at a party, however much the left wing media want him too..

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Posted in: Japan’s best-selling beer changing its recipe for first time in 35 years See in context

All the main beers here have a distinct taste, kirin, sapporo and asahi and ebisu are the best tasting beers imo. If you want to offer a new asahi recipe why not just launch a new beer brand?

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Posted in: British PM Johnson fights for survival after lockdown party hangover See in context

Though I don’t agree with boris’ policy to expats and taxation, if he has any sense he will tune out the noise and ride out the storm-the left wing media know this is their big chance to oust him and are going in all guns blazing.

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Posted in: Man arrested for exposing himself to school girl admits to at least 50 similar offenses See in context

There seriously needs to be a sex offenders list here to stop weirdos like this guy getting near kids..

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Posted in: Kishida must turn to Abenomics to satisfy financial markets: Abe See in context

Go and pick up your masks and keep your comments to yourself. Abenomics was a failure, why go backwards?

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Posted in: JR East, West to cut commuter services next year amid pandemic See in context

Have they even got the yamanote lately? It’s not ok for people to travel in worse, more crammed conditions than cattle..

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