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Posted in: Japan to pardon 550,000 petty criminals on occasion of imperial ceremony See in context

After a question was raised by a member of the Foreign Press, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said that he didn’t like to comment on individuals but that he could confirm that Carlos Ghosn would not not included in the 550,000.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic organizers look for advice to battle heat next year See in context

as they have ignored everyone saying that having Olympics in Aug was a very bad idea, what miracle are they hoping for now with 10 months to go? Very stupid and unfortunately people will suffer from this.

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Posted in: Organizers warn about illegally resold tickets as hundreds turned away from World Cup matches See in context

Simple - ban sites like viagogo, make reselling a punishable crime and actually track down offenders. They have the resources to do it.

Tickets for some games being resold for 7x face value.

There should be better registration for tickets and maybe even ID checks.

STOP these criminals!

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Posted in: SEC charges Nissan, ex-CEO Ghosn with hiding $140 mil from investors See in context

Ghosn was found guilty and fined. Then again his supporters will read into that anything that they want to. The fact remains - GUILTY.

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Posted in: S Korean opposition leader shaves head to protest against justice minister See in context

He didn’t exactly shave it - just a very tight crew cut

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Posted in: Test marathon gives Tokyo a taste of what to expect at 2020 Games See in context

Hmmm - You cannot use this as a test for what it will be like in the actual Olympics. The marathon will be over 1 month earlier in the year and temperatures/humidity will be much much higher...

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Posted in: High-speed 5G, esports in spotlight at Tokyo Game Show See in context

I had to find a way to remotely access a server at work just to be able to.

i don’t know where you work but that is usually a violation of company policy and have seen people fired for doing less...

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Posted in: Kono may move to defense in cabinet shuffle: report See in context

He’ll never get the private jet now...

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Posted in: Gov't to use family name first in Roman alphabet in documents See in context

Nice to know that they are focusing on the really important issues.... don’t worry about the country debt, lack of pensions, population age, being almost at war with all neighbors, etc, etc... as long as we refer to PM as Abe Shinzo everything will be fine. Taro Aso needs to change his name to Hole Aso...

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Posted in: Seoul, Busan pass bill to boycott 'war crimes' Japanese firms See in context

Childish. Populist. Self-destructing. Stupid....and who really cares what they do? This will not end well for them.

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Posted in: Nissan not currently considering asking CEO Saikawa to resign See in context

So does Carlos go free now? ;-)

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Posted in: Hampered by knee, defending champ Osaka loses to Bencic at U.S. Open See in context

She may be a class act but her performance is so inconsistent and erratic - she needs a better coach and mentor, especially to stabilize her mentally . Yes it all did collapse after she fired her previous coach - you can see most of the issues are in her head.

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Posted in: Ghosn's lawyer says Tokyo prosecutors lack impartiality See in context

Ghosn is accused of under-reporting millions of dollars in income at Nissan and of using company funds for personal expenses -- charges he denies.

That’s the only matter under investigation. It’s not the Japan justice system.

I am still baffled why foreigners think that there is something wrong or sinister going on here - maybe because the Japanese system is stricter than their county or maybe that many of these accounts are fake and/or sponsored by Ghosn. Yes this happens...

Anyways, I am happy to wait this out and see what happens. I’m sure it’s not the last accusation we hear from his lawyers, wife, etc. in reality it’s just a distraction as we wait for the trial.

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Posted in: Ghosn's lawyer says Tokyo prosecutors lack impartiality See in context

And he naively thinks that publicly saying this is going to help things?

Is he expecting people to demonstrate and go on strike for his client?

Or maybe does he now realize that most Japanese people (although they may partially agree that the treatment wasn’t ideal) do think that Ghosn is guilty and should go to jail for the crimes?

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Posted in: S Korean lawmakers visit disputed islets as Japan tensions mount See in context

Makes sense as Politicians get elected by people & populism is king these days.

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Posted in: Michael Mann eyes 'Heat 2' film as book nears completion See in context

Book is not even written, never mind the screenplay, budget, casting, etc... tad early to be advertising it

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Posted in: Japan's Defense Ministry requests record ¥5.32 trillion budget See in context

You mean defense will be last of your worries when you retire and realize that you don’t have enough money to live because of all the money that was wasted on US military spending, Olympics, foreign donations and appeasing Trump.

