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Does this mean that people do believe in Noah's Ark and that the vessel on Mt Ararat, Turkey did save people from a world wide flood? If so, the rest of the book is true too.

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Easter is a time for Christians to remember why they believe in God. It is good that the church is there.

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This house is impressively built, the left side is still attached. We who are flesh and blood, will survive beyond this disaster.

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This could easily be a picture of what devastated the town in Jasper Texas a few years ago. I'm reminded of the power of the wind, rain, earthquakes and the Tsunamni. When I lived in Japan we were blessed to not experience this type of devastation. It can all be replaced or rebuilt. Everything made of material is replaced by more material, but we only have one soul. If we lose our soul and die without restoration, what profit is there. The short answer is to seek the one who created heaven and earth. Even if no one believes in the God of creation and his Son, think about it, what if "we" are all wrong? Any time is good, but now is the best time.

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Your are a true scholar. I'm glad to see you here.

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