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Not surprised. This is the participation trophy generation. Everyone’s a winner. And when you don’t perform the way you expected, just withdraw. This generation will laud you for it and call you brave.

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It’s clear there are two types of people on earth: those who want to live and let live, and those who are hellbent on trying to control the lives of others. It’s also clear that the foaming-at-the-mouth-walking-dead vaccine mob is going to have a fight on their hands worldwide.

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Denial of employment, denial of access at bars, clubs, games, concerts. This is the future of the anti-vaxxers

sure. It’s not like we’ve ever seen where that road leads to.

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"I would recommend it," Mr Trump said during an interview on Fox News Primetime on Tuesday. "I would recommend it to a lot of people that don't want to get it and a lot of those people voted for me, frankly." *He added: "It's a great vaccine, it's a safe vaccine and it's something that works."

When you follow the science, when you don’t get the answer you were hoping for you go back to the blackboard and reformulate the hypothesis. Stunning you haven’t figured out yet it’s not “Trump supporters” holding out.

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Um, basic science calling: being vacated sharply reduces the risk of death. 

And I can feel the love you have for your fellow unvaccinated human being: you love them so much you’re willing to destroy their lives—no job, no concert, walk in the street—just to stop them from killing themselves. That’s some next level crisis intervention.

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Posted in: Harris releases strategy to tackle migration’s root causes See in context

root causes 

she said without elaborating.

won't produce immediate results

avoids deadlines

short-term relief 

suspended cooperation 

is enormous in scope and complexity, and the administration has struggled for short- and long-term responses.

U.S. border authorities reported large numbers of arrivals at the Mexican border in June

The trend appears to be continuing in July

A group of 509 migrants from Central and South America 

enter the country illegally

released in the United States with orders to appear in immigration court or report to immigration authorities.

I don’t think I’ve seen an administration so committed to failure. And equally committed to a come and go as you please border.

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Blacks are the ethnicity with the highest proportion of vaccine opt outs.

Instead of blaming them and attacking them, white Americans should study their history books to see why Black people are distrustful of Big Pharma and government vaccines.

Yet they keep trying to blame it on Trump supporters. Why are they spreading misinformation? The lies are what make me not want the vaccine. Lies like the unvaccinated are disrupting the summer. If I’m unvaccinated, I only hurt myself since the vaccine does not prevent the COVID, but only mitigate the symptoms and serious illnesses. A vaccinated person can infect an unvaccinated person and vice-versa. The vaccinated person will be fine, if the vaccine works. So the unvaccinated are not the problem. It’s the constant hounding, threatening to revoke civil liberties, acting like Germans around the mid 1930’s—threatening to ban people from society and make them second class citizens. That’s what really scares me.

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President Biden wants all Americans to be safe, but the loony right leadership wants to be safe themselves but not their sheep. 

Everyone in the loony right leadership have taken the vaccine but are too much of cowards to admit it.

I think you’re deliberately overlooking the actions of the democrats. More than a million people have walked across the border since Biden’s been in office; everyone blames him, from righties to the migrants to the presidents of the migrants’ countries. There’s no longer a dispute about Biden’s border policy. The only question is, how many of the million or so walked in with COVID. And then there’s the runaway dems who contracted and most likely spread COVID. You can’t just keep blaming Trump and righties just to keep your world from crumbling. We all see what’s true despite your desperate efforts to blame all the ills of humanity on Trump and his voters.

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Trump people...if you don't like these vaccine mandates just work for an employer that doesn't require them. That's what American free choice is all about. It goes both ways. For both employer and employee. Remember the Reagan drug test mandate?

Persistently lower vaccination rates among Black and Hispanic people compared to their White counterparts across most states leave them at increased risk, particularly as the variant spreads.

What is it then? A lot of Black and Brown Trump supporters, or are you wrong—again—about Trump people. It wouldn’t be the first time you’ve been wrong: Trump left, and Japan can’t even get the vaccine out on time. You’re way off as usual.

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Many were particularly upset when authorities suggested Long’s crimes weren't racially motivated but born of a sex addiction, which isn't recognized as an official disorder.

I’m upset the deaths of the other victims are considered to be less important because their race doesn’t lend nicely to a certain narrative. Discriminating against someone on the basis of their skin color when they are buried in the ground is exceptionally appalling.

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calling on America to change “its highly misguided mindset and dangerous policy.”

Xi’s gotta get in touch with Dorsey and Zuckerburg and have them clamp down on the misinformation about China the Biden administration keeps consuming.

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The National Debt increased by more than $8 trillion under a single term Trump. The greatest in history.

Biden will beat that by the year’s end. But at least he extinguished our anxiety by telling us inflation is only temporary. I can see him now, whispering softly behind one’s ear, hands firmly gripped on their shoulders: it’ll only hurt for a little while.

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When one has no influence over the thing about which they are keeping their head in the sand, keeping their head in the sand allows them to live free of the stress that comes from knowing.

A little less gobbledygook. Could’ve just said ignorance is bliss.

Humanity wasn't built to know every issue, every problem, every crime, from the entirety of 7 billion people. Some people are better at handling it than others.

Again, you took the scenic route. Could’ve just said we’re all gifted differently and equal opportunity is rational, not equal outcome.

I have a friend, in Australia. He sold his house, moved to the countryside, and lives on a property away from most people, is off social media, and doesn't read the news. The way he described it to me was that he scaled his life down to the things he has influence over - his property, his food, his livestock. He doesn't care about the rest. If society collapses, he'll hear about it because he has the internet, but it mostly won't affect him.