Japan is in serious trouble because politicians are ignoring the head winds (debt, population, pension, etc) and yet it’s still holding US$1.4 trillion in US govt debt.

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Posted in: Japan to introduce tighter rules for tech giants to protect customers See in context

Some Japanese may like Rakuten but personally I never use them as I believe their UI sucks, is too cluttered, hard to navigate and generally non-intuitive.

Full disclosure - I have another major grudge against them in that they brought Barcelona over to Japan this summer and all their advertising showed Messi & Suarez. I paid over 50k for 2 tickets and neither of them bothered to show up. 

This may be seen as harsh, but despite dressing like him, Mikitani is no Steve Jobs. He is very rich though...

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Posted in: Japan to introduce tighter rules for tech giants to protect customers See in context

I wouldn’t call Rakuten a tech giant. I would call them a ‘wanna be’ tech giant.

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Posted in: 27% of municipalities concerned over surge in foreign visitors in Japan: survey See in context

To put it another way:

73% of municipalities not at all concerned over surge in foreign visitors in Japan: survey

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Posted in: 'Breaking Bad' sequel movie out on Netflix in October See in context

I wonder how this will go down as a movie.

BB and BCS were great because we had time to get to know the characters, relate to them, empathize with them.. condensing this to 90 mins will be challenging.

i cant wait and I’m sure we’ll want more when it’s over!

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Posted in: Trump suggested nuking hurricanes: report See in context

Seems others have thought about it as well ver the years:

Maybe trump recently saw sharknado?

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Posted in: Father's story about parenting on a train highlights Japan’s hidden prejudice against male parenting See in context

If this was in America or other violent country, would people be less sympathetic?

if someone abducted your kids would you appreciate someone calling the police when they saw the warning signs? If they didn’t then there would be a flurry of posts asking ‘why nobody did anything’... you cannot win either way.

For those who say that onlookers should have just talked to the dad, try doing that... this is Japan and most people avoid confrontation.

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Posted in: Father's story about parenting on a train highlights Japan’s hidden prejudice against male parenting See in context

I agree with timeon...Best not to make too many judgements from these articles as they are generally poorly written and lack a lot of detail. Most JT comments seem to be based on reading more into the article than is actually there, which is really for entertainment purpose rather than news.

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Posted in: Father's story about parenting on a train highlights Japan’s hidden prejudice against male parenting See in context

I think the people who called the cops did the right thing. If you see a little girl hysterically screaming for a long time and she is accompanied by a single person (male or female) then this should raise some alarms... Better safe than sorry. As a father of 2 girls, I am very happy to hear about this happening.

What’s the downside? Dad writes a blog and gives JT trollers a venting opportunity...

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Posted in: Olympic test events offer chance to assess impact of extreme heat See in context

It’s fine...according to Japan olympics committee, Aug is sunny and conducive to athletes performing at their best. Just in case they’ll prepare extra ambulances. This is going to be interesting, to say the least...

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Posted in: Mori Building announces massive urban regeneration project in central Tokyo See in context

Because we really do need another Mori building in the middle of Tokyo. Sigh.

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Posted in: Amazon, Microsoft, 'putting world at risk of killer AI': study See in context

Lets see.. 8 billion people in the world and very soon rates of unemployment will sky rocket because companies are developing technology to do away with mundane manual tasks... the justification is that people can do more value added things... sounds good so far... then think about what these people are really going to do... how will they be able to afford food, clothes, housing, etc. it’s a headwind coming at us very soon and we need to be thinking ahead. spending billions developing Ai based military equipment is only one of the problems we are facing...

As George Carlin eloquently puts it:

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Posted in: Abe says S Korea canceling intel deal damages trust See in context

Korean pride, stubbornness and stupidity at its finest

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Posted in: Japan, S Korea agree on need for dialogue to repair frayed ties See in context

Saw her tonight on BBC’s HardTalk and she was pretty unconvincing and a bit flustered. Korea has brought this upon themselves and clearly do not want to move on. I’m glad to see Japan standing up for itself.

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