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Posted in: Top Democrats leave open option of Trump impeachment after Mueller report See in context

The democrats are coming apart at the seams. They're looking very desperate now. Impeachment in the 4th quarter of the game? Seems unlikely.

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Posted in: New York Chinese eatery heats up cultural appropriation debate See in context

The food in question is not Chinese food anyway. It's chinese-American. People in china don't order lo mein for delivery that shows up in a white box and fortune cookie. All those foods coming out of NYC are a great example of how immigrants contribute to American culture. Chow mein in a white box, egg rolls, and fortune cookie are totally American. What is being appropriated is the victimhood that was once the province of African Americans. But now since "people of color" has been raised from the dead, everyone not white is a victim. Asian Americans, the wealthiest demographic in America, are now POC and suffer oppression; and by extension, cultural oppression.

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Posted in: Trump wishes 'no ill will' with tweet on Muslim lawmaker, White House says See in context

Hopefully, AOC's equally asinine response will cost her her seat. She did a classic democratic move: avoid any responsibility and acuse your critics of racism. She said the photo of 9/11 put out by the NY post was "triggering" New York was fundamentally changed by 9/11, people in NY live with 9/11 everyday. Entire fire departments wiped out. Yet AOC took ilhan's side over the post's, even though AOC is supposed to represent NY.

These dems are making it too easy for Trump to get 4 more years. Nancy needs to get control of her children. They are out of control.

NY will vote her out. Getting backwards people in MN to follow suit seems more challenging.

The dems, or the RFO party-racism for every occasion, are the ones inciting violence and racism.

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Posted in: Trump wishes 'no ill will' with tweet on Muslim lawmaker, White House says See in context

The sad thing is is that Omar passed up a golden opportunity to publicly separate Islam from the terroists. She could have clearly said terrorists who have hijacked islam are the ones who hijacked the planes and that they do not represent Islam. Imagine if she would have done that? She could have taken a real step forward to helping unify the American citizenry. Instead she failed.

Clearly, she does not feel about 9/11 the way Americans do. She also must not think of the 19 hijackers as terrorist. I would have clearly distanced myself and religion from those people by clearly and definitively identifying them.

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Posted in: Trump says he will have to mobilize more military at U.S.-Mexico border See in context

It's funny when democratic loonies say the migrants are good people--the whole time thr migrants are breaking laws and disregarding the sovereignty of many countries along the way to the US.

Also, another manifestation of the ignorance of the left is the common call that the illegal aliens will climb over or under the wall (reconfirming that the migrants are not good but in fact criminals). Just a stupid thing to say that betrays a feable mind. Do really think the engineers designing the wall for the border would not have already considered that?

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Posted in: Ghosn says in video statement he is innocent and a victim of backstabbing See in context

He's convinced me that he was hung out to dry because there were people fearful of losing their power; but I wish he would have said more about the charges. Anyway, I'm sure his lawyer advised him on what to say.

I, too, worry if he'll receive a fair trial--as we all know, the Japanese justice system can be at variance with what us foreigners are used to. Ghosn's repeated claims of innocence--even though he might not be guilty--clash with Japanese culture, and it's only going to infuriate the judges further.

He's caught between a foreigner's rock and a hard spot: profess your innocence if you really are so; but also suffer the consequences of just being "problematic".

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Posted in: adidas seals partnership with singer Beyonce See in context

This is what is called borrowed interest: when companies take a famous person and try to harness their celebrity--hood in the hope to move more units. In this case it is lame at best and a clear example of voracious capitalism at worst. Beyonce and sports have no connection in public thought. The ad creatives here simply said, f-it, let's just get somebody famous. Not very creative at all.

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Posted in: Chicago will sue actor Jussie Smollett after he refuses to pay for police overtime See in context

He should definitely pay!

Question: why is Smollet not pushing for the investigation to continue? If someone pours bleach on me and pits a noose around my neck, I want that person(s) in jail. Jusssie seems content the charges against him are dropped.

