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Posted in: As death toll rises, no end seen to Israeli offensive See in context

Why do these people have more problems then other groups in the world ? They should be ignored and allowed to resolve the problem on their own. Seriously, we should have a complete news blackout, and leave the drama out of the public conversation.

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Posted in: House Appropriations chair: Obama border security request too high See in context

You won't certainly hear a word about Lois Lerner, or the 6 hard drives. LOL

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Posted in: Texas gunman kills 6, including 4 children See in context

Mental Health coupled with the gun culture is a deadly combination. America's social problem is rampant throughout the country and known to the world. Our enemies are laughing, and our friends are lost. Our government is dysfunctional and our intelligent service is out of control ! That's just the way it is !

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Posted in: Weaver, 'Alien' cast reprising roles in new game See in context

No Comment

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Posted in: Obama visits Texas as child immigration woes mount See in context

Obama is playing the Game with another clever move on the House. He knows that any written proposal to congress shall be rejected (DOA)/ That's why he submitted the 3.7 billion packet in record time ! Then he turns around and slams the GOP house for not doing their job. Now the GOP both houses are not interested in spending any additional funding for this problem ! Therefore their position is the President has failed to secure the border, and has sent the wrong message to these refugees which encourages this behavior ! So whats going to happen ? Simply. the law will review the new arrivals and those who can't establish a clear case will be returned to their country of origin !

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Posted in: Obama urges national soul searching over gun violence See in context

Horizon360 puts it in a nutshell excellent observation Great comment !

Random gun rage in America will continue to increase and national soul searching won't halt the rising tide. The modern shift to cyber socialization from traditional interpersonal relations will progressively expand the numbers of mentally unbalanced individuals without sufficient access to therapeutic human contacts. Isolated, socially frustrated and communicationally challenged young humans are far more likely to become extremists willing to trade their lives for a brief experience of "counting" for something in their personal 'me' versus "them" existential struggle.Such people are a product of their environment. Americans must accept the collateral consequences of maintaining a domestic arms bazaar. If the possession of projectile weaponry is a freedom which citizens insist on by constitutional guarantee then higher risks of rampage and impulse shootings will forever be part of that bargain. Perhaps the saddest commentary on all of this is that the NRA zealously exploits its political influence to deepen divisions between blue and red states by shamelessly hyping gun ownership (and themselves) as symbols of patriotism.

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Posted in: At least 20 young mothers abducted in Nigeria See in context

I agree with all the above JoeBigs, Elbuda, and Serrano. The problem or major concern is the Nigerian Governments inability to perform. Apparently there is no enforcement authority living and working the Area. The governments response reflects a foreign evasion effort. No knowledge of the terrain and the players in the Game (Boko Haram). This issue alone further expands the continuation of these illegal kidnappings. The radicals are simply having a field day and there's no stopping in their minds ! I should not even refer to the Nigerian Government as an authority figure. I see them as the other Gang in the Landscape !

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Posted in: Nigerian insurgents blow up 2nd bridge, abduct wife, 2 kids See in context

I**f the seed is bad, the fruit it bears will be bad since the roots are rotten.

Good Luck my Ass, now you dumb fools got the Whiteman in your Ass ! Nigerian Government and Military have always been Jerks.. Everybody in the world knows it !. Your Government's history and actions are so extreme and corrupt their opposition is of equal balance.. Nut case's like the Boka boy's from up North. Well, Here's how to solve the problem. Kick out the clown wearing his hats, the one you call President. Arrest all the Boka Boys and reform the Military. Ok, Civilians stop crying, and being frightened children, get off you butts and do what you got to do ! That Just the Way it Is!**

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Posted in: Virginia vote on Sea of Japan hands victory to South Koreans See in context

Has the World gone Mad ? How did this inmate get his hands on a computer !

