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Posted in: Man arrested over sexual assault in elevator See in context

How lucky! That could have made for a worse outcome. Aside from surveillance video, how did they find him? Was that his regular stop as well? Did someone know him?

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Posted in: Teacher arrested for sexually assaulting college student at karaoke parlor See in context

@bokuda - I think the young woman was the lucky one. Had the rapist not shown up they would have never went to look for the guy.

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Posted in: Students run the gauntlet of ridiculous school regulations See in context

Burning Bush - It's never OK for a male teacher to point out the undergarments of any female that isn't his girlfriend/wife, but especially if it's a student.

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Posted in: Raptors, Rockets to play in Japan next preseason See in context

Any word on when tickets go on sale?

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Posted in: Japanese woman finds out fiance she met when he 'found' her lost phone actually stole it See in context

Check out "You" on Netflix. A pretty good new drama that deals with this. Scary stuff.

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Posted in: What was the best thing that happened to you this year and what was the worst? See in context

Worst: Cancerous tumor diagnosis and operation to remove it.

Best: Cancer free (NEC) after six months.

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Posted in: 6 Keio University students face gang-rape charges See in context

@Citizen2012 - I think because the university is such a high profile one, with numerous people from the judiciary connected, that they probably dragged their feet hoping they wouldn't have to bring charges. It's obvious they have a case now and couldn't avoid bringing charges, but I still think they're going to get a slap on the wrist. I hope I'm wrong about the slap on the wrist part. I'm sure the standard investigation included questions such as, "Why did you go a room with six guys by yourself?" or "What were you wearing?"

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Posted in: 6 Keio University students face gang-rape charges See in context

Even if all of them are eligible to get the five years, keep in mind the judge will have the authority to suspend the sentences. Being that many judges/lawyers come from Japan's Ivy League schools they're going to be bias and more than likely let them go with the typical, "They were drunk and/or remorseful."

I do have a question. If the Keio Advertisement Society was disbanded, what department (or renamed society) is running the Miss Keio University contest? I also want to know why the school authorized the contest for this year even before they were charged?

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Posted in: Japanese men list 7 traits that would make it impossible for them to date some women See in context

@Mocheake - If guys are being honest, that's so true. Maybe these things are only deal breakers to get married.

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Posted in: Music label Avex failed to pay hundreds of millions of yen in overtime See in context

Oh! What a surprise!

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Posted in: American passenger arrested for assaulting ANA employee See in context

On another site he had a fist fight with another passenger. Strange that that information isn't included in this story. The other site's story has video to go with the fist fight, but doesn't give information about the choking incident.

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Posted in: 'your name.' draws modern love film from ancient poem See in context

Nandakandamanda - I saw the English subtitled version in Japan and I loved it. They could have improved the subtitled language a lot, but it was still very good. I think it could be too confusing for a lot of kids under 15 to understand. I really want to see what they do with an English dubbed version. I'm guessing that wont be out until August.

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Posted in: No. of people aged 65 and over in Japan tops 34.6 million See in context

@bullfighter - It is unfortunate that Shanghai has such a low fertility rate, but China as a country isn't going to lose almost 20 million people within the next 30 years, which is going to happen to Japan. The corporations refuse to address this issue.

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Posted in: No. of people aged 65 and over in Japan tops 34.6 million See in context

@yoshidashoin - I think it shows that Japan has an EXCELLENT healthcare system, but with a terrible lifestyle and that's why people don't want to have children to replace the people over the age of 65.

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Posted in: 12-year-old boy jumps to death in Nagoya subway; leaves suicide note See in context

Our school "requires" students' and teachers' names on all school questionnaires. I'm sure many/most schools in Japan do the same thing. I leave my name off, but I've never seen a questionnaire without a name so it's easy to see who left their name off.

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Posted in: University lecturer calls out his lazy Japanese students, praises his hard-working Chinese ones See in context

I teach at a high school and I had several 4th year students visit last week. Anyone in Japan knows that university "education" in Japan is a joke, but that 4th year is even more so. One of our grads has one class all year. ONE and it's on Mondays. She has nothing else to do. Another has two classes, but one is a "seminar" and he already has a job for next year. I used to teach at the university level and students did their damndest to find job information meetings so they could get excused absences from class. The school finally had to limit them to six a semester. Even six is ridiculous. Japanese students who choose to study overseas (a dwindling number) do seem to study hard, but that's because they have to. Most universities in Japan and/or professors have very minimal expectations/standards.