And, oh, the sick, sick, sick ways the demented democrats try to spin this. Maxine Waters actually said dropping the charges was the right thing to do. She continued that no one got hurt--it was a non-violent affair.

Questions: why isn't smollett not protesting that this indeed was a violent affair? How does a black women in America consider white people putting nooses around black necks not a big deal? If the attack really did happen then, would the attack still be no big deal, as the democrats are now saying? I mean, no one was hurt. Would the charges be dropped against the perps?

This guy is a fake all around. Fake hip hop show, fake accusations, fake everything.

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Posted in: Too close for comfort? Biden, Beyonce spark personal space debate See in context

"I felt invaded. I felt there was a violation of my personal space," Flores said. "It's been dismissed as if it's just Biden being Biden. Boys will be boys. No big deal. It is a big deal."

This sounds like a script to me. Never once in my life have I heard "boys will be boys" to describe what has happened here. To me, that just sounds way off, like it has become a left-wing slogan and sound bite. And once again, the timing.

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Posted in: Trump calls Smollett case embarrassment; announces review See in context

Jussie had enough intersectionality points to get the case dropped. In America, it's not only who you know (a former white house aide in your deck of cards doesn't hurt) but it's how many points to have on the intersectionailty scale. Black and gay--no pun intended--but that's like ace of spades. If a white heterosexual male--who has virtually zero intersectionality points--we all know things would be very different. I don't care what side of the political aisle you sit; if we all can't be honest about this bs, then there is no hope for US as a country.

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Posted in: Does #nomakeup trend help women or is it bare-faced cheek? See in context

 I have yet to meet any man who pressured a woman to wear makeup.

I think most men are turned off by an over-abundance of make up.

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Posted in: DOJ: Trump campaign did not coordinate with Russia in 2016 See in context


Trump was telling the truth

For the first time in his adult life.

You're conflating Russian meddling with collusion. You're also presupposing that there was no collusion because Trump's campaign wasn't trying.

Beautiful spin job. Couldn't have done a better job myself. There's a job in Washington for you somewhere.

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Posted in: Smoking strong pot daily raises psychosis risk, study finds See in context

I'd rather lose touch with reality for a couple of hours than risk liver failure, thoughts of suicide, depression, in rare cases, death, risk of heart attack or stroke, and all the other risks that come with the parade of drugs advertised on tv--drugs to cure made up diseases, Do you jitter after drinking 10 cups of coffee on an empty stomach? Then you might suffer from caffeinitis intoleranticus deficiency syndrome. Take these drugs--side effects include nausea, depression, thoughts of suicide, loss of appetite, in rare cases death has been reported. Yeah--I take the strong strain of pot any day thank you very much.

These kinds of reports are anti-pot propaganda funded by pharmaceutical companies who are scared their multi-billion dollar drug empire will crumble when people realize pot can cure half the ailments out there with no side effects compared with what they are peddling.

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Posted in: NZ gov't to announce gun reforms within 10 days See in context

Not according to what I have on the the topic. It was about individual states being able to defend their independence from the federal government.

That's true as well. But a main concern was that the defeated british might try to attack, and it was necessary to mobilize a citizens army on the spot if they did. One of the arguments for the second amendment is that an armed citizenry is more resistant to tyranny.

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Posted in: 49 killed, more than 20 wounded in 2 New Zealand mosque shootings; 4 suspects in custody See in context

Very sad news. But I think we need to start to ask real questions. For example, there are a fringe element that has positioned itself as the vanguard of human rights and justice. That element can be described with comments like this: The manifesto for this brutal massacre is on Twitter. Pretty grim stuff, and it's all over the place: denouncing diversity, Sadiq Khan, Erdogan, praising white rebirth... all the usual messed-up madness.

