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Communication is key to reach beyond one's own area of responsibility. By accommodating others, the walls will come down and benefit every market. (Gen 26:12)

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I would bet those with the highest stress levels are perfectionists. They are analytical and have to deal with a world that does not fit their standards.

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“Data shows watching porn is associated with poor mental health, riskier sexual behaviors, and attitudes supporting violence against women.” As a rape victim the act of rape is violent, demoralizing and leads to PTSD. It is important to teach how viewing porn can be a way angry individuals release hidden anger. The mind has a way of thinking porn is nonviolent, yet violent sexual assault against male or females are directed at unexpected victims. In a culture where sexual freedom is normal, porn increases the chance of children becoming sex slaves without a guardians’ knowledge.

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Hey TrevorPeace, "But, that said, I suppose it's a better way to approach life than depression about too many things to count." May I invite you to know the lover of our soul-G_d seek his love.

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Did JT's A I miss "When used properly, ChatGPT is a blessing." Maybe the word G_d is the trigger. A I is a blessing, it created a computer script for my project.

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@proxy most home schooled kids in America are taught Biblical principles throughout their schooling. That's why the patents do it. In general public schools have taken the Bible out of schools. Japan would greatly benefit from this same method.

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Times have really changed from a half a century ago. Then our neighbor, Ms. Kazuko and my mother were good friends. Even with the language barrier, she was my first babysitter. She gave me my first taste of delicious sweet Japanese coffee. Both were curious about how each other lived. When did the Japanese culture become so isolated. All people are made to naturally create relationships. In a close culture, fear can contribute towards one being stressed on an airplane. How can people fail to relate to outsiders if they can not relate to the one who created humanity.

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Sorry, the racial divide is alive in Hollywood. It's offensive how "Afro-Americans," are given a chance to prove their capabilities to perform the awards show. No one "white" would want to take finger pointing for possible mishaps (based on the fact that the industry was on strike during a majority of the previous year).

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If the arts and entertainment industry in the United States is so diverse, why is there an emphasis on the “broadcast was being run by an all African-American production team and emcee for the first time,” Did they suddenly pass their intelligence tests or is this a set up in place to guarantee they fail.

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"Nice to see this tree honored as a Kami," Giving honor to a tree which saved 8 people is very significant within the (monotheist) belief of certain western faiths. IAW their Messianic Christian doctrine, the number 8 in Sacred Texts represents a new beginning. The ancient Chinese and Japanese pictograph 八 represents the sum of 8 is part of the ancient word for boat. 船 in ancient Chinese was a snapshot of Noah's arc built to withstand the 40 days of rain. The 8 who survived the tsunami by hanging to a tree have a new beginning.

The tree in Sacred texts is a symbol representing the cross. It is written that one who hangs on a cross is cursed. In the New Testament eternal death was defeated when the son of God was crucified on a cross. On the 3rd day after he was buried, the Spirit of God resurrected him. He rose as the son of God to be forever seated at the right hand of God. It is the Heavenly Father's desire that all who honor his son, by faith receive him as Lord within one's heart.

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“Shinto and Buddhism—which associate bathing with cleansing the body and mind and gaining merit.” It’s interesting that natural bathing within certain springs can assist in cleansing the mind (an invisible part of our human existence). One research result states, “ Shinto has been closely associated with the Japanese value system, a way of thinking,” This traditional bathing culture appears to connect one’s natural existence with one's spiritual (invisible) nature. Natural bathing linked with spiritual beliefs such as kami (belief beyond human ability) begs logic in order to bond the two worlds together. Could bathing traditions be a Japanese cultural form of displaying one's status.

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Its an honorable thing for men to wish to purify their souls. One Sacred text declares, “The soul of the wicked desireth evil: his neighbour findeth no favour in his eyes. The righteous man wisely considereth the house of the wicked: but God overthroweth the wicked for their wickedness.” (Proverbs 21:10,12). Water (a natural substance) can not care or effect the spiritual nature of purification. If water purifies the soul on the day of this ritual then washings on a daily basis must maintain purity each time one touches (sacred water). The soul is the invisible part of humans. It is the part of a human where dreams, the mind, will, thoughts and emotions maintain our living body. When one dreams, it's our soul which, being empowered by the spirit keeps us alive. Ritual washings (physical effort) can’t affect the invisible portion of a human. Worship is the creator’s solution to purification. Temples, shrines and even churches are where worship begins.

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All nations need a police force to maintain peace and protect their citizens. While living in Japan, I felt safe whenever we traveled throughout the land. It's a blessing to see the orderly culture among the Japanese people. In ancient times, when nations faced an enemy, soldiers performed police duties. In the west there are occasional demands to defund a police force. This may seem good until an individual experiences a home invasion, are missing a family member or need to report a stolen vehicle. I'm thankful police are able to address deadly threats. Keep up the good work.

