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Posted in: Biden says his goal for Xi meeting is to get U.S.-China communications back to normal See in context

“Being able to pick up the phone and talk to one another if there’s a crisis. Being able to make sure our militaries still have contact with one another,” Biden told reporters at the White House. “We’re not trying to decouple from China, but what we’re trying to do is change the relationship for the better.”

I’m often knocked down by the blatant disrespect the dems have for Americans. The repubs at least wine and dine you first, not the dems. They’re so gangster about it. No need to look any further or wonder anymore about Biden’s true interests. The dems tell you straight to your face. It’s like Gavin Newsome when he explained why they all magically solved San Francisco’s social woes in the blink of an eye: he didn’t deny it. He said heck ya they cleaned up the city for Xi. He even said that when you have guests over your house, you clean up. So to continue the analogy further, the dems are like neglectful parents who only attend to the household needs when there’re opportunities to be exploited in their own favor.

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Posted in: Biden, China's Xi to discuss communication, competition at APEC summit See in context

And yet I’m frequently told it’s you-know-who that’s chummy with dictators. Biden and Xi go back decades according to the article. And I’ll never forget when Biden said China wouldn’t eat our lunch. Yet they own farmland that n the USA. Hmmmm. And now the summit in San Francisco. Between you and me, it’s beyond mere shame how fast they cleaned that city up just to impress Xi. All the democrats have been promising for years to get rid of the homeless and sand blast the sidewalks and street and walls free of urine and feces. But they always came up with excuse after excuse. Now all of a sudden, the city of s magically transformed into a decent place. Hmmm. Joe and these democrats, I tell you. Unbelievable! Go ahead Joe, discuss your economic strategy that involves physically shoving Americans and their problems safely out of xi’s view. Tell him and show him how beautiful things really are.

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Posted in: White House asks Congress for $106 billion for Ukraine and Israel wars See in context

My poor old mother was wrong: apparently money does grow on trees. And the age old adage does seem real: war is big business.

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Posted in: Biden says he had to use Trump-era funds for border wall See in context

“As I have stated often, over thousands of years, there are only two things that have consistently worked, wheels, and walls!" Trump wrote on his social media platform. "Will Joe Biden apologize to me and America for taking so long to get moving ... I will await his apology!”

Honestly, I think Biden does owe an apology to Americans, but I don’t think he has enough integrity for that. Since when has a Democrat ever simply just said, hey, I got it wrong, I’m sorry? Never! But at least Biden’s not completely out, just yet. Just now he’s starting to make good on his promise to build back better by actually building a wall that protects Americans. Three years in, and he’s finally woken up. Trump can’t call him sleepy anymore!

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Posted in: Biden says he had to use Trump-era funds for border wall See in context

I found this article to be a total flop. For one, the defense of Biden is obvious: trying to portray Biden as simply following the rules and that the money and construction must simply go on to satisfy legislation. When in reality Mayorkas has destroyed that angle by stating that there is an acute and immediate need to build barriers in the vicinity of the border to prevent unlawful entries. So who’s lying here?

Then, to downplay the highest number of “migrants” for the year this September by calling it an “increase”. How foolish this administration is and how correct Donald Trump was and disastrous the outcome of those who voted for this unmitigated dumpster fire.

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Posted in: White House to announce first-ever federal office of gun violence prevention, sources say See in context

Texas with the least number of gun restrictions has the highest rate of gun deaths,

ok. So Texas may have the stupidest gun owners who leave loaded weapons out where little kids gain Soto them. But can you just admit that most gun violence in America happens everyday in inner cities between gangsters and crooks, and where innocent people get caught in the crossfire. Mass shootings everyday. But the media has programmed the average citizen to rationalize this away as social issues and isms. They turn a blind eye and are only outraged if a white person kills a poc. Newsflash: mass shootings happen every day in America, maybe twice a year does a “racially” charged shooting happen. And you’re only upset at the latter. And you want to punish everyone else because of the latter. You don’t even care about the transgender shooting that happened In Tennessee. You care more about buffalo and Jacksonville. And that’s because of the media, who still haven’t released the transcript, but who can’t release the “convenient” transcript fast enough. America’s got a gun problem, but Democrats and progressives and lefties are not suited to be at the forefront of the solution.

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Posted in: White House to announce first-ever federal office of gun violence prevention, sources say See in context

The issue is with people thinking there are only 2 extreme sides. It’s not that simple.

Great. We agree. And you’re on board with what you blamelessly mischaracterized as extreme number 2. It is absolutely not simple. And a way needs to be devised that protects 2A rights and law abiding citizens while simultaneously getting rid of criminals.

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Posted in: White House to announce first-ever federal office of gun violence prevention, sources say See in context

Also keep in mind that more kids are killed by finding a relatives loaded gun unsecured than caught in crossfire between criminals.

Please keep in mind that states with the most gun laws have the highest rates of child gun deaths.

