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Posted in: Folau, Rugby Australia reach settlement in anti-gay sacking row See in context

I wonder how much he got.

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Posted in: Trains, buses vie for passengers on Tokyo-Narita route See in context

Narita? I try to use Haneda as much as possible!

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Posted in: Johnson pressured on jail terms after London Bridge attack See in context

Those convicted should serve their full sentence then be repatriated to country of origin.

Which if we are going to be honest is Pakistan.

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Posted in: UK police say bridge attacker had been jailed for terror crimes See in context

Classic British..... guys jump out of a white van and get stuck into the attacker.

Well done lads!

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Posted in: UK police explain decision on Prince Andrew case See in context

I see, in Florida 17 yrs old is under age of consent. So convict him there but he “technically” hasn’t done anything illegal in the UK... lying through your teeth and being a privileged, entitled scumbag and taking advantage of people isn’t a crime. Sadly.

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Posted in: UK police explain decision on Prince Andrew case See in context

The age of consent is 16 in the UK. Prince Andrew is a disgusting human being but I can’t see that he has committed any crime with this “victim” who didn’t seem to mind being flown around the world to amazing resorts in a private jet until tabloid newspapers started offering cash for her story.

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Posted in: Tokyo's Shinjuku Gyoen national park to sell entrance tickets online See in context

500yen to see some grass and trees?

Has the world gone mad?

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Posted in: Britain's chief rabbi warns 'poison' of anti-Semitism has taken root in Labour See in context

This is straight from the Zionist playbook...Anything anti Israel HAS to be branded anti Semitic.

The Zionist know a Corbin Labour government won’t be blindly following every Israeli desire, so getting their followers to do the usual smear campaign.

Being against Israeli aggression and warmongering isn’t anti Jew. As many Jews themselves will tell you.

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Posted in: Activists hope Pope Francis will sway Japanese opinion on death penalty See in context

The Popes views are irrelevant to the modern world. Most people in Japan don’t know who he is..or care.

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Posted in: Gov't says it is safe to release contaminated Fukushima water into ocean See in context

Its like throwing a pin head size drop of something not very dangerous into an olympic sized swimming pool.

Calm down!

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Posted in: Toyota employee's suicide caused by workplace harassment See in context

If someone is mean to you, then the only logical response is to kill yourself seems to be the message here. Not an ounce of sympathy for the guy but lots for his family.

As others have said, other options available, and mental health issues at play here.

Killing yourself is rarely, if ever the a solution to a problem.

The censoring powers are have a field day with this thread.

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Posted in: He, she, they: Americans and the choice of gender pronoun See in context

I’m sure these people are just having the biggest laugh in history.....

They can’t really be serious can they?

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Posted in: Gov't says it is safe to release contaminated Fukushima water into ocean See in context

Dilution IS the solution.

The dangers are tiny, almost non existent. Ignore the panic knee jerk reactions to people who know nothing of the subject.

Slowly pumping it into the sea is the best and only option.

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Posted in: Scottish Rugby Union pay fine and express regret over typhoon comments See in context

Scandal... Scotland shouldn’t pay a single penny. Cancelling such an important match would have ruined the RWC and made a mockery of the event. Scotland simply pointed this out. No disrespect to anyone except the boneheads at WRC.

Match was played, Scotland were soundly beaten... Should be the end.

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Posted in: 3 men arrested for selling All Blacks merchandise in violation of trademark law See in context

I saw several groups running the gauntlet outside the stadiums... they had look outs and put their scarves etc away when the police or organisers came by. These were maybe a little slow?

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Posted in: Saudi Aramco's record IPO to start Nov 17, prospectus says See in context

Im sure the timing of Iran announcing a new oil field find has nothing to do with this.

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Posted in: England to return to Japan for two-test rugby tour in 2020 See in context

Oita..really handy for about 3% of the population. And Kobe?

As if England would play games in Leicester and the Isle of scilly!

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Posted in: Springboks parade World Cup through streets of Soweto See in context

Lucky it wasn’t stolen!

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Posted in: Abe orders economic package to assist disaster-hit areas See in context

Olympic construction and wooden house repairs have very little in common.

3 million is probably more than some of the old shacks blown down were worth.

Glad my tax money is being used to bail out people who couldn’t be bothered to buy insurance.

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Posted in: 72-year-old man backs car into granddaughter, killing her See in context

I strap my 3 year old in the car BEFORE turning the ignition.

I park the car BEFORE unstrapping him from the safety seat.

Seems to work .... Should be common sense.....

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Posted in: 10 detainees go on hunger strike at Japanese immigration center See in context

They are fighting their deportation. They could go back to their home countries if they wanted. Sorry, no sympathy for them. They came here illegally, got caught and are now wasting time and tax payers money. Im my opinion, they should be charged for lodgings and food for their stay.

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Posted in: UK's Rees-Mogg apologizes for comment on 'common sense' of Grenfell fire victims See in context

Crass, insensitive, uncaring...but sadly everything he said was true.

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Posted in: Beaumont hails Japan 2019 as 'probably the greatest Rugby World Cup' See in context

Fan zones in Tokyo were a disaster..screens too low.

Many fan zones closed after the group stages.

Food and drink provision in stadiums was poorly organised.

Re-naming stadiums led to confusion for fans.

And cancelling games.....not postponing but cancelling?

I’d give them a “C” grade at best.

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Posted in: 'Bring it on': Vunipola relishing brutal battle with Boks See in context

Vunipola is a very common British name...

There are two of them on the England team! :)

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Posted in: 'Bring it on': Vunipola relishing brutal battle with Boks See in context

Boring if you can find somewhere to watch it.

Osaka and Kobe fan zones are not open for the final!

But fitting with the pathetic organisation of this RWC....

Screens at ground height so only half can be seen.

Changing stadium names so fans get confused. “Yokohama stadium” No its Nissan!

Lack of food and drinks at stadiums.

And cancelling games.

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Posted in: England fined for encroaching on All Blacks haka at Rugby World Cup See in context

The All Blacks should be fined for time wasting with the “hokey Kokey dance” before every match.... boring...ZZZ at least we won’t have to endure it in the final!

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Posted in: Rugby World Cup is last hurrah for a bunch of greats See in context

Quite a few of those mentioned proved to be just over their sell by dates. Sentimental selections don’t help in world cups!

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Posted in: All Blacks drop to 3rd in latest world rankings See in context

The 2 photos perfectly show what happened on Saturday. The all Blacks getting knocked sideways then bowing in defeat.

They will be back in 4 years time... Better go shopping for some islanders eh?

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Posted in: S Africa edge Wales 19-16 to reach World Cup final See in context

SA were always going to be hard to beat, especially when half the Wales team are carrying injuries. Had they won, they would’ve struggled to put a team out next week.

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Posted in: Hansen leaving with legacy intact, despite All Blacks horror show See in context

Farrell’s Hakka challenge was spot on...just laugh at it.

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