Again, could’ve just said communism has a honeymoon period, followed by a reality check, and then despair, and finally stoicism.

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I wish the media would give racism a break for just a week or so. Just a little break without the innuendos and hints and suggestions and just bringing it up in general ad nauseam. We, the people, really could use a break.

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Good on these Aussies, mate. It’s not the role of government to tell you when and where you can and cannot go. If you think differently, then move to China or North Korea. It’s better to die then let the government tell you when and where you can come and go.

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Shouldn’t it be a day for racial justice? We don’t wanna tip our hats to racial injustice.

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Posted in: Four drug firms agree to pay $26 bil in proposed U.S. opioid settlement See in context

And no one goes to prison. Welcome to a corporate oligarchy.

Yet they’ll do a “woke” advertisement about diversity, inclusion, and tolerance and how those are their core values. The 99% will love it.

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Posted in: COVID-19 cases in U.S. triple over 2 weeks amid misinformation See in context

Too many contrasting narratives. The water is too muddy now. Where a mask, don’t where a mask. Where one if you’re not vaccinated; if you’re vaccinated, no need to. But on the other hand, mask up and lockdown, even if you’re fully vaccinated. Runaway dems boarded a party plane equipped with Miller lite and all that. None of them had on masks. They say they’re all vaccinated and didn’t need to wear a mask. But then, 6 of them now have COVID. And then, Joe public can be fully vaccinated, but is federally required to wear a mask on a plane, train, and automobile. So rules them, but not for dems. The water’s too muddied at this point. Politicians and the media have no one to blame but themselves.

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mon corps, mon choix !

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Posted in: Internet misinformation fans COVID vaccine hesitancy among Japanese young people See in context

It seems the only solution is for citizens of the world to give their complete faith and loyalty over to their respective governments. The governments can be the sole arbiters of what’s true and what’re lies. They can alleviate the stress of trying to parse the mess ourselves. Life will be a lot easier. Governments can even establish new cabinets to specifically deal with this; they can call it the ministry of truth. And when wacky conservatives get out of line, refer them to the ministry of love.

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Republicans are not trying to suppress People’s right to vote. Biden calling this Jim crow 2.0 demonstrates the democrats have nothing else to go on except racism racism racism. What’s so hard about getting an id and showing up to vote during voting times? Other countries do it—and the USA is supposed to be the most developed nation? It’s like paying your bills on time. Take responsibility and stop wanting to vote from your sofa on your own personal schedule. Being a good citizen entails great responsibility.

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Which Democrat is exceptionally hard on crime? 

Well… Biden was particularly brutal on crime in his heyday, if you know what I mean.

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Another child’s been shot in the Minneapolis area. That makes five within a three month span. A public servant of the city immediately condemned gun violence and the easy access to guns. But street cams show the shootouts involved street tuffs. The same profile of people whom the democrats say they are unable to get voter ids. But if we’re going to blame easy access to guns then it’s implied that these street tuffs presented id and went through the background check to buy a gun. But we all know it didn’t happen that way. Criminals get guns regardless of strict gun laws—they break in and steal them. So the thinking of the democrats is to hang it around the necks of law-abiding responsible gun owners. This exposes the democrats fake stance on crime. They actually want the crime—they promote it; they want crime to be out of control so when election time comes close again they can “appear” tough on crime, and suckers will fall for it. It happens every time. So yeah, blame legal gun owners for the kids killed by street gangs. I’ll blame my neighbor, who drives, for all the deaths of drunk drivers. It totally makes sense.

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Joe Biden is embarking on a political high-wire act, trying to balance his strong backing for law enforcement 


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The warning to Putin was largely a repetition of the tough rhetoric

I’m glad somebody finally said it.

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Bad move. A small group of suits shouldn’t be making a large group of American citizens political enemies in their own country. The diehard lefties who vehemently oppose the one percent will undoubtedly support the one percent here.

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This is the fourth or fifth time I’ve told you that I don’t utilize CNN.

That’s because cnn utilizes you.

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This is a good move by Trump. Many countries are also suing or thinking about suing social media giants for unfair censorship and freedom of speech violations. Trump’s still working for the people even when he’s not in office. This move holds more weight than all the progressive-left policies Joe has enacted since—his entire career.

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Despite the carnage brought to the light by this article, I find it hard to believe the amount of violence that it attests to. After all, it was just the other day that mayor light foot said things are great:

“All of our major indices show a decline in our crime, and our homicides and our shootings year over year are down,” 

And then there’s this:

A reporter asked whether “off-the-charts violent crime in the City of Chicago” is leading to business closure and what Lightfoot thinks about the notion she has “lost control of the city.”

“The premise of your question, which is it’s chaos everywhere, the fact of the matter is, sir — which you also didn’t point out, but I will so we get this straight — is we’re actually seeing a decline in homicides and shootings, yes sir,” Lightfoot replied.

So far, mayor light foot has exhibited exemplary leadership of her city. So articles like this just seem a bit racist and sexist.

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“This is a holiday weekend,” Biden declared as he parried journalists’ “negative” questions about the ongoing U.S. troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, “I’m going to be celebrating it.”

I have issue with the use of the word parry, which means to ward off an attack with a countermove. In other words, being adept, quick on your feet, and skillful. What I saw was Joe, once again, stumble over crib notes and get hostile with the reporters. In no way did he exercise himself that would warrant the word parry.

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