There’s no argument that America has a gun problem. The issue is whether you’re on the side of those who want a blanket solution that punishes people that don’t deserve to be punished and that tramples one’s constitutional and god-given right to self defense; or whether you’re on the side of those who want criminals locked up quickly and longly and removed from the community of law abiding people and that doesn’t violate the constitution.

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Posted in: White House to announce first-ever federal office of gun violence prevention, sources say See in context

After reading this article, I’m forced to keep in mind that Biden also created the office of “Border Czar”.

I’m also tasked to keep in mind that many of these child deaths by gunfire are children getting caught in the crossfire between criminals. Why it’s so hard and so controversial to just be tough on crime is beyond me.

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Posted in: Hunter Biden indicted on federal firearms charges in long-running probe weeks after plea deal failed See in context

I’m absolutely stunned—at a complete loss of words right now. Especially since I was told repeatedly that there was nothing; all of this, I was told, was right wing conspiracy theories. I even considered good friends and family right wing extremists because they tried to tell me about Biden. Now I gotta go back with my tail tucked away and apologize. Hopefully I’ll be able to salvage something.

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Posted in: Speaker McCarthy directs House panel to open impeachment inquiry into President Biden See in context

Try reading actual news.

We are. This article actually. And it’s saying Biden is facing an inquiry leading to possible impeachment. What propa… um… news do you suggest?

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Posted in: Speaker McCarthy directs House panel to open impeachment inquiry into President Biden See in context

There is ZERO evidence and this sham is because the GQP has ZERO policy proposals. 

This is respectfully not true for anyone residing in reality. Both Ramaswamy and Trump are propounding policies that are best summed up as America first policies. Heck, that’s even Trump’s mantra. But like I said, those who’ve been residing in reality. Both have stressed closing the southern border and ending the cash flow to Zelenskyy. Ramaswamy has stressed breaking up the camaraderie between China and Russia. And we all know Trump’s policies from before, which many, many, many Americans pine for. It’s simply disingenuous to say the gop has no policy and that this is a sham. Maybe a case of the shoe is now on the other foot, but not a sham.

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Posted in: Speaker McCarthy directs House panel to open impeachment inquiry into President Biden See in context

What a long way we’ve come since those who first brought Biden’s unfathomable corruption to light were relegated to white supremacists trying to thwart democracy, then to possibly it’s true, but it’s mainly hearse right now spread by “his base”, the maga terrorists, to thwart democracy, to now it’s true, but Biden is just a bereaved father doing what anyone would do for their son, to finally seeking justice and opening an impeachment inquiry. If history repeats itself, there should be some juicy nuggets revealed in the near future— once considered nothing burgers.

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Posted in: North Korea says Travis King wants refuge from mistreatment, racism in U.S. Army See in context

This is a perfect example of how the dnc is more or less in line with brutal dictatorships around the world. Even in ww2, propaganda directed at black Americans is always about race and racism: drop your weapons, why fight for a country that hates you. Now you have the North Koreans playing the same note: tell us everything you can, why be loyal to a country that hates you. And always the dnc: vote for us, drop your brains. Why be politically minded about a country that hates you. Racism is not as big an issue in America as certain people want everyone to believe. It’s like the movie get out: real racists everywhere will always jiggle the little bell with the word racism scrawled across it, keep blacks in a sunken place. Of course NK will say this soldier’s greatest threat is American racism. Just like the dems.

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Posted in: House Speaker Kevin McCarthy floats an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden See in context

Not evidence. The big guy? Could be anybody. Also, making payments isn't illegal in the US

so, turn a blind eye, play dumb, apply double standards. Excellent!

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Posted in: House Speaker Kevin McCarthy floats an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden See in context

Oh, if I saw any evidence at all of wrongdoing by Joe Biden, I would support an impeachment.

What about the tweets? We all know who the big guy is, we all know who hunter means when he says his father is sitting right next him, and he’s waiting on the other party to fulfill their “commitment”, aka, cash deposit. Plus Joe has admitted publicly to the quid pro quo: fire the prosecutor looking into shading dealings by the burisma board member who hired hunter, or else they won’t get the money. That’s out of Joe’s mouth. All we’re asking for is even standards instead of double standards.

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Posted in: House Speaker Kevin McCarthy floats an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden See in context

you know, it is possible to hate Trump and yet still admit the Biden administration is a dumpster fire and that he warrants impeachment. Being a progressive is being able to do two or more things at once.

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Posted in: House Speaker Kevin McCarthy floats an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden See in context

No there isn't.

Yes, according to msm that is correct. But according to the cache of incriminating photos on the laptop, the tweets, and the testimony that prostitutes and drugs were treated as tax deductions say differently.

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Posted in: House Speaker Kevin McCarthy floats an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden See in context

The ball needs to get rolling regardless of getting the timing right for Trump; and this needs to be a bipartisan initiative: the dems need to prove with their actions that they’re not hypocrites. There’s more than enough evidence to show the Bidens are likely one of the most corrupt families in American history. Both republicans and democrats, rich and poor Americans need to turn their backs on the Bidens.

