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What Ghosn did was illegal, but a lot of people would also contend they weren't particularly unusual in terms of Japanese executives. What was unusual was the way Ghosn was treated compared to senior Olympus executives. Which got a slap on the wrist and no jail time. Shocking considering size and scope of Olympus's misdeeds.

I think Ghosn saw the writing on the wall that this wasn't going to be a pay a fine, suspended sentence kind of deal.

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Posted in: Prime Minister Kishida wants the U.S. to take a Goldilocks approach that is tough enough to deter Chinese assertiveness, but cautious enough to allow Japan's business interests to thrive. See in context

I was under the impression they want time. Given the incentives Japan has created for businesses to move production out of China (either back to Japan or to other parts of Asia).

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They run huge offices in India. It's where they outsource a ton of jobs.

Wells Fargo (via Wachovia) tried to enter the Japanese lending business in the 2000s. They had no idea how to get people to actually pay and ended up exiting rather quickly.

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Posted in: Man referred to prosecutors for defaming mother of late 'Terrace House' star See in context

It's all fine and good that slander is getting sorted out.

BUT, they have done nothing to address the producers of the show hiding behind NDAs for their role. They may or may not be guilty of something, but I don't think we'll ever know as long as they are allowed to hid from a full and open inquest.

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Posted in: Tokyo train operator begins issuing body cameras, but it’s not employee conduct that worries them See in context

Looks like a version of Panasonic's Arbitrator bodycam. It's big because 1) large battery pack, 2) it's an extremely rugged housing to avoid destruction of videos. If it's like the US product it meets MIL-STD-810G (aka MIL-SPEC).

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Posted in: Mother of late 'Terrace House' star sues TV broadcaster See in context

We really don't know much about the behind the scenes of the show since everyone is under NDA. The close ties between talent agencies, production companies and broadcasters makes getting to the truth hard as well. Speaking up is almost certainly career ending.

Her mother, Kyoko Kimura, was also a professional wrestler. She likely has a pretty good idea how what she was being asked to do on TH would effect her overall career and public perception. In particular given the stereotypes and bullying Hana faced being mixed race.

I don't know what the liability is legally, but it does seem like BS that the people with power in the production have been allowed to hide behind the NDAs. Certainly if this was in other countries there would have been in an independent inquest to air all the dirty laundry.

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Posted in: Bad guys turn good in China 'Minions' movie ending See in context

I hope more movies follow the example of Top Gun: Maverick and refuse Chinese censorship. Artistic integrity should trump profit always.

Hollywood is entirely about profits. However, between Chinese theater attendance being down and the limited number of films allowed in, appeasing China only makes sense for a small number of films.

Ironically, pre-pandemic, Top Gun was appearing China by removing the Taiwanese flag from the iconic flight jacket in the trailer. They put it back in when it was clear that a potential Chinese thesaterical release wasn't going to make much money.

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Posted in: Do you think China is a military threat to Japan? See in context

China is simply taking advantage of the Ukraine situation. On their face they are refusing to supply Russia with weapons outright, but at the same time they have quadrupled trade with Russia and are providing them with an alternate to SWIFT to process money internationally.

Make no mistake, if not for Russia's war on Ukraine the US would have sailed a carrier group between things. Just like they have done in the past.

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Posted in: Obama among international dignitaries expected at Abe state funeral See in context

There's a separate private funeral the family is holding. If he isn't invited to that one then we'll know if Abe actually liked him or was putting on an act.

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Posted in: Japan's perilously low birthrate a forgotten election issue See in context

Maybe instead of spending money on dubious infrastructure project Japan is famous for they could make it so childcare is cheap and plentiful?

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Posted in: 4,127 apply to be astronauts with Japan's space agency See in context

 In other words, USA has one manned flight left for the next 10 years. Until they develop their own rocket engine.

The US has a warehouse full of Russian Engines to support the remaining Atlas V launches. When things started heating up the Russians rushed shipping them to the US. After that there's three other Rockets, including the SpaceX Falcon 9, that can do a crewed mission.

That ISS only needs to make it to 2031. By that point it's already outlived it's original lifespan by 2X.

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I don't think the joke was the reason Smith assaulted Rock. Smith is seating directly in front of the steps. Watching the play back I think what set him off was when Rock said "That was a nice one.” The implication was Rock could make a joke about Jada Smith infidelity/open relationship. I think that pushed him over the edge. That when he jumps up and Rock pauses as he's not sure what's happening.

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Posted in: Major Japanese banks to halt dollar transactions with Russia's Sberbank See in context

Hello Ruble, Yuan, Yen and even blockchain.

They aren't going to trade on rubles. SWIFT is just a message format exchange. It's a promise to transfer physical money. Which means you charter a plane or boat to move a pallet of cash at some point. No one wants to do that with rubles.

Russia will already sell crude with crypto. But it's a currency with huge fluctuation second to second. So far no one has wanted to go that route.

Most likely is Yen or Yuan.

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Posted in: Ukraine says Russia stepping up shelling of residential areas See in context

This is exactly what Russia did in Chechnya and Syria. They will scare off the population (eventually) with indiscriminate shelling, then send in their military to more or less demolish the cities. We are paying the price for letting them get away with it time after time.

The saving grace is Russia has proven logistically they can't more than 90 miles away from their existing bases because Molotov cocktails are extremely effective against fuel trucks. They will eventually resolve it and things will get much worse.

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Posted in: 2,000 Ukrainians, Russians and supporters in Tokyo protest against Russia invasion See in context

Every bit helps. Ultimately, Russia wants a redo on the end of the USSR. Ukraine can't negotiate peace because they have no control over the US, NATO or EU. This is about so many things more than the Eastern Russian speaking regions. If it was just that Russia would have rolled in and set a new border.

