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mountainpear comments

Posted in: Paris film fans embrace 'Tora-san' as appetite for Japan movies grows See in context

@Protestent So what are you saying? Japanese films are crap? How many have you actually watched?

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Posted in: Japanese mosquito coils taking bite out of malaria in Kenya See in context

@Moonraker You don't have to burn it in your house! You can put it outside the entrance of your house! That's what I do!

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Posted in: Japan on alert for unseasonal swarm of stink bugs that feed on fruit See in context

Always have lots of these where I live! They're always on my roses! In Thailand, they eat them! Maybe I should start an export business!

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Posted in: Electric spoon See in context

It's not as stupid as you think! It was designed for people who are on a low salt diet due to heart or kidney disease!

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Posted in: Japanese foreign minister retracts controversial childbirth remark See in context

@BigP Yes, she's married and has children! And she is the person who ordered the execution of 16 people while she was Justice Minister including 13 members of the Aum cult. And fearing a backlash from Aum, her and her immediate family have to have lifelong police protection. I would say her maternal instincts are questionable.

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Posted in: Attacking birth control pills, U.S. influencers push misinformation See in context

@TaiwanIsNotChina I never said anything about banning anything! I just said it wasn't mentioned in the article! Wallace seems to think a 20-30% risk is slight and if you stop taking them the risk disappears! But you don't just take it when you feel like it! That's not how it works! And some women are taking the pill for over 40 years of their life!

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Posted in: Attacking birth control pills, U.S. influencers push misinformation See in context

Breast cancer: taking the combined pill slightly increases the risk of breast cancer compared to people who do not take it. Ten years after stopping the pill, a person's risk is no longer increased – as if the pill was never used.

@Wallace A 20-30% increase in risk is not slight!

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Posted in: Attacking birth control pills, U.S. influencers push misinformation See in context

Mentioned nowhere in the article is that oral contraceptives can increase your chance of getting breast cancer!

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Posted in: 77% of Japan's COVID-19 oral drugs set to be destroyed: estimate See in context

@NakaNasu Why? You've survived up to now without it!

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Posted in: Environment minister apologizes for interruption of Minamata victims' remarks See in context

Wonder how many people know that the president of Chisso Corp (1964-1971) was Yutaka Egashira, the maternal grandfather of Empress Masako. And when it started coming out that people had been poisoned by mercury, he utilized the services of the yakuza to threaten and silence them!

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Posted in: Japan saw over 16,000 deaths from COVID-19 in May-Nov 2023 See in context

According to Statista

In 2019, 3575 died from seasonal flu,

In 2020, 956 died from seasonal flu,

in 2021, 22 people died from seasonal flu,

In 2022, died 24 died from seasonal flu,

Can anyone explain the mechanism that caused the seasonal flu to become almost nonexistent during the worst years of the pandemic? I can't believe that wearing masks and washing hands were the only reason for this drastic drop in deaths!

And why are so many people still dying if they're all vaxxed up to their eyeballs!

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Posted in: 90% in Japan support idea of reigning empress: survey See in context

But how does Aiko feel about it? A bird in a cage! I bet that is the last thing she wants to do!

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Posted in: Believers still pursuing Hiroshima mystery beast 50 years after sightings See in context

I want that sign!

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Posted in: Japan's anti-monopoly body orders Google to fix ad search limits affecting Yahoo See in context

The Yahoo brand is moribund internationally and it's Japanese franchise is it's only profit making branch.

@dagon Yahoo Japan is not a franchise. It was a joint venture set up in 1996 between SoftBank Group Corp. and the former US-based Yahoo! Inc. Currently it is owned by LY Corporation( LYC), a Japanese internet company owned by A Holdings a joint venture between SoftBank Group of Japan, and Naver Corporation of South Korea.

My coworkers all use Yahoo! and Bing. It drives me insane.

@David Brent How does that affect you?

