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Posted in: Recession-hit UK needs more migrant labor: business group See in context

Jeff Lee, is on the money, and wise.

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Posted in: Japan's isolated older 'hikikomori' shun society for years See in context

I'm shocked ! Just joking, we have the same social problem here in the US. We call the hikikomori translation Dead Beats, but them cant draw a welfare check living with Daddy and Mommy that easy !

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Posted in: Take cover - but where? Japanese helpless over N Korean threat See in context

Don't worry NK is not valid any more.

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Posted in: Trump pardons ex-Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio See in context

I'm back and see this platform is a true Trump support outfit !! lol.. Well you think this Arpaio story is upsetting, next week he is cancelling the DACA program (Dreamers policy) which Obama put into place .... Now there are over 800,000 people in this program who will be told to leave and the administration has all their addresses, phone numbers and relative's data. I live in Los Angeles, so I will be in my secure residence daily before 11am.

It's going to get ugly out there nasty and dirty, a Free For All. Button up the hatches boys and girls its going down... You heard it here First

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Posted in: Japan hits N Korea with additional sanctions See in context

Getting serious ???

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Posted in: Rupert Murdoch and Jerry Hall wed in London See in context

I have no comment, people apparently do as they please, without any moral, ethic, or cultural value for consideration. These two rich, nasty tarts, consumers of lust and mental madness on display for the world to see. Wealth and social status is not a measure for Good Mental Health. I have a simple life, well balanced, financial security, and execute good mental, moral, and restricted behavior. I wonder what their children think about this marriage ?

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Posted in: U.S. militia group occupies Oregon wildlife park headquarters See in context


Good| Bad

PTownsendJan. 04, 2016 - 08:27AM JST

Or is that whacko?

Depends on perspective, but to me these and the hundreds of other ultra-right white nationalists are flat out whack. Metastasized gun and anti-government memes have hardened their collective synapses, making them the biggest threat the US faces. Rupert Murdoch and those like him who control mainstream media try to convince the US public that the danger is without, when the reality is domestic militias and gangs, both holding huge arsenals of assault weapons, pose the greatest threat to the society.


Is so correct in this view, that's why the government does even respond directly or forcible towards these types of threats as they would to a minority group in the inner city. The ultra-right white nationalist are armed and deep in the ranks. The key reason is well armed ! The government is more afraid of these militias and gangs, then ISIS, Russia, Iran, China or any other imaginary threat in their little minds...

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Posted in: Nigerian troops have Boko Haram on the run See in context

No, wonder the Nigerians are getting on boats, trying to get to Europe, They are better off in a whitemans prison then living in their own country..... Just a sin and a shame ! And that's just the way it is !

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Posted in: Pacquiao injury another hit for boxing See in context

I didn't see the fight, but I surely heard about it.. 18 punches by Pacman for the whole 12 rounds. I know the Big Ballers and Shoot Callers are pissed !

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Posted in: Suicide bombings in Yemeni mosques kill more than 130 See in context

Shiite rebels known as Houthis have taken over the capital, Sanaa, and nine of the country’s 21 provinces over the past six months, raising fears of a civil war tinged with sectarianism.

""Raising fears " I would venture to say the civil war started six months ago === Who wrote this ??? LOL

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Posted in: U.S. first lady urges Cambodian students to seek more freedoms See in context

These are the best comments of the Day LOL

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Posted in: U.S. would welcome Japan air patrols in South China Sea See in context

Japan's best policy is the current, "Hands off the Military Games" Listening to baby face Abe is going to get you in trouble. Japan doesn't have to play super-power! Let the USA handle it.... I see nothing good on the horizon, for Japan, taking the drugs of War from the from the dealer of war !! Japanese people please remember your history, and don't get out of control !

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Posted in: Nurse defies Ebola quarantine in U.S.; rides bike See in context

Land of Chaos is at it Again,,LO

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Posted in: Despite Nobel win, Pakistan's Malala hated by many at home See in context

These so-called practitioners of Islam are exposed, unveiled, peeped from behind the scenes. Dirty mouthed, foul smelling, women haters/ Mid-evil, narrow minded hogs of the jihadis ground slop feeding pins of Peshawar. Fighters in hard-lined Islamist mode, in fear of a little girl.. And that's just the Way it Is ! You simple minded jerks, I'm so happy to sit in my living room, watching you scream bloody murder, as this girlchild rocks your nasty little world... LOL hahahaha, hahahahah. hahaha. !

