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Posted in: Australian newspaper defies criticism, reprints Serena Williams cartoon See in context

I think katsu gets it. The artist didn't exaggerate characteristics specific to Serena. The artist instead went directly to lod racist tropes: specifically blackface of minstrel shows. It's as if the artist literally didn't have Serena in mind at all when he drew the cartoon. He soley relied on the loud black woman trope. To say otherwise is to be intellectually dishonest.

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Posted in: NFL kneeling protests resume as Trump warns of ratings fall See in context

Didn't Twitter ban him yet?

I was thinking about this the other day. The fact that Alex Jones was permanently banned from twitter. Immediately, sociali, um, um, leftist claimed that since twitter was a private platform, it didn't violate Jones' right to free speech. And I thought fair enough. But then the blatant hypocrisy hit me: why didn't the left employ the same rationale when the baker in CA refused to bake a cake for a gay couple's wedding? Instead, the left became very hostile and abusive.

But then again, the left doesn't use reason. Instead, emotions trump everything.

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Posted in: Trump wants Justice Dept to unmask author of New York Times opinion piece See in context

he can't use the legal system to go after people who just don't like or respect him

Say the people who've wanted to impeach Trump from the outset of his presidency--literally since day 1--simply because they don't like him.

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Posted in: Obama in campaign mode, back to promoting hope over fear See in context

How about killing more terrorists than any other modern president? That was a great job by Obama.

Dont forget: he also killed more women and children muslims than other presidents with his drone strikes.

Trump, however, hasnt. Trump has also hired more minorities into his staff than Obama.

Trump has also put Americans first over, say, illeagal immigrants and oil producing Arab states--unlike Obama.

Question: why do liberals, when they speak of Obama, never speak of his policies. They just say broad and subjective things like he was an eloquent speaker?

Really who cares? Do want a president that actually does good for the American people, or one who just makes you feel good. It's a rhetorical question.

Trump won. Deal with it. Or, Meanwhile, you can go join a violent, facist, communist, leftist protest and spit on and punch Trump supporters.

Recent polls suggest that African Americans have doubled their support for Trump.

The dems rely on 98% of their voter base to be poor "oppressed" professional victims. They will fight to the death to keep it that way. Hence Obama's rhetoric.

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Posted in: Obama rebukes Trump and Republicans for abuses of power; urges Democrats to vote See in context


I'm going to avoid pc, and I'll trigger some people, but...

As a black american myself, you're wrong. Most black Americans can't think for themselves politically. The few that do--the ones who choose to throw of the shackles--are called coons, uncle toms, and sellouts. Unfortunately, most blacks will blindly vote for the democratic party. It's the truth--I'm not asking you to believe me. I'm sure the pc police will sack my comment.

Luckily we have some Harriet Tubmans, if you will, in the likes of Larry Elders, John Mcwhorter, Tommy Sotomayor, who will help us escape the bondage and misery of the democratic plantation.

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Posted in: Obama rebukes Trump and Republicans for abuses of power; urges Democrats to vote See in context

I'll remember when I vote this November that it was Obama, not Trump, who killed the most muslims with his drone strikes, it was under his watch that race relations deteriorated, all he thought about was his legacy.

Sorry Obama. I'm breaking the chains and leaving the democratic plantation. Slave days are over for me.

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Posted in: Trump threatens gov't shutdown over border wall See in context

Trump shutting down the government is the best present he could possibly give to the democrats this year

Sadly for you, it won't match the gift the left gave by letting that repeat illeagal border crosser get off for murder.

I'm still hopeful my country will be able to defend its borders like every other country on earth.

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Posted in: Legal marijuana industry tries to shake 'stoner' stereotypes See in context

Whether in a suit or hippy garb, a stoner is a stoner. They all have one thing in common: they're wasted and their perception of reality is skewed.

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Posted in: Cornet shrugs off shirt change sexism, says Serena catsuit row '10,000 times worse' See in context

oh I dont know many women look damn good in a sports bra, sports bra bikini whats the problem everything is still covered. Last I checked it wasnt a crime for a man to admire the figure of healtly fit looking women.

I think it's the caveman mentality, which is transparent in your post, that the author of the comment is getting at. Constantly being hypersexual, primed and ready to see females in any situation as sex objects.

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Posted in: Glamorous Venice Film Festival courts controversy See in context

Another manifestation of the leftist pandemic spreading across Western civilization. These people don't want equality of opportunity. They want forced equality of outcome. How you can even call that art is beyond me. Where going backwards into a new style of soviet--i.e., government controlled--art.

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Posted in: Japanese government separated families by deporting 47 Vietnamese See in context


Humanitarianism means justice: giving people what they rightly desrve. It does not mean everyone should hold hands and sing kumbaya when someone breaks the law. The child is not at fault, but neither is the Japanese government. The parents are to blame. Also, this whole "foreigners have rights, and "amnesty" and "open" borders that your position inherently implies is crap IMHO.


I don't know if my family will ever be torn apart; but I can tell you if it is, it won't be because I intentionally broke the law. I can't believe leftists actually argue with such silly philosophy as you just spewed.