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Posted in: 5 Japanese workers narrowly escape suicide bombing in Pakistan See in context

@Yrral Isabelle is saying that they were mistaken for Chinese, and I think her assumption is correct. There is no reason for them to target Japanese.

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Posted in: Gull get-together See in context

Love this photo!

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Posted in: Musk says Tesla will unveil robotaxi in August See in context

Musk is a stock manipulating liar! Did they ever deliver those fugly Cybertrucks?

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Posted in: U.S. comedian Jimmy Kimmel says he was blown away by Japan’s bathrooms See in context

Japan wouldn't be anywhere near it is now without the U.S. The reason for its success is directly tied to how they were rebuilt by America

@Mocheake What does that have to do with the culture of cleanliness? Americans are still stomping around their houses in shoes!

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Posted in: Tokyo police confirm 2018 death of N Korea abduction suspect See in context

@nandakandamanda Wow! Is this for real?

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Posted in: Japanese-founded NGO helps mold Filipino kids' character See in context

Sounds like a wonderful program! Good news they are now introducing it in Japan!

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Posted in: Japan publisher threatened over publication of trans-skeptical book See in context

Most of what the book claims is not only obviously, but demonstrably wrong.

@/dev/random Have you read the book?

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Posted in: Royal shrine visit See in context

Always the same old costume! Just in a different colour! It's Western attire, so not traditional!

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Posted in: Japan warns of N Korean IT workers posing as Japanese to earn money See in context

@sakurasuki So, you expect them to publish all the details in a news article? Do you have some reason to suspect this is all made up? Why would they do that?

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Posted in: Japan's overworked, underpaid truckers left behind in wage bonanza See in context

I always think Japanese truck drivers are the underappreciated and unsung heroes keeping the Japanese economy running!!

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Posted in: Is TikTok’s parent company an agent of the Chinese state? In China Inc, it’s a little more complicated See in context

Ban it now! And Facebook/YouTube need some serious investigating as well! They're all being used as a Chinese propaganda machine! While these platforms can't be used by the Chinese public, there is a plethora of vloggers posting pro-China content from China! I suspect these videos are being made with the support of the Chinese government as the quality is way beyond what an individual is able to produce! Woke up today to a ban from Facebook, I suspect for posting China critical comments!

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Posted in: Woman arrested for stealing customer’s pouch with ¥790,000 in it at supermarket See in context

@sakurasuki Doubt it! She had no need to go to a koban! An honest person would hand it in at the service counter or to the store manager without even looking inside!

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Posted in: Filipino woman admits to killing sister, Japanese niece See in context

@anonymouse In Japan a confession is not enough to secure a conviction!

Article 38 of the Japanese Constitution states:

No person shall be compelled to testify against himself.

Confession made under compulsion, torture or threat, or after prolonged arrest or detention shall not be admitted in evidence.

No person shall be convicted or punished in cases where the only proof against him is his own confession.

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Posted in: Chinese Nobel laureate Mo Yan sued for 'beautifying' wartime Japan soldiers See in context

It's a witch-hunt! I just read another article where CCP cult members aka little pinks called on people to stop drinking Nongfu mineral water because the new bottle design has a red cap which supposedly looks like the Japanese rising sun (it's just a red cap!) and the green tea label design has what supposedly looks like a Japanese temple on it!

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Posted in: BYD to launch new EV in Japan yearly through 2026 to gain foothold See in context

@Nishikat BYD is advertising aggressively on Facebook and if you read the comments written by Japanese you will see what they think about BYD! And why do you keep referring to I Phone! I Phone is Apple and Apple is an American company! I didn't see any Japanese flying to China to buy the latest Huawei! China is being considered more and more a security risk and views on China are at an all-time low with currently 86% of Japanese having a negative view of China!

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Posted in: BYD to launch new EV in Japan yearly through 2026 to gain foothold See in context

@Mr Kipling You missed my point entirely. What I mean is that I hardly think any Japanese person is going to buy a BYD, so just by driving one you're literally telling people I am a foreigner or Chinese!

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