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Posted in: Putin accuses Obama of hostility, meddling See in context

No one appears to be concerned with the victim's of this international Gang fight, this child like school-yard temper of these so-called super-powers. I am sickened at watching Obomber, and his display of high moral standards, pointing the finger at Russia. A Nobel peace prize winner, you have got to be kidding ! This is worst than the prison yard in folsom. Everybody calling shots and no one backing down. And that's just the way it Is. !

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Posted in: U.S., 5 Arab countries begin airstrikes against IS in Syria for first time See in context

Bamm, Boom, Shot. Jamm, let's do the damm thing, Somebody, Somebody start a War , Hey... And That's just the Wat it Is !

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Posted in: U.S. Justice Department to investigate Ferguson police See in context

I got news for everybody, the justice department will take over the investigation and prosecution of Officer Wilson shortly. The DA in Ferguson is holding a Grand Jury session. Despite the norms, the DA is having Officer Wilson speak with or testify to the Grand Jury ! The only person that is being investigated by the Grand Jury is Wilson for excessive use of force ! It couldn't be Mike Brown he's dead. The subject of the investigation can't defend himself before a Grand Jury, which is designed as a secret one way street for the prosecutor to lay out is evidence against the alleged wrong doer ! This procedure is being flipped on it's head by the prosecutor. Watch the grand jury will return no indictment, then the Fed's will step in and take over ! And that's just the Way it is.

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Posted in: New Iraq PM says no to U.S. ground troops See in context

Iraq is no longer a State or country. They are a defeated and isolated region of the world. The Government is a rag tagged assembly of "want to be clowns". Lets just face reality, and tell it as it is ! Corruption, childish management of their affairs, coupled with ego infested stupidity, got their just reward ! They are extremely lucky, that Obama is a soft headed emotion libel American President. With that in mind, their future is still in limbo. Those Army boys still have to fight and perform on the ground.. I wonder if the courage and persistence for victory is truly in their souls ! The Isis group are certainly little A-holes with a warped mind set. However these Yoyo's are serious and understand commitment, which gives them the staying power to maintain the evil empire. The Whole community is running scared with no plan.... And That's just the Way it Is !

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Posted in: U.S. Army invites women to try out for elite Ranger school See in context

I am a Ranger School Graduate of Class 13-69. It is a leadership course, requiring one's heart, mind. spirit and world class physical conditioning. Men need to realize that a female with these special gifts can graduate. A human beings size and sex is not a negative factor for successful graduation from the Ranger Course. RLTW I say open the door for the ladies and show us what you Got.. And that's just the Way it Is !

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Posted in: Asia arms up to counter growing Chinese might See in context

I don't see why the Asian Countries don't just put sanctions on trade and economic deals with China ! Look at what Obama and the EU Masters are doing with Russia. I smell a rat in the wood pile......... What country claims a fear about another and does nothing but talk ? Where is the action against China if they are such a minister of Trouble. Someone explain to me the logic of these countries ? Is China just testing the Waters, surely oil and minerals is the issue, but the response to the overt movements of China and claims by the Asian neighbors has me lost.... Help somebody ?

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Posted in: Russia, Ukraine trade blame as fighting tests truce See in context

Moscow not only denies backing the fighters but also accuses Washington of fomenting the February protests that ousted a pro-Kremlin leader and brought in a new team that struck an historic EU alliance and is now seeking NATO membership.

No truer statement as the below..... Washington started this Drama, and Putin is doing what he has to do.. That's just the way it is !

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Posted in: Company exec robbed of Y20 mil by three men See in context

He was robbed by his own Gang.. You are right large sums of money like this are transport via armored guard service. I bet the old man has an insurance policy or some asset to replace the so-called stolen Money// Trust me the Cops are watching this fool.. LOL****

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Posted in: Teenager convicted of deadly gun rampage recaptured after escaping from Ohio prison See in context

Escaped from a Maximum Security Facility. !! 19 years old with a 45 year old lifer ? Something is seriously wrong with this picture Hmmmmmmmmmmmm !

