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Posted in: 4 members of gov't nuclear safety team got funding from utilities See in context

Wow! Now I know why they need to raise our electricity bill. It's not for Fukushima residents.

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Posted in: China pledges to defend territory after Japan says it will buy islands See in context

How about this solution make a special treaty stating that all four countries agree on making the islands a neutral zone. No one claims the island or use the island for personal gains. Everyone would be happy. I think all 4 parties are very childish. This should be settle in a peaceful matter.

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Posted in: Who do you side with in the Apple vs Samsung patent disputes going on around the world? See in context

Apple all the way. Samsung is the copycat.

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Posted in: TEPCO video shows tensions as Fukushima crisis unfolds See in context

Why did we inject public funds... why are we helping Tepco. Then they manipulate videos and why do they have so much power over the government. It is clear that Tepco is hiding the truth and only thinking of themselves.

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Posted in: Otsu school principal apologizes for not taking action over bullying See in context

It's a little too late for an appologize. He should be fired with his staff.

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Posted in: Outrage grows over Shiga school's inaction over bullying See in context

They should fire the board of education all of them and the whole school staff. Hire teachers and staff members who are willing to be responsible and notice any changes in student behavior. They are not doing their job as teachers and guardian. Most important hire a counselor who can teach about and if the student needs help with social or any problems. Students are at school more than 8 hours a day, all year around. Teacher must know each students behavior, teachers there are like second parents. Kids wants understanding, love and guidance. We need to help kids, be there for them.

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Posted in: Japanese fans flock to meet S Korean boyband See in context

K-pop is overkill! Enough is enough!

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Posted in: Noda says Oi reactors must be restarted to protect economy, people's livelihoods See in context

First all I think this whole situation has been rushed. Secondly, the government didn't make any effort to promote other means of energy like solar panels. They can suggest to companies to make it cheaper so consumers would buy. Solar panels need maintenance and that would create jobs. Thirdly, add solar wind to create power and less depended on nuclear power. Maybe, we could reduce nuclear power plants. An earthquake prone country there is always a chance of disasters. Now, we know how dangerous is nuclear power plant is...

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Posted in: Gov't, NPA look at ways to improve road safety for children See in context

I think automobiles and trucks should have S-chip(speed chip control). This is how it should work s-chip is activated in small streets the car's speed 30 km, big street 45 km and autoroute 65 km tops. We have this the technology lets use it or create it. We have smart people... I think! Everyone uses bikes, its healthy, or bus metro walk(BMW) and trains too.

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Posted in: TEPCO submits restructuring plan to gov't See in context

I think the president should reduce his pay to ¥100 a year. To show the public Tepco is committed in restructuring plan.

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Posted in: AKB48 candy ad criticized for encouraging homosexuality See in context

Japanese Writers, Directors and Producers who produces commercials are most unprofessional people. Most of there CM is not to the point. An average 2 to 5 CM out of the whole year is best, the rest is horrible. People who work in the media world be professional, act like professional. Cause young people will get influenced by these visual messages. This is the worst Commercial I ever seen on media. Who ever wrote the CM needs to check his/her head.

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Posted in: Disaster relief lottery See in context

This is great idea helping the Tohoku region. I have one question - What happen to the money that the whole world donated? Good luck whoever wins!

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Posted in: Film box-office revenue down 17.9% in 2011 See in context

It real simple to bring back people is remove 3D. It is awful, everything is 3D, and no choice. Cinema is to forceful.

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Posted in: Apple unveils digital textbooks app for iPad See in context

Japan will be far behind in technology and education. Boy, this will change on how we learn. This is wonderful!

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Posted in: Samsung wins appeal in Apple tablet battle See in context

Samsung are copycats! No innovation what so ever.

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Posted in: Korean drama backlash See in context

I totally agree with protestors there is to much Korean drama shows and I also agree that Japanese TV drama show is too boring. Best solution is a mixer of different international shows. So with that said I would like to see Bollywood TV series.

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Posted in: Thousands of flood-hit Thais to be allowed to work in Japan See in context

Just great! Might as well push Japanese off the island and let the Thai people take over. No other countries will do this... Japan must think of Japanese people first. There is so many Japanese who are unemployed, it's a good time for the companies to hire Japanese get the economy rolling. First all Thai can't speak Japanese, some probably can't adjust here and it will be short term. Best solution is too stay there and clean up and rebuild the their own country. Japanese First!

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Posted in: Toyota's Thai factories stay closed due to flood See in context

One solution is to close the manufacture in Thai and build here in Japan at the Tohoku Region, where they can hire the unemployed Japanese. Rebuild the region.

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Posted in: Samsung seeks iPhone sales ban in Japan, Australia See in context

Samsung has no innovation. Samsung is basically cloners and they steal other people's ideas, just slap their name on it. Hey we made it. Like China are cloners too or better yet copycats, nothing is unique.

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Posted in: Battle to sell iPhone heats up as Softbank undercuts KDDI on monthly fees See in context

KDDI is expensive for iPhone 4... this is not competitive prices. They should be aggressive with prices. KDDI has failed to be competitive. I thought KDDI would be different, but I guess they don't "Think Different!" A bigger scrooge.

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Posted in: KDDI to sell new iPhone in Japan, ending Softbank's domination See in context

Finally, competition. Three cheers to KDDI. Hopefully, KDDI has cheaper plan rates than softbank.

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Posted in: Honda to build factory in Russia: report See in context

Honda is betraying its own Japanese people. Taking all the jobs to Foreign country. While the Japanese citizen is suffering. Can't find jobs and economy is getting worst. Thank you honda for contributing to unemployment. Way to go Honda.

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Posted in: Industry minister resigns after 8 days over 'town of death' comment See in context

I guess we're singing same old music. Seriously, that this party will last long!

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Posted in: Sony shows wearable 3-D personal theater See in context

It looks ugly, bulky and too heavy. Who want to wear that! That price!

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Posted in: Shareholders slam TEPCO at heated general meeting See in context

TEPCO is only thinking of MONEY! They don't care about the citizen, don't care about employees, don't care about children, and don't care about ECO. TEPCO is all about yen sign. All directors have a double face(YEN). We should start thinking of new energy to replace nuclear energy and now is the time think about change.

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Posted in: Softbank reports robust earnings on smartphones See in context

Its obviously, doing great they got iPhone. Now, lets take the iPhone away from softbank, and give it to Docomo and KDDI au. softbank profits will go down. Thats will be healthy market and competition. But I guess softbank is only monopoly and its dirty business.

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Posted in: Pitching in See in context

US Marines is doing an awesome job in helping Japan in Relief efforts.

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Posted in: Edano criticizes TEPCO for series of mistakes on nuclear plant See in context

The government should charge and tell TEPCO they have 72 hours to solved the problem or fired them all. Then ask International communities for a professional team that can get the job done. Obviously, TEPCO is not taking it seriously, wasting time, people lives are at stake, and destroying the environment. TEPCO is most unprofessional team ever. I mean don't screw around with radiation. Obviously, TEPCO doesn't care about own people others.

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Posted in: Japan will struggle with power crunch after quake See in context

Think Solar power! Make it cheaper and we use less nuclear power plants.

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Posted in: Rescuers find 80-year-old woman, 16-year-old grandson in rubble 9 days after quake See in context

Awesome news. Don't give up! Maybe there is more people still alive. Keeping looking!

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