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A true honorable, charismatic gentleman. I think he's done a lot for the people, but today will be remembered by our East Asians. That's how you build a civilization, not just all that competing, exploiting, bullying, at each other's throat. I know all those have their own merits, but in the end, we're humans, we have a heart, or a soul as the Westerns call it. The man has taught the world a lesson.

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I think there should be a tact understanding for the Japanese's sake that we do our part, you do yours. It's a complicated issue that needs collective contributions and mutual trust. I, as a Chinese and accordingly I belong to the victimized group, am not convinced that Japan people have always been the Satan. But please let us move on, let us show the rest of the world what's more we are capable to achieve rather than a bunch of petty wranglers.

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My sympathy is with the family of the victim. Our east Asians need to stop fighting each other like wild dogs. How would the future generations face this part of our history while claiming we are a civilization for thousands of years.

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I think the sharp fall may have some to do with recent stock market crash. I still don't understand much of that event, maybe that was influenced by our culture.

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