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Posted in: Trump revealed classified info to Lavrov at White House: officials See in context

So, bass...

you're all for crooked government, tax breaks for the rich, a scrapped EPA and DOE, a president and his family running the government like a business and profiting privately, as long as a few coal miners can go to work and buy their cans of miller and colors lite?

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Posted in: Trump revealed classified info to Lavrov at White House: officials See in context

The scare about terrorists and such is a scare tactic to make you go along with the further depletion of human rights and civil liberties.

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American people care about jobs, their money and their safety. Especially from Radical Islamic Terrorists and illegal alien criminals. All this other stuff is pretty much irrelevant. Stock market high, unemployment is low, consumer confidence is high but lets talk about Russia some more.....

Speak for yourself. Many Americans want honest government from the people they elect. They're sick and tired of entrenched corruption on both the left and right. They want jobs and an even distribution of wealth; they don't want the biggest tax break in history that benefits the rich and wipes out tax credits for the middle class just signed by Trump. 5.5 trillion dollars that could've reduced health care costs for all Americans, cut child poverty in half, and implemented Sander's free college idea. But no, thanks to Trump, the rich will only get richer. Some Americans want honest government, EPA regulations, cut military spending, increased education spending, lower health care costs, a president who works for the betterment of the people and not strictly for his own family.

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....could be. Impeachable, no. 

Talking classified information with an advisary is illegal. Besides, discussing such information with Russia while excluding the media, and also keeping such information from traditional allies, is more than alarming. Trump is a light switch away from commiting treason if he hasn't already done so.

And no... it won't blow over; it's only getting bigger everyday. Now there's talk of Russian mobsters having invested in the Trump Towers building in Manhattan. Surely, his hidden financial papers would reveal further other dubious business dealings with shady figures.

Funny how Trump tried to undermine Obama, saying he wasn't a U.S. citizen, he was a terrorist, he sold America out for the Iran deal. But look at Trump, selling out the country to Russia, obstructing justice, creating numerous conflicts of interests involving his business and letting his family profit from the tax payers. Yeah... Trump, a real American, making America great again. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'll take GWB any day over Trump.

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If it's not about left or right then the left should be happy that Comey is gone, 

Just like the tweeter-in-chief, this is completely dilusional. People aren't mad that Comey the person is gone, they're mad at the blatant conflict of interest: Trump asking the FBI director if he was under investigation (highly irregular for Trump to do so, illegal for Comey to answer him) and then immediately afterward Comey being sacked.

Now Trump has admitted himself, on national TV, that part of the reason for giving Comey the axe was " the Russian thing". That is a straightforward, enter-into-exhibit A admission of obstructing justice.

Prepare for impeachment when the republicans lose the congress next year. Actually, to avoid losing their seats, republicans will surely now start jumping ship.

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Posted in: With a threat of tapes, Trump tells ousted FBI chief not to talk to media See in context

Oh, please! We can turn that around, Comey was way out of line telling Trump he wasn't under investigation, that's not his place to tell him that as an independent investigator.

You're off in outer space.

Just stop with the spin. It's not about left or right, dems or reps. Stop spinning everything in that direction.

Trump has violated the office of president pure and simple. He's disrespected left and right. No need to spin. And he still hasn't made his taxes public.

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Sean Spicer, evading questions like a dodgeball champ, said the tweet speaks for itself. If that's the case, the tweet says that Trump and Comey were involved in something extralegal. Why else would Trump be able to use the tapes as blackmail.?And remember, Comey's just an FBI director; Trump's the president! The tweet also says that Trump is scared that Comey will go to the press. Why? Probably because Comey has some incriminating evidence against Trump.

Trump is not acting like a president. He's violating the traditions and oaths of the office of president. His family members are feathering their nests. He's behaving suspiciously and mob-like.

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Posted in: With a threat of tapes, Trump tells ousted FBI chief not to talk to media See in context

We can now speculate what the mob-like meeting with the Russians was about: Trump learning strong arm tactics from the pros.

