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Posted in: Obama's post-Charlottesville message most-liked tweet ever See in context

Ironic that Obama can get away with quoting Mandela considering he attended a racist black nationalist church for nearly two decades. Racism on the Left gets a pass now - unreal. If you aren't color blind you are part of the problem.

Your observation has no connection to Obama's quotation and tweet. The quote just says racism is taught, it's not something innate in children. Even a white supremacist could make the same quote. Possibly your just gung ho about FOX news' spin job?

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The old man in the photo looks like when he pulled his sword he sharted.

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"If you can convince the lowest white man he's better than the best colored man, he won't notice you're picking his pocket. He'll give him somebody to look down on. and he'll empty his pockets for you."

And that's exactly what Trump did!

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And from 8 years ago, a black man was President and Hispanics were viable candidates in 2016. A black man was actually a Republican candidate! So as I said, do we still really need all these identity based politics? The so called 'white privilege' is nearly non existent by now as not only a desire for diversity but required diversity has taken over employment, education and most parts of daily life. Identity politics was Hillary's entire platform (hot sauce in the purse for blacks, call me your 'Abuela' for Hispanics) and probably one of the main reasons she lost, as some people saw it as pandering for votes.

Very good point. Maybe affirmative action is outdated. Obama, however, isn't the black messiah; just because he became president doesn't mean discrimination ended with his inauguration. I also think you make a good point about white privilege: it's often assumed that a poor, unsuccessful white male is an anomaly. I mean, how could a white man be poor with his white privileges and all? If only mainstream liberalism caught on to this fallacy and included poor whites in their circles, Trump wouldn't have had anything to exploit and no buttons to push, instead of now having an actual button to push--a red one.

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I still dont get how people want 'equality' by getting special treatment for their group, cause or agenda.

Well then I guess you don't get white america and what's been going on in America for for 241 years. I think affirmative action is disgusting, and many qualified whites do get screwed by it. It's unfair. Most people I know don't want to be a diversity hire, anyway. But the sicker part is that it's a solution, a messed up one, to the systematic discrimation that does happen towards minorities by white managers. Just seventy years ago the dream job of an African American was a Pullman porter- a porter!

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I agree again. But now groups like Black Lives Matter are doing the exact same thing, and its fine with liberals. ALL Lives Matter, people say? No, ONLY Black Lives Matter, no others, is the response. White people shot by police? dont care.

I can't believe how long this ignorance has perpetuated. Any one with common sense knows there's an implied "too" at the end of Black Lives Matter, and that the group was started after many high profile cases of police killing unarmed blacks and getting away with it. The group was a response to the courts, who were giving the impression through their refusal to indict these murderous cops that black lives don't matter. It's telling that so many white people assume that equality for blacks automatically means inequality for whites, black power means white disempowerment, black lives matter means white lives don't . What this mode of thinking betrays is that whites don't feel safe, comfortable, and secure unless non-whites are at the bottom of the social scale and whites are at the top.

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im proud to be black, said the black man.

I'm proud to be Hispanic, said the Hispanic man.

Im proud to be white, said the racist

That's because most whites, not all, are racists. And yeah, there are black and hispanic racists, too. But at least they have a reason to be. What are white's excuse? BLM do chant kill the police?. That's because a whole slew of cops kill blacks and get away with it. BLM just didn't spring up and say kill the police for no reason. Any white person defending the confederacy is a racist. What was the confederate states of America fighting for? Their belief in their right to secede from the US (an act of treason) and to hold other human beings in slavery. If that's your "southern heritage" then it's the same as Nazi German heritage.

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Posted in: 'Meet a Muslim' events in U.S. hope to dispel misconceptions See in context

When Moina Shaiq realized even her friends were scared to ask her about her religion for fear of offending her or sounding uneducated...

You see... You can't even ask basic, logical questions without offending people. When humans have got satellites and rockets in the cosmos, when they're explaining black holes and super novae and dating the birth of the universe using science techniques, we've got to walk on eggshells around concepts that lack science and progression, and keep us chained to superstition and the 7th century. All because we're scared to offend people.

It's just not a good use of time. The likelihood of changing a bigot's mind is low.

So if you don't accept this religion without critical thought, you're a bigot. The problem with America: you got all these groups in competition with each other for the victim's crown; meanwhile we're being conditioned to put away our brains lest we offend somebody; and as a result of it all, America lacks any sense of a uniform culture.

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Posted in: Abe vows to protect people from N Korean missile threat See in context

Abe, Kim, Trump: what they have in common is failing support. All this is a big stage play designed to get us all scared and behind them, and make them look like big heros

Any proof, preferably a la Snowden, that this a big stage play?

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Posted in: Abe vows to protect people from N Korean missile threat See in context

Desperately insecure and inconsequential Japan, the land whose value exists only in its role as a US military outpost. It must be very difficult for the Japanese to wrap their heads around the fact that their nation is the chihuahua of the Far East. Sad.