It makes no sense to have laws if they are not enforced because you're oversensitive and overreactionary.

If someone broke into your house because they were hungry and they killed your dog and kicked your kids our of bed, would also be just as forgiving?

You guys argue for humanitarianism but you sound more like globalists.

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Posted in: 3 dead, including gunman in shooting at video game tournament in Florida See in context

We have enough gun laws in place, problem is, a lot of them are not severely strictly enforced as in the case of Chicago.

Using gangbangers engulfed in civil war is bs way to obfuscate the issue and argue for 2nd amendment rights.

Be a manly 2nd amendment-er and talk responsibly and admit that it has flaws.

How many non-chicagoans/ non-gangbanging/ middle-class-done everything by the book maniacs have shot up innocent folks while their backs were turned in the USA in the last year? Everytime your response is to revert the issue to chicago. C'mon man!

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Posted in: Japanese government separated families by deporting 47 Vietnamese See in context

everyone who breaks the law gets separated from their children, even legal citizens.


What a disgusting undertone this headline and article carry.

These writers decided on borrowed interest: use the current political climate around immigration in the USA to spin a narrative here in Japan.


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Posted in: Why doesn’t the U.S. adopt the metric system? See in context


You're trying to bend your argument into exotic shapes. Most of the public aren't astronauts. Besides, all courses related to sciences in the USA are taught in the metric system. Thesr guys just bungled their math. You cant blame the systrn here.

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Posted in: Why doesn’t the U.S. adopt the metric system? See in context

I thought there was a question: why doesn't the USA switch to the metric system? Not: please take a moment to find something trivial with which to couch and showcase your anti-Americanism.

In this day and age, when I can just speak into my smartphone and get instant conversations; when switching the USA to the metric system today means disrupting the worlds biggest economy tomorrow; what other reason could justify a stupid move except anti-Americanism?

Their argument: it's not about convenience. It's about antagonizing the USA because it's the top dog; i.e., collective European passive aggression.

Can't drive on the correct side of the road either.

No such thing as the "correct" side of the road. It's all relative. This is tired platitude used by POMS. The Germans, who blow the rest of Europe away in automotive technology, also drive on the same side as the USA. Snooty Londoners also wonder why the rest of the world doesn't switch to their type of English.

Probably because there is a slight chance that the government of the U.S. think it's the center of the world, i think.

Maybe not the world, but definitely the center of global bodies such as the UN, NATO, etc. USA decisions have world altering consequences.

I guess ignorance and frustration are at the center of others' worlds.

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Posted in: Melania Trump's parents get U.S. citizenship under program slammed by Trump See in context

What I hate about this entire immigration thing is that actual Americans have little say in the argument. The loudest people are either immigrants or Europeans and all the crooked politicians. But actual everyday Americans have no right to voice their opinion lest they be scolded on how their ancestors washed up on American shores in a sob story. Basically, Americans have no right to feel a sense of country--because America is the dominant country, the rest of the world takes it for granted ( they take it for an inalienable right) that America is a free-for-all. The loudest people in this argument are non-americans; and if Americans even think about having a unified country and culture (insane--i know) they are either land robbers, rapists, murderers, racists, enslavers, etc. But they're never the folks busting they're butts, paying taxes into a corrupt system that supports the rest of the world. Nope, they're stupid Americans who better not dare speak up about immigration in their country--I know Americans who dare to say our country are by default racist, imperialistic, rapers and robbers. I know, I know.

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Posted in: Phone scammers arrested after one forgets ‘fraud manual,’ phones at convenience store See in context

I've forgotten many a document in the machines myself. I feel for these guys--not!

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Posted in: 1 dead, dozens of hostages freed after Los Angeles market standoff See in context

Apparently the US cops can exercise control when it comes to shooting people. Apparently, you can shoot at the cops, kill two people and not get shot. But what ever you do, don't run--you may get shot in the back. And don't be selling loose cigs on the street--the cops will chokehold you to death. Umm....

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Posted in: Obama delivers veiled rebuke to Trump in speech marking centenary of Nelson Mandela's birth See in context

IMHO, there are no fewer racist, misogynistic, ignorant fools in American society today than there ever has been - it's just that they've been exposed. Also increasingly exposed is the inherent advantage held by a certain American demographic, which also composes the core of the GOP's shrinking number.

Yeah, it's ugly at the moment, but progress often is.

You can't say there's the same amount of racism in one breath, and then say progress in the next. American leftism is so strange: there's progress, but yet there's a white hood around every corner. There's no white privilege either. That's just the foundation on which white guilt rests, which funds the race card, lets white liberals feel good, keeps American racism going.

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Posted in: Japan's World Cup squad returns home; Nishino's time as coach over See in context

Well done.

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Posted in: Japanese film 'Shoplifters' wins Palme d'Or at Cannes See in context

So basically any film celebrating victimhood is a "tour de force".

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Posted in: Prince Charles to walk Meghan Markle down the aisle at royal wedding See in context

And the actual homeless people? Who sleep on the streets every day? Well...

