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Posted in: Toyota to boost stake in Subaru to nearly 17% See in context

sorry, some of their cars may be boring but I still remember the 90s MR2, Supra, Celica.. What did Ford and GM have during that time ? The spark of the Japanese Auto industry comes across from all parts, including most of the big 3 Japanaese auto companies, across their range they all need to sell their bread and butter stuff too..

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Posted in: Sony counting on core devices, video content services to win back electronic leadership See in context

I think they're ding well in a number of areas except for the games division, I think they will pick up in tyhat division when the chips and manfacturing costs are reduced because that is already in the pipline. I think Howard has done the right thing so far and I also agree that moving from here, his tenure beyond 2009 is debatable. They are a hardware firm at heart but they do need to embrace and develop more on their software to complement their hardware innovation.

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Posted in: Everything spinning out of control See in context

High oil prices don't just mean higher prices at the pumps, it has a great knock-on effect, and it's not limited to motorists. Transportation cost in general, cars, trucks, planes, higher food prices due to higher tramsportation costs, for feed to animals, for all oil derative products.

People who push for biofuel are misguided, Studies have shown that the net saving on oil dependncy is negligible, little enery is saved for little return. Cost of food going up due to land being used not for food but for bio-fuel.

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Posted in: Honda begins production of cars with zero-emission hydrogen fuel cells See in context

Yes, but the power station has a concentrated point where it would be easier to control pollution etc., plus it would be more effcicent that millions of petrol/gasoline engined cars and relatively ineffcient cpared with a power station, running around polluting th world wherever they are driven !

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Posted in: TV networks clash with Beijing Olympic organizers on security, freedom to report See in context

Kwaabish, MichaelJP..

Is it the Chinese Government you hate or the people of China ?? Bear in mind one of answer means you are racist..

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Posted in: TV networks clash with Beijing Olympic organizers on security, freedom to report See in context

MichaelJP ..

I am in no way connected to an beijing or china olympic group .. I see it from an outside perspective .. In fact it is you who seems to be part of the western propoganda against China. Granted that China isn't perfect, and it's strive to be more open and transparent is an ongoing process that takes time.. I am willing to believe that China lies somewhere in between the extremes you state about China and the perfect utopian democracy that even the most democratic country has not acheived yet (can it be acheived?)..

Do you really kmnow what is going on in Tibet or are you regurgitating biased propoganda ?

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Posted in: Citigroup shutting 32 Japanese offices See in context

wanderlust ..

but you can also use POst office ATMs for free (though that is up until 7pm/9pm each evening)

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Posted in: TV networks clash with Beijing Olympic organizers on security, freedom to report See in context

That's a very negative personal image of China, if you really want an impartial view of China, ask the people of Hong Kong. They have been under the rule of the British and now the Chinese, I think you will see that their view of China and the actual conditions, is not at all that bad as portrayed by people like you and all other anti-china fanatics.. We live in a global community that is well interconnected, and at all levels. Lots of jobs around the world are very dependent on the ongoing stability of China, and thatis also true of jobs in China very dependent on the world as a whole..

I can think of a better example of a mentally deficient bully that is already falling, or put it anoither way, a dork craziliy driving a 10 tonne lorry (or is that truck to you)

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Posted in: Panasonic develops new fluorescent bulbs that last for 13,000 hours See in context

not only that, does it look as good as it sounds !

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Posted in: Ferragamo lowers prices in Japan See in context

Higher material cost for LV ?? yeah right !

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Posted in: Dior issues Sharon Stone apology for 'karma' remark over China's earthquake See in context

fingerless ..

It's seems you're just another drone repeating the same propoganda, do you really know what is happening in Tibet ? or are you just ignorant of the real living standards and conditions ijn Tibet ?

DO you know that Tibetans have a caste system loike India which in the past has been more repressive to its own citizens until the Chinese came along to do away with it.. If the DL really cared for his own people he would engage in dialogue with the Chinese Authorities..

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Posted in: Warning of major aftershock sparks panic in China See in context

what ? and be caught in the aftershock and be injured or killed by it ? is it not right to warn so people are alert to an aftershock

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Posted in: Thousands flee Chinese quake area over flood fears See in context

everyone can with number and get what they want to try and prove a point.. even conspiracy theorists did it concerning 9/11

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Posted in: Troops parachute into China quake zone as death toll nears 15,000 See in context

I've seen some video feeds, very sad, especially for many children who were orphaned crying. The government has already sent out over 100,000 troops tp help, people have to understand that the area affected was quite large.

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Posted in: Softbank aims to raise stake to 40% in Chinese Internet company See in context

I'm willing to bet Apple wants a cut of the monthly revenue from each subscriber

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Posted in: Train collision kills at least 66 in eastern China See in context


What sort of comment is that, it was Human error.. ?

But I guess some sort of Automatic override should have taken over in the event of overspeeding, signalling and lane changes etc..

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Posted in: London summit tackles rising food prices See in context

The fault of 4 sources, OPEC, the oil refinery industry of any country, government tax on petrol/gasoline in any country, and lastly the biofuel (E85) growng countrie/organisations.

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Posted in: Putin denies affair with gymnast See in context

she sure is flexible indeed..

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Posted in: Fiber-optic broadband service outpaces ADSL in Japan See in context

Actually, MPHPT also has statistics which are more accurate and wuld pretty mush tell the sme story, that fiber has overtaken ADSL

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Posted in: Fukuda tells China that Tibet is an international issue See in context

These minorities in any country are like pawns in political games played by the big powers..

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