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Posted in: Starbucks unveils new Roasted Sweet Potato Frappuccino in Japan See in context


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Posted in: Dubious of Trump's sanity, U.S. general secretly called China: book See in context

In other words, Gen Milley committed treason.

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Posted in: Contaminants found in Pfizer vaccine in cities near Tokyo, Osaka See in context

And of course...Zero accountability!

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Posted in: COVID-19 deaths of people aged under 60 soar in Japan due to Delta variant See in context

I've heard it's a lot less than in regular times.

Pretty sure its more than 29.

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Posted in: Smartphones make porn addiction a growing problem See in context

Heavens sake, if adults want to view naughtiness on there smart phones or laptops, home computers what is the problem here?

The addiction is not to "porn", it's an addiction to dopamine. Same as someone smoking, drinking, gambling, eating too much sugar, etc. All are dopamine addictions which cause chemical imbalances in your brain. Meaning you're not functioning at your best.

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Posted in: Harris visits Latin America to tackle migration, corruption See in context

It'd be nice if she put her time into fixing the gaping holes in the southern US border wall. That just might be a better deterrent against human trafficking.

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Posted in: Japan to extend quarantine for travelers from Britain to 6 days See in context

None of these lockdown, quarantine, masking measures are effective. Its been how many months now? Just stupid govt officials who think they are doing good, when all theyre doing is keeping families apart and hurting businesses. Let everyone get infected, natural immunity works. And make the CCP pay for what they've done.

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Posted in: Australia finds highly infectious Delta variant in Melbourne virus outbreak See in context

But in all fairness, governments are working hard to keep you safe...from their viruses. Or cant I type that?

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Posted in: Australian court upholds ban on most international travel See in context

deeply unpleasant comments from some of those people as manifested above

Oh the horror! I'm sure the mods will delete the means words that make you unhappy.

Then everything will be alright.

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Posted in: Australian court upholds ban on most international travel See in context

Sorry but your right to travel during a pandemic does not trump the right of people to remain safe.

Sorry peter14,

You are not a god and safety is NEVER guaranteed. If you are so scared, please stay locked in your home.

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Posted in: Australian court upholds ban on most international travel See in context

For all the lunatics out there:

...absence of critical thinking skills, inability to understand real risk, relinquishing liberties, and freedoms for presumed safety, and believing self-proclaimed medical “experts” has been a disgraceful exhibition of weakness, self-enslavement, and voluntary confinement at the behest of tyrannical politicians.

The media is the Virus.

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Posted in: California task force launches slave reparations task force See in context

Reparations for only black Americans is a giant farce. Of course it's democrats pushing the racial divide in America. Why do democrats love victimhood mentality? They constantly tell their base that blacks in America are oppressed.

And no Janie Har, the "b" in black doesn't need to be capitalized since you won't capitalize the "w" in white.

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Posted in: Protected passengers See in context

Hahaha, stupidity at its finest!

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Posted in: Who fired rockets against ordinary citizens first? Our hearts are with Israel. See in context

@joey stalin

Wouldn't it be nice if certain fanatical religious types could stop attacking and killing people? I mean, it's not too hard to ask right?

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Posted in: U.S. parents begin to ask: Should my child get a COVID-19 shot? See in context

Thank you amazing writers of this article. Im so glad to know that Angie Ankoma is a "Black" mother. I guess the other persons ethnic background is not important to this story. What do other people think about the need to capitalize the word black and list it in every sentence talking about someone? Kind of cringy if you ask me.

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Posted in: Man gets 18 years in prison for killing Yamagata eye doctor See in context

This man needs to die.

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Posted in: Kyoto man arrested for opening packs of 'Demon Slayer' key chains until finding one he wanted See in context

Well thats funny, im the same age as this guy. My 10 year old daughter begged me to take her to go see this movie, and of course had to get one of these mystery key chain things too. Except we paid for ours.

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Posted in: Afro-textured hair in Japan: Decolonizing the Afro See in context

Why does the author have to mention "demolishing eurocentric ideals of beauty and decolonizing the afro"? As if one culture is better or worse than another? Can we please get past all this anti-white b.s. We all enough space in our heads to love EVERY culture.

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Posted in: Why has wearing masks during the coronavirus pandemic become a political issue in some countries? See in context

Why do the Taliban and other authoritarian govts force women to cover their heads in public? Control, thats why. Some people do not desire to live a life dictated by others.

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Posted in: White nationalism upsurge in U.S. echoes historical pattern, say scholars See in context

Most Americans, regardless of skin color, are sick and tired of antifa/blm scum burning cities, destroying businesses, and attacking random people minding their own business. These people are mentally sick (and have the full support of the Democrat party). But you failed to mention any of that.

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Posted in: Which country or countries do you think will emerge the strongest and most influential in the post-coronavirus new world order? See in context


The death toll in the US from the ccp virus is nowhere near 0.5% of the population. Where did you get that from? Check what the US CDC recently published showing only 6% of the reported 185,000 deaths (~11,000 people) were from Covid 19 alone. We are all being lied to.

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Posted in: What reforms do you think are needed at the World Health Organization (WHO)? See in context

Maybe they should stop taking communist money?

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Posted in: Tokyo man arrested for kidnapping 9-year-old girl he met via online game See in context

This stikes home for me, I have a 9 year old daughter as well. We didnt have all this tech bs when I grew up, and outside of educational apps its all a bunch of brain drain, time wasting garbage. Hopefully ill never have to hear about something like this happening to one of my kids. The last thing this piece of s*** would have to worry about are the cops.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 212 new cases of coronavirus; nationwide tally 740 See in context

Yawn, this daily reporting of cases is getting old. I think we all get it, people get sick everyday. Time to move on to something else.

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Posted in: Biden, Harris lash out at Trump at debut of historic VP choice See in context

Kamala seemed so upset at Joe during the debates, with that racial segregation history and all. Btw, if you dont know who Strom Thurmond was, check him and Biden's relationship out. Funny how she would even consider accepting such an offer to be his VP.

But alas, if Biden becomes president, he will not be running the show. Biden and Kamala will do exactly as they are told by their DNC/Wallstreet bosses.

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Posted in: Biden, Harris lash out at Trump at debut of historic VP choice See in context

Well there you have it, Biden's handlers just gave Trump/Pence another 4 more years!

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Posted in: What happens if no coronavirus vaccine is found? See in context

Wat happens? The sun will still rise and the planet will still rotate. Life goes on regardless of what we want or think.

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Posted in: Police arrest suspect in Kyoto Animation studio arson attack that killed 36 See in context

Imagine being the person responsible for feeding this a-hole. They should just hurry up and hang him already.

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Posted in: Japan's new stimulus package to be worth ¥117.1 tril See in context

Checked the wife's account yesterday, ¥700,000 received. 5 kids is a lot, but maybe we should have more if the gov't here is just gonna throw money around.

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