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They keep saying Trump is stirring up hate and division, but it's the left that are doing so. Their fuming anger over Trump's win still rages on almost 2 years later. Their protests are violent, intimidating, and facist in spirit and nature; they pigeonhole everyone into hierarchical groups of victimhood that keeps the populace at each others' throats. They physically assault people with other political opinions. This attack is one that targeted the foundation of American democracy: the freedom of religion. Of course the president should go there to express condolences. If he hadn't gone the left would be screaming bloody murder right now.

The left know no bounds: even people personally affected by this tragedy would still use it to score cheap political points.

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Obama is spot on this time. And he's highly qualified to throw the flag on this play. Afterall, he's like a retired star athlete now sitting back and calling the game. Obama's right about Trump; and Obama didn't make stuff up to win an election. Instead, Obama amplified the moans and whimpers of victimhood culture in an audio feedback.

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Possibly a reaction to those who live in their gated communites and segregated ivory towers? Who are blind to injustice and prejudice. Besides

Dude, I lived in those streets of America where there are no ivory towers. That doesn't make me morally superior or give me a right to commit crimes. I doubt you lived in the "hood", the place you hold up as the last bastion of moral decency in America. I used to vote democrat just because. I thought because I was poor someone owed me something. Then I opened my eryes and used my brain.

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And I have zero tolerance for embittered rich people who have never known poverty or desperation, who have never had to flee their country in search of a better life for their families.

Suffering doesn't give you moral superiority. With that being said: yes... I have grown up in a single mother household. But she worked, didnt ask people for stuff. She was and is a great mother. We always ate and had clothes. Anyway, being rich and able to teavel is not a crime, and doesn't mean those that can't get a pass to commit crimes.

These people's countries are dysfunctional because of the corruption and ineptitude of its leaders, who are easily influenced and bought by American dollars. Maybe if they didn't have corruoted elections everytime and a government run by the army general, they're countries wkuld be a better place to live.

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Posted in: Trump struggles for a plan should the migrant caravan arrive See in context

of the 60s

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You can already tell when someone spells America with a triple k, you're dealing with an indoctrinated social warrior. The kkk has been irrelevant for years. The few have to stay in the closet lest they be fired and ripped apart on social media. Clearly behind the times. But i know the Marxist professor said a country with borders is oppression, white males are the default oppressor. Anyone who still spells America with a triple k clearly thinks America is mired in the racism of the

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I might as well say you have no business in Japan, adding nothing but stereotypical nonsense.

That would be the case if I entered Japan illegally, demanded welfare, a driver's license, college tuition. But since I've entered Japan legally, I have business being in Japan. And since I watched my Japanese wife shell out money she couldn't afford, fill out a pile of forms, make numerous trips to the immigration office, undergo insulting interview questions--all for a green card, I have zero tolerance for illeagals.

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All of this vitriol and the left is accused of inciting violence. Wow.

I don't think the comment you're pointing to is cruel and bitter criticism. He even suggested they all get big macs-- funded by the American tax payer of course.

Spitting on, punching, blocking traffic, beating people up, trampling the first amendment--you know, the staples of the left. I think that counts as vitriol more than passing out free big macs and a plane ride home. If you actually think about it: today's lefties are the intolerable conservatives and the rights are the liberals. So your right, the left aren't the violent ones. It's those damn conservatives beating people up in the street and shutting down free speech.

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Thinly-veiled cowardly threats against migrants may be all the rage these days but the fact remains, they are the backbone of your country and many others. And if America can afford to enrich it's richest, it can afford a few thousand more people looking to better their lives.

You seem to think that everyone has a right to better their lives at the expense of Americans--in America!

These migrants are not the backbone of the USA. Maybe the restaurant industry. That's it. Not even fine dining restaurants. Ive worked along side them in restaurants for many years. I'll tell you, if you speak spanish, these people hate Americans. They only want to work and send the money home. They work hard and quickly. But food will fall on the floor, be rotten, etc, and they'll say it's ok, it's for gringos. Middleclass patriotic Americans of all ethnicities are the backbone of America. Not the people who simply want to rape the system. The middleclass who fund the leftist agenda--i.e., welfare, driver's

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National Nippon's European Vacation.

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These people will mostly all vote for the democrats, just because that's what they've learned is the right thing to do; or because they despise Trump and want to spite him. Either way, no logic will be involved in the voting process. Sadly, if the democrats win things will remain the same or deteriorate more.

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Australia has since seen had an influx of migrants from across the world since the arrival of European settlers in the 18th century, with nearly half of Australians either born overseas or at least one parent born abroad.

You see, these are the dirty tricks played by the media: conflating Australians, who were sent to Australia as undesirables of the empire, with refugees from the middle east. Two different groups, different context, different era. The goal is to blur the lines of separation, so that any Australians wise enough to object to their towns being overrun by refugees, can be immediately shamed, castigated, and reminded that their parents were also refugees--none of which could be further from the truth. Peace be upon Australians trying to hold on to their cities. Put these "migrants" in the remotest part of the country.

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It was harassing just to get through this article. I just can't stand the victim class. Especially how they try to group everyone together as a victim class. I'm sorry, but centuries of brutal chattle slavery, jim crow, lynchings, etc, do not equate with women not being able to vote in one point and time, the so-called pay gap. These people need to stop with the "women and minorities". That's a bunch of bs. Same with the gays-yes they've been discriminated against. Some have been assaulted and murdered. But their plight similarly is not comparable. All of these victims movements are running out of steam, so to keep victimhood alive, they've come together as a coalition. And now we have the two classes: the victims and the oppressors, the righteous and the evil, women and minorities and white males.

