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You do realize we live in reality, and can see other countries that do what Bernie wants to, right? Then why are people in countries that do these things rate so much higher on the happiness index than America? And why are they not a mess politically like America?

Ah yes... Let me guess. Scandinavia? The only example liberals can come up with--and it's a bad one. There's a huge difference between a socialist state and a welfare state. Scandinavia pays high taxes in exchange for entitlement programs with the condition companies are allowed to operate freely under a capitalist system. Scandinavian economies are strong because they are built on capitalist principles--they were long before the entitlement programs. Some people would say also that it's because Scandinavia is majority white that things are great, and that Sweden will be the example of what happens when literalism starts infecting things. I don't know, but definitely food for thought.

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*Japan is not an example .

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Yes, healthcare and proactively trying to clean up the environment is every kind of wrong. It helps encourage a kinder society, where people don't have to live their entire lives worrying about if they can pay for their meds. It creates cleaner foods, and healthier cities where people can save money by using public transportation and eating cheaper, healthier foods. But you live in Japan, where none of that exists and you are extremely happy that it doesn't, right? Oh, wait...

As much as I want everyone to have healthcare, healthcare itself is not a right. Doctors have acquired a specialized skill through years of dedicated study. They exchange their services for money. They have a right to do this. You do not havea right to force them to use their skills for whatever price you think is right. Japan has cheaper healthcare because it's some shining example that socialist healthcare works. People in Japan pay for the services out their own pockets; they go right downstairs to the cashier and pay 30%. The rest is covered from the monthly fees they pay into the system. In America, the person recieving the healthcare isn't footing the bill. Prices are sky high and every one is skimming off the top. Americans think they shouldn't have to pay for the services of a doctor. And now Bernie Sanders is saying they don't. And rhat just means prices will go even higher. Doctors dont care, insurance companies don't care, the recipient doesn't care because no one is paying. Charge what ever you want. We'll just raise taxes to cover the costs.

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Yeah. It’s not like his ideas have ever worked in any other countries right? ...Right?

It's morally, ehtically, and every kind of wrong; it's thievery; it demotivates people to work, (ironically) alienates us from human nature, and crumbles economies.

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Sadly, Mr. Sanders has embraced the failed racist (against whites), misandrist (against men) anti religious, pro LGBTQ and illegal immigrant at the expense of everyone else, identity policies of the Democratic Party. How do they expect to win elections when they display open hate for and lack of concern for half the country?

Best definition of the democratic party.

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We all go hunting. I catch a deer and you don't. Maybe you can't aim or just unlucky; but you do catch anything. And this happens all the time. The government wants to seize my deer, take prime cuts for itself as taxes, then distribute the rest amongst you and me. You get use to this and eventually stop hunting all together. As a result, in order to feed your family and mine, and in order for the beauracrats to keep eating, they demand I catch more deer. That's Burnie Sanders in a nutshell. You rhink I'm voting for that--yeah right.

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Apart from that Obama actually won it. Trump hilariously has to coerce his wingman into nominating him. And don't mention Trump's hands, he awfully sensitive about them.

Like the other argument, this one wanders too far into abstractions. Neither say anything tangible. Both boil down to "because I said so" arguments.

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Other than for being awesome and improving the image of America around the world, reducing anger and hatred? Other than for being the polar opposite of Trump?

Vs opening up North Korea to negotiations... Sorry, Trump beats Obama hands down.

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I don't care how long it's been; I'm just glad to hear the Ainu are getting acknowledgement from the government today. I'm not going to behave like some people do over the comfort women issue: It seems the Japanese government once again is damned if it does, damned if it doesn't.

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Mr Noidall, do I detect a hint of jealousy??

Absolutely. Not a hint. A proper dose.

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As a married man and a former boyfriend of women, I think these guys don't know how lucky they are not to have women in their lives. The peace, the money, being able to come home late and not have to explain anything.

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Damn, she's starting a smear campaign already.

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As world president

There's a problem right there. Trump is President of the USA. I think that's been his platform since day one.

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One of Trump's trashy friends acting trashy?! Wake me when there's actual news.

Once again the herd ruminating on the same grass: Trump. Trump's behind everything bad.

The enquire has been around longet than Trump. They tried the same thing to Letterman back in the day. But he exposed the blackmail on his show. This is news, if only you coud put your thinking cap on. Blackmail and the media-- yeah you're right. No news here, keep looking for Trump, Trump, Trump Trump. Geeze.