Trump still not releasing his taxes--presumably because they'll show some shady connections and transactions; asking the FBI director three times if he was under investigation; now saying he personally isn't under investigation, but he's not saying anything about campaigns or his staff; then firing the man investigating him. There's definitely smoke.

Now Trump is threatening Comey. Wow! Is this presidential or dictatorial behavior?

Washington needs some integrity and discipline and getting rid of cowboys who can't adhere to their pledge of public service...

Don't make me choke. Trump has neither integrity or discipline. He's already violated the oath of office several times over. America was founded on the the free, frontier spirit of the cowboy; it's the country's iconic image; Trump is now cowboy; his image is that of a Putin, Kim Jong Un, Duterte--in other words, a dictator.

Maybe Trump isn't personally involved with the Russians; but he stayed silent when he knew at least some of his staff were. That's a violation of office right there, and it's sufficient grounds for impeachment.

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Tiger Tanaka

You paint, in my opinion, a very sad picture. Walking around all day comparing yourself to others, wanting acceptance. To me, this is a sad way to live. I was born as a product of nature; I have nothing to prove, no reason to spend precious time comparing myself to others; and I especially don't need acceptance when no one can create me--only nature. It doesn't get any more unique than that. And to tell the truth, this is the source of many of Japan's problems. It's like a previous poster said: Japanese divide everything into two halves, Japanese and not Japanese. That equals black and white, no vibrant colors. This is why it's frustrating, for me, to talk to Japanese, and why Japanese are uncomfortable talking to foreigners. They can't get their head past the dichotomy. And if it's truly as you said, being taught this dichotomy at an early age, then I have to say: gaijin de yokatta. It's such a rigid way to think, a mental prison.

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Posted in: Australia to drug test unemployed in trial welfare crackdown See in context

When tackling drugs, governments rarely examine the conditions that cause drug use in the first place--poverty. Sex and drugs are the only to escape routes for the poor. When governments start to distribute or deny welfare benefits--usually the conditions are about sex ( how many children?; are they legitimate?) and drugs--it's really just a war on the poor. Maybe Australia should look to the US's failure on the war on drugs; but given the recent racist leanings of the Australian government, I'm sure they're totally happy warring against the poor. Good onya mate!

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Posted in: 'I’m glad I’m Japanese' posters in Kyoto spark outrage among Japanese Twitter users See in context

He who only knows the side of his own case knows little of that. - John Stuart Mill.

He who knows only his own country knows no countries, including his own.

The problem, is that these kinds of posters, the American ones too, is that they betray a certain ignorance. In this specific case, most Japanese have never been abroad, talked to or gotten to know any non-Japanese; most have only eaten Japanese food, watched Japanese tv, read Japanese newspapers, and listened to Japanese music their entire lives. Therefore, it's impossible for them to fully appreciate their Japanese ness; they've had nothing to compare it too. That means these types of posters and sentiments originate from a position of insecurity, self-consciousness, and a lack of confidence--they're crutches. Only people who've been abroad for a length of time, had genuine interactions with other world citizens, had time to reflect upon themselves, their own country and culture, and have done so away from their own country, only those people can truly form a positive opinion about their nationality, culture, country.

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That won't happen, America still has nightmares about the last impeachment.

Funny that you mention that. What Trump has done is very reminiscent of the Saturday night massacre. And when impeachment proceedings got underway against Nixon, the country was more united than ever. Currently, the country is asunder. You know what's going to bring us back together? Well, history has the habit of coming back and biting you in the ass.