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I sympathize with those needing temporary housing. I remember living in Japan on a military base when our family of 7 was close to having to evacuate to temporary housing. A military warehouse directly across the street from our building burned to the ground. It was a traumatic event for me. I can't imagine how at 6 years old I would have remained emotionally stable without the love and protection we received from our parents. Their foundation of faith sustained us on another experience which involved our rental house fire 10 years later. This one required us to find another rental, which was difficult where we lived in Washington D.C. I thank God today that the Japanese government has emergency services for those needing assistance.

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Posted in: Landfill work resumes at new U.S. military site on Okinawa despite local opposition See in context

Oliver Stone along with other petitioners against the U.S. military presence is an example of the freedom of speech not afforded in a majority of nations.

Having a Birdseye view of the greater purpose of the U.S. being in Okinawa; the people in Japan remain free to express their personal ideas without reaping threats against them. There are benefits to having the U.S. government as a partner with the nation of Japan which Oliver Stone may not have experienced. I know the U.S. presence allows the Japanese people to be able to express their thoughts, free speech, and provide access to whatever one’s heart desires. There is a freedom of religion, something many surrounding nations prohibit. Try imagining life if Japan was under the occupation of someone like the young leader over North Korea.

The U.S. military consists of people from every aspect of the American culture. The same holds true for the Japanese culture. I’ve been a witness to progressive changes and modernization that has taken place in Japan the U.S. has helped initiate. In the mid 60’s the U.S. military families were only permitted to rent housing that had living standards common to U.S. citizens.

Our family lived in the “patties” on Okinawa a year before we were transferred to an Air Force base. I had to adjust my expectations when it came to relieving myself while away from home. Squatting over a public “watering” hole was not known in the U.S. This is not meant to condemn the Japanese culture; but witness the spiritual awakening that has come to the wonderful land of Japan.

Japanese grand temples and shrines speak of the faithfulness and devotion of many people. The most important thing the U.S. military does that can not be replicated is to display their faith towards God. There may only be a very small number of faithful believers in The Son of God sent to serve in Japan. Those who obey God bring an example of the Garden of Eden among the people in Okinawa. There is a heavenly calling upon certain believers who are able to bring miracles within the culture. Instead of seeing the U.S. military as a problem, see how the God of creation has sent righteous people who want good for the nation of Japan.

Individuals who display faith towards the God of creation prayerfully desire individuals like Oliver Stone learn and understand the will of God in his personal life. Believers who are willing to embrace the people of Japan desire God's love be known. Our Heavenly Father uses his people to direct peace in the nation of Japan. These things I express from my Birdseye view.

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Awesome Jeffy, your understanding is what most obtain from the surface text and from researching historical documents. There is a supernatural aspect to the text which may take decades to discover. The Bible is the supernatural guide for every age to age: it applies to the Jews first and then the "Gentiles."

My responses are due to years of independent research. There are many unexplained verses in the sacred texts which are unknown or hidden until the right time has come. For example Ezekiel 1:10 and Ezekiel 10:14 describe the same image of living beings around the throne of God. This difference is not recognized or explained in the Jewish commentaries. Neither has Christain commentaries explained it in this fashion.

Ezekiel 1:10 (10The form of their faces was that of a man, and each of the four had the face of a lion on the right side, the face of an ox on the left side, and also the face of an eagle)

Ezekiel 10:14 (14Each of the cherubim had four faces: the first face was that of a cherub, the second that of a man, the third that of a lion, and the fourth that of an eagle.)

The face of the Ox has been transformed into a face of an angel. This is a heavenly announcement that Jews don’t have to be tied to the Laws of Moses and the prophets, they can be free of religious bondage when they seek a personal relationship with the son of God. Jewish believers don’t consider the New Testament a valid sacred text as Christians do. This blocks them from seeing the man they crucified in lew of Barabbas as their Messiah who brings grace and mercy into their life.

In my research of Christian vs Jewish doctrine, I hit a glass ceiling. When applying kingdom of God Mindmapping, the Scriptures in Acts 15:20, 29 and Luke 14:17-20 establishes a supporting comment regarding one’s identity. In Luke 14:17-20 Jesus shares the parable of a Master (The Lord) inviting 4 Jewish men to a feast. As the feast was being prepared they were expected to attend when the announcement was made. (The feast is a picture of God's word being served. The word was regarding the passing of the Old Covenant for the New Covenant in which Jesus is the perfect blood sacrifice.)