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I watched the speech, and I thought it was good. There were a few exceptions. Saying what he did about investigations was wrong. But what else was there not to like? The unemployment rate for all hyphenated Americans is at a low, 58% of all new jobs last year were filled by women, more women in congress than ever, criminal justice reform, booming economy, restructuring trade deals so the US can get a fair shake. Yet the seething hatred for Trump allowed the dems to sit there and pout. Look at ocasio-Cortez and her screw face--even when all the other women are jumping for joy because there so many women in congress. She sat there, like many dems, looking pissed off the whole night. The dems are really a pathetic bunch. And they proved this with the democrats'response: from the beginning it was based on race and gender. People kept going on about how she was the first african American woman to give the response. So from the beginning, the response was marked by identity politics. Next, she painted sob story after sob story. She said nothing relative to the matter. Just because her father gave a homeless man a coat, the U.S. should have open borders--that was her logic. Trump's speech was positive, it spoke of Americans rising above political differences to find a sense of oneness. The dems, as always, responded with victimhood and identity politics. I have never been so happy I left the democratic party as I was while watching the dems' Childish pouting on the chamber, and their nauseating response.

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I guess he'll look forward to getting the boot.

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It's always strange to me that these people get all racist at these players, when 9 times out of 10, it's the black players that bring home the championships. I wish black people could form their own private clubs. Whites would be virtually titleless. I understand why people despise black athletes--they're the best in the world in every sport they participate in.

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Another Pats win... Boy do I feel queasy.

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Actual fans of hip hop culture know there is plethora of great, intelligent, witty, and creative rappers still releasing fun and inspiring hip hop music.

I doubt that. And why should someone have to dig to the middle of the earth for hip hop. That's why I love the golden era. Every newly released album was originally dope, and you could cop a cassette at sam goody.

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I was one of those kids in the early eighties break dancing. That's what hip hop was at first. It was more about break dancing and graffiti art. The emcee came later. When it did, my parents and adults in general were repulsed by it. God I cherish those days: no commericial rap and no sub-genres; just the bloodsport of lyricism and djs scratching. Nowadays, the three pillars of hip hop are all dead on the surface: no one dances creatively; they just twerk; djs don't use vinyl and are clawless; white bohemians jave taken over graffiti; and you can just forget about lyricism. Such a revolutionary genre of music it was; what a beautiful culture created by inner city new york kids that shook the world. All I listen to these days are the late seventies-early eighties south bronx rap. These songs live with me forever: it's just good fun. That's the problem today. Hip hop isnt fun anymore; it's melancholy. The point of hip hop in the beginning was to put down the gun, and instead kill your enemy on the mic. Now it's put down the mic and pick up the gun.

And if you consider 2pac or biggie as the greatest rappers, you don't have the faintest clue.

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The artist, known for his conversational rap delivery and no-nonsense sincerity, 

In other words, no flow, word play, or vocabulary. This guy is junk. If only he could be deported from the music industry.

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I'm not suggesting the UK is more dangerous than America. The point is, with or without gun laws, a country's propensity towards violence has a lot to do with culture.

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I meant Switzerland

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Stranger handled this nicely.

Yeah, because you sure couldn't.

You can't deny this guy had a stockpile of weapons and no one got hurt. Couldn't have anything to do with Japan being a different culture than America, could it? I think one poster above suggested this as well. Sweden has relaxed gun laws and less crime than America. Could it be the culture? The U.K. has strict gun laws but yet homicides are off the chain. Could a little bit of it have to do with culture?

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I think Japan has come to terms with its wartime brutality; it's Korea that has not come to terms with the fact they lost.

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All nations whitewash their history, including Korea. They have never faced up to their own history. The USA is another example where whitewashing takes place, even though many try to make it otherwise.

Grow up and look forward. This always looking backward and blaming other countries for crimes in another century only leads to nationalism and war.

This isn't the first time I've read your comments and said: hell yeah!

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The rare instance of firearm violence in a country with extremely strict firearms control laws. You don't suppose the lack of easy access to firearms has anything to do with the rarity of firearm violence, do you?

Another outburst of the herd mentality that a certain cohort subcribes to. Never crosses their minds that maybe Japan is safe because of it's cultural values. You make it seem as if Japan allowed everyone to have a gun tomorrow the whole place would be drowned in blood. Japan is safe to a larger extent with indifference to gun laws or lack thereof because of it's values. America is the polar opposite: it has a cultural problem with violence and will be so regardless of gun laws or a deficit of such laws. You can't even compare these two instances; it's like trying to do math when the units are different. You're bending over backwards to make the conversion for the sake of your leftist ideology. The incident in question involved gangsters it seemed; if so, most likely they got their weopons illegally--which, ironically, you seem to concede, considering people who oppose your views use that argument when they debate you: even if you restrict guns it's the criminals who are the ones out in the streets committing the most murders. Harsh gun laws, therfore, are besides the point. But you won't even hear that out because of your leftist blinders. You'd rather use the instances of nutters gone mad in a political play to score points for your team. Points and votes are all that really matter to you folks. And now your trying to score a point when no one is even looking--by trying to string together this very rare and localized incident in Japan with what's happening on the other side of the world.

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Why not? Titanic hoovered up the Oscars and that was far worse than BP

That's your opinion; it's not a fact.

But what is fact, is the story of titanic. BP is based on fantasy and identity politics--a way for African American kids to feel better about themselves in the hopes they can pass math and science.

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If you're in Japan suffering from winter blues, culture shock, a craving for authentic taco bell, then just go home. Seriously.

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