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I'm not a republican or democrat, so I'm not concerned with schoolyard arguments that go: the dems wanted him gone because of the way he did Clinton moments before the election; at the same time, I'm not concerned with the fact that in on breath, Trump is praising, Comey, and in another he's saying he's doing a bad job. I'm concerned that the president has fired a man who is investigating him; a.k.a., obstructing justice. It's all just too suspicious, and comes out of the dictators textbook 101. Now he's meeting with the Russians on the heels of terminating the man who obviously got too close to home. This is not the way the United States is supposed to operate. So far Trump has fired people on the verge of exposing something about him; what that something is we don't know because Trump keeps firing them. Trump still keeps his taxes shrouded in mystery. Why? It doesn't take a brain surgeon to see he's got something to hide. Trump's attorney general has recused himself from investigation. Trump spends more time on vacation, playing golf, than any other president ever has. Tax payers pay Trump to play golf at his own property. He brags about gaming the system. Good god! I'm gonna puke. This guy needs to be impeached yesterday.

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Like a despot, Trump fires the man investigating him: he pushes him out of the nearest window, which is what? The pretense that he mishandled the Clinton case, when just months before, he praised Comey for the way he handled the Clinton case. How ignorant can Trump supporters be. (Notice the absence of a question mark; the question was redundant.)

Now is the time to just let things fester. Next year in November, the democrats, thanks to the bundlings and the blatant corruption of the republicans, will take control of the congress. Then impeachment proceedings can begin against Trump for obstruction of justice and undermining democracy. Remember: Yates and Bharara were also fired for trying to uphold democracy. So let the three obese men, Trump and the two Russians, laugh it up. We'll all be laughing come next year.

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Posted in: Japan researchers to seek to have Chiba stratum represent geologic age See in context

It doesn't make sense. The geological age represented in the layer of rock, and the time of Japan, from Jamon, Yayoi, to today, are two very distant geological eras. What do Japanese people think: 700, 000 thousand years ago people were walking around talking about nohonjin yokatta desu ne? Give me a break! It's sad that Japanese scientists do science not in the spirit of discovering the unknown for the edification of humans, but out of a spirit of competition just to prove to themselves that Japan and Japanese are unique above all else.

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"People are suffering so badly with the ravages of Obamacare," Trump said.

I think he may have made an extended pit stop in Colorado.

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Posted in: Not welcome: Japan tough to crack for refugees See in context

She adds: "Here they do not pay for your studies, they do not help you to get bank loans, or give you social housing... we are left to ourselves, we have to fight alone."

I have a real problem with the expectations and sense of entitlement of refugees. There are local people who don't receive free studies, can't afford studies, can't get social housing (who wants a "projects" full of refugees?). The tone of this women suggests that she is owed something. This is wrong, I think. No country should be giving free anything unless its own citizens all have free everything. Why should unsuspecting taxpayers have to feed extra mouths when it's already hard enough to feed their own?

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Posted in: Trump would be 'honored' to meet N Korea's Kim, if conditions right See in context

Yes, as a result of NK provocation and hostile actions done by them first to the Japanese.

As a result of the US provocation and hostile actions done to them first by the Americans.

Should the world just sit down and watch three gerneration's deep of families suffer unspeakable cruelties so that one man can continue to eat all the food?

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Yeah, it is, when every liberal in Washington says, they'll oppose Trump, without a doubt, it's a liberal/conservative thing.

Just because our crooked politicians, both left and right, play party politics, doesn't mean we, the voting public, should vote or debate along party lines.

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There was a lot to criticize him on, especially when it came to the economy, healthcare and foreign policy.

Trump has neither an encomic, healthcare, or foreign policy. Just an obnoxious ego and cunning to fool people like yourself. And keep fooling yourself into thinking it's a liberal versus conservative thing. But not all conservatives are stupid, but all stupid people happen to be conservatives.

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Posted in: One student killed, 3 wounded in University of Texas stabbings See in context

Here's a black assailant. Compare the reports about this incident versus the white guy in San Diego.

“I don’t know what his motivation is, but we don’t have any information that would suggest there is something else going on,” Carter said, when asked by a reporter if investigators believe White was “working alone.”

Of course we know what is being suggested here.

Also they're digging up the man's past: he was arrested in April for a DWI: White does not appear to have any previous criminal record. The DWI case remains open and he is scheduled to appear in court on May 23.