Then the victims don't want equal opportunity; they want forced equality of outcome;i.e., status quos, figures, quotas. We must have 50% of this year's films made by women, about women, and for women. Never mind that many of those women are trash--having nothing to do with their gender. Hollywood is a tough nut to crack. Many men with dreams of making it big get told to take a hike everyday.

Anyway, I'm one of these "minorities" and I've never faced a day of discrimination in my life (except in Japan). I refuse to associate myself or let anyone pigeonhole me into the "women and minorities and lgbqt" conglomerate of victimhood.

There needs to be a new movement: #victimhoodisnotavirtue.

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An argument put forward by imperialists and their apologists since the first empires rose.

If you want to call me an imperialist, it's an epithet I'm proud to bear. It is a thousand times better, I imagine, than being a victim.

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Japan shoudn't apologize. Neither should any conqueror, colonizer, etc. Strength will always topple, and be more righteous than weakness. No matter how you try to twist morality.

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Posted in: Osaka cuts sister city ties with San Francisco over 'comfort women' statue See in context

In this day and era, being a victim is virtuous, honorable.

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Officials refused to say why they were serving a warrant on the man.

Well, you need to state the reason publically. One of the main functions of government is to protect private propoerty. Thank god for the 2nd amendment right, or cops would assume they could do whatever they wanted with someone else's property. I feel bad for the cops, but why were they attempting to enter this person's private property?

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Obama gives Iran a clear-cut path to a nuclear bomb, and the democrats celebrate. Trump reels in current owner of nuclear bomb, and the democrats are dejected.

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Honestly, I don't care anymore. Just keep that **it from American shores. Bringing muslims into the 21st century is not my battle to fight. Let London and Stockholm deal with the encroachment of sharia law. In America we have too many guns to let that bs ever establish footing.

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But instead of prison, let's do the "democratic" thing and give this guy a warm blanket, a hot meal, amnesty, a driver's license, and free college credits. After all, it probably was white supremacy--white males to be specific--that this guy was a victim of and had to navigate.

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There's no such thing as an illeagal immigrant or undocumented immigrant. Those are euphemisms for illeagal border crossers, a.k.a., criminals. As long as insane democrats and leftist have their way, California will be the horrific model that is yet to come. Immigrants are people who go through customs, flash a passport, and a visa of some sort. If you didn't enter the country that way, you're a criminal and not an immigrant. The stupidity of the left is responsible for letting this guy break the law 6 times, only to then graduate to murder.

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Posted in: Trump, Iran's Rouhani exchange threats, insults on U.N.'s world stage See in context

Only one of the two was laughed at and it wasn't the gentleman from the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Yeah because getting laughed at by others long after elementary school is like really important.

I bet that laughter sounded like hisses blowing past biting envy, jealousy, and hatred.

All Trump said was he would reject globalism and put American interests and patriotism first. That sounds like a U.S. President doing his job to me. Why others wouldn't get on board with that is only because they hate America and want to see it drowned in communism and anarchy.

The U.N. can go to hell--which they will if the USA ever stops footing the bill.

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Posted in: Police officer arrested for injuring passerby who caught him filming up woman's skirt See in context

These cops need less agriculture, more literacy, and more critical thinking. That way they could read, the part in the rookie's manual about filming upskirt, and not incorrectly process one lexical item for another. These sort of fuzz are too democratic, apparently, in their thinking, and way too liberal in their views to confiscate people's time and dignity and reallocate it all to themselves.

Hopefully the lady will be able to move on.

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Just following the GOP strategy book on this one.

Another admission that the democrats are full of bs and are just out for revenge instead of what's best for the country.

Considering the left call the gop nazis, racists, and fascists, it seems logical. The left are just living up to their aspirations.

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You still haven't explained your support of Kavanaugh and Trump. Their accusers (a dozen in Trump's case) are just liars but we should worry about Ellison?

Typical tactic of leftists: conflate separate issues in order to deflect. "Trump and Kavanaugh"... "Thier accusers..." Trump is not under scrutiny for sexual misconduct at the moment; he's already won the presidency. Kavanaugh is under scrutiny. And yes, attorney general is just as important--if you're not a big-government believing socialist--if you believe in states' autonomy. But a great try to dodge the blatant hypocrisy of the democrats by dismissing the whole Keith Ellison issue.

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Can you blame them? Republicans blocked Merrick Garland with no allegations or valid reasoning at all. Hypocrisy?

Thanks for admitting the democrats are full of crap and are just out for revenge, not the best interests of the people.

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I thinks it's disgusting the way the democrats are trying to air Kavanaugh out, especially since they've turned their backs on and won't even listen to Keith Ellison's former girlfriend who says he beat her. I thought the democrats really cared about women and victims of violent crimes. I guess it's all a big show just to get political leverage. Hypocrisy, hypocrisy, hypocrisy!

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Too bad a great children's program is being marred by the hypersexuality of adults who have to find sex in everything. Why beat kids over the head with heterosexual sex or homosexual sex from ages 2 - 5?

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Japan and their dog on a bone hold on nuclear power is like a dog chasing its tail. Nobody knows what will happen if the dog actually catches it.

What does this even mean? English translation please.

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Posted in: Police officer in koban stabbed to death in Sendai; attacker shot dead See in context

A lot of 'Mericans in here saying, "Yeah, he shoulda got shot good!"

I'm sure the regressive 'peans and 'nadians simply would've given the suspect a hug, dinner, cash, and subsequently we'd be reading about two dead cops.

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