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Posted in: Supreme Court rules for a designer who doesn't want to make wedding websites for gay couples See in context

Excellent news. The ones denied service would happily refuse service to anyone wearing a maga hat, Trump shirt, anything patriotic or Americana, etc.; and they would demand they leave the premises, too. Not to mention the rights to free speech and religious freedom were upheld. This is a win.

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Posted in: Hunter Biden to plead guilty in deal that likely averts time behind bars in a tax and gun case See in context

This is bogus, man. You don’t plead guilty to charges that are just right wing conspiracy theories. This has got to stop. Plus, it just gives the impression of a two tiered justice system, which we now inset true. Just like we know the democrats would never stoop so low as Hunter’s saga seems to suggest. And if the charges were true, we know the media and the dems would certainly match the tone and aggressiveness, nay, surpass, with which they go after trump. I mean, we can’t be at a place where we’re more concerned with hush money and sex with a prostitute than with guns, drugs, and corruption at the highest levels, can we? Besides, the dems are staunchly anti gun; there’s no way the biggest democrat, the big guy; there’s no way his son would catch a weapons charge unless it was all right wing conspiracy theories.

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Posted in: Rapper Desiigner charged with indecent exposure on flight from Tokyo to Minneapolis See in context

I’ve watched this guy’s attempt at free styling on youtube. It was anything but rap or hip hop. It was a total disaster. He actually seemed mentally disturbed during the attempt. It seems he really is messed up. No lyrics, no flow, and no public manners: the epitome of today’s “hip hop”.

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Posted in: Florida Gov DeSantis praises Japan's defense build-up See in context

He’s done an excellent job in Florida protecting children and fighting for women’s rights. I hope he has a good time in Japan. He deserves it.

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Posted in: White House blames bad intel, Trump for chaotic Afghan withdrawal See in context

Sure, biden administration. I believe you. It’s trumps fault.

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Posted in: Nikki Haley announces run for president, challenging Trump See in context

In theory I can see myself voting for her. I don’t know yet. She’s definitely more patriotic and more concerned with American welfare than the current administration. She’s a woman, but has credentials that outweigh that fact, which means she could possibly satisfy progressives and conservatives: she wouldn’t be a “diversity hire”, but could also be the first woman president. She doesn’t have the chaos that trump brings, and she doesn’t have the corruption that Hilary and Biden bring: she could possibly be the one to unify the nation. She’s not a racist or misogynist; yet she doesn’t subscribe to extreme progressive ideology. She could be a win win.

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Posted in: Idris Elba on James Bond: 'I'm not going to be that guy' See in context

I think Elba would make a great 007. I’ve watched his show, Luther, and some of his movies. The guy has swagger, good looks; he’s charmingly sophisticated and debonair. He fits the Bond mold perfectly. It doesn’t matter what color Elba is; he’s a Brit and he exudes James Bond qualities. Having a non-white playing bond will only destroy the franchise if the sole purpose of doing it is to be “not sleep”. If a nonwhite person has the qualities of an authentic Bond, as in this case Elba clearly does, then race becomes superficial and trivial.

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Posted in: China says it was smeared in Biden State of the Union speech See in context

“I will make no apologies that we are investing to make America strong. Investing in American innovation, in industries that will define the future, and that China’s government is intent on dominating," he said.

I want to believe Biden so bad, but I can’t considering news was just released by the Baltimore Sun that schools in Maryland cannot do math at grade level. In fact, it’s being reported that in 23 schools in Baltimore failed to produce one student who could do math at grade level. That’s right, zero. So I find it interesting that Biden would say such a thing when China is clearly beating the socks off of the USA when it comes to education: one of the main ingredients that lead innovation and industries that will define the future; the other one being talent. Maybe the USA should tone down the gender ideology and activist indoctrination that currently fills its public school system’s curriculum and instead teach kids math and science and reading and how to operate a computer like they do in China before Biden decides to make such a bold claim

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Posted in: Republicans criticize Biden for waiting to shoot down Chinese balloon See in context

Biden should’ve taken quicker action. But his his pusillanimity towards China makes better sense when you remember Biden said of China “I mean, you know, they’re not bad folks, folks. But guess what? They’re not competition for us.”

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Posted in: Kabul's mannequins, hooded and masked under Taliban rules See in context

As long as they don’t cover up the ankles I don’t see a problem. While other cultures prize beautiful feminine figures, faces, and dispositions; this culture goes the extra mile to place value on women’s ankles. They’re like chefs who overlook the choice cuts and go straight for the sweetbreads. And for that they deserve a head nod.

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Posted in: More classified documents found at Biden's home by lawyers See in context

The bloopers, the racist gaffes, the incoherent mumblings, the wild pounding of fists on the podium accompanied by manufactured outrage, the all around incompetence and indifference towards the American citizenry, and now this. This presidency has given us so much, it’d be absolutely gut-busting hilarious if in reality it wasn’t so harmful to the country.

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