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Posted in: Fired FBI director Comey tells ABC Trump 'morally unfit' for office See in context

Comey says that Trump is morally unfit for office. This coming from the man who says Hillary Clinton should be President. Yeah, okay Mr. Officer.

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Posted in: Japan sees record marijuana cases in 2017; spike in youth involvement See in context

"I was shocked a couple of months ago when I witnessed a group of youths walking down the street in plain view smoking what smelled like marijuana, passing it to each other"

Lol, oh God the horror! And to think, just the other day I saw 15-20 people outside a building puffing away on their cancer sticks.

Seriously though, if Japan Tobacco is a thing, why not Japan Cannabis? Hell, I'm just glad my alcohol is legal.

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Posted in: Mt Fuji has been dormant for more than 300 years, and the government should take concrete disaster prevention measures as early as possible. See in context

I always wonder about this. We live right next to Mt Fuji. If/when it goes I'm going to have to move it pretty quickly out of here. Good thing they are extending the Shin Tomei to service our area.

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Posted in: High court finds cell phone TV owners obliged to pay NHK fees See in context

Anyone know how much they take in "fees"? Our vehicle has a TV receiver so I guess they can go after people that way as well.

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Posted in: Kanagawa a delightful place to visit in spring See in context


"Kanagawa is a simple walk over the bridge at Setagaya and that is not an hour from Tokyo. Shibuya is only a 15 minute train ride."

That's one reason why I love Kanagawa-ken though. Close enough to the big lights, but also blending with nature. I just rode the 246 today, all the way from one side of Kanagawa (actually eastern Shizuoka) into Tokyo. We are mountain folks living out here. Hell, I just saw a やまうば in the local combini the other day. And if you cruise Rt 1, you have all the surf vibes.

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Posted in: Conveyor belt sushi chain where foreigner filmed GoPro video considers pressing criminal charges See in context

Having watched some of TkyoSam's videos in the past, I've lost any respect I may have had for this man. He is a disgusting fat slob and it should be no surprise that he'd do something like this. Go back home to America Sam if you want to be a jack@$$ in public and piss people off. You're behavior gives all visitors/residents living here a bad image.

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Posted in: 1-year-old girl dies after being wrapped in blanket, placed in closet See in context

Why do I come here to read this crap? So now his other daughter grows up to learn why Daddy is not around anymore, because he killed her younger sister. And this man's wife likely will never want him around ever again. A complete disaster.

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Posted in: Peruvian man sentenced to death for 6 murders in Saitama See in context

How can any sane person by a lawyer and defend this man? They wanted him acquitted, are you kidding me! Anyone who kills the way he did deserves death. They are tainted, a rotten cancer and of no use to society anymore. Lights out Vayron.

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Posted in: Record 2,413 child pornography cases detected in Japan in 2017 See in context

People into this stuff, especially talking about very young kids, are the scum of the earth.

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Posted in: 40 kilograms of brand-name strawberries stolen in Tochigi Pref See in context

Camera folks. It wouldn't be too difficult to put some up inside/outside a greenhouse. They don't cost that much nowadays and then you might at least get some idea of who was 5 finger discounting your grow.

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Posted in: As the F-35A is aircraft loaded with sensitive features, it is difficult to verify whether the cost is reasonable. It is true that we tend to accept the U.S. asking price. See in context

"we tend to accept the U.S. asking price"

Haha, some great negotiation skills right there!

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Posted in: N Korea takes gold for Olympic diplomacy See in context

"...North Korea sent its athletes and 200-plus female cheerleaders who roamed the Games venue with big smiles and friendly waves, becoming a focus for many spectators."

Funny how beauty can seem to be a positive topic of discussion for the N Koreans when in reality those women are likely being pimped out to gov't and military officials. Read that as: forced sexual slavery. But hey, give 'em the gold for diplomacy if it makes you feel good. The Kim dynasty is a rotten cancer on our world's history and the sooner these psychopaths and their ilk are gone, the better.


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Posted in: The deer are innocent, but a balance is necessary for us to coexist. We need to reduce their numbers a little more. See in context

@ Aly Rustom

Not yet, but hopefully everything will be up and running by the end of the year.

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Posted in: The deer are innocent, but a balance is necessary for us to coexist. We need to reduce their numbers a little more. See in context

@ Aly Rustom

Most people here have no idea what deer meat tastes like. I imagine that most also wouldn't prefer it over beef, pork, and chicken. My friend, who is a hunter, and I plan on starting a business selling deer meat marketed towards dog owners. Pet food and jerky snacks. Shouldn't be hard to sell at our local Michi no Eki either cause I'm already a member and have been selling vegetables and berries.

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Posted in: The deer are innocent, but a balance is necessary for us to coexist. We need to reduce their numbers a little more. See in context

Most city folk are so out of touch with the natural world it's sickening. Spending your days holed up in some office building, crammed in train cars, and surrounded by people you don't know or care about. What kind of existence is that?

Hunting deer and other animals is how we become who we are. It's part of our shared history on this planet. The reason this woman is saying deer have to be dealt with is because there are no more wolves in Japan. So either bring them back or increase the numbers of hunters.

@Toasted Heretic

You do realize how deer will overpopulate an area and cause massive damage, not to mention get sickly or diseased looking for scarce food, if left unchecked. If anything, more people should take up hunting not less.

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Posted in: Teachers at Toyama high school cut hair of 44 students to comply with rules See in context

szero25Today  07:42 am JST

Really? Would you be happy if your workplace told you exactly how your facial features should look and came and measured your trouser length everyday?