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Posted in: Over 10,000 taken to hospital for heatstroke in one week for first time ever See in context

Why don't people learn?!?!?!

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Posted in: Netflix to launch in Japan on September 2 See in context

descendent, shonangreg is right. While Netflix original content might be interesting there aren't going to be programs less than 3 years old available. HULU has already shown that. Anything that might be "NEWER" is probably on the satellite channels of FOX, SuperDrama, AXN, etc.

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Posted in: Last week's typhoon killed 11,000 farmed tuna in Wakayama See in context

It's going to raise prices, but farmed tuna is not good for us anyway. Wish I could find wild tuna more easily in Tokyo.

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Posted in: IOC chief confident about new stadium in Tokyo See in context

sandhonour - I saw the headline and made my way here and you said EXACTLY what I was going to say.

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Posted in: Teacher forces 96 students to kneel for 20 minutes as punishment for being late See in context

The other nine teachers were probably "kohai" of the 35-year-old teacher or just scared of him. Not being Japanese the only way I would intervene would be if they were being physically abused. Not sure if kneeling down for 20 minutes could lead to abuse, but it was definitely unwarranted.

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Posted in: Boston museum cancels 'Kimono Wednesdays' after racism protests See in context

OMFG! Sophia University had Yukata Day this week. Why do we have to wake up every morning looking for something to be offended about??? UGH!

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Posted in: Gov't to release names of 'black companies' See in context

They're only going to publish when people have logged OVER 100 hours??? Well that's great. Companies will just not have their employees log their overtime hours. And the matter of what the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare considers to be "excessively long" is an other issue. Who determined that 100 hours is the definition? For anyone in Japan to even lodge a complaint of working too much overtime takes guts. I'd say even though offices in Japan are incredibly unproductive, almost everyone is "working" an excessive amount of hours at even 10 plus hours of overtime. If you're running your own company or need to work on special projects or it's just a busy time of the year I understand the need to put in some extra hours, but the fear that companies and middle management power mongers give employees forcing them to work overtime should be a criminal offense. Notice that there are no consequences listed in the article for these companies that make the "blacklist." Sorry MHLW making the list is not a punishment in itself.

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Posted in: Man says he stabbed girl on train to see if he had guts enough to kill someone See in context

Why couldn't psychos like this wonder if they had the guts to jump off a building?

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Posted in: Number of children in Japan falls to new low See in context

Stop allowing corporations/organizations to treat people like robots and give people time off to enjoy life and that would be a start.

Why would I want to have children when I'd never be home to see/raise them? My wife and I don't have enough time for each other as it is now and the government wants us to have kids to take away more time? Yeah, right!

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Posted in: Abe says he wants Japan to learn from Silicon Valley See in context

Damn sighclops! Amen! That was so spot on! I'd like to add that Abe wants the success of Silicon Valley. He doesn't want to learn from it and he doesn't want to do what you mentioned!

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Posted in: Diana Ross to tour Japan for first time in 19 years See in context

Of course it was 1983, but it was and still the best concert I've ever been too. It was "in the round" and she was so engaged with the audience. I wish I would have known a little sooner. I won't be in Tokyo then.

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Posted in: Japan women world's longest-lived as male lifespan tops 80 See in context

This is very telling:

“There is still a room for growth in the lifespan if medical technology advances,” a health ministry official said.

It's all about how long they can keep people living, not quality of life.

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Posted in: French clothing brand LACOSTE carving out niche for itself in Japan See in context

I like Lacoste style, but won't buy any of their shirts in particular because Tokyo is too hot and humid for cotton. I haven't been there since May, but I hope they have a "dri-fit" style coming soon.

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Posted in: Portugal scores in last minute to draw 2-2 with U.S. See in context

Darn! Thanks DaveAllTogether. I meant to put that losing in quotes, but I was typing on emotions. Ha-Ha!

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