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Dig up the threads from October to see all the endless Russia-bashing when Sputnik V was first announced.

They were all wrong as usual.

The lancet is just reporting the study as submitted to them. 91% has no relation to any other vaccine because 1) They didn't run their test against any other vaccines. 2) The study data showed they have an extremely low participation of elderly people in the study. Only about 10% where in the critical 65 and older age group. 3) And this is a gripe I have about several vaccines, not just sputnik. They did not publish data about if it reduced how much virus was being spread. (i.e. taking a swab of the nose and seeing how much virus turned up).

Be that as it may, it likely will perform similar to the J&J vaccine. Which is based on similar technology and has a similar cost. And frankly, if it wasn't for how well the mRNA vaccines performed we'd be extremely happy that a vaccine performed at 70% across the board. That's historically pretty typical and has been used to eradicate other viruses in the past.

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Posted in: Distillery drinking up plaudits as its craft whisky proves a hit See in context

There's a lot of new craft whiskey distilleries around the world. Very risky business. You spend a lot of money making the spirit and then have to wait several years to see if your process was any good. I wouldn't pay a premium for anything under 5-6 years of aging.

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Posted in: Oita woman loses lawsuit and pays damages without ever knowing she’d been sued See in context

Good luck collecting. Just because you win a verdict doesn't mean the bank account will have enough money to cover it.

A rather large portion of Japan's homeless population is people trying avoiding debts. Usually working day labor jobs. When you stay at shelters or other housing that's part of the social safety net your location is registered and the collectors can find you

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Posted in: Trump lawyers say Democrats urge supporters to 'fight,' too See in context

The lawyer has an interesting balancing act. Any questions relating to watching it all on TV and not calling out the national guard, declaring he won by a landslide with no evidence or why not a single one of his lawyers was willing to declare fraud in court are all "irrelevant" questions. But something a dem house member 99% of the population has never heard of once said. OMG, the horror.

The GOP is filled with greedy opportunists. What Trump did or did not do the day of the insurrection won't come out before the vote. It's going to be yet another must read book complete with wall to wall media tour. Because heaven forbid any of these cowards come forward when the country actually needs them to tell us what happened. Screw that, there's money to be made.

This won't end by the way. Congress has a duty to hold hearing about why the pentagon refused to authorize the DC guard. Why they refused to let Maryland send its guard across the boarder. Were any agencies witholding intelligence from capital police? Did any house members or staff give insurrectionists information ahead of time.

If the GOP truly wants this to go away they would let this stuff coming out now. Have full truth and reconciliation. But it's not going to. Because even when you look bad to dems, moderates and independents there's still plenty of money to be raised by playing victim.

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Posted in: Lotteria releases soy BBQ cheeseburger See in context

Is there a reason why Japan isn't doing Impossible meat? I noticed BK came out with a new veggie burger but it was way different than the Impossible Whopper they have in the US.

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Posted in: Wales bidding for Hitachi nuclear site: report See in context

Unless it's a Molten Salt or Traveling Wave reactor I can't see anyone wanting to invest.

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They are bold little SOBs. No qualms about getting into a purse or backpack to forage for food, paper, valuables, etc. Naturally deer have a fairly large range they'll travel. In Ireland the deer will gladly swim across lakes and rivers to forage on islands. (Same breed of deer by the way. They were a gift from Japan and Japanese Sika are the most common deer in Ireland.) They aren't really a problem in the West because they steer clear of humans.

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A lot of "palm" readers in the biometric security arena actually read the top of the hand, not the palm. The palm print is just a rest and makes it so the device maker can use fairly cheaper fixed focus optics.

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Posted in: Marriott to open 100 hotels in Asia-Pacific in 2021 See in context

For who?

If the travel restrictions will stay in place, these hotels will stay empty.

I have friends that are getting pressure to return to Japan for work. When you work in the medical/phrama industry and your meetings are with the various agencies under the Ministry of Health you can get a special visa. They aren't even in the COVID space.

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Posted in: Google suspends Parler social networking app from Play Store; Apple gives 24-hour warning See in context

The best way to shoot down misinformation is with more persuasive information.

That can work with people who are not indoctrinated, but it's very difficult when people are brain washed into thinking it's true. You need to keep in mind these platforms of misinformation are funded by conservative billionaires. There is a tremendous amount of time and money put into hoodwinking these people. You almost need to use deprogramming methods used on former cult members.

It doesn't help that more mainstream news outlets like Fox News give quarter to some of the guests spouting the BS. And certainly they are prime features of Newsmax and OAN.

