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Mostafa Sultani Hussaini comments

Posted in: Japanese securities firms hope stocks jump in Year of the Rabbit See in context

As a stock market analyst, I predict Japanese stock value prices to continue as the previous year of 2022, the companies listed on The Nikkei index needs to do better in the global market competitions, or they will continue to lose value like 2022 into 2023.

It is still not very wise to invest in last year's losing companies, we need to give it time to stabilize and at the right moment more confidently buy, but now a hold to sell status would be better in my analyst opinion, but there are hundreds of other analyst in Japan they could help too.

The stock market proverb of Shares Jump hopefully continue to raise stock share values in the year of 2023 like the stock market history.

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Posted in: Kishida weighs Ukraine visit in February to hold talks with Zelenskyy: report See in context

In my opinion, Prime Minister Kishida is acting conventional again, it is virtuous to help and support your friends, but Ukraine affairs is not much of Japanese concerns as Ukrainians are acting very conventional and fighting with out purpose, in 2023.

I suggest Prime Minister Kishida to stay out of Ukraine.

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Posted in: Asia's top film festival roots for regional talent See in context

I want to watch a very good film, please make me one.

All time greatest films include Titanic, Man Hunt in Osaka, just a two to mention.

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Posted in: Netflix sets $7 monthly price for its ad-supported service See in context

Netflex is trying to capture the stingee peoples business by giving a 3 us dollar discount to compete with Hulu and Peakok which are cheaper. I believe it is not worth it, as ads are usually not good for entertainment. I am a pioneer users of Netflex and won't want to lower its quality for a worthless 3 dollar.

I believe it is good for Netflex business to keep its cheaper customers from leaving to other product providers, ads are expensive I suggest the monthly subscription to come down to 5 us dollar, as Amazon and Roku gives free television with advertisement. Netflex to do better or will lose in today's competitive market.

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Posted in: Two top Japanese universities drop in British magazine's world ranking See in context

I consider Tokyo university 2nd best university in the world after Oxford university and that is because my English language is a lot better than my Japanese, if I knew as much Japanese as English I would have favored Tokyo university as the best university in the whole world. One university I almost have no respect for is Harvard university, and also their graduates.

I am a graduate at top of my class from Oxford and Tokyo universities.

The best.

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Posted in: North Korea test-fires long-range strategic cruise missiles: state media See in context

More weapons to get tested and be war ready. Korea is fully independent and any foreign interference could result to deadly war. I warn you.

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Posted in: Russia protests over Japan's firing of HIMARS in exercise with U.S See in context

Weapon testing to always be done domestically, it is even better not to test weapons near Russia borders as Russia is sensitive to foreign interference in the Russian sovereignty. You don't want to wake the giant Russia to war you, as in times of war weapons to be ready to defend you. There is a cliche that a friend in need is a friend indeed, this said I don't think Japan has any friends to help it in times of war just like Ukraine. Japanese people to be registered in selective service and all to be ready to fight in case of war to protect Japan's sovereignty. Japan's first constitution amendment states that no one but the emperor of Japan to rule over Japanese people, what if foreigners invade and rule. Be ready more weapons to get tested and war ready, just in case another country attacks you like a dog with rabies and try to bite you, the enemy to be the underdog and to lose.

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Posted in: Spacey's lawyer grills Anthony Rapp at sex misconduct trial See in context

Sex offense is not that big of a crime, the judiciary system in the States is wrong for it. They need counseling and consulting.

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Posted in: Japan to scrap current non-digital health insurance cards in 2024 See in context

Digital is better at this time and age, it will be more convenient for the people of Japan.

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Posted in: Yen weakness likely to mute impact of Japan's reopening for airlines See in context

Yen to hold its value, the Japanese government to do better, the finance minister and ministry specializes in currency security, if the current finance minister doesn't have the solution for yen deflation, I suggest prime minister Kishida or even the emperor Narahito to replace him with a more able person to perform better in favor of the people of Japan, this yen deflation needs to stop first, and even better if yen starts to inflate again.

I hope for the better future Japan.

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Posted in: Kishida to visit Perth in Australia, with eye on energy imports See in context

I have always followed royals and heads of the state, now I am following his excellency prime minister Kishida, his excellency's billatheral meeting with the Australian leaders in Australia should be fun for him and his envoy, in modern international affairs' management, most deals can be done and done over the secure internet with digitally binding and signing contracts as a result there is not much to do in person. Australian government has a lot of time to prepare for Japan's second highest leader to visit, I hope there to be good ice cream.