Don't hate, participate or repatriate!

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Always seems like those most willing to see the US in a war are those who least understand the reality of warfare.

It can be said that utopians are the least to understand the reality of human nature. Our closest relatives, chimps, raid and commit violence. The need to wage war is wired into human DNA.

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Posted in: Thousands of guns handed in under Australian amnesty program See in context


Those people aren't carrying killing machines any more than indigenous peoples are when they're carrying bows and arrows. They're hunting. Can you explain why you're willing to group those law abiding citizens to whom you provided a link together with criminals?

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25 years ago, the ONLY conservative on TV was old Bob Novak the left would drag out of the basement that would spare on "Crossfire" with some liberal, that was it. There was nothing else out there for more than half of the country, Ne rebuke, nothing until Ailes tapped into the market that there was an underserved audience, like them or not, without them, we would just have to listen to liberal point of viewpoints forever and thank God, those days are behind us.

I seriously doubt your background in professional media/ journalism with writing like this.

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Posted in: CW's 'Legends' welcomes a Muslim character to its 'tapestry' See in context

Her religion and ethnicity will only matter to idiots

Of course they matter; only idiots will be sitting there self-flagellating themselves into submitting that there isn't an elephant in the room. Muslim woman without a hijab, a computer hacker (an educated Muslim woman); she's a hacker; i.e., a thief. These are all political statements! Let's just pretend she's the vanguard of the new and upcoming Muslim woman. Let's see if there'll be any scenes with her alongside a man, or men, without any third party witnesses. That, too, will be a political statement. If this comment is deleted, that, too, will be a political statement.

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Posted in: Kanye West sues insurer for $10 million over canceled tour See in context

West, a rare artist and even rarer African American celebrity to voice support for Trump, said he went to discuss issues of concern to minorities with the populist leader.

Discussing minority concerns while supporting Trump is a contradiction of terms, and demonstrates a low IQ

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Posted in: Creators behind 'Game of Thrones' stir race controversy with 'Confederate' See in context

We have great respect for the dialogue and concern being expressed around 'Confederate,'" the channel said.

"We have faith that Nichelle, Dan, David and Malcolm will approach the subject with care and sensitivity. The project is currently in its infancy so we hope that people will reserve judgment until there is something to see."

What dialogue is needed? The confederates sacrificed their lives so they could have the right to treat other human beings like savages and keep them in bondage and torture. Pure and simple.

Why care and sensitivity? It was what it was: a group of people who believed it was their right to enslave, torture, rape, and murder another group of human beings.

Who'd be sick and inhuman enough to entertain the fantasy that such a program is still in practice? Why? Why? Why?

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In the Izakaya with friends, beer mat, and pencil, the average age of Abe's cabinet is 65.7 may have missed a few out though. 

Monumental demographic decline reaching into every portfolio of government. A Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance aged 76. I believe Japan's new Foreign Minister Taro Kono is a youthful at 54. 

This trend within the Abe san cabinet is respective in J society and presents front centre the lack of juvenescence in the democratic decision making process. Or to find innovative solutions to even halt the depopulation effect that will impact harshly on labour intensive industries such as healthcare. 

The inevitable financial decline on families and the resultant negative effects on the broader economy will be brutal and stark both politically and economically.

It's good to know the drunk expats are on the job and will be having the country in tip-top shape in no time. Kampai!

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Posted in: A century’s worth of Japanese beauty trends, from silver screen chic to puffy-eyed catharsis See in context

I think the styles around 2000 and onward are the most beautiful. That's because the women don't try to look like white women; they tend to look more Asian and specifically Japanese, and Japanese women are gorgeous enough without having to look caucasian. I don't now who lied and said white blonds are the standard of beauty, but it needs to stop.

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Posted in: Rocket launch by Japanese venture aborted after 80 seconds See in context

why gather to see something other countries have been doing for decades?

the bitterness of expat life in Japan rears its ugly head again.

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Posted in: S Korean film about forced labor in Japan sets box office record See in context

Japanese wouldn't know about it because they are universally in denial about even the 1% chance that any Japanese person could ever do something wrong, let alone the nation as a whole.

This is utter bs that is common currency amongst the bitter expat community. I personally have met with Japanese business men and women who have told me their opinions and feelings about Japan and WW2. And, so, no, it's not a universal that Japanese are in denial. Maybe you never really talk to Japanese.

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Posted in: Parents of critically-ill British baby Charlie Gard return to London High Court See in context

However, Britain's courts backed by the European Court of Human Rights have refused permission on the grounds it would prolong his suffering without any realistic prospect it would help the 11-month-old child

Obviously there's only the facade of human rights if doctors, the courts, the government have more say over your children than you do.

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Posted in: If you think Japan is hot... See in context

 I wish the Americans would get in line with the rest of the world and use a proper temperature scale.

With smartphones and computing devices in abundance, just click to convert. It takes several nanoseconds.

