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Posted in: Trump agrees to $25 mil settlement to resolve Trump University lawsuits See in context

Good and wise move, to settle quickly private and civil matters. Trump needs to concentrate on the most important public appointment and tasks he is elected to do. Trump is proving to be a focused and pragmatic President so far. He is keeping his word in at least one area that hardly any past Presidents (rich or not so rich) had done; he is not taking the $400,000 per annum salary.

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Trump is delivering what the voters wanted: Strong law and order domestically; illegal immigrants who committed crimes have to be tried and deported, immigration to USA has to be proper & legal just like in many other sovereign nations. The existing laws have to be implemented across the board fairly and justly. Democrats politicizing immigration to build a demographic and citizenry to win votes is going to be stopped during his term. George Soros Open Society global agenda will be checked for a while. This wealthy speculator that benefitted from chaos and volatility and even attacking central banks' weaknesses may have to take a break. There will be vetting on people from certain nations that promote terrorism against USA. It's just plain common sense. The President determines the direction & implementation; that's what elections are about. Obama already had his days.

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Trump achieves what MOF & BOJ have been trying so hard without success in past 2 years; a weaker Yen.

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Posted in: Obama, in Germany, says Trump must 'stand up' to Russia See in context

Obama foreign policies do not have depth, and was mainly a play along with Liberal media ideas. The disastrous outcome of destruction, homelessness to the suffering citizens of Libya, Syria, Iraq, Egypt, etc and the wanton rise and growth of ISIS are obvious for all to see, when Gaddafi, etc we removed and killed. It does not matter he won the Nobel price for Peace, while his policies have so much disastrous effects on millions of Middle East people. Working with Russia to stop and destroy ISIS is necessary both militarily and economically, working in conjunction with Middle East respective elected governments. Merkel obviously does not understand history of Europe & Middle East. Taking so many Muslim refugees into Europe, is and will compound already existing extreme Islamic terrorism in European soil with bring about much greater security and terrorism threats in time to come. Merkel has invited and accelerated the Trojan Horse. Folly at the highest level.

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She lost 232 vs 306 to Trump. The lost margin is big.

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The politicians & American voters all know beforehand that whoever wins more than 270 electoral votes becomes the President, regardless of total number of popular votes. Fair and square and transparent. Trump won 306 vs Hillary 232. That is a big win. Honor the winner. Those famous pop stars who swore to migrate to the outer space planets or Canada or Africa should keep their words and do so instead of gripping and complaining. They can also try out Latinos Mexico and Islamic Middle East since they believe their most idealistic everyone equal ideals are universal.

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Posted in: Trump wins White House; Clinton concedes defeat See in context

Bringing back manufacturing jobs with see some face-off with China and Japan. Tariffs in some form can be expected. Trump has no choice as blue collar workers voted strongly for him. Expect trade tension though military tension with Russia and China (if any) will ease off.

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US MNCs will be facing much greater scrutiny under Trump. Outsourcing as a trend from the US will be checked and reverse a fair bit. Apple, GM, Ford, etc will be checked. Tension between Police and Blacks may go either way. However, bigger business opportunities for brick and mortar local companies in infrastructure work.

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Posted in: Trump wins White House; Clinton concedes defeat See in context

Trump will be tough on trade. Tension with other countries will be more economic and not military. Trump will have to face with US interest rates trending higher from historic low cycle. A first since the Volcker days. Expect higher inflation, more spending in infrastructure and slower world trade. Net off in longer term. Bond yields higher. Stock market adjustment from highs to lower range. More industrial jobs for Americans. Wall Street on the sideline as the focus of stimulus will be Main street.

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Posted in: Clinton, Trump blitz through battleground states Monday in final bid to energize supporters See in context

A clear sign of strong America on a decline with either a choice of a self-serving unprincipled 69 years old, old insider taking over from a pandering "food stamps" President or a bragging hot-headed youth of 70 years old in a more divided and polarized nation. What a choice! No celebration. Be prepared for lots of pain that is to come.

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Posted in: U.S. official: Russia might shoot down U.S. aircraft in Syria See in context

This is no small matter. It may trigger a war with Russia and Iran with major global adverse implications and lost of millions of lives. Trump is right in this matter and Hillary is off course. The risk/reward is so poor, yet Hillary is focusing on removing Assad, President of a sovereign nation and not ISIS, the terrorist group. Look at the removal of Saddam, Mubarak, Gaddafi and what happened to millions of families and people killed, made homeless, etc. This is the so called benefits of the great liberation from Arab Spring that the western propaganda and liberals had been clamoring? Where have all the flowers gone? When will we ever learn?

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Perfectly fine. Please see full video. Singapore is a very well managed nation, whose leaders are sound and sensible.

