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Posted in: Man arrested over arson-murder in Gunma in March See in context

@Noriahojanen He has been named on other news sites as Paulo Mendoza Nepomuceno.

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Posted in: Ukrainian defenders in Mariupol defy surrender-or-die demand See in context

@Kyo wa heiwa dayo ne

You just don't get it! Only people willing to die for their beliefs can change the course of history. These people are fighting not just for themselves but for the freedom of future generations of Ukrainians.

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Posted in: Locals eager to help Ukrainian evacuees; 895 offers made so far See in context

@englisc aspyrgend

How about you? Are you a resident in Japan? Have you made any offers to help yet?

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Posted in: Hong Kong hospitals buckle under Omicron wave See in context

Plenty of vacant factories in places like San Po Kong. Why could the government not have set up temporary recovery/waiting spaces in them. Better than being on the sidewalk. Even Hong Kong gets cold in the winter!

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Posted in: South Korea to give out rapid tests as Omicron shatters record See in context

So few comments on this article. Surprising or is it the following uncomfortable fact that has everyone at a loss for words!

More than 86% of South Koreans have been fully vaccinated and 58% have received booster shots.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 18,287 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 97,833 See in context

@Steven Mccarthy If you have evidence to prove that Japanese children have died from Covid could you please give it? Do you personally know of anyone children that have died from Covid in Japan?

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 18,287 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 97,833 See in context

@Steven MCCArthy Here are the stats from the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

Scroll down and you can see graphs for severe cases and Covid deaths according to sex and age.

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Posted in: Kunieda wins 11th Australian Open wheelchair singles crown See in context

Wow! Congratulations! Kind of mind boggling that he has won it 11 times!

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Posted in: Vaccine passport protests in Europe draw thousands of people See in context

There is no reason for a healthy person to refuse a Covid vaccination. All these anti-vaxers are to young and ignorant to know what the world was like before vaccines. Polio, diphtheria,, TB, chicken pox and many other diseases that killed millions were all wiped out through vaccination. If they don’t want to be vaccinated it is their choice, but don’t expect society to accommodate their naive and selfish views.

@Lindsay Unfortunately none of the diseases you mentioned have been "wiped out" through vaccination! The polio, diptheria, chicken pox vaccines are highly effective but these diseases do still exist in the environment. The TB vaccine is only about 20% effective with about 10 000 000 people a year contracting the disease and about 1.5 million people a year still dying from it. So you can see that not all vaccines are equally effective!

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Posted in: Oscar winner Sidney Poitier dies at 94 See in context

Rest in Peace, Sir!

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Posted in: I hope to make these vending machines more widely known by setting them up at commercial facilities and have more people use them. See in context

@Cleo I do exactly the same. Always check out the bargain bins first!

I know the time meat starts to get marked down in my local supermarket and I am often there waiting for it! I have competitors though! Usually the Vietnamese interns working at the local factory! My dog eats homemade food so getting it half price makes a huge difference to my spending. If I don't use it straight away I just freeze it for later.

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Posted in: What do you think of TV commercials in Japan? Seen any that impressed you over the years? See in context

Favourite Japanese commercials are the Kenmeri Skyline series from the early 70s. Love the theme song!

I did like the Boss Coffee commercials because Tommy Lee Jones was in them! The rest are mostly crappy!

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Posted in: Family of dead Sri Lankan files criminal complaint against officials See in context

A death sentence for a visa violation! Hardly an appropriate sentence for such a minor offence! am glad Wishma's family are not giving up on this!

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Posted in: Missing four-year-old Australian girl found after two-week search See in context

Best news story of the day!

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Posted in: Average gasoline price in Japan rises to 7-year high See in context

@Thomas Goodtime

It isn't nonsense. Maybe exaggerated but China definitely has power shortage problems. Particularly in the North East.

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Posted in: 19-year-old arrested for attacking girl; hints at involvement in fatal arson See in context

Apparently the daughters escaped from the second storey window. But one of them (probably the uninjured one) was in a relationship with the suspect so who knows if what they say is credible.