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Posted in: Spicer resigns; Sanders to take over as Trump's press secretary See in context

"I'll call and say, 'What do you think if I say this?' He'll say, 'That's really good. You might try to say it a little bit more like X,'" she said.

If and when you're telling the truth there's no need for advice on how to spin it or doctor it up.

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Posted in: Spotlight on son of former Prime Minister Koizumi, ahead of cabinet reshuffle See in context

But, but, but, Yubaru, he's good looking, a bachelor; he went to a private school, and his father is charismatic.

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Posted in: Australian woman 'didn't have to die,' says Minneapolis police chief See in context

oh the asininity of the comments that try to latch this story on to America's gun culture and give more momentum to their anti-American tirade. This has nothing to do with America's second amendment rights; this is a strict case of police brutality, police thinking they're immune to the law and abusing their power. If the American cops were like the cops in the UK, this woman would've been bludgeoned to death.

Bachmann, speaking at a Republican hog roast in Waconia, Minnesota, on Wednesday, called Noor an "affirmative-action hire by the hijab-wearing mayor of Minneapolis," the Star Tribune reported. Noor is Somali-American.

Yeah... racism doesn't exist. You blacks are imagining police brutality. Just get over it. Pull yourself up by your bootstraps. But what about black on black crime.

This is why a "Black lives matter" movement is necessary. Because this comment by a former presidential candidate clearly states that only white lives matter. And now the rage and uproar of the public over the death of a white women by the hands of cop--and a ** cop at that! Time to get all the politicians and top brass involved in this one. Philando who? Eric who? Walter who? Sandra who?

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Posted in: Books teaching elementary school students about LGBTQ issues grab spotlight See in context

But with better education we might get more acceptance and less discrimination.

Therein lies the problem. I'm all for deadening discrimination, but forcing people to accept something they have every right to not accept, and discriminating against them for not accepting it; i.e., name calling: bigot, old geezer, stupid, religious fanatic, etc, that is discrimination. Forcing elementary kids to accept something is tantamount to brainwashing. No one has to accept homosexuality; people have to abide by the law and not deny services, or commit acts of verbal or physical violence, or any forms of discrimination based on race, creed, religion, or sexual orientation. That's it! Liberals claim to imagine a society where people are not judged on the content of their choices, where everyone is free to do what they like as long as it doesn't harm others. This is good, but liberals feel this can only happen within the framework of their system; it's their way or the highway. They will trample on all moral systems without question that don't give them authority to envision society as they think it should be. Where's the freedom there? Where's the cooperation? Making people accept homosexuality is hypocritical.

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who they have every reason to believe may well be armed to the teeth

This is your subjective reasoning. There's no substantive evidence that cops believe every encounter with the public will be violent. Think about the number of encounters that don't end with violence compared to the ones that do. By your logic, every encounter would end with the cops killing people. Also, you're blaming the victim here and millions of innocent people in order satisfy your agenda. I'm not a right-winger, but it's because of this kind of liberal-trash thinking, that ignores the millions of responsible gun owners, groups them together with a few nut jobs, ignores hunting and land traditions, which are totally different than in England and Australia; your thinking is part of the reason we have Trump. Besides, do your history. The right for citizens to bear arms is deeply rooted in English tradition. Remember, the colonists were English. Also, the US has a bigger population than the countries you cited. I'm sure if you consider that and do the math, Americas gun statistics aren't as bad as you try to make them out to be.

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Still simple enough for there to be over 112 guns per 100 residents, enough for one each for every man, woman, child and idiot with plenty to spare. Australia has 21.7 per 100, Japan, 0.6

And compare that amount of guns to the actual accidental shootings, irresponsible gun owners, or whatever, you'll see that America's gun problem is blown (no pun intended) way out of proportion by the media and extreme left-wingers.

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According to the Star Tribune Ms Damond lived in the 5000 block of Washburn Avenue S in the Fulton district of Minneapolis. Google shows this to be a rather nice neighbourhood, with homes selling in the $330,000 to $895,000 range.

Another European telling us about America by simply googling it. This whole issue isn't about guns anyway. It's about the failed training of police officers, police in America becoming akin to the police forces in Brazil. This citizen was unarmed, but the this particular media outlet dangled the bait, and the Europeans, already primed with anti-Americanism, bit the hook, line, and sinker. Once again, this has nothing to do with America's gun laws. It's about the police killing civilians. If the same underlying problems were happening in the UK, we'd be hearing about cops billy clubbing blokes to death.

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Posted in: Books teaching elementary school students about LGBTQ issues grab spotlight See in context

If you are going to use the term 'anti-intellectualism', don't write semi-literate gibberish like that. I'm semi-literate too. If I can see it, you know you're in trouble.

What? I forgot the word "with". Sorry, I was on the train typing on my smart phone. I noticed it. I just didn't think anybody would actually try to score cheap points with it.

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