This is the problem. You have a fringe element positioning itself as the true vanguard of human rights and justice. These people just won't listen to any other views except their own. They keep pushing their multiculturalism on everyone. And the left media portrays it as if all of society is in cahoots with this dreamy, utopian, kumbaya multiculturalism. They need to listen to other people and learn to not conflate disagreements with bigotry. As long as Western people continue to denounce mass unmitigated immigration; as long as they try to retain what once was western society; and as long as their opinions are muffled by the shouts, name calling, identity politics, and bs of progressive leftists, we will see these kinds of attacks.

Are these Western people who denounce multiculturalism 100% right? IDK. But as long as their opinions are not even considered and written off as racist, I suspect these things will happen.

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Posted in: Trump's 'MAGAnomics' gets a thumbs-down from Democrats See in context

You'd have to ask a liberal. Not giving tax breaks to the super rich and stealing from the poor would be a start. Why does the far right loathe the poor so much?

I don't know about the far right, but from someone who loathes the current direction of the left's mentality, I don't loathe the poor as much as I do poverty. I don't think it's a crime or immoral to be wealthy. I wish everyone could be wealthy and there wasn't poverty. The leftist on the other hand thinks wealth is inherently immoral and anyone not poor and struggling to also be immoral. Instead of desiring to eliminate poverty, they'd rather everyone be poor than someone be rich. That's the difference: one side wants to lift people up--by their own efforts--which brings greater self-satisfaction and happiness--and the other wants to bring everybody down.

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Posted in: California governor places moratorium on executions See in context

Why do you think it is that African Americans commit a disproportionate number of crimes?

I think it's because the majority are ingrained with hiphop thug culture: having street cred overrides everything else. Why? Because white liberal democrats keep telling them their dysfunction is okay because they are eternal victims of oppression. The great new deal by LBJ--another damn democrat! welfare today, welfare tomorrow, welfare forever. Just don't get married--which is easy because the father is in jail because democrats trained him to not be responsible for himself. Oppression, like a gun to someone's head, forced him to go out and commit crimes.

You're smart enough to read. Unfortunately, white liberals never take blacks seriously unless they're thugged out and oppressed. Blacks like Larry Elder, Thomas Sowell, John Mcwhorter will never be read by white liberals. In short, white liberalism is the reason African Americans commit crime disproportionately.

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Posted in: Alexa, are you male or female? 'Sexist' virtual assistants go gender-neutral See in context

I never considered alexa could be an outlet for my sexual gratification. I can't wait to dim the lights and bark orders, misogynistic comments, and more at alexa.

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Posted in: Alexa, are you male or female? 'Sexist' virtual assistants go gender-neutral See in context

How dare they create something you don't like.

Actually, it's the other way around. You don't like it that alexa has the voice of a woman.

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Posted in: Will ‘Voice Up Japan’ encourage Japanese women to finally speak up about inequality? See in context

As long as night hostess clubs are still embraced and existing, this cry for women equality is just a pipe dream. It all starts there, I don't know if Japan is really willing to call for equal rights or these groups just want to go with the trend. Are these protesters fierce enough to really tackle the core issue? Are they willing to protest to Hostess clubs and tell them straight to stop making women as commodities? The answer to that is NO for sure.

What about the male host clubs?

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Posted in: Alexa, are you male or female? 'Sexist' virtual assistants go gender-neutral See in context

It's not easy to create a genderless voice because no sich thing exists. Voices either belong to someone male or female--good god this is getting ridiculous. Sjw culture strikes again.

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Posted in: California governor places moratorium on executions See in context

It is the Democratic, liberal position that is pro life, as far as human beings are concerned

That is, of course, if it's a fetus--then it's game on. But anyway, I support the death penalty. For example, one of the Manson girls recently got released. She was given the death penalty, then is was switched to life. Now she's out while her pregnant and other victims have been dead for years and never had a chance. But she's out enjoying her golden years.

