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Mr. Q comments

Posted in: The 'textbook' evacuation from Japan jet inferno See in context

Everyone seems to be praising the escape, but 18 minutes seems really long. The passengers could have easily been killed by smoke inhalation. The doors should have been open seconds after coming to a stop.

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Posted in: 42% of major firms see Japan economy slowing down on rising prices See in context

Nuclear power has been heavily invested in and could become easily available.

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Posted in: Japan to keep imported wheat price unchanged despite inflation See in context

Sensible short-term solution. Since they set prices twice a year they can easily adjust the price depending on the current conditions. This is a good example of a govt using its tools to fulfill its mission to help the people lead a stable life.

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Posted in: A year after crash, markets boom but bust fears loom See in context

Yep. Blame someone else for your failings. That will help

The poster is advocating for a policy change and you assume he's a loser. You know what they say about projection.

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Posted in: Japan's 1st zero-carb regular beer to hit shelves in October See in context

Monty, Mocheake,

To each his own, eh?

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Posted in: Naomi Osaka adds voice to protests over police brutality in U.S. See in context


Yes that is sad, but it really isn't the point, is it? In this situation the murderer was an official of the state. His job entails arresting people to be brought before a court of law. We cannot give government officials permission to take away life. While this is indeed a racial issue, it is also an issue of power differential AND a constitutional issue. Many people think they can shrug off the killing of minorities because it is not their problem... not yet, anyway.

Intra-racial murder (and all murder) is horrific, but it is a problem of the people and it needs to be solved by the people. Government sponsored killing is a different form of violence.

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Posted in: More than 90% of Tokyo hospital beds for COVID-19 patients filled See in context

@fillmore. The article clearly addresses your concern. Go back and read it.

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Posted in: Japan begins distributing cash handouts for virus relief See in context


Why would anyone here take a straightforward statement as being facetious? I'm sure you realize that we don't know your personality traits, can't see your facial expressions, and can't hear the tone of your voice.

To everyone posting here, we are an email international community, and not all native English speakers. Just say what you mean.

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Posted in: Universities to help subsidize students' costs for online learning See in context


Yeah, but only if you intend it as sarcasm. Some people speak straight. This expression is used appropriately here, in my opinion.

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Posted in: Truck kills 4 Australian police who stopped speeding driver See in context

I agree with Citizen Smith. Stopping in those side lanes is highly dangerous, especially in these days of distracted driving. I'd never do it unless I absolutely had no other choice.

Also, turn your lights on when it rains!!!

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Posted in: 18-year-old woman arrested over death of 9-month-old son See in context


It's a sad story, for sure. I wonder what prison will accomplish in this case though.

Also, what do you mean by people commenting to spite you?

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Posted in: Beyond Netflix: A look at what you get with new streamers See in context

Seth and everyone else, honest question: Are streaming services "fleecing" us? Should we not pay to be entertained? It seems that the advertising model is dying out, so how else does content get paid for?

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Posted in: Starbucks becomes latest target of Hong Kong protester rage See in context

Billionaire corporations speaking at a human rights council... I guess everyone is entitled to free speech, but it's obvious that all these corporate bodies care about is money, not human rights. And where does their power come from? Selling coffee and desserts? How does that give them any moral authority? Vandalism is most likely not the answer, but it certainly is an understandable reaction by a "little guy" to a behemoth who is actively trying to take away their rights.

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Posted in: Gov't tightens rules to clamp down on smartphone use while driving See in context

What about using your keitai's map app? Not typing in information, but having it open and on display. Surley that will be allowed.

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Posted in: Stations, roads packed as travelers leave for summer holidays See in context

Crazy stuff. Imagine a world in which people are able take a holiday anytime during the summer... Nah, impossible... except in basically every other country in the world.

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Posted in: S Korea's latest big export: Jobless college graduates See in context

One third coming to Japan! I hope this can lead to warmer relations between the two countries.

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Posted in: Police checking dash cam over car accident that left 2 toddlers dead See in context

I bet she was using her cellphone while driving. I see it all the time while cycling. Horrible.

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Posted in: Fast-food chain Yoshinoya to sell beef bowl without rice See in context

It's a low carb life for me!

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Posted in: Deified as the voice of his generation, Kurt Cobain lives See in context

Man, could he write songs - beautiful, depressing songs. I've always wondered that if he could have overcome his depression... I dont know... could you imagine happy tunes by this guy? What a wonderful thing they would have been to hear.

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Posted in: Ex-Nissan boss Ghosn served 4th arrest warrant; calls it 'outrageous' See in context

I get the hostility toward the Japanese criminal justice system, but given its heavy-handed methods, it still doesn't mean that Ghosn is innocent of any of these crimes. He's being charged with funneling a massive amount of money from the company to his family. Sounds like something that needs to be investigated to me.

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Posted in: Tamawashi wins New Year tournament See in context

Great news for Tamawashi. Why is this news of the National Sport relegated to the back pages?

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Posted in: Senate seeks solution to open U.S. government; Trump insists on wall See in context

Bass for Funk,

Maybe you don't know, but it is Congress's job to apportion money and the executive's job is to see that that money is effectively spent in the way that Congress intended it as written in the law. In America the president's veto power gives him the power to sway how the money is apportioned, but to demand money is not really in the job description.

If Trump wants money for the wall, let him build a coalition that will pass a regular bill that funds the needed money. Let him keep making the case under normal Congressional procedure, not try to attach it to the government funding bill. He's hostage taking.

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Posted in: Merkel, Abe, other leaders to attend Davos forum as Trump sits out See in context

Trump can't win because he's boxed himself into a corner. Aynthing he does seems fesperate and foolish at this point. When will the sanate grow a spine and bust open the investigation?

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Posted in: Kuroda warns of risks from falling regional banks' profits See in context

Hi Scrote: Yeah, but imagine if it was enforced. What do you think about it helping the concept of the virtuous inflation cycle?

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Posted in: Kuroda warns of risks from falling regional banks' profits See in context

What do you think of this idea:

If the BOJ wants inflation and there is the nationwide problem of too much overtime, why don't they force companies to pay properly for overtime work. Employees would have more money and the companies would have to raise prices to compensate for the extra salary expenditures. There's your virtuous inflation cycle. Any comments are welcome.

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