Now, this may all seem innocent-- to the untrained eye. But the difference is, is that there's the subtle suggestion that the perp might be connected to a larger plot; i.e., terrorism. Also immediately, if there's any criminal record of any kind, no matter how minute, it's brought to light and coupled with the mystery of his motivation, all of it putting in the mind of the public, a well manufactured image before we even know what happened. This type of reporting didn't happen for the white guy in San Diego.

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I admire his honesty at least he admits it's more than what he expected, all presidents....well, never mind, one of them felt a power equickening, but that's past us. I just hope and pray that he, China and the rest of our allies can quell this situation.

If only you'd concede the same to Obama. But you're so one sided in your attack against Obama that when you say things like this about Trump you come off as a hypocrite. On the other hand, you attack Obama until you're blue in the face, yet you won't admit that Trump is a cracked egg.

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If he wasn't 'identified' that means he was either black, latino, or arab. If he had been white it would be in the news everywhere.

Good Pont! If he does turn out to be white, look for the "lone wolf", "disturbed" "lost his job to immigrants-his girlfriend left him" narrative.

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Posted in: Gunman kills 1, wounds 7 others at San Diego pool party See in context

Another case of police killing people.

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Posted in: Trump pledges fealty to NRA gun lobby See in context

Australia doesn't have gangs like MS-13, 18th St. the Cartels...

While Trump gets his facts from tabloid news, it seems his supporters get theirs from watching Boyz 'N tha Hood, Colors, Scarface, etc.

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Posted in: Trump pledges fealty to NRA gun lobby See in context

bass has admitted (nay, boasted) several times in the past of having a passion for killing. He also tells us that parts of America are no-go zones for law-abiding, affluent people like himself because of the violent nature of the people who live there. Because bass says it we all just scratch our heads in puzzlement and wonder why then they don't just get rid of the guns that the bad guys and nutters are using to kill people, but anyone else gets accused of being 'anti-American'.

I don't think people accuse you of being anti-American simply because of your views on America's gun laws; but maybe because your criticisms are often seemingly laced with innuendos that Americans are stupid, and you routinely make fun of the way they talk; furthermore, your overall tone when discussing America, I think, is bitter and acidic.

And the issue with bass is that he wants to say that the only problem in America is the gangs, which in his lexicon strictly means blacks and hispanics. He calls the neighborhoods of these peoples "no-go zones". And if your white, this can be especially true. But what he conveniently leaves out is that blacks and hispanics can, and are, murdered in italian and Irish necks of the woods in towns like Brooklyn and Boston. He also leaves out that blacks and hispanics get accosted and killed by cops and wannabe vigilantes for being in "no-go zones" in plush, upscale neighborhoods. So, whites, blacks, browns, and in-betweens, and police officers are all trigger happy Americans shooting up the streets of America, and turning the whole damn country into one "no-go zone".

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Why are humans so stupid and vain? Why can't you just put down the smart phone, camera, or whatever, for thirty minutes of your day, and use your brain and senses instead of being a dog leashed to your smartphone?

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Because any type of military action against NK is doomed. will just unleash chaos in SK. look at the middle East and then extrapolate that 100 times....... KJU wins this round......

This is a flawed argument. One of the main reasons Iraq has been a failure is because the U.S. is fighting Guerilla fighters who routinely mix and mingle with women and children. The result is that the U.S. has to pussyfoot around Iraq; it can just level the opposition, even though it has the Know-how and weaponry to do so, unless it face fierce international condemnation for blowing up women and children along with the enemy.

North Korea, on the other hand, has a conventional military, and since any internal dissent is quickly squashed, no Guerillas or Guerilla warfare techniques. The U.S. would slaughter North Korea. The only losers would be South Korea and Japan.

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Posted in: Bra maker does its bit for Premium Friday See in context

Whatever is under there.

I'm sure there's enough to fill your imagination.

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