Yeah, that's called the military. Which is not really that different from most schools in Japan.

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Posted in: At least a dozen U.S. sailors under investigation over drug use in Japan See in context

It's a good thing my drugs (alcohol, coffee, and tobacco) are supported by the government. Too bad we have these criminals ruining society by using and selling non-state approved vices.

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Posted in: Kanagawa police eye AI-assisted predictive policing before Olympics See in context


But there seems to be endless moral panics about 'gaijin crime waves'

Nothing new obviously:

On 1st September 1923, a strong 7.9-magnitude earthquake struck the Kantō area of Japan, which includes Tokyo. False rumors about a ‘Korean revolt’ (chōsenjin sawagi)’—for instance, that Korean residents in Japan intended to poison the wells, or that Koreans were carrying bombs (in fact, apples)—spread around Tokyo, which was in a state of disorder due to the great earthquake. This led to a sudden wave of killings of Koreans in the disaster area, with more than 6,000 Korean people murdered at the hands of vigilante groups, police, and soldiers due to these rumors.

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Posted in: 20-year-old man faces charges over using flamethrower in park See in context

So if he filmed himself on his own property, instead of at a park, would the police still arrest him?

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Posted in: Don't feed your dog raw meat, study says See in context

Interesting article. One goal I have this year is to get a hunting/gun license in Japan. A friend of mine wants to start a business processing deer and boar meat into dog snacks.

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Posted in: Breastfeeding for 6 months cuts diabetes risk in half: study See in context

Good luck with that, unless your country has decent maternity leave no one can breast feed for six months, unless they are unemployed.

Unemployed or self-employed. My wife and I work together and she has breastfed all of our kids for as long as they wanted to, usually until they were around 18 months old. I'm glad she did.

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Posted in: Japanese teacher wakes up sleepy students by whipping out realistic model pistol in classroom See in context

Wow, this teacher needs to find a new job. Completely unacceptable behavior coming from an educator.

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Posted in: Companies can monitor employees working overtime using in-office flying drones See in context

Haha, what a joke of a world we now live in. This is the future ladies and gents. Get used to it if you're into city living. I prefer open spaces and being one with the natural world, not this spy-net, matrix bs that's being pushed on everyone.

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Posted in: Window falls from U.S. Marine Corps helicopter onto school grounds in Okinawa See in context

Something similar happened at our local junior high school in Oyama, Shizuoka-ken a few years back. One of the students found some blank rounds that fell out of a helicopter on its way to Camp Fuji. The mayor had a sit down with the military and worked out a new flight path instead of going over the schools.

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Posted in: Father of actor Tadanobu Asano arrested over use of stimulant drugs See in context

Good lord, what a non-story this is. Couldn't he have just refused to provide his piss? What law was he breaking by having a glass pipe on him? I can understand if there was drug residue in the pipe but the article doesn't mention that.

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Posted in: Foreign job seekers need better preparation for working in Japan: experts See in context


Bingo! Indian and Chinese consumption is really what's important. For those of us with skin in the game here the next 10-20 years are sure going to be interesting.


* They speak, read, and write great Japanese and do technology related work. They say: "Those who can, do. Those who can't, blame Japanese racism and xenophobia." **I dont speak or read Japanese great, but it hasnt stopped me running my own business here in Japan and earn considerable more than your average J salaryman, in fact the average j mindset isnt a quality I need in my staff actually the opposite.*

I can relate to this completely. Don't think I could work for a Japanese company longterm. However, starting my own business (with considerable help from my wife I might add) has allowed me to earn more and do more with my time. Foreigners really wanting to make a go of it in Japan should highly consider being their own boss if possible. Win-win if you ask me.  

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Posted in: The five things I love & hate about living in Tokyo See in context

Ahhh Tokyo,

As far as cities go, Tokyo has so much going for it. You could spend everyday finding something new to discover or experience. However, I'm of the group who like to visit but wouldn't want to live there. It takes me 2 hours to ride east from Shizuoka-ken on Rt. 246 to reach Shibuya. Crazy how a trip like that can change your surroundings.

Pros: Women in Tokyo are some of the most beautiful/fashionable in the world and that's no stretch to say. Unlimited varieties of food and drink. Crime can be found but safety, and respect for others, is at levels not seen in many other cities.

Cons: Traffic and crowds would have to be number one. Sky high prices for certain items, but if you live within your means than not an issue. The feeling of being in a concrete jungle and light pollution can at times be too much.

Needless to say, I'm a country boy at heart and enjoy living close but not too close. I'll take green mountains, rivers, and farmland any day.

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Posted in: Japan considers stricter penalties for gold smugglers See in context

So how exactly does this work? You sell gold in Japan and also get 8% sales tax? Why is that? If you bring in lets say euros or dollars and sell that in Japan you're not getting any sales tax added. This is just a stupid rule set up by gov't and people are taking advantage of it.

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Posted in: 1,000 apples stolen from orchard in Aomori Prefecture See in context

Wouldn't be surprised if the thief knows this farmer.

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Posted in: Unclaimed land in Japan to reach size of Hokkaido in 2040 See in context

I'm living in Shizuoka prefecture and started blueberry farming 2 years ago. My Japanese wife was able to help me with the local govt on finding a landowner who would rent to us. It's not so easy for someone that isn't a so-called "full time farmer" to buy land, which is what I would like to do. The land owner hasn't used their fields for over 20 years. Because we don't own the land though, there could come a day where I have to leave.

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