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Posted in: Expectations low as Trump looks for win in N Korea summit See in context

Feb. 25  06:27 pm JST

Expectations low

This is what passes for journalism these days. Better get those barbs in early, just in case Trump finds success. Such a headline was never used during the Obama presidency. At least his critics waited to see what the outcome was, rather than just making stuff up. Whose expectations? No need to say, apparently. The usual suspects, as though they matter.

A better headline would've been Trump Does What Obama Couldn't.

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Posted in: Japan scholar and translator Donald Keene dies at 96 See in context

RIP. I read some of his works. He has some good stuff on Japanese poetry where he gives analyses in English. I was happy to see him become a Japanese citizen.

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Posted in: What does it mean to be a Muslim woman? See in context

After reading this, I think about a video on YouTube festuring Christopher Hitchens. He converses with a woman who says Islam advocates for women's rights. In the end, what we all know to be true is revealed. Check it out.

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Posted in: 'Empire' actor Jussie Smollett charged with faking racist attack See in context

Trump people think that Dylann Roof and Cesar Sayoc are better people than Jussie. 

Yes, that's the real motive behind Jussie's plot: to reveal this single most important truth about Trump supporters.

But they think mass murders are good people as long as they are Trump believers

Yep, they've personally gone out and petitioned the appropriate powers to release all mass murderers who support Trump from prison asap.

 If Trump shot someone in the middle of the street his supporters would still support him and they would not want him to be arrested

No they wouldn't, and why should they? C'mon!

They would follow Trump off a cliif 

Maybe not a cliff, but definitely a wall.

Yes is proof. 

Yes, my comments are scientific evidence that all Trump supporters are like you say.

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Posted in: 'Empire' actor Jussie Smollett charged with faking racist attack See in context



people are so loyal to Trump 

It looks like the American people like Trump.

jussie is worse 


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Posted in: Sanders says he's running for president in 2020 See in context

You do realize we live in reality, and can see other countries that do what Bernie wants to, right? Then why are people in countries that do these things rate so much higher on the happiness index than America? And why are they not a mess politically like America?

Ah yes... Let me guess. Scandinavia? The only example liberals can come up with--and it's a bad one. There's a huge difference between a socialist state and a welfare state. Scandinavia pays high taxes in exchange for entitlement programs with the condition companies are allowed to operate freely under a capitalist system. Scandinavian economies are strong because they are built on capitalist principles--they were long before the entitlement programs. Some people would say also that it's because Scandinavia is majority white that things are great, and that Sweden will be the example of what happens when literalism starts infecting things. I don't know, but definitely food for thought.

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Posted in: Sanders says he's running for president in 2020 See in context

*Japan is not an example .

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Posted in: Sanders says he's running for president in 2020 See in context

Yes, healthcare and proactively trying to clean up the environment is every kind of wrong. It helps encourage a kinder society, where people don't have to live their entire lives worrying about if they can pay for their meds. It creates cleaner foods, and healthier cities where people can save money by using public transportation and eating cheaper, healthier foods. But you live in Japan, where none of that exists and you are extremely happy that it doesn't, right? Oh, wait...

As much as I want everyone to have healthcare, healthcare itself is not a right. Doctors have acquired a specialized skill through years of dedicated study. They exchange their services for money. They have a right to do this. You do not havea right to force them to use their skills for whatever price you think is right. Japan has cheaper healthcare because it's some shining example that socialist healthcare works. People in Japan pay for the services out their own pockets; they go right downstairs to the cashier and pay 30%. The rest is covered from the monthly fees they pay into the system. In America, the person recieving the healthcare isn't footing the bill. Prices are sky high and every one is skimming off the top. Americans think they shouldn't have to pay for the services of a doctor. And now Bernie Sanders is saying they don't. And rhat just means prices will go even higher. Doctors dont care, insurance companies don't care, the recipient doesn't care because no one is paying. Charge what ever you want. We'll just raise taxes to cover the costs.

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