I hope Kishida not sell his soul while in office, how much is it to buy someone is soul these days, I assume every soul to be sold at different prices, how much is it to win a political prime minister election in these days, not everyone voted for Mr. Kishida, but I am in approval of his performance I think he does his job well, it is a very difficult job to do, as a result very few Japanese are qualified to function as a prime minister.

Thank you Kishida for your excellency and serving with your best of ability.

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Posted in: Japan, Canada to formally begin intelligence sharing talks See in context

Two foreign ministers holding hands together such a friendly behavior. I believe Japan and Canada are stronger together, and also not to mention I believe Canada doesn't have much to give to Japan but better than nothing. I hope together their strengths multiply.

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Posted in: Red Bull guilty of 'minor' budget cap violation, FIA says See in context

Team Red Bull should be innocent, Red Bull and Team Red Bull is good and strong.

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Posted in: Tourists flock to Japan after COVID restrictions lifted See in context

I am against wearing of mask at this time after Covid vaccination, things to come to normal the sooner the better, the vaccine protects like the influenza virus vaccine, people should not be very scared special the young people the older people to be more concern about the covid. Life to go on to normal again. I hope the tourists enjoy their visit to Japan.

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Posted in: To buy Twitter, Musk has to keep banks, investors on board See in context

I personally don't like Elon Musk, and any product that relates to Elon Musk, I believe he is not a good manager for any job, and shouldn't be any leader. I wish Twitter not to sell him the Twitter, now I don't use anything that affiliate with Elon Musk, but I daily use Twitter I don't want to lose my use of Twitter because of the disgusting Elon Musk.

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Posted in: N Korea confirms nuclear missile launches were tests to 'wipe out' enemies See in context

It is good to be strong. I don't think North Korea under the leadership of Kim Jong Un would invade and hurt anybody, there weapons are for self defense purposes, North Korea is not in any military unions like NATO or other union, in case of war, North Korea need to defend itself. I wouldn't mind them test any weapon.

Kim Jong Un I believe has been a great leader for the past 12 years, promoted economical and international friendship for North Korea. King Kim Jong Un knows better.

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Posted in: K-pop group BTS members face possible military conscription See in context

Non of BTS members should do any military service in my opinion, this article clearly says that the current law excepts celebrities like them, but some Exo members have done military service which I am against. Military work is for loser, great boys of Exos and BTS are too good to join military. I want them to refuse as much as possible, but if they are forced to do so, it is an one and a half years of enlistment, time passes fast do it and take it easy, better to hold a cleaning mop than to hold a killer gun, I don't think these lover boys can kill as soldiers, as I said earlier there is many other jobs in military other than infantry, I have a some military background for me to accept to kill was very difficult, some people can't even kill a chicken, but when you join military you need to prepare to kill other countries soldiers or whoever there maybe and that can be immoral for boys like me, I am 36 years old in the United State and I have passed my military age which is up to 36 years of age to join. They fool young people in to killing each other I am glad that I am older and wiser than to be fooled in to killing or being killed in military.

Again to conclude my message, I am against BTS to join the military, I wish that they all get except, BTS is a holy boy group and too good to join any military.

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Posted in: Stunned Ruud follows ill Norrie out of Korea Open See in context

I consider Korea Tennis Championship in Seoul among the most prestigious Tennis tournaments along French Open, US Open, Australian Open, Wembeldon, Indian Wells and other prestigious tennis tournaments.

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Posted in: Arsenal, Spurs seek to prove title credentials in north London derby See in context

Prince Harry of England is a big fan of Arsenal Football Club, it is a good team but I am not. I am fan of a fully loaded royal weapon arsenal, tell Prince Harry a good modern arsenal to have some atomic and radioactive weapons and a this season's Arsenal FC to have better players and team work, and do better, or you will lose again like last season.

I am a strong offensive football player when I kick and shoot the ball to the goal and goally the goal keeper thinks I hit him not with a football but an explosive cannon, I usually score on little weak boys, some big footballers in full armor in Premier leagues are more difficult to beat with a canon ball. Be ready we play rough.

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Posted in: Fiery bouquets: Exploring Japan’s fall flowers See in context

Some of these wild and landscape flowers and ornamental plants at Japan parks and gardens are so beautiful that some flower enthusiasts like me would want to take them home if sold at a florist, but it is look but don't touch policy all seasons not just fall foliage season.

