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Posted in: World Rugby slams Scotland legal threat over typhoon-hit game See in context

I’m sure the Japan players want the game to go ahead. No real sportsman would want to qualify in these circumstances. There would always be that * hanging over their achievements.

Typhoon will be long gone by kickoff time, if the stadium is safe...Game on!

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Posted in: Brave Blossom bonanza as rugby jerseys fly off shelves See in context

The boom will end on Sunday when they lose to Scotland!

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Posted in: Missile interceptor drill held in Tokyo following N Korean launches See in context

Are these the same PAC-3 Patriots that “worked so well” to protect the Saudi refineries?

I’m afraid they are. Sad to see tax payers money wasted on stuff like this.

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Posted in: Typhoon heads nearer Tokyo ahead of big Rugby World Cup weekend See in context

Holding the Rugby World Cup in the middle of the typhoon season was always a risk. If a team is knocked out by the weather, there will surely be massive doubts as to Japan hosting any future sporting events. Sport has to be decided by play. Japan’s credibility is on the line here.

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Posted in: Pacific players call for major rule changes after World Cup disappointments See in context

Japan has broken through to be between tier one and two BECAUSE it includes so many Pacific Island players. No other reason.

Just change eligibility to that of soccer... Tier one teams lose some of their best players and Tonga, Samoa and Fiji could field world class teams.

Easy Peasy!

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Posted in: The routes to the Rugby World Cup quarterfinals -- or the plane home See in context

It will be NZ v Wales in the final.

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Posted in: Nowadays, for fear of child predators, it is no longer considered safe in many countries to let young children go by themselves to and from school, to a friend's house, play in parks or at the beach, go to shops and so on. What was it like when you were growing up? See in context

Perverts have been around as long as children.

I think a problem in Japan is that the police often keep a lid on incidents.

I know of two separate incidents where students were attacked and later we learnt that there had been other incidents of a similar nature in the area. The authorities thinking that not creating alarm being more important than warning of danger.

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Posted in: At Fukushima plant, a million-ton headache: radioactive water See in context

Dilution is the solution.... The Pacific is just the place....slowly release the essentially harmless water back to the sea. And stop panicking! You have much more important things to worry about!

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic ticket scalpers raking in big profits See in context

I wouldn’t go to see olympic soccer if you PAID ME ¥67,500!

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Posted in: Joseph praises never-say-die Japan after last-gasp bonus-point win See in context

Some credit should also go to the referee.... Penalising Samoa for “feeding” that last scrum was a little unusual as ever single scrum Ive seen in this World Cup has been fed almost to the number 8!

Scotland need a bonus point win agains Russia and then beat Japan by 7 points and the “International 15” will again miss out on the knockout stage.

Come on Scotland!

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Posted in: Japanese whalers complete first commercial hunt in 31 years See in context

Some species of whale are endangered..... so don’t kill them. But a blanket ban because they are cute or look after their young or are “intelligent” or whatever reason doesn’t make sense.

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Posted in: Prince Harry sues UK tabloids over 'phone hacking' See in context

The day he and his inter-related family stop taking public money is the day they can be free from public scrutiny!

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Posted in: No butts, no boors: Rugby fans learn the ropes in polite Japan See in context

Behaviour has been excellent so far. The organisers are lucky its rugby and not football! Due to the poor organisation at the fan zones, soccer fans would riot! Small screens and venues are not big enough so fans cannot enter.

Forget the fans.... trash separation seems to be the priority.

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Posted in: Organizers warn about illegally resold tickets as hundreds turned away from World Cup matches See in context

The article is wrong... There is now way to know if the tickets have been resold.. and yes, they have holograms. All the tickets I bought for friends have my name on them.

Friends have bought tickets near the stadium for face value or less. Some have been given tickets for free.

Haven’t seen a single scalper.

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Posted in: 2-year-old girl dies after being hit by car driven by mother See in context

I strap my 2 year old into the child seat BEFORE starting the engine....

Seems to work quite well!