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Posted in: Apple, Amazon suspend Parler social network from App Store and web hosting service See in context

It's funded by the Mercer family. They are hedge fund billionaires that funded Breitbart, introduced Steve Bannon to Trump and have a large war chest to waste on this. Short term it will likely move to Epik, which hosts some deplorable stuff already. If need be there's plenty of money to move the service to Asia/Eastern Europe/Russia/etc.

Near term this will short circuit planning violence for the 20th. Longer term if they move off shore it will be harder for US law enforcement to get data on these seditionists.

Should AWS been seen as similar to a telephone service where the telephone company can't make decisions on who can use the service?

I don't think so. Mostly because you could go to Microsoft, Oracle, Google, IBM, SalesForce, etc.

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Posted in: Japan's innovation community to showcase record number of startups at CES See in context

Mui board was a kickerstarter. I think you can still pre-order. Also of note Sony released right away at CES. They have been stuck in the old world thinking that they were still top dog by releasing at the end of the show. All the while letting the Korean and Chinese makers steal most of the thunder (and marketshare) at the show. Impressive lineup of TVs. Will be interesting to see if they claw back some marketshare in 2021.

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Posted in: Blossom Harmony Hibiki is Japan’s newest must-try whisky See in context

AO is not worth the money. You'd think it would be a complex blend, but it turns out they've muted it too much to make the five styles of whisky work together. There's a lot better whisky you could buy for less.

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If we don't impeach him he'll collect a $200K/year pension. Get a $10M travel budget on the taxpayer dime and extensive secret service security detail which he collects rent from for the rest of his life. He's "rich", he can pay for all that on his own.

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Posted in: Democrats plan impeachment; Twitter deletes Trump's account See in context

The Senate won't take up the matter until the 20th. A memo from Mitch Mcconnell was leaked today saying as much. The Senate was looking to Impeach but reportedly Lindsey Graham brokered that video that Trump put out to take a little bit of the heat off. Profiles in courage from the GOP.

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Posted in: Japan concerned about U.S. Capitol breach: Kato See in context

@Chiseled451 - We should be, but soon the comments section will turn into a swamp with people claiming it was BLM and "Antifa" members rioting. If you watch Fox they'll talk about how conservatives are the victims that were forced into the position. If you watch Newsmax or OAN it's conspiracy theories about how it wasn't real Trump supporters.

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Posted in: Trump says his term is ending; transition will be orderly See in context

The congress has adjourned until Biden takes office. Keep in mind that even after all this the vast majority of house Republicans voted to overthrow the electoral college vote. 122 house members + 3 Senators to be specific. But that's not why they adjourned. If congress is not in session then the amount of time the president can force a vote to be reinstated goes from 48 hours to 21 days. They are positioned to 25th Trump if need be.

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Posted in: 4 dead after Trump supporters storm U.S. Capitol, forcing Senate to evacuate See in context

Pence's Twitter account unfollowed Trump and now has a banner of Bidden/Harris. Questions on if Pence has been hacked or they are going to invoke the 25th. Certainly after today I would not trust Trump with the football.

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Posted in: Most U.S. COVID-19 vaccines go idle as New York, Florida move to penalize hospitals See in context

Biden was saying almost a month ago there's no plan to get the vaccine in the arm. The Trump administration said that wasn't true. Yet here we are. No plan from the feds means 50 different plans from the states. The majority of these vaccinations in the general public will be handled by CVS and Walgreens. Now they have 50 different rules to navigate. And in States like Florida each county had different standards.

One size fits all isn't perfect but there's efficiency to it.

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Posted in: Fox News extends streak; sets cable news records in 2020 See in context

Nothing in those articles disputes broadcast network ratings trashing Fox News ratings on the daily. Fox did better than CNN or MSNBC. So what? ABC, NBC and CBS nightly news all beat Fox News like a drum. The ratings are a matter of public record.

Though it should be fun to see what happens to Fox now that Newsmax is getting loaded into more cable systems.

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I'm sure the UK will get right on those Money Laundering standards it's now excluded itself from....

UK fishing makes less than 0.1% of GDP and catches fish no one in the UK wants to eat. They export most of it to EU while the majority of the fish at the local Chippy comes form imports.

I did like how May stood up and listed all the ways the deal she got from the EU was superior to Johnsons.

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Posted in: Fox News extends streak; sets cable news records in 2020 See in context

Broadcast Network News still reigns supreme. Fox News getting 3.6 Million views in primetime is pathetic. CBS evening news (which is the lowest rated) gets over 5 million views, NBC gets over 7 million viewers and ABC gets over 8 million viewers. Cable news is a bubble that thankfully the vast majority of country does not watch. Network news also blows cable news out of the water in the key 18-49 demo.

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