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Posted in: New UK coins featuring image of King Charles revealed See in context

The King Charles coins looks simply beautiful, I want the 50 pence, and the commemorative 5 pound coins for my global currency collection.

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Posted in: Japan August jobless rate falls to 2.5%; job availability rises See in context

2.5 percent unemployment rate is extremely low if it gets lower then as the report says it will be very difficult for the employers to find employees in capitalism. 132 job openings for every 100 job seekers is a good ratio, Japan economy is strong to create more jobs than its population can do, it show economical strength and even more growth from previous month labor report. At this ratio like the report says, workers at harsh working conditions like restaurants have a chance to find better jobs of higher paying and better working conditions, if their employees leave them, the restaurant industry will be even more short staff, and there is a lot of restaurants too in Japan and believe they can handle it. It is good that covid virus is over and things are getting back to old classical Japan normal.

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Posted in: Digital minister aims to drag Japan out of analog doldrums See in context

The practice of a good respectful culture is important, classical living doesn't require the use of new digital technology, some new technology is for better or worst, and it will take time to learn it and get use to it, learning is boring and difficult, and people learn at different pace, we need to respect that. If a group of people is advance in digital technology that doesn't mean they are better. they could better or worst, because too much of new technology complicates the simplicity of good classical living.

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Posted in: Schwarzenegger visits Auschwitz in message against hatred See in context

Humans need to give sovereignty and respect freedom of all kinds of peaceful expression, otherwise holocaust could return to modern history too, just like Russia vs Ukrain war. Don't treaspass, give an arm length distance, say excuse me and move on.

A Jewish bitch not to bark and bother anybody or holocaust on them again.

Muslim bitches not to bark and bother anybody or holocaust on them again.

Leave us alone and we leave your stupid animal nature sort of people alone.

I am war ready with big Arnold guns when necessary.

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Posted in: Tribute to Issey Miyake at Paris Fashion Week See in context

Japan has high fashion, but some believe fashion reaches climax in Paris France. I want to go to a Tokyo and a Paris Fashion Week, it should be lots of fun.

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Posted in: McDonald’s Japan to raise prices on 60% of menu items See in context

Prices are inflating while money is deflating, it is very bad for the economy and society. Those who have cash in their bank saving accounts their money is devaluing the government economist to do whatever measures to stop this crises of cash deflation, the finance minister specializes in these things. I believe an imaginary difficult to set and enforce the set law to prevent inflation and deflation is to have a Japanese national MSRP Manufacturing Suggested Retail Price set by the government and enforced by the law enforcers. The law now allows Mcdonalds to raise prices but under my government MSRP system, the government to stop this Mcdonalds stupid price hikes, the least now the people's government can do with modern laws is to keep raising the minimum wage to support the poorer citizens at least while the richer citizens money is plummeting. This inflation and deflation in economy is very serious and should have periority to get prevented. One of the richest man in the world is Warren Buffet who had twenty billion US dollar cash mostly in UBS bank, now as a result of US dollar plummet deflation Warren twenty billion now only has about ten billion US dollar buying power, and if the economist can't do anything about it the worst is yet to come. I wont suggest holding cash in these times of inflation and deflation, investing your cash in anything good stables like real estate is good, I fear this volatile global economy.

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Posted in: Mitsubishi Motors' all-new Outlander wins 2022 Australian Good Design Award See in context

I vote for it too to win, I believe it is the best in its class, very elegant inside and outside, Mitsubishi promises to outperform the competition at a reasonable and affordible price for the average citizens. Congratulation for its design team.

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Posted in: Harris calls U.S.-Japan alliance 'a cornerstone' See in context

Some US politicians say Kamala Harris doesn't have excellent international affairs etiquette and gets lost in foreign countries and palaces, but I personally believe she is doing her job well, she is cute, here Kamala is representing people of America at the former prime minster Shinzo Abe state funeral in Japan.

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Posted in: Japan protests Russia's expulsion of official; denies spying See in context

Espionage is a very serious crime in any jurisdiction, Russian judgement believe a crime is committed and the man to shamefully now leave Russia, I believe the Japanese foriegne ministry needs not to ask for any appology just recieve their little diplomat man back home, not to forget Japan can also accuse other country diplomats for any crimes one being espionage.

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Posted in: Mourners form long lines before ex-PM Abe's state funeral See in context

Now among other things that I want to do when I come to Tokyo is to respectfully visit former prime minister Shinzo Abe grave to mourn and give one more tribute.

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