In Luke 14:17-20 the surface text describes 4 men who refused to attend the Master’s feast. They had other plans which required hard intense labor. From a higher level of understanding: 3 of the 4 men used the day of the feast to indulge in their own lusts. (To continue life under the Old Covenant of laws and hard labor). Luke 14:17 is a picture of one who tasted some of the meal and made a transformation in his life. ( His past desire for strangled meat was dead). His new passion was to serve the master. (Acts 15:20, 29) In Luke 14:18, the one who bought land wasn't available due to his need to check out the land he purchased. Who in their right mind buys land without seeing it. (His is a picture of Jews who eat blood). Luke 14:19 tells of the one who buys 5 yoked oxen-a total of 10 grown cows. This man has a jealous spirit and bought up all he could to prevent others from harvesting their crops. No one buys 10 cows in those days, especially when he is not familiar with the animal characteristics. (Picture of one who eats food offered to idols). Luke 14:20 is a man who gets married and must fulfill his marriage obligations. (Picture of one who uses sex as part of worship in Acts 15:20, 29). Had these men attended the feast, they would have obtained godly ways to buy land, yoked oxen and marry.

The Old and New Testaments reveal Jesus preparing to become their Messiah. Jews would be offended if Acts 15:20, 29 was attributed to their existence. Jews must keep all the Laws of Moses to inherit their promise. This is further revealed in the parable of Lazarus and the rich man. Both are Jews, however the rich man does not have access to the same eternal existence. (Luke 16:22)

22One day the beggar died and was carried by the angels to Abraham’s side.d And the rich man also died and was buried. 23In Hades, where he was in torment, he looked up and saw Abraham from afar, with Lazarus by his side

Acts 15:20, 29 has levels of applications. For example the 4 “cravings” are known acts of Gentile worship. Gentiles were referred by Jews as dogs due to their disgusting ways they worship idols.

Thank you for your insight.

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Fields of specialized medicine, science and related institutions, are occupied by all individuals according to their invisible personality profiles. The part of an individual that dreams determine the success of one on one encounters . All people throughout their culture have a spiritual identity found in the Bible Book of Acts chapter 15 verse 29. There 4 patterned personality profiles identify and determine one's spiritual cravings. These cravings (which are understood by ancient people) address the same spiritual invisible nature in modern times.

From Acts 15:29 the 1st act: eating food offered to idols is a spiritual invisible pattern that identify those acquainted with: depression/jealousy/covetness /suicide. Eating blood: acquainted with those who quickly defend anger/postal (draw blood)/apathetic/lazy. Eating Strangled meat point to: bullies/bossy/aggressive. Finally those who are obsessed with (sex) are: first to get pregnant/1st priority is fun/typically unaccountable. These patterns or human designs are not transferable. Some may believe they have certain attributes of a guardian, yet this is due to being familiar with the ways of others. However there is a natural balance each individual finds when a connection is made with one’s compassionate companion-individual. (CC-I).

The CC-I is more than a lover, they are better known as a friend. These individuals develop a level of intimacy established based upon a one on one encounter. A CC-I is most affective with a partner having an opposite personality profile. When the encounter match feels free to reveal their innermost heart felt desires to another, then an opportunity for being a lifetime CC-I develops. When a physician first encounters a patient, their relationship within the invisible realm determine how well the examination will progress.

Most professionals have no understanding of their spirit nature. They perform in ways common among all humans. One's personal talent, skills and abilities are determined by the spiritual awakening of each individual. This truth is hardly known or understood within the highest echelons within the religious community. They lacked 20/20 vision where COVID 19 is concerned. Their institutions were forced to shut down even though their teachings of faith were biblical in nature. There is much more to recognize concerning the spiritual nature of people. In time this knowledge will come forth. Elder Marie

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Does this mean that people do believe in Noah's Ark and that the vessel on Mt Ararat, Turkey did save people from a world wide flood? If so, the rest of the book is true too.

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Easter is a time for Christians to remember why they believe in God. It is good that the church is there.

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This house is impressively built, the left side is still attached. We who are flesh and blood, will survive beyond this disaster.

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This could easily be a picture of what devastated the town in Jasper Texas a few years ago. I'm reminded of the power of the wind, rain, earthquakes and the Tsunamni. When I lived in Japan we were blessed to not experience this type of devastation. It can all be replaced or rebuilt. Everything made of material is replaced by more material, but we only have one soul. If we lose our soul and die without restoration, what profit is there. The short answer is to seek the one who created heaven and earth. Even if no one believes in the God of creation and his Son, think about it, what if "we" are all wrong? Any time is good, but now is the best time.

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Your are a true scholar. I'm glad to see you here.

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