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Posted in: KFC Japan suspends French fry sales after running out of potatoes See in context

@Zichi Thanks for that list! Very useful! Never seen Idaho potatoes here. Most of the American potatoes I've seen have been in the form of frozen french fries or hash browns!

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Posted in: Truck driver dies after crashing into koban See in context

Let me guess... alcohol perhaps?

Next guess, no follow up perhaps?

Maybe he fell asleep...Maybe he had a stroke...Or a heart attack...Luckily no one else died!

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Posted in: U.S. Open champ Raducanu loses in 2 sets at Indian Wells See in context

Might have had a better result if she had spent more time practicing her tennis and less time on the party circuit these past few weeks!

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Posted in: Starbucks Japan is a great place to go for…lasagna?!? See in context

Haven't been to Starbucks in ages. Really didn't like that the sandwiches came straight from the fridge and the bread was cold.

@Marie Where do you live that people stare at you? I live in a fairly rural area and no one stares except maybe 5 year old kids in the onsen!

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Posted in: Bureaucrat's widow asks Kishida to look into scandal that led to suicide See in context

There is a petition relating to this matter. If you would like to help this lady put pressure on the J Govt. about this terrible injustice please go and sign it.私の夫-赤木俊夫がなぜ自死に追い込まれたのか-有識者によって構成される第三者委員会を立ち上げ-公正中立な調査を実施して下さい?source_location=discover_feed

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Posted in: Uniqlo outfits might become Saitama high school’s official uniforms See in context

what happens when a couple separate? if they have 2 children from each relationship, so when they start a new romance, there could be 4 children in that house!!!!

@Brian Wheway In Japan this is a very unlikely scenario.

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Posted in: It's flu vaccine time, even if you've had your COVID shots See in context

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says just about everybody needs an annual flu vaccination, starting with 6-month-old babies.

Never had a flu vaccine in my life. Not going to start now!

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Posted in: More than 1,000 Japanese firms, people named in 'Pandora Papers' See in context

Stop demonizing rich people! Who wants to work hard and take risks building up a business to then have to pay a huge amount of tax to a government who wastes it on building roads to nowhere or to pay all those people sitting in the shiyakusho (who got their jobs through nepotism) sipping on green tea and staring at their computer screens all day! Tax saving schemes are not illegal and anyone who takes the time and effort can take advantage of them!

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Posted in: Pastry World Cup See in context

Big congratulations!

@David Brent Maybe you should expand your horizons and stop buying Yamazaki pan from the supa!

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Posted in: Dead Sri Lankan's sister urges Japan immigration to accept responsibility See in context

JT it would have been nice if you could have given us a link to the petition so we too could sign it!

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Posted in: Gov't to accept Princess Mako's decision to decline ¥150 mil marriage money See in context

@Richard Gallagher Your comment made me LoL! Couldn't agree more!

@Khuniri ' Komuro himself is shifty'- Oh pray tell knowledgeable one. Us philistines are waiting!

So Komuro can't pay off his mom's debt but he got money somewhere to attend Fordham University's Law School. Probably the money for his studies came out of the royal coffers and that is why they aren't accepting the 150 million yen. Anyway good luck to them! I think they are well suited.

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Posted in: Iron curtain falls on Hong Kong cinema as censors demand cuts See in context

Thank you for keeping up the good fight and posting these kind of articles, Japantoday!

@ShinkansenCaboose It is true suffrage was limited under British rule but Hong Kongers did have civil liberty protection based on UK Law.

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Posted in: Japan to lower minimum age to 16 at state-run vaccination sites See in context

@Zichi Yes, that does sound like a lot for a rural location.

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Posted in: Japan to lower minimum age to 16 at state-run vaccination sites See in context

@Zichi So there were 5 kids. I wouldn't called that a lot. Just more than the 0 you unexpected. But the vaccine has only been approved for kids older than 12. Were they older than 12? Because if not the hospital was breaking the law!

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