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Posted in: U.N. approves request for accreditation for arrested Indian diplomat See in context

CraigHicks, let's look under the cover,,, Who is the US Attorney that's pressing the charges,,, Oh, let me spell the name Preet Bharara oh my ! now Goggle and get the background,,, Welcome, to America Madam Khobragade ,, I hope the courts lock your high maintenance act for Years ! Liar, and slave runner, wow, you need another strip search, and printing oh that's right you will get that during in processing... I venture to say Playing the dip immune trick game with the UN will not work"" All you are doing is upsetting the US Attorney" This is not India where the Rich have ways and means.. No, US Attorney's are free and work on programs already agreed to and sanctioned by the Dept. of Justice.. Plus, that fact that Preet Bharara is Indian American, who clearly understand Indian culture. That's why he targeted the case to the Indian diplomat, in the first place. Oh Girl, needs to lay down and cop a plea Bamg ! And that's just the way it Is

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Posted in: Tokyo police form first ever stalker investigative squad See in context

Mikune Hara I like your sense of judgement,,,, I have female friends here in Los Angeles. who carry guns, fire frist, ask questions later.. A stalker is dead meat ..... It is customary here, that a female's family member or friend's handle a stalker. We don't ever use the Police. because we solve the problem and issue the stalker the penalty for violation !! Mikune a man that stalks is not a man, and I enjoy doing Nasty things to them LOL** "And that's just the way it is !"**

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Posted in: Man arrested for year-long terror campaign against manga 'Kuroko no Basuke' See in context

And That's just the way it is

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Posted in: Wave of attacks kill 65 people in Iraq See in context

Here we go again the bad boys of Baghdad... Crying like little babies What happen to the tough guy "Get out of my Country, the American Invaders are no longer needed... Get out, Get Out, Get Out....LOL Remember that Tough Guy, I remember clearly, you little Jerk>>>And that's just the way it is !

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Posted in: Germany gets its 1st female defense minister See in context

I believe all government should be managed by females., In fact only females should be allowed to Run for Office, specially at National level elections.. My hat's off to Ursula, and good move by the Government.. The Good Old Boys Club, days are dead and buried.. And That's just the way it IS !

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Posted in: Scandal over 'schizophrenic' Mandela memorial signer See in context

This takes the Cake.... A three Ring ..... Nothing but excuses and denial. Shame on them All. And that's just the way it Is !

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Posted in: China Internet users call for action against Japan See in context

lot of crazed, brainwashed lunatics over in that country

This about sums it up "And that's just the way it is !!

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Posted in: Syria war crimes evidence implicates Assad: U.N. See in context

The Syrian foreign ministry sent letters to U.N. chief Ban Ki-moon and the Security Council charging that the rebels were ransacking churches in the town, and called on the international community to intervene.

Now I have heard it all ! These tribes are more dysfunctional then the groups in any part of the Middle East. !!

**The international court is going to issue warrants after Assad, turn's in the chemical weapons. This is called a slow-drag. ease-it-down tactic,,,,,

I don't know what to comment on anymore with this insanity and madness ! And that's Just the Way it is ! "**

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Posted in: China's aircraft carrier heads to South China Sea See in context

CrisGerSan said ))))))))When you say other nations are being stupid what are they supposed to do when faced with the constant provocation and aggresion of this rather odd neighbor of theirs? Will ignoring it work? History sadly shows that it rares does. From the invasion of Ancient Greece by Persia right up to the 20th century, being invaded by whatever form is rarely the fault of the victim, and after you have been conquered or lost territory is not a good time to try to reason with the aggressor, it only works BEFORE that happens.

This is a very wise observation which I agree with !! I certainly don't wish to promote any war or human conflict. However conflict is a measure of life which will not disappear as long as humanity exist. It's human nature "Provocation and aggresion" And that's Just the Way it Is !!

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Posted in: U.S. warns Karzai it may leave no troops in Afghanistan See in context

Notice the Taliban hasn't said a word...... They can just taste Kabul barb-a-que - With Karzai -on-the-Stick...... *And that's just the way it Is....***

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Posted in: Morsi, on trial, insists he is still Egypt's president See in context

My hat is off to all the Egyptian people. Yours guts, courage, compassion for your belief's is a award of honor, for humankind, in it's highest level. I thank all sides for showing the world the badge of honor. The Egyptian spirit should be observed by all Nations. Keep fighting Egypt, your leader is among you, He or She will surface and lead your country ! Maintain your Fire, as your country will show us all the Way... "And that's is just the Way it is"

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Posted in: No clemency for Snowden, top U.S. lawmakers say See in context

And that's just the way it is !