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Posted in: West imposes new Russia sanctions; Putin defiant See in context

The West is simply moving on the break down of the BRIC's economic Front/ recently formed. They decided to start with Russia as the first target on the decentralization campaign. The current world order is being challenged and this is the response to the threat. Clearly, the Peace Agreement is of no value and being ignored ! Subsequently, the second level of sanctions are employed. Now how does this end ? Answer: It doesn't until Russian interest is completely broken.The West is insisting that the sanctions remain in place until Moscow pulls out of Crimea.... " from Crimea ! This is Hard Ball at it's best. Major strategic operations. Who started this whole mess ? The West - not Putin !! There is no such thing as an Accident, everything is an Incident......

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Posted in: Video purports to show beheading of second U.S. journalist See in context

Wolfpack said

Islamic extremism is the worst man made evil since mid-20th century fascism. The West has eased up on it over the last five years. They will not stop committing these kinds of atrocities no matter what relationship other nations have with Muslim countries. President Obama has tried the good cop routine and it is not working. In fact, the threat has grown in response to his misguided world view and ideologically driven foreign policy. Just because it's the 21st century that doesn't mean that basic human nature is any different than it was 75 years ago. Islamic radicals are telling the West it is at war. The West isn't listening again. *And That is Just the Way it is !*****

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Posted in: Justice system finds little trust among African-Americans See in context

GWAug. 24, 2014 - 12:43PM JST The US has done a piss poor job in dealing with the after math of slavery, yeah sure its getter better for black people over time, BUT at a damned slow pace, this should have been over & done with ages ago. Whenever I visit the states I can almost immediately feel the tension on the air, the US is a great place but its done a terrible job wrt to black people, the US can & should do better, PERIOD!

i BEG TO differ, the US has been great for post slavery African Americans. We have a tiered social-econ system here. You have been in the wrong neighborhoods ! LOL In Cairo, London, Spain, Israel any where in the world, POOR people have tension in the air ! Ghetto's anywhere are the same ! America affords everyone the opportunity to be successful., ASK Obama ! Color and Race isn't the demeaning issue in America for Black people or any other minority group. Intelligence, education, and the competitive spirit is the what we do ! I do appreciate your views thanks

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Posted in: Israel closes Golan area as Syrian rebels seize crossing See in context

JTDanManAug. 28, 2014 - 08:05AM JST I've been there. Back in '88. It quite scenic, ironically

I was there in 1979 through 1981 lived in Eilat Israel, on the Red Sea.

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Posted in: In some countries, there is a ban on adults and children wearing religious clothing and symbols such as burqas, veils, head scarves, skullcaps, turbans and crucifixes in public places like schools, re See in context

I think we should focus on human behavior and acceptable conduct in society. This after the fact clothing ban is ill conceived by the host countries. These banned clothing laws cause countless problems for the citizens or immigrants who have invested in their new countries of choice. Oh well I guess that's one way to Hate !

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Posted in: Battle for Ukraine's southeast coast intensifies See in context

JoeinTokyo writes......... As the Ukrainian Right Sector and Svoboda neo-Nazis continue to slaughter ethnic Russian civilians in the east of the country, the resistance will attract more sympathizers from abroad. It's time for portly Poroshenko to rein in these monsters, grant autonomy in the east and settle this peacefully before it's beyond control.

No, its time for the portly Proshenko to be thrown out of Kiev, and reinstall the past president to his office.

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Posted in: U.S. Army retires general for not properly investigating sex assault in Japan See in context

That good ole boys club is at it again.. Congress didn't have the political courage to control these military lifer's. The key word is control.... Let's face it the military are sick people who do sick things.. There are other institutions with just as sick populations, I won't mention any name "In the name of the father".. Nevertheless, the military, with it's man down structure, is simply -- Giving a dog a bone, with this General's two star reduction to one ! I call it "Smoking Mirrors". It takes three years for an officer to become permanent rank. Meaning you have to successfully. perform, for three years then get appointed permanent status (Like probation status). All officers and nco.s know they must walk lightly until they reach permanent status !! Our little One Star General knew the risk, the day he got pinned with that second star. So the Secretary makes a big stink, he keeps his mouth shut, and retirement is settle. A scarificial lamb with no loss of Blood ..

The Good Ole Boys club

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