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Posted in: Trump praises 'stop-and-frisk' police tactic See in context

Strong law and order tactics in the midst of terrorism and rampant violence occurring frequently in certain cities or neighborhood are common sense measures and are not racist policies. Safety is in everyone interest. Don't make the policemen job more difficult and get into political debate or controversy. Law and order are necessary in every nation; it is to punish the criminals and reward the law abiding citizens, not the other way around.

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Posted in: In Canada, all must help integrate immigrants: Trudeau See in context

Study history carefully to know who can assimilate and who wouldn't, and who are always quarrelsome and at war even with his "brothers". Following Mrs. Merkel is plain naivety.

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Posted in: Obama: Americans will reject Trump's 'wacky' ideas See in context

Obama 2-term major legacy: Overseas & domestic: clear decline of US as number one superpower; reputational decline and a chaotic and human tragic mess in Libya, Syria, Egypt, Iraq (leftover from Bush) and Afghanistan (from Bush). Rise in racial tensions between Blacks and others. Record number of people especially Blacks on food stamps; a nation of entitlements' mentality promoted. Record deficits in history. Ban prayers in classrooms. Pass homosexuality laws. Cold relationship with Israel. Liberal globalists dominate media. Jihadist extreme terrorism proliferate. Wall Street despite causing the 08/09 Great Financial Crisis was let-off. Despite huge advances in technology by America private sector, America as a nation is fragmented and weaker. Now he is prodding Americans for a continuation in Hillary. Sadly, Trump is also highly questionable. This is one of Obama legacy after-effects.

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Posted in: Clinton, Trump clash over who is best for U.S. minorities See in context

Some (certainly not all) things that Donald Trump said make sense despite the fashionable euphoria of condemnation of him by media:

Democrats had got African-American votes and ruled for decades their inner cities, but these places/citizens remain the worst educated, highest crime rate, highest drug addiction, highest unemployment, etc. Don't sound like good leadership and doing a good job. Vetting certain group of people who breed the most violent religious terrorists, for terrorist intent and background before letting them into the country. Sound like common sense. Law and order are basic necessity of a nation. Nobody is to be above the law is a basic premise of any democracy. Deporting illegal immigrants who had committed violent crimes. "Pay for play" mixing both politics and Clinton "charity" vehicle don't sound right when 9% funds spent on "charity activities", while the rest somewhere else.

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Posted in: Japan Inc not enthusiastic over Abe's stimulus, BOJ easing See in context

Mr Kuroda, time to bring out the Bazooka again. Japan needs a weak Yen to be competitive. Period.

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Posted in: BOJ's Kuroda says he won't rule out deepening negative rate cut See in context

BOJ & MOF measures should be to: Make Yen very weak, through basically some forms of helicopter money to buy sometime. Make public housing cheap, good, plentiful and very big. Make child-care centers cheap, good and plentiful. Build more cheap infrastructural centres available for tech innovation, tech of things, etc with special rental subsidies to young entrepreneurs. Raise wages of nurses, policemen, soldiers, teachers in government sector. Then confidence in building bigger family units will increase, while business risk taking will be reinforced and lastly domestic demand will be stronger through higher wages. Exporters trade surpluses will also help as a buffer. Determined leadership despite difficulties; bazooka after bazooka...Mr. Kuroda...not time to stop the firing.

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Posted in: Japan's trade shrinks in July; exports sink 14% See in context

Japan demographics realities mean domestic demand will generally be weak as a trend. Therefore the possibilities for growth are export sector and tourism from foreigners. Both require a much weaker Yen to be competitive. BOJ & MOF should work toward that outcome even if there are criticism and obstacles. Life is full of obstacles. Perseverance and single-mindedness in measures can bring about desired outcome if given enough time and maximizing opportunities. It is particular difficult for the Japanese mindset, which lacks flexibility, boldness and global language distribution skills though it has good step by step engineering prowess and detailed quality in its products. Macro-wise even if domestic demand is weak, micro measures to boost domestic demand at the right pockets can be positive; like more funds into care-care centers in big cities instead of more roads in rural areas, bigger public housing apartments instead of bridges and faster Shinkansen (which are already world class), higher salaries to younger working adults in public sector instead of that to senior older bureaucrats, more performance based compensation instead of standard higher pay as you stay longer and older, productive yet shorter hours instead of long hang-around pushing papers and meetings to get consensus without making decisions phenomenon. Don't continue the defeatist "musukashii" mindest. Bring out the Boozoka! To weaken the Yen is not too difficult.

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Posted in: Renho says 'Abenomics' has stalled See in context

Way to go, Renho! More pay and benefits to nurses, teachers, policemen, working women, etc.

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Posted in: Japan's trade shrinks in July; exports sink 14% See in context

Time for another round of Bazooka from Kuroda BOJ & Aso MOF:

Increase salaries of government hospital nurses, policemen, teachers and soldiers by 10% each, especially younger ones at entrance level, but not that of old senior bureaucrats. BOJ to buy Reits especially those that relate to "public housing". MOF to start a massive cheap high quality "big apartment housing program" like that of Singapore, where average size is about 100sqm. This will promote more and bigger family units formed. There are enough roads and bridges, but not enough sizeable apartments for families. BOJ to buy municipal bonds issued for revitalizing smaller cities. BOJ to buy foreign bonds. Massive build up of child care centres in big cities like Tokyo & Osaka and subsidies to parents and teachers.