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Posted in: Germany, France, Spain carry out mass surveillance: Snowden files See in context

What about Russia and China? Don't they do any spying?

Of Course Russia and China are doing the Nasty - Nasty as well ! However, Mr Snowden isn't going to release any of those activities, that would be foolish///////// Never bite the hand that feeds you !! And, that's Just the Way it is,,,,,,,,,

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Posted in: Obama, Iraqi PM vow to fight al-Qaida See in context

Maliki should go to Russia for aid and advice ! The USA, they can't even keep their government doors open and pay their own workers... What is this,,,? Is this a joke of some kind !

But he did not offer specifics of U.S. aid. Before the visit, U.S. officials privately hinted that they were willing to offer increased intelligence help to Iraqi forces battling extremist fighters—many of whom have crossed into the country to flee violence that is rending neighboring Syria.

Oh, I see., Now Maliki will be receiving intelligence assistance "from the USA" Again the Iraqi's should go to Russia for help as did Mr. Snowden...Hmmm.. That is classic the US would offer Intelligence !! Be sure to leave your Cell phone number, Mr. Maliki !

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Posted in: Official: Woman killed in Washington chase was delusional See in context

In the US law enforcement community and criminal court system a vehicle /Car is considered a weapon. It becomes a weapon when driven in an assualt or aggressive manner that could injure or kill another human being. So I agree, the killing of this woman is tragic indeed. However, the police are justified in stopping the Driver. That's, Just the Way it IS...

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Posted in: Congress 'playing with fire' on debt ceiling: Treasury secretary See in context

**Where are the American People and the real Plan,,Let's get rid of all incumbents Someone here mentioned that earlier. These representatives are con artist sucking up to the American people with lame phrase's and childish conclusions. These people are a joke to us and the world, with their big BS statements. Who's got the address of a reasonable organization online ready to Kick it off. I'm tried of these High priced Pimps in suites and dresses talking Sh.t.

Bit.h, Kiss my As..

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Posted in: Obama warns gov't shutdown would wreak economic havoc See in context

This Government is getting just as dysfunctional as the Middle East !

We'll need Israel and the POL to come mediate for the Democrats and Republicans ! These self-defeating idiots can't even keep their government. We will be requesting a loan bailout from the EU at this rate !! Oh, we'll need a co-signer let's ask Greece !! The USA looks so Dumb !! Oh that's right we are !! LOL

I'm just Saying ! That's the way it IS !

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Posted in: Russia threatens travel restrictions for Japanese officials to disputed islands See in context

The Russians don't want a damn fishing Ground !! It's Oil and Natural Gas ! Someone tell Abe to cut a deal with the Russian, better yet a joint operation, for exploration and profit share ! I bet those yo-yo's will hash out a treaty in two weeks and knock-off the Gorilla chest thumping contest , Those Russians aren't fooling me with that Space-Station project. They are surveying with some laser5 equipment for mineral deposits under the sea floor. That's why, all of a sudden Putin's crew is in the Artic claiming territory and fencing off ocean floors....LOL I thought I heard something about Japan finding off shore Gas just recently as well !! Somebody talk to me !!! **

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Posted in: Obama and Iran's Rouhani hold historic phone call See in context

**** it's about damn Time, America needs more friends in the ME, the House of Saud, is going to take second stage to the Persian Empire ! In fact the iranians are much more clever, and politically crafty then any of the other clowns in the Game. I see Iran charming the US and Israel, then becoming a major player in the circle. Persian's making money all the time. Iran has the where with all and know how to flip this party out.. Watch ! See them have been acting like the house Republicans are now, with a 30 year tail-spin on the attitude adjustment issue ! The Revolution is over Baby ! Let's Get the Money.. I'll give you a perfect example of a country who did what I claim the Iranians are fixing to pull !!

China !! Remember my words "The Revolution is over Baby"

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