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Posted in: Is premium economy airfare worth the money? See in context

There is also the “advantage” of boarding before other passengers so you can spend more time in the seat. Something I have never understood.

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Posted in: Moment of truth coming for Brexit with time running out, EU and Britain say See in context

And just what percentage of the UK’s GDP goes to the EU?

I’ll save you the time on Google.... Its less than 1%

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Posted in: Japan imports Ebola virus for research See in context

What? Have these people never been to the movies?

This is exactly how it starts ..EVERYTIME!

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Posted in: Kiwis bristle as beloved haka cops Rugby World Cup flak See in context

They made it part of the “culture” in the 1970s. Obviously it had been part of the Maori culture for decades but the white Europeans took it on in a PC gesture of togetherness.

I still think the White guys look pretty silly. Its not their culture, whatever they say. A little like having the British and Iris Lions do a Scottish gig.

After warming up the other team has to stand still and “politely” watch the performance, thus giving the All Blacks and other Hakka dancers an unfair advantage.

Other teams should continue their warm ups or just laugh at the silly tongue poking and arm slapping.

Just play the game!

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Posted in: Rugby World Cup opener gives Japan a taste of Olympic transport problems See in context

They didn’t arrive late. They arrived later than expected. The game kicked off on time.

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Posted in: Foreign-born players in Japan's team at World Cup put spotlight on eligibility rules See in context

Pukey2..True, but the young rising star of Japanese ping pong has 2 Chinese parents.

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Posted in: Foreign-born players in Japan's team at World Cup put spotlight on eligibility rules See in context

Diversity or the lack of isn’t the problem.

The problem is New Zealand! Or rather the over abundance of talent in NZ.

NZ gives a bunch of rugby scholarships to high schoolers from Tonga, Samoa and Fiji every year. Add these to the large number of “Islanders” already in NZ and you have a massive pool of talent. Almost the entire Tongan squad are NZ born!

Rugby is the only game in town in NZ but as its a small country the opportunities to play for the top club teams is very limited. Third stringers in NZ can easily get contracts for top European and Japanese teams. Three years later and they can pull on the national jersey.

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Posted in: Foreign-born players in Japan's team at World Cup put spotlight on eligibility rules See in context

Boy next door ...and the UK.

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Posted in: Foreign-born players in Japan's team at World Cup put spotlight on eligibility rules See in context

They need to scrap the residency rule all together or we will end up with a team of NZ born Tongans in red vs 15 NZ born Tongans in blue. Meanwhile, Tonga gets eliminated at the 1st stage.

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Posted in: Foreign-born players in Japan's team at World Cup put spotlight on eligibility rules See in context

Foreign “born” does’t really get to the point. For example, Scotland and Wales have many foreign born players.... Those born in England to Scottish or Welsh parents. There is a huge difference between players with parentage and cultural ties to a country and those who came with a professional rugby contract. (Rugby mercenaries)

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Posted in: All-you-can-drink beer train runs after World Cup Rugby game in Osaka See in context

Pretty much every conbini near the Yokohama stadium was out of beer yesterday.

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Posted in: Japan ready to face Russia in World Cup opener See in context

Wow! Russia managed to find 15 Russian players for their team.

Japan could only manage 7 so borrowed/ bought 8 others to make up the numbers.

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Posted in: U.S. military presenting range of options to Trump on Iran See in context

We can look forward to some very expensive missiles hitting empty targets in Iran. Trump will puff up his chest to show how tough he is. Meanwhile, the Iranians have shown that they can easily disrupt the flow of oil and thereby bring the world economy crashing down. There will be no war with Iran. Nor should there be Iran is not the problem.

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Posted in: Joseph announces Japan team for World Cup opener against Russia See in context

Australia has many “Islanders” and Kiwis who have lived in the country from very early childhood. Scotland has quite a few “Scots” born in England...

Japans foreign contingent are not exactly Tanakas born to Japanese parents in Korea! They are grown men who came to Japan to play rugby for money. As stated, most other countries have this BUT NOT HALF THE PLAYERS ON THE FIELD!

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