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Posted in: Bank of Japan money target up for debate in policy review See in context

BOJ buys foreign bonds and assets. Then $/Yen will move to 130. Then temporarily the economic growth problem will be resolved for 3 years and with the Olympics in 2020, probably add 1 more year of growth. The current inflation and growth problem have been compounded by a very strong Yen. Structural demographic problems cannot be resolved as long as Japanese loves being Japanese. So MOF & BOJ have to focus on how to make the Yen weaker.

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Posted in: Nissan says Brexit deal will determine future UK plant investment See in context

If EU adopts a protectionist and petty trade policy against UK, both will suffer. This is just basic economic fundamentals. Nevertheless, UK will be much more competitive than EU. As UK is much more flexible than EU a big elephant of 27 nations with a single glove fixed all policy. London will remain the key financial center, a most cosmopolitan global English business speaking city. There is no replacement from EU, not Paris, not Frankfurt. Merkel & Hollande have messed up EU with their thoughtless lax immigration policy that has threathened not only basic security but the whole fabric of stability of EU economic union. Admit the mistake and reverse the policy before its too late.

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Posted in: Obama turns up pressure on Putin over Syria See in context

US & EU administrations refused to admit that Middle East needs strongman rule. And they had messed up that thin fabric of stability by bringing them down. And without the strongman, like even Saddam Hussein of Iraq, Gaddafi of Libya, Murbarak of Egypt, Assad of Syria, etc what happened? Havocs, civil wars, Al Queda, ISIS and millions of refugees, 100,000s of death, etc. Terrorism reign. It is a very sorry state of affair. Middle East culture, history and people are different from that of other parts of the world. Time to realize that and not mess with the Hornet Nest.

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Posted in: U.S. poised to hit Obama's target of 10,000 Syrian refugees See in context

FizzBit hit it on the nail: "I just don't understand, there are about 49 Muslim nations, why doesn't Obama or Europe for that matter push for these countries to take in their own fellow Muslim brethren?" After all the talk that Islam is a religion of peace, then surely Islamic countries can peacefully take in their own brethren. Is it not? At this point of history, and the reality of spreading of ISIS terrorism, is it wise to bring in more Trojan Horses to America & Europe which have different cultural and religious background?

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Posted in: Police: London stabbings that killed U.S. woman not terrorism See in context

Law and order are gradually being compromised over the years especially in Western countries due to the rise of "liberal and progressive" voices. A few fundamentals need to be encouraged:

Immediate family members are responsible to manage and control a family member who is deranged or violent. Acts of violence should be met with stronger punishments as deterrent especially terrorist related offences. Separate and stronger laws are to be passed for terrorism. Religious leaders who call for terrorism or acts of violence should be jailed with long sentences. Caning should be an option. Pain is still a good deterrent to those who are not afraid of quick death. Nevertheless, truth and love need to be taught continuing. But we must be clearly aware that we live with many people who can be proned to violent and senseless acts that take away innocent lives.

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Posted in: Cabinet approves Y13.5 tril economic stimulus package See in context

Hi fxgai, good evening. BOJ is still buying 2 times of new JGB issuances. So the sell-off is only temporary, especially with the Yen appreciating. The big sell-off in JGB will come but the following factors need to be in placed:

BOJ truly adopts outright helicopter money & market players realized it. Japanese overall accumulated savings are less than net outstanding Government debts. (coming probably somewhere in 2017/8/9/0). Japanese savers & institutional investors lose faith and capital outflows pick up with a sharply weaker Yen trend in place. With the policies adopted and demographics, the JGB crash will come, only question is when? Still watching. It will be a sad day for Japan. For Japan will become a poor country pretty fast, when that happen.

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Posted in: Trump campaign asks Capitol Hill for support in Khan controversy See in context

RNC & DNC both used a pawn in the name of Pat Smith (a white) and Khizr Khan (a Muslim). Pat Smith was vigorously condemned; she lost her son in the battlefield. Khizr Khan was vigorously supported; he lost his son in the battlefield. Obviously, the main stream media is biased.

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Posted in: Helicopter money talk takes flight as BOJ runs out of runway See in context

Helicopter money means longer term:

$/Yen move from 100 to 200 to 300. A few exporters will become very rich. Almost all importers will go bankrupt. Consumers/citizens standard of living will drop by more than 50%, cost of living up by more than 50%. Generally, Japanese will become a lot poorer.

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Posted in: Merkel cuts short holiday to face refugee policy storm See in context

Still stubborn and in denial over her open door mass lax immigration policy that is a contributor to the rising terrorism and killing of German & EU citizens.

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