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Mr. Miyagi comments

Posted in: Senate confirms Kavanaugh for Supreme Court by vote of 50-48 See in context

What candidate would the Democrats have supported that the Republicans would even consider putting forward? Even a female conservative would have struggled.

Umm, Merrick Garland? He's easily one of the most neutral judges to ever be nominated to be on the SCOTUS.

The exact accusations would have denied him a job at McDonalds.

It shouldn't. Unless you embrace the idea of guilty until proven innocent which is very clearly the idea the Democrats now embrace. A fundamental tenet of justice overturned by Democrats. Disgusting and disgraceful. Really have no business being in office in a free society if that is the attitude you adopt.

The whole "unless you embrace the idea of guilty until proven innocent" is such a horrible argument to make. Innocent until proven guilty only applies to criminal and civil cases, last time I checked, this was a job interview.

Well, an accused attempted rapist getting a job on the highest court in the country doesn't exactly send a strong rebuking message toward rapists.

Again. You are presuming guilt. How does presuming the guilt of what could be an innocent man and then ruining their job prospects achieve anything positive? If this is the position Democrats adopt, they should be absolutely smashed with it in coming election campaigns. I certainly hope Republicans target the Democrats on their willingness to overturn what is a fundamental aspect of law and justice in the U.S and elsewhere.

We can presume guilt as much as we want. What's going to happen? Are we going to get sued? Good luck, it's nearly impossible to get past a motion to dismiss on any defamation case that involves a public figure. This is no different then us presuming you're a Nazi. If I was interviewing you and heard you were a Nazi, I for sure would look into the allegations more before hiring you. Doesn't matter if they are true or not, you shouldn't push through a vote when there's such serious allegations hanging out in the open for the public.

He is a political appointee - nothing more. His legal knowledge is secondary - his job is to vote for conservative causes.

Not according to his own statements. His job is to uphold the constitution. That's his job according to him.

He may have said he will uphold the constitution with his oath, however, his past statements say otherwise. He has taken the stance to completely ignore jurisprudence of the Court–that should be deeply disturbing to all Americans.

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