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Posted in: SDF member dies after grenade thrown by another during training See in context

Hearing that a piece of shrapnel hit him in the neck after the grenade exploded.

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Posted in: Japan's Self-Defense Forces struggling to recruit new members See in context

My wife is Japanese, we met during my enlistment in the Marine Corps while I was stationed in Japan. We have 3 sons and 2 daughters now, all of us currently living in Japan. She’s made it crystal clear to me that none of our kids should join the military, Japan’s or the US.

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Posted in: Should governments alert people to every new coronavirus variant that shows up? See in context

Yes, keep the people scared and afraid.

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Posted in: Forever 16: America's teens succumbing to deadly fentanyl See in context

My cousin overdosed and died from fent 2 years ago (April 2020). Chicago street gangs pushing made in Mexico drugs with ingredients from China. Funny how the USA has bombs for people all over the world except the cartels. They could end them all in a day if they wanted to.

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Posted in: Tokyo school swaps fresh fruit for jelly as food prices soar See in context

This problem shouldn’t matter in a few more years, when the number of young people shrinks down to zero. Japan should send more tax money to the Ukrainians.

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Posted in: U.S. companies could face hurdles covering abortion travel costs See in context

This is great news. If less working women have children they have more time to devote to the company. We should just abort all young kids, no matter the age, so there will be no burden on the bottom line.

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Posted in: Pitt sues Jolie over sale of French vineyard where they married See in context

It has nothing to do with being against the USA. Hollywood is a cesspool of degenerates.

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Posted in: Prince Andrew's settlement 'worth £12 mil' as anger mounts in UK See in context

I’m so glad my hero and role model Bill Clinton never got close to Mr Epstein and Ms Maxwell and visited his pedo island or ranch. Shame shame on the former Prince.

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Posted in: Japan to buy additional 10 million COVID vaccine shots from Pfizer See in context

So glad I loaded up on Pfizer stock in 2019. Please everyone, go and get your booster shot and another 1 in a few months. Really appreciate it!

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Posted in: Ottawa police get reinforcements as anti vax convoy arrives See in context

Do you own your body? Or does it belong to the State? This entire pandemic can be summed up in one word: Control

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Posted in: Japan's COVID-19 foreign entry ban spurs demonstrations in several countries See in context

It’s be nice if my mother could visit and see her grandchildren before she dies. Thanks Japan for not allowing that to happen.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 11,227 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 54,576 See in context

Seriously though, if you haven’t been jabbed at least 6 times, you’re not fully vaccinated and are a danger to society.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 11,227 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 54,576 See in context

More people getting the Rona makes me scared! Can’t wait until I get my 7th jab!

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 11,227 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 54,576 See in context

Be afraid everyone! Fear is what unites us!

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Posted in: Gov't OKs Pfizer COVID vaccine for children aged 5-11 See in context

“Trust the Science” folks, it’s for your own good

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Posted in: Gov't OKs Pfizer COVID vaccine for children aged 5-11 See in context

It’s sad how some people here are so conditioned to accept everything the government says as true and necessary. Of course it’s the same voices spouting off the approved narrative day after day on this site. Wonder when the mods will block comments?

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Posted in: Gov't OKs Pfizer COVID vaccine for children aged 5-11 See in context

No way will I put my kids at risk of getting harmed from this vaccine. Informed consent is not something they are capable of.

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Posted in: Stacey Abrams: Voting rights legislation can be passed See in context

Good thing you don’t need to show an ID to vote in the USA, can’t wait until my Japanese mother-in-law can vote for Joe in 2024. Hope he’ll still be alive then!

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Posted in: Okinawa governor refuses to approve change to U.S. base transfer plan See in context

BertieWoosterNov. 26  07:43 am JST

Why does there have to be a foreign military base in such an area of natural beauty? It's like building a sewage plant in front of Mount Fuji!

The US military already has a sewage treatment facility at Camp Fuji

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Posted in: Japan set to meet U.S. request to pay more for hosting troops See in context

If most people knew of the vast sums of money the US military wastes everyday, they’d be appalled. Nothing but a bunch of psychotic tyrants running the military that hide their evil crimes against innocent people.

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Posted in: Olympic gymnastics gold medalist Lee says she was pepper sprayed in racist attack See in context

Everybody knows these attacks targeting Asians are almost 100% committed by blacks. There are so many videos out on the web showing this. And this article tries to thrown in "its all Trumps fault cause he said covid is a China-virus". What stupidity. Of course the mods here will delete this comment soon.

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Posted in: Knife-wielding man arrested at Miyagi childcare facility says he intended to kill children See in context

If getting a death sentence is going to motivate someone to kill innocent people, just get rid of the death penalty. Life in prison is severe enough, with the option to hang yourself of course.

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Posted in: Kishida pledges $10 bil to aid Asia's zero emission path See in context

Its always nice when youre spending other peoples money.

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Posted in: Verry Elleegant beats Incentivise to win Melbourne Cup See in context

Really Australian govt!? The horse is not wearing a mask!

Are you intentionally trying to spread covid?

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Posted in: Starbucks unveils new Roasted Sweet Potato Frappuccino in Japan See in context


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Posted in: Dubious of Trump's sanity, U.S. general secretly called China: book See in context

In other words, Gen Milley committed treason.

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Posted in: Contaminants found in Pfizer vaccine in cities near Tokyo, Osaka See in context

And of course...Zero accountability!

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Posted in: COVID-19 deaths of people aged under 60 soar in Japan due to Delta variant See in context

I've heard it's a lot less than in regular times.

Pretty sure its more than 29.

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Posted in: Smartphones make porn addiction a growing problem See in context

Heavens sake, if adults want to view naughtiness on there smart phones or laptops, home computers what is the problem here?

The addiction is not to "porn", it's an addiction to dopamine. Same as someone smoking, drinking, gambling, eating too much sugar, etc. All are dopamine addictions which cause chemical imbalances in your brain. Meaning you're not functioning at your best.

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Posted in: Harris visits Latin America to tackle migration, corruption See in context

It'd be nice if she put her time into fixing the gaping holes in the southern US border wall. That just might be a better deterrent against human trafficking.

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