Hopefully there can be a diplomatic solution.

PS. Did you know there's a region of White Russian speakers in China that's just as big. Funny, don't see Putin making a stink about them being forced to adapt Chinese culture and language...

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Posted in: Former Princess Mako says marriage was a 'necessary choice' See in context

What, you think his law firm isn't sponsoring his visa? What's wrong with you?

Mildly wealthy people can skip a lot of the red tape with special visa programs. I would also assume they would receive preferential treatment, waivers and assistance by the US state department.

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Posted in: Taiwan applies to join Pacific trade deal days after China See in context

Isn't the whole point of that trade agreement to create a counter balance to China?

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Posted in: Most major cities in Japan revise vaccine plans amid supply crunch See in context

Now there are caveats and like Canada only for those having gotten vaccines approved in Canada which means Sputnik, Sinovac, etc... Are a no go.

Given Sputnik was banned in Brazil for being contaminated with active flu virus (poor manufacturing control) and Sinovac appears to have questionable effectiveness. I don't think anyone should be sad about them not being in market.

AZ is not approved in the USA so if a similar rule is implemented those with AZ will not be accepted as vaccinated.

AZ isn't approved in the US because the people they hired to run the study in the USA keep messing it up. It's a lot of self inflicted errors. They likely will get it approved because it helps with sales internationally, but the urgency just isn't there in the US given the levels of vaccine available.

Japan in general is difficult to get approvals in. I know people who travel to Japan and Europe to gain approval from governments and they are not surprised how long it's taking in Japan. There's just so much useless red tape that has nothing to do with patient safety.

Say what you will about Pfizer, but they know how to run drug studies. They have teams all over the world that know local regulations really well. The people I know who are in the industry who listened to their presentations to the approval panels and FDA were extremely impressed with how they packaged the study and how they were able to answer any question that came up with ease.

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Posted in: Fujifilm finds new niches, record profits amid pandemic See in context

Kodak had all sorts of investments and patents in digital photography. There were years ahead of the competition but the executives choose to position their digital photography products in way where it wouldn't create competition for the film products. In the end film died off and by slow playing digital they allowed others to take the lead in digital. There's literally classes taught at business schools about Kodak as a cautionary tale.

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while you’re at it Suga you can increase cigarette taxes by 30%.

Since the Japanese government is the largest shareholder of Japan Tobacco, it's not in it's interest to have less people smoke. They own the rights to hundreds of cigarette brands including the international rights for Camel, Salem, Winston and Benson & Hedges. They sell them all over the world.

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Posted in: Japan to begin accepting requests for vaccine passports from July 26 See in context

Vaccine passports are already available for 200M people in the US via the Clear app. It takes the records directly from the medical providers and you have an electronically signed chain of trust that can't be forged.

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Posted in: Everything you need to know about quarantining in Japan See in context

Except if you are one of the 100,000 Olympic related people coming into Japan in the coming couple months.

That might actually bring the vaccination rate up at this point.

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Posted in: Fire departments discuss how paramedics can speed up Japan's vaccine drive See in context

These are things they should have figured out 6 months ago.

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Posted in: Elon Musk says Tesla eyeing Russia as a potential production hub See in context

The supply chain will be extremely unreliable. I had clients try to run factories in Russia in the late 90s and 2000s. You'd open crates to find the contents replaced with rocks. Didn't matter if you personally picked them up from customs. It's not like there aren't good engineers and skilled workers. But the crime and theft is just too rampant.

Make the cars in an eastern country and ship them into Russia like everyone else.

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Posted in: Governors refuse to allot hospital beds for COVID-infected Olympians See in context

Most of them will be vaccinated. It's far more likely they'll have a sport injury.

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Posted in: Vaccine chief Kono blames drug approval system for slow inoculation drive See in context

There's over 70 million doses of European made vaccines just sitting there according to NHK news. This is entirely a self inflicted problem by the government. They should already have laws expanding who can administer the shots. They should have already been training people to administer vaccines. They should have already passed laws to streamline the vaccine approval process.

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Posted in: Pfizer vaccine effective against COVID-19 variants in Japan: study See in context

Looks like Moderna vaccine will be banned in Japan because the Japanese supply will come from Korea.

Accord to NHK 40% of European vaccine exports go to Japan. That's 74 MILLION doses from Europe already. I think they'll be fine.

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Posted in: Aichi city gave pharmacy chain chief, wife priority bookings for vaccination See in context

There's tens of millions of doses of vaccine sitting in a warehouse just sitting unused. 40% of European vaccine imports go to Japan. Almost 74 million doses. That's the real scandal. This is a distraction.

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Posted in: Two different Olympic scenes: Inside and outside the National Stadium See in context

They should be in front of PDMA's offices protesting the inability to do anything with urgency. There's 70 million doses of vaccine sitting in warehouses waiting for them according to NHK.

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Posted in: Suga says Japan aiming for 1 mil COVID-19 vaccine shots daily See in context

he could of bought the cheapest and most effective Sputnik V vaccine 3 months ago and vaccinated 35% of population by now.

You mean like Brazil? Who just banned Sputnik V because Russia's doesn't know what it's doing and sent them Vaccine contaminated with live Flu virus. No thanks.

why everything has to be American in this country?

It's a German vaccine. BioNTech licensed it to Pfizer and China. Feel free to get the Chinese made vaccine. It's the same thing as the Pfizer made one and very popular in China.

PS, how's the weather in Russia today?

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