The average Brit cares more about the "royal" family taking a dump than they do about inconsequential homeless people. Oh, and maybe football.

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Posted in: Civil servant spends 20 minute hitting on schoolgirl; gets arrested instead of a date See in context

Wow--publicly shaming a 20 year old for hitting on a 17 year old. Jeeze--going to jail for saying "I want to have sex with you." Especially in a country with lowest birth rate, where over have the population have squeaks and aches in their limbs and joints, and where the men are typically pathologically shy to talk to girls to begin with. Great job at vilifying a man for being a man. Well played. 

It's funny the article said most blokes would just move on with their lives after hearing no--which is why most blokes have an intimate relationship with their hands. We wouldn't need nanpa jukus if most guys would realize that persistence kills resistance. I've never got one girlfriend with the first shot. I'm not that smooth or good looking; I've always had to try several times. But I've had some amazing women in my life because I didn't give up. Now, thanks to this public ridicule, this guy will most likely give up permanently along with other guys hearing about the story.

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Posted in: Oliver Stone, visiting Iran, calls U.S. a global 'outlaw' See in context

Those who take the easy military career path and blindly support it, though... no friend of mine.

They are friends of mine. People who don't understand nature and dream of utopia where we all sing kumbaya are no friend of mine. These guys are out in war zones. What's Oliver stone doing? Making movies in Hollywood.

All the talk from bambies about America the terrible must be similar to the talk the Roman Empire heard; the same with Napoleon, the Ottomans, etc, etc. Its the same grumble a lion hears from a gazelle, the eagle from a rodent. Always the most powerful and the one in charge must suffer the whinings and moanings and moral beatings by the weak. This is just an advertising stunt by Oliver stone. Expect a movie soon about America the terrible. And all the bambies will go see it in huge herds.

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Posted in: Hannity vows to bash Kimmel until he apologizes to 1st lady See in context

It's food for thought when these right wingers revere the second amendment right even in the face of school children getting shot; then they turn around and trample the right to free speech the minute someone says something they don't like. Furthermore, i don't remember Hannity getting vocal when Michell was called a monkey. I personally think kümmel's poke was funny considering Trumps current stance on immigrants and ****hole countries. Slovenia ain't exactly a top vacation spot. For christ's sake, we have a mail order bride for a First Lady.

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Posted in: Japan condom makers hope for 2020 Olympic lift See in context

*actually/ inconvenient

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Posted in: Japan condom makers hope for 2020 Olympic lift See in context

Interesting how the condom topic always brings a slew of posters talking about how they are too small, when they are something like 2% smaller than Western condoms

That is absolutely untrue. It has nothing to do with "mine is bigger." Condoms that are usually on hand in Japan are way smaller than western condoms. And I am not trying insinuate or boast about anything. It's atually unfortunate and unconvenient. So many times did I have to choke the hell outta Jimmy to get his raincoat on. It kills the mood and deprives Jimmy of blood and oxygen. Everyone knows damn well the truth of Japanese condoms. Some truths may be offensive to many, but it does not mean they are not true.

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Posted in: Seven & i group welcomes new employees before start of business year See in context

Something I admire in Japan is the mountain of pride even the smallest worker puts in his/ her work; i.e., service station attendants, janitors, cashiers, etc. It's one of the main reasons us foreigners are so transfixed by the level of customer service here in japan. It pales radically in comparison to the service one gets in my home country: "Excuse me, in what aisle can I find small kitchen wares?" After popping her gum and giving me the stink-eye, "Over there! Can't you read the sign?" "Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't see the sign." Her rolling her eyes and returning to her stocking duty, "They don't pay me enough for this shi..." Yeah... I would think twice about ridiculing these recruits. They're more professional, calm, and courteous than their counterparts elsewhere.

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Posted in: Trump's lawyer claims porn star liable for $20 million See in context

This Trump surreality show just keeps on giving. 

When you are not American and not a Republican and not a Trump fan, you really do boggle at the sheer madness of it all.

I almost feel sorry for those too close to the storm, from this distance it's akin to watching apoorly acted and badly written tragicomedy playing out. I fully expect the audience to boo/hiss or throw fruit when the actors speak their lines or fail to hit the mark.

WWE has nothing on this for sheer pantomime.

It's because we're not Europeans, and we're not socialist. No need to feel sorry for us; we may not like Trump, but we're happy to have a political process in which disagreeing voices can still be heard. People exercised their right to vote for Trump, and I'm not going to engage in drunken common wealth tradition of berating and belittling others for their own political opinions. We are definitely different from Europe. And you should of kept a closer eye on the European man-made disaster that left the place in the ruins of socialism and unbridled immigration and its own crumbled culture. Trump has many scandals; but European leaders recently have not done bad themselves in that department. The list is too long to jot down. You guys are just using Trumps woes to air out your anti-Americanism that you seem to not be able to get over since America superseded you in imperialism. And since then, you Europeans have done exactly what one of the great European philosophers said you would do--revert to the slave mentality: a.k.a., socialism. And I